Pops posted on Twitter to me something rather curious. He used the term #tango down. So what does this mean? Well in Anonymous parlance, it is a form of a denial of service attack. When members of Anonymous breaks into websites and disables them, they use the term #tangodown. It seems that Pops has decided since he cannot win a debate with me, he will use some means to shut me down.

This demonstrates that Pops does not believe in free speech and will do anything to shut down anyone who stands up to him.

Stay tuned



nextsecoffical1popsnextsecLevi Page has felt the need to retweet a solicitation by a known former member of the cyber terrorist group Anonymous. @Popsbackup, who has also been accused of being an informant for the federal government against members of Anonymous has been writing defamatory articles against me and others on a blog owned by a foreign national. On several occasions Levi Page has asked me not to mention his name in my blogs as well as his affiliation with CNN, HLN and various other media outlets.

Out of courtesy, I had decided to do just that. And what do I get for complying with his request?


That certainly says a lot about Levi Page, doesn’t it?

Stay tuned



NEXTSECnextsecoffical1popsnextsec@Popsbackup has gone from Troll to stalker and is now actively seeking “dirt” about me. What is interesting is the E-mail address he is using for these solicitations. Some might recall that Pops has declared that he has left Anonymous while still “supporting.” them. If that is the case, why is he still advertizing himself as being a NextSec official? One would expect that if he was going to step away from Anonymous he would also give up the title that affiliates himself WITH Anonymous.

Getting a new e-mail account is easy. Riseup.net provides an easy way to accomplish this function.

Once again Pops has shown himself as a liar.

Stay tuned



mywarningguninpantsJust as expected, the Milton, Florida resident took the WARNING that I put on twitter because of a threat, he himself implied in regards to a “visit” he claimed I was going to get. The visit, by the way was not going to be by law enforcement. The threat he made in his post to me makes it quite clear what the intent of that visit would be. For someone who lives in the state of Florida, this confused young man does not understand two laws that protect my rights to defend my life and property.

The first law is what is known as Florida’s Castle Doctrine: http://www.gunlaws.com/FloridaCastleDoctrine.htm

This law reads in part:

The Florida “Castle Doctrine” law basically does three things:

One: It establishes, in law, the presumption that a criminal who forcibly enters or intrudes into your home or occupied vehicle is there to cause death or great bodily harm, therefore a person may use any manner of force, including deadly force, against that person.

Two: It removes the “duty to retreat” if you are attacked in any place you have a right to be. You no longer have to turn your back on a criminal and try to run when attacked. Instead, you may stand your ground and fight back, meeting force with force, including deadly force, if you reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm to yourself or others. [This is an American right repeatedly recognized in Supreme Court gun cases.]

Three: It provides that persons using force authorized by law shall not be prosecuted for using such force.

It also prohibits criminals and their families from suing victims for injuring or killing the criminals who have attacked them.


The second Florida law is known as “The stand your ground” law: http: //www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0700-0799/0776/0776.html

There was a prominent case in Sanford, Florida that demonstrates how this law can be applied: The State of Florida v George Zimmerman. In this trial, a neighborhood watch volunteer was acquitted of all charges resulting in the shooting death of  a teenager.

What makes the Stand your ground different than the Castle Doctrine is that the potential victim does not have to be in his car or residence, nor does the potential victim have to attempt to flee. The Florida law gives the potential victim the right to “stand his ground” and confront the attacker and use deadly force in the defense of his person or property.

Now what IS interesting is the statement that @Popsbackup made after I posted the photo of my gun. That statement can be taken two ways. Since we were taking about guns, what Pops was implying is quite clear.

I think if the reader studies the images and the statements, one will get a clear impression that it is Pops that made the threat and not me.

Stay tuned




sofI had a conversation with a troll late this morning in a private Facebook chat. This individual who shall remain unnamed but is well known by many claimed that a certain Atlanta based blogger is both a liar and a fraud. Now what did this person say? In one brief statement this unnamed individual said that the biography the blogger posts on line is untrue. It is a complete fraud. The person contends that the owner of the blog lives quite far from Atlanta, in fact the distance is quite far.

Now, on the other hand, this unnamed individual may be lying would not be a surprise as this person has a habit of lying about all sorts of thing. The point here is that somebody lied. It is just a matter of who lied and about what?

Stay Tuned



The confessed troll who seems to be obsessed with me as he guest writes over at the well known cyber abuse blog has made yet another lie of omission. In this a screen shot from around 6 YEARS ago the troll posts what he THINKS is a threat. What he FAILS to bring out is that the woman threatened to do the same exact same thing to me. I was trying to make the point that it was not such a bright idea for people to be going out making threats to publish the full contact information for people on line just because you might be pissed off at the other person.


There is an interesting sidebar to this little tale. Someone once made a wise crack concerning a photo I took of the apartment where Melinda used to live with Trenton. This same woman, along with a friend were seen in a picture PEEKING INTO THE WINDOW OF TRENTON’S room. Now at the time, nobody seemed concerned about their actions. The same woman also published a series of photos where she demonstrated how to Melinda Duckett committed suicide using her grandfather’s shotgun. One rather umm, odd photo with her sticking the shotgun in her mouth was actually made into a poster and resided for years in an Amerillo Texas bar frequented by NRA members. The poster was captioned “I love my gun”

The net result  of that post was that EVERYONE came to the agreement not to engage in a practice that would, several years later become commonplace. I am surprised that the troll would make such an issue out of a practice he condones. It is another “see I told you so” moment as I warned everyone back then that if someone starts the practice of publishing people’s information on the internet, then EVERYONE would be doing it.

The art of Doxing, which is the trademark of Anonymous and a certain Atlanta based blog is now commonplace.

Stay tuned




In a notarized affidavit filed with the 9th Judical Minnesota district court, Tim Holmseth cited the ever famous Paltalk PM Conversation that Alexandra Goddard and others have tried to pin on me since the winter of 2008.




In spite of my writing time and again that the files are UNAUTHENTICATED SCREENSHOTS AND HAVE BEEN DETERMINED BY SEVERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AS COUNTERFEIT, Mr Holmseth  has insisted on putting in his statement to the court that

“Murtaugh boasts that he murdered a little boy named Trenton Duckett. He also says that Casey Anthony beat him to Caylee Anthony, and suggests he would have raped the little girl to death” In the court document he also stated that “Murtaugh has claimed to have murdered six kids.”

Mr Holmseth made an accusation against Rhonda W Callahan the Respondant that said in part  “While working with (Redacted) and (Redacted {blogger from TN}) Rhonda W Callahan made no mention of it and expressed no parental concern in her 11-page affidavit.”

It is widely known how Mr Holmseth obtained the Paltalk documents and other “evidence” that he is using to thwart the respondant’s efforts in regards to his children.  It is also a well known fact that there is an officer of the court who has an interest in this case that may be derailed by the Paltalk PM’s winding up in this court case.

I will be debating if I will file a rebuttal brief with the court or just sit back and allow the case to go forward. It might be a way for me to get even with certain  people for creating and  distributing these counterfeit files and representing them  as genuine.

As they say, “beware the law of unintended consequences.”

Stay tuned



ssiOne of my harshest critics is someone who seems not to understand just what Social Security is and how it is funded. This person has also has never been self-employed and does not understand what happens tax wise when someone either owns a business or is self employed and has to file a form 1099.

Those of you who are NOT self employed may want to pull out your check stub and take a good look at it. You will see that you pay  6.2%per year for social security  and your employer pays the same 6.2%. If you make more than roughly $113, 000 per year, you only pay the percentage on that gross amount. You are also paying a small amount for medicare. If you are self employed, you pay double since you are picking up the employer’s share as well.

Social security is not an income tax. It is considered an annuity, which is the same as some life insurance policies. Social Security funds are separate from the general revenue fund generated by federal income taxes of individuals and businesses. By law it is not supposed to be touched but congress has always taken loans from it which is why Social Security is in trouble in the first place. If congress had kept their hands out of the till, Social Security would be self funded and there would not be the problem with it that exists right now.

One thing that needs to be understood about Social Security is that it was never meant to be a primary income source for retirees. It was intended to be an ADDITIONAL source of income for those who had also had a pension plan or other savings to fund people in their retirement years. The amount I get in social security is not all that much when you take into account how much it costs to live in today’s economy.

It is true that one can make a minimum amount of money over their social security benefits without having to pay your benefits back, but in today’s economy, it is hard for a 62 year old who has high blood pressure, cataracts in his right eye, severe hearing loss(tinnitus)as a result of 35 years of truck driving. This problem is magnified by the fact that the US economy is in the toilet due to a years long recession.

I receive the Social Security funds that I PAID INTO. Nobody paid my Social Security for me. I have been paying into it since I started working at the age of 16. I also paid into medicare, but since I am not yet 65, I cannot get it. I would suggest before people start accusing someone of mooching off off the system that they take the time to study what it is they are talking about. That way they might not come across as a bunch of ignorant blithering idiots.

Stay tuned



shawnioPeople have often wondered why I do not like Anonymous. One answer to this question can be found in one Anonymous who went by the username Shawnio. Now Shawn was not the kind of person you would find behind the plastic mask that symbolizes Anonymous. Shawn was one of those trolls that one might consider a newfag that was not quite anonymous but was a troll nonetheless. It is probably why Shawn was so easily caught.









This little tale goes back to a spat between Shawn W McQuaid aka Shawnio and one Tracy Roddy, aka Shortbusdude. It seems at one time these two jokers liked to pull pranks on people who were on Blogtv and also on Ustream. Tracey liked to make phone calls pretending to be FBI agents and Shawn used to like to call taxi companies and dispatch cabs to bogus addresses. Shawn also liked to call suicide hot lines and pretend to be someone he had a beef with and tell the suicide help volunteer that he was that person and on the verge of committing suicide. He would end the call with a sound effect of a gun going off and hang up the phone. Needless to say this caused a bit of grief for the volunteer.

Shawnio also used to like to make fake police reports. He once called the Lake County Sheriff’s department one halloween and made a report. That was the beginning of his downfall.. It seems that Mr McQuaid had a problem with an American who entered into Canada and was engaging in actions that he and a group of his fellow did not approve of. He began to stalk and then impersonate the woman. I learned of this when the woman contacted me and told me that we had a mutual problem.

The woman went on to press charges as did a taxi company and several other victims of his antics over the years. In a panic Mr McQuaid contacted me and we worked out a bit of a deal. He promised to quit writing about me and asked me if I would take certain material about him off of my blogs. I did so and he in turn did the same. Unfortunately he could not remove all of what he had done since he had also done a Ripoffreport.com of me using the Canadian woman’s name.

Now this little article would not have been necessary if a certain confessed troll had done a little bit of homework. He would have learned quite a lot about Shortbusdude, Shawnio, and a few other characters in this little play. Holly Briley was partly right when she said that Tracy Roddy had been behind some of the antics on twitter and elsewhere. What she did not know is that Shawnio was doing the exact same thing both to her and eventually to Tracey Roddy.

Some of you might remember that I have accused certain bloggers of being in concert with an accused pedophile. Well, they were weather they knew it or now. The link is above but this is an excerpt for those who are too lazy to read it:


There is no honor among the trolls, the hackers and even Anonymous. These people will turn on each other in a split second for no other reason than for the lulz. Someone from the panhandle has learned that the hard way.

Stay tuned




canadaflagnospeechusflagontheairanonmaskHere we go again with the sock puppet mind games. “Someone” decided to release what is claimed to be a series of message between me and this person. What is interesting about these messages is in the process of trying to label me as a “traitor” the person is actually mirroring the same exact words the blogger has used itself when addressing some of the individuals in those unauthenticated screenshots. One was her own Guest writer and the other was someone that used to have a great deal of support by the blogger until one of its “guest” authors decided to question some of the claims made by that person.

A couple of the screenshots contain statements by me that even though strong disagreements remain between me and the individuals within those screenshots that we have agreed to remain cordial despite our disagreements. I stand by those screenshots. My sole purpose for creating this blog and my efforts over the years has been to dispel the lies about me and to respond to those same lies.

Rather then understand what I am trying to do, both the blogger and this latest sock puppet have decided to flame the fires of the defamation of me rather than put a stop to it and move on. It seems to be their only purpose in life.

I would really like to know what the blogger would do if someday her son (if one even exists. I have my doubts) were to become the target of the same kind of attack I  have at the hands of his “mother” simply because he had an opinion someone did not like or engage in a project that, while legal, someone did not approve of.

It would seem that the United States of America is NOT “the land of the free and home of the brave. The United states is also NOT a country where we celebrate diversity in culture and opinion.

The United States has, instead, become a country of conformity. Everyone has to conform. What people have to conform to is not determined by the government and legislature but by on line vigilantes who will exert whatever resources, skill and power that is at their disposal to exert their will on the masses.

If this trend is allowed to continue, freedom of speech will be reserved only to a powerful few who control what is said.

Stay tuned


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