nospeechIn September of 2008 I attempted to offer a unique website on the internet starting with covering the search for a missing child. This came out of my hobby of exploring emerging technologies on the internet and how best to adapt and use this technology. Unfortunately there are those people, who, for whatever reason seek to destroy rather than create. Since 2008 I fought against those who wanted to destroy my reputation, my character and my freedom to do and say what is my right to do so under the Constitution of the United States of America. On September 21, 2013, five years to the day these attacks started, I decided to end my quest to counter the lies and bring forth the truth.

There are far too many out there who are willing to destroy the truth then there are the few who are trying to bring out the truth. I am old, and I am tired. The damage the liars, the abusers, the haters and Anonymous has done to me is beyond repair. There is simply no point in fighting the oppression. It is time to surrender and move on. This blog will move from one of self defense to that of citing examples of how those of us in the world are gradually losing the freedoms our forefathers risked their lives to create.

I will shift my general purpose writings and future chats and streams over to my other websites.

My other two blogs:

From the Desk of Murtwitnesslive will be my primary blog.

My lighthearted entertainment blog will be MurthavenFlorida located at

Stay tuned



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nospeechI have decided to put my twitter account in private mode since there are people out there that simply cannot mind their own business. I am not sure what direction I am going to take since my quest to get at the truth has hit a brick wall. My stalkers cannot see the truth that is clearly obvious for the simple fact that they do not want to see it. Sooner or later I will be vindicated. Until that time, I will wait.




popsssnthreatIt seems that there are a number of fairly well known individuals who have befriended someone who boasts the ability to obtain social security numbers as well as credit card information. This is something that Anonymous is known for and why they are on the federal watch list. Now in the denials that are certain to come from this individual there has to be this question. If one does not have the ability to obtain Social Security numbers or Credit Card information, why boast at the ability to do so?

This individual has already demonstrated his ability to find phone numbers and other personal information on his victims. Also, considering just who it is that associates with this person, one might question their motives behind that association and thus wonder if it is one or more of these persons who is supplying him with this information.

Be reminded that Lawyers have access to Lexis and it is possible to get credit and SSN information through these kinds of databases. Also to consider, who among this individual’s following/follwer list on twitter is employed in the credit reporting industry or own or employed in a business who could run a credit check under a merchant account?

Stay tuned for as long as I am able to be here.



pophousepopsssnthreatAn interesting comment was made today on Twitter. Someone accused me of using this photo as intimidation. Oh really? The photo was put up with no comment about where it was or who it may be connected with. It was simply a fuzzy satellite image of several houses as seen on Google earth. The same person then posted a photo of a house saying it was mine. Well, there are a number of problems here. First of all, if this is intimidation then this accusation also falls on a number of people.


This tactic was used as far back as 2008 by several people. In one instance, a South Florida woman came to my house and took several pictures of my house in Sorrento. The same woman had also taken photos of my former Ocala Florida dealership branch location.

Next, a blogger who has been stalking me since at least 2008 pulled up satellite images of my property in Sorrento and wrote extensively about it. The intimidation did not stop there. As the years went by, this woman would post more photos of my house. These photos were made by a woman who came all the way from Phoenix Arizona to take photos of my home. This  person also altered these photos in a blog targeting me exclusively.

Now, another incident of this nature occurred this summer on a blog out of Atlanta, Ga. The owner of the blog posted detailed photos of a house said to be the residence of someone it felt was behind the ownership of another blog. It turns out that the author is wrong and knows it. Despite this error, the photo remains on the blog, along with photos of several people that have been stolen off their personal social media accounts without their permission. Efforts to get these photos removed from the blog have failed because the owner of the blog has taken measures to make efforts to do so extremely difficult if not impossible.

The point here is this person and others are accusing me of doing things that they themselves have been doing long before I had even heard of them. They also do things that I do NOT do, such as revenge porn and porn that involves altering images. These people delve into their target’s personal lives. They target their spouses and their children. These people call employers to have them fired. They call customers and tell them not to do business with them. One of the most recent targets of these people is a woman who has been an employee of a local law enforcement agency for a couple of decades.

And then these people have the audacity to accuse me of doing what they have done and more?

I would suggest that those reading what the others post, that they take a close look at what they post and then compare it with what I post. I think you will find it is they who are the guilty parties and that I am only using SOME tactics against them that they have used against me and others for YEARS.

In other words, I started playing by THEIR rules.

Stay tuned for as long as I am able to be here




A short while back in the midst of his stalking of me, @Popsbackup denied that he was an informant to the feds regarding Kyanonymous and other former and current anonymous members. This has turned out to be a lie. Under his Knightsec account on Pastebin he clearly states that he wrote to the FBI about Kyanonymous in December. A few short months later Kyanonymous was raided and now faces federal charges relating to unlawful computer hacking. He could face at least a decade in federal prison. It has been rumored that Ky himself is informing to the feds in a bid to mitigate the seriousness of the charges against him.


Another thing to note in the pastebin account is that Popsbackup retains the Anonymous handle on the account although he claims no longer to be part of Anonymous. This is a bit of a lie since he remains closely associated with Anonymous and thus is still part of the cyber abuse group.

It is also to be noted that for the third time Popsbackup has VIOLATED the terms of service of Pastebin. It seems this individual will break any rule or any law in order to stalk and  make false statements about his targets. He is well known for this practice and has earned the ire of many current and former members of Anonymous.

Stay tuned for as long as I am able



In his effort to place my safety and security at risk, a former member of the Anonymous cyber terrorist group known as has posted a dox of me on pastebin. He is doing so in clear violation of their terms of service. Pastebin rules clearly prohibit posting the kind of information that Popsbackup has made about me. Breaking the rules does not seem to bother this cyber abuser. He and his Anonymous friends have done this for years.


This individual is typical of Anonymous. He is a loner who lives with his parents and seems to spend the bulk of his time on the internet harassing whomever he decides to target. In this case it is me. He is making false statements about me using manufactured files that Law enforcement determined to be fake way back in 2008. This is not the first time he has targeted someone and it will not be the last.

It seems that the only way that people like this individual will learn his lesson is when someone is killed or injured due to his actions.

Stay tuned for as long as I am able to be here



cnnpopspastebinI am not a media darling from Central Tenn who has appeared on CNN, I am not a person who claims to be a spokesperson for rape survivors from ohio. I am but a retired truck driver with less than a dozen readers on this blog that has been fighting what has to be one of the most intense and organized internet smear campaigns that anyone has ever seen. There are dozens of twitter accounts, blogs, file sharing accounts and now several pastebin dox’s by a small group of people intent on not only driving me completely off of the internet, but perhaps see physical harm to be done to me as well.

This is an excerpt of a threat I received on Facebook:

“they’ll research & pull up stuff on you and people will be so mortified about your life & your family & your associates. I will desecrate you online. Also, beware of the press that know me, they’re the best and they will hunt down and research every nook and cranny of your life.”

TWITTERLOGOPASTEBINThese efforts are being made in spite of my decision to quit the losing war of trying to repair my reputation that has been damaged by complete strangers. The mistake I have made is to care for the missing children out there. I am paying the price for free speech. I am paying the price for taking advantage of the rights afforded to me by the laws of this country.

I am now at a point where my safety and security is seriously at risk. I already receive scores of death threats and calls for me to commit suicide. These calls are so frequent that  my voice mail is full. I get these calls 24/7. These calls have intensified since the most recent dox was created just a short time ago. The CNN darling as well as other cyber abusers soon retweeted this same personal information and then demanded I not mention THEIR names after doing so.

Although the CNN guest host has retweeted this information, he has demanded that HIS name not appear in this blog. He has stated that if I were to mention his name in regards to his retweet, that he would go back my entire 63 years and find whatever he can to ruin whatever is left of my life.

This is the mentality that exists on the internet today. The frequency and intensity of these kind of attacks threatens to disrupt and end the intense debates that was on the internet was first made accessible to the public.

The spoilers have arrived and the decay of the internet continues.

If this blog should suddenly vanish off of the internet or I become another victim of vigilantes intent on ending not only my internet presence but my life as well, I bid you a fond farewell in advance.

Stay tuned for as long as I can survive



anonmaskThere are a lot of people out there who do not understand the truth behind Anonymous. This is due to a small minority who attached themselves to this concept in order to accomplish some common good. The problem is that the majority who are a part of Anonymous or who support anonymous are not out for truth and justice but are, in fact out to stifle diversity and the freedoms of others. The proof of this lies in how Anonymous came to be.

In 2005 a British film, V is for Vendetta was released. It was a story about a masked man who started a revolution to fight an  oppressive regime, much like that of Russia or North Korea. The Anonymous movement was soon born and the mask worn by the lead character was adopted as the symbol of their movement.

While the movie was about fighting oppression, Anonymous went about engaging in oppression. Their initial target was the Church of Scientology. No matter what one may think of this church, the various laws throughout the world give them the rights to assemble and engage in their beliefs. Rather than accept their rights Anonymous decided to fight them and break various laws in the process. From that day forward the Anonymous movement has grown as various individuals embrace the concept and have utilized it for their own purposes.

Some of their activities include bomb threats, the hacking of the websites of institutions and individuals. The reasons for doing so vary widely. A majority of the time it is to steal. Many recent arrests that have been made are for identity theft. Members of Anonymous, in large numbers, have been linked to stealing credit card information to use in the purchase of computer equipment and secure websites in order to engage in more criminal activities.

Anonymous is not a uniform group or organization. Anonymous is a free for all. There is no code of ethics. There are no rules nor is there anything in place to fight abuses. The closest thing to any kind of enforcement is a sort of clan warfare. Disputes between Anonymous groups and individuals are common. Anonymous members who once were allies become enemies. There is no loyalty within Anonymous. There is no code of secrecy. If arrested, most Anonymous will inform on other Anonymous members. It is common in many disputes, for Anonymous members to become confidential informants and work with law enforcement to gather evidence on other Anonymous members resulting in their arrest and prosecution.

The latest trend to come about is for these Anonymous informants to work with law enforcement for financial gain. As the financial damage done by the actions of Anonymous rises and the damage to institutions websites escalate, law enforcement is engaging in the same tactic used in the war against drugs. Law enforcement is now using paid informants in their investigation of Anonymous members.

According to sources within the FBI, in the US alone, there are now roughly 3600 individual Anonymous members under investigation with a large number of them cited for arrest before the beginning of 2014. Most of those subject for arrest are those Anonymous who are often referred to as Newfags. Unlike those Anonymous members who have been around since the origin of the movement, known as Oldfags, these rookies do not have the experience or sophistication to avoid being detected and ultimately expose themselves to law enforcement and wind up being arrested.

Often times the rookie Anonymous will attempt to team up with a Senior Anonymous as a mentor for whatever cause that motivated them to embrace the concept. The rookie anonymous hear about the loyalty to the hive and the mantra of No Anonymous will out another Anonymous or No Anonymous will dox another Anonymous.

That is a foolish mistake on the part of the rookie (newfag) that almost always results in him taking the fall for his mentor. The average senior Anonymous is loyal only to him or herself, and look at those around them as tools to be used and then thrown away when they outgrow their usefulness.

For law enforcement officers looking to meet their arrest quotas or agencies looking to justify government funding, this misconception on the part of the rookies is a gold mine. Allocations of funds by the Federal government to fight what is increasingly felt to be “A clear and present danger to the security of the United States” is increasing many fold. The support of Anonymous of those who leak classified documents by Edward Snowden and Private Manning has increased the paranoia of the intelligence community and painted a bullseye on the mask of Anonymous.


The federal government no longer considers Anonymous a group of hackers and pranksters that go around pulling the occasional pranks on their peers or protesters who march around wearing plastic masks protesting things like the plight of the homeless or supporting rape victims. The department of Homeland Security has labeled Anonymous a terrorist organization and has been conducting extensive investigations with other law enforcement agencies. The National Cyber Investigative Joint Task force was formed by a mandate by then President George Bush in 2008.


The NCIJTF is but one of several of these Joint task forces that are operating throughout the United States and Canada to Identify, indict and prosecute members of Anonymous and those who assist them in their illegal actions.

Those who embrace the wrong Anonymous group may well find their own freedoms denied and sit in a jail cell wondering how they got there.

Stay Tuned






nospeechFive years ago today, a small group started a smear campaign against this writer. Lies were told about me and acts of oppression were directed at me with the specific purpose of denying me the rights that are afforded to me and all others under the laws of this country. I decided to fight this group. The harder I fought them, the harder they fought back. Finally, after all these years, I have decided to give up. I am but one individual who does not have the resources to fight the kind of people who are willing to use any means necessary to deny the rights of me and others simply because they are able to do so.

Today, there are those celebrating the fact that I have given up the fight and that the lies against me will stand unopposed. These people should enjoy their victory for it will be short lived. Some day, someone will do to them as was done to me. There is always someone in the wings who want to deceive and to deny the rights of others do do what this country was founded to let them do. They may blog in protest, but there will be nobody around to listen to them.

That is because they drove all who would listen away.

There is a poem written by a pastor that gets passed around that addresses what happens when there is apathy when it comes to someone’s loss of freedom:


Nothing has changed.

Stay tuned













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