There is a certain individual out there in cyberspace who is nothing more than a coward. She knows who she is. I was just served with what her state calls “an injunction against harassment.”

I beg to differ with this person that I have no choice other than to call a paranoid fool. I have done none of the things she accuses me of in her little order. This is nothing more than a stunt by “a woman scorned” who was taken off of admin status of my chat due to her inept and incompetent actions. To this day I do not understand this person or the group she has joined.

What I do understand is this. Her and her fellow harassers have accomplished their mission. I am done, I have had it, I am through. My actions since Nov 2008 was to defend myself against the lies, and emotional distress the liars and pranksters have put me through. And for what?

All I was doing is what tens of thousands of people do internationally. I operated a blog, a forum and a Multimedia stream.

What I, a 60 year old MAN, widowed, did was make the mistake of discussing the plight of missing and exploited children. I took on the role of a citizen journalist and wrote, photographed and broadcast the everyday impressions of an ordinary individual rather than from the viewpoint of a reporter for a mass media outlet who’s only interest in covering these incidents are for more ratings to garner higher advertising revenue.

I broke a rule. I was born a MAN. It seems that the area of posting about missing and exploited children is restricted to the FEMALE  gender. Now some are going to think I am being sarcastic here. I am not, I am dead serious. I am one of several who are being harassed in a similar manner. The proof is out there on the internet. Google Marinade Dave, Levi Page and so on. It is men more than women who are being pestered simply because they have the audacity to care about the ever growing violence against children from their own family members.

In this injunction this person has included virtually all outlets on the internet. Facebook, twitter you name it, it is there. My freedom of speech is gone. My ability to defend myself is gone.

Her little group of haters are now free to stalk and harass to their hearts content. The truth does not matter. It never has. It is their egos that matter. Their power to destroy is all they care about. These people do not care what they do or the consequences of their actions. They only care about their power and influence that they can wield against those with whom they disagree.

What is interesting about all of this is that I had already stopped defending my self. I was fed up. I have had enough. I went to work, I played my facebook games, I watched tv. My blogs came to a grinding halt. The forum was never set up and there is no large chat, just a small informal chat with a few friends.

What they have also accomplished was to end a project that, if successful, had the potential to prevent harm to  a large number  of children and to create a network of on line eyes that just might have led to the reduction of these kinds of incidents that have resulted in thousands and thousands of cases of children that have been murdered or missing throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, thousands more of these cases that go UNSOLVED and the missing UNRECOVERED due to the elapsed time between the time the incident occurs and the public at large is made aware of it.

What was this project? A rather simple one, really. Telecommunications over the internet is evolving at a rapid pace. There are devices created everyday that are more powerful and “smarter” than one can imagine. The pace is so rapid that it is hard to keep up with all the innovations in technology.

What is important is that these devices now make it possible to spread the word about a missing child, or person, for that matter in a matter of seconds after the incident is known. These devices make it possible for someone who sees a child at a mall, for instance, being approached by a stranger, of recording that incident while AT THE SAME TIME calling law enforcement and thus preventing the abduction of the child to begin with.

In 2008 I had envisioned all of the bloggers, forum owners, chat owners, and new media stream owners forming an international network where, when an incident of a missing child or person occurs, the word would be spread instantly over this network. Their subscribers would become “observers” keeping a close eye out while living their daily lives, armed with the new powerful technology of the smart phone.

All of these millions of pairs of eyes would be out there, ready to photograph and to report to law enforcement the sighting of a missing child or person in an instant. Right now, if someone sees a missing child or person, there are few outlets for doing this. Law enforcement does not have the kind of resources that we on the internet have. Right now a person who suspects they have spotted a missing child has to go through a process typical of any government run operation where a great deal of time is lost from the time the person reports the incident to the point where it is acted upon by the agency in charge.

There have been a number of studies that demonstrate that the average elapsed time between the sighting of a missing person and the report is acted upon is 4 hours. That is far too long. The sightings are rarely recorded (photographed) so that all the law enforcement agency has to go on is the visual recollection of a witness. Studies have shown that in a majority of cases, witnesses get it wrong. They misidentify the abductor or other participant with the missing person.

The power and effectiveness of a joint effort of those of us on Twitter, Facebook, the forums, chats, and other internet social media sites is being demonstrated right now in the middle east. “The Twitter Revolt” as some have called it has resulted in the downfall of a dictator who held Egypt in his iron grasp for the better part of 30 years.

No prolonged battle was necessary to end this dictatorship and start Egypt down the road of democracy. All that was needed was a tweet, followed by millions upon millions of tweets, and texts, posts to Facebook walls and so on. What has happened in Egypt has now spread throughout the middle east. A revolution has started and we have no idea where it will go. The power is literally in the hands of the people and not the governments.

It is this power I had hoped to harness with the help of the thousands and thousands of social media site users out there to “be on the lookout” for missing children and other persons. to “be on the lookout” for a stranger approaching a child. To be there with the new and powerful smart phone with the zoom lens, the 5 mega pixel plus resolution, to record the evidence.

How many pedophiles could have been stopped by them knowing that a housewife with a g4 smartphone was keeping a close eye on his every move. How many missing children would be found by someone uploading a photo of a spotted child to a website connected to law enforcement or the family of that child?

Perhaps someday somewhere someone will take the idea I had and perhaps SHE can make happen what I could not.

I cannot.

The truth has NOT set me free.

The lies and smears of others have imprisoned me.



Somewhere out there is a new child fighting for her life. I understand this child is fighting the good fight to survive and have a chance to make her mark in this world. The grandmother of Agrianna is not my  friend, but Adrianna is not my enemy. She is an innocent child as all children are innocent and unaware of the dynamics of the adults around them.

Let us all, both friends and non friends join just this once to pray for Adrianna and her family in this time of stress and give them hope that Adrianna can win this battle for survival and that she can live a long healthy and happy  life. Let us pray that Adrianna is able  to give and receive love to and  from all of those around her.



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I find it curious that a certain someone insists on sending me screenshots of the numerous blogs run by a certain “blogger” who seems to have nothing better to do with her life then to comment about me along with her other pretend users. Just to let you know, I am not, nor have ever been interested in this demented and delusional individual and her empty minded “biddies.”

Their words have been ample proof of their deeds. The currently viewable words (except about  me on the blogs that have banned me from reading for some odd reason) and the words that have been DELETED. (Thank goodness for those who made screen shots of their utterances.)
The wishing for people to die, the wishing for people with handicaps to have their wheel chair wheels fall off. The wishing for people to succumb to terminal illnesses, and so on and so forth are forever archived by many a person who have read these utterances and are shocked and sickened by them.
I am not going to be going into the details of those who have made these utterances and have shown their true motives. There are others who are doing so in my place. I am only just being made aware of  others out there who have become alarmed and upset at what these individuals have done and are doing and are starting to stand up against them. I wish them well. I have decided to move on to other priorities and abandon those who have nothing else better to do than to smear and defame those who they do not know, have never met, and likely will never meet.

I have found assurance in the neutral person only known as TVOT who has been “studying” this problem that she is doing so with an open mind and has yet to take sides after all the “research”that  she has been conducting the past several months. I have yet to know who this person is or her motivation. I do know that so far, this person has caused me no harm nor has engaged in the kind of overt acts that the so called “blogger” has engaged in. She has, from my understanding, has found a lot more truth then those who have blogged about me, the kind of truth those who were NOT LAZY could have easily discovered if they felt the need to do so. Of course it helps to WANT TO FIND THE TRUTH IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Will I ever discover what TVOT is up to and the end result of her research? I have no idea. I am waiting to see.

I have found the truths I have sought these past years. The puzzle I have been trying to solve is close to that solution. I have found the minds of my attackers inferior and lacking and not worthy of any more of my time.

The clock is ticking and tomorrow is another day.

It is time for me to become one of the audience, to sit down and watch the show.

Stay tuned



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One of the odd things to come out of the Biddies invasion of the Media Chat room Friday was the constant complaint of me playing games on Facebook. Now, yes it is true I play Facebook and play it a lot. There are a LOT of games there and I play quite a few of them.




I first wrote about this early last summer when a number of Biddies were complaining yet again about my playing of the facebook games. It was, in fact, ONE OF THEM who turned me onto the games to begin with and it is some of THEM who are STILL playing the games to this day.

Now, the reason for writing about this a second time is to demonstrate HOW PETTY the Biddies are in their attacks of me.

To date there are around 50 MILLION people who play the Facebook games at roughly 20 million players PER GAME offered by the service.

The real purpose of this article, and the last one, is to show just what kind of idiots there are stalking me all over the internet. Their last invasion of the WESH chat with their taunts about me playing the Facebook games demonstrates their degree of BULLYING and STALKING of me as well as a total DISREGARD of those using the WESH chat who did not care one wit about Me or the blog war I seem to have found myself in. The chatters AND EVEN THE WESH CHAT ADMINISTRATOR pleaded and demanded that everyone stop the MURT discussion and GET BACK to discussing THE CASEY ANTHONY HEARING which was the topic.
The biddies would have NONE OF IT. Rather than discuss THE HEARING and CAYLEE ANTHONY, the BEACONHELL BIDDIES decided to hijack the chat and thus demonstrated that THEY DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about Caylee  getting justice and those who CARE about her and the JUSTICE the trial is meant to accomplish.

For all the efforts the BEACONHELL BIDDIES engage in, that is their SOLE purpose. To SMEAR me and any other person that has outcast them no matter who gets in their way.

In my attempt to get away from these BIDDIES, I turn to Facebook where the drama seems to have not have taken hold. Not that they did not try. They created a Facebook page, which was ignored, and even STALKED and SPAMMED my friends on Facebook. When the BIddies were rebuffed and COMPLAINED TO FACEBOOK about, they ranted and raved and then ran away to create yet more blogs and twitter accounts.

So now they hide yet again, ignored by the majority of the internet community.

If the WESH chat did anything, it was to show the kind of people the “b” Biddies are and the lack of moral character they have.

Now I am off to Facebook to the THOUSANDS of friendly peaceful people there who want nothing more than to WORK TOGETHER for a common goal WITHOUT DRAMA and WITHOUT MALICE toward anyone.

Come over and play some games, we never have enough friends and neighbors.





If there was any proof needed of the degree of stalking of me by the “Beaconhell Biddies” Today was it. I decided to log into the WESH (Orlando NBC affiliate and pool media for court feed) stream and chat site during today’s hearing in the Casey Anthony Case where various motion requests by the Defense were argued before Judge Perry.

I made one comment in answer to a question by someone regarding how the feeds work when the BIDDIES struck. On and on they went, going way off topic with their smears, disrupting the chat with their attacks on ME.

Those in the chat pleaded time and again for them to STOP. They ignored the pleas of those who wanted to discuss THE HEARING, and went on and on putting up POSTS ABOUT ME.

These posts included CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL INFORMATION that one of them, a REGISTERED NURSE (so she claims ) KNOWS is not ETHICAL and may not be legal as well.


Of course when Marinade Dave, appeared in the chat he was smeared as well.

The Biddies did me a big favor since the chat is monitored by the staff at WESH and they are quite aware of the smear campaign against me.

I would suspect that if they keep their antics going, the Biddies will get the attention that they so desire.

Unfortunately for them, it might not be the attention they expected or wanted.

Be careful what you wish for.

Stay Tuned.



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Out there tonight is a rare person. Someone who has suffered at the hands of others who lack the morals and respect towards others. There are those out there who claim to be faithful yet do not live by the teachings of their faith. They betray their morals and their teachings toward their own ends.

Then there is that one rare person, the victim of those without the morals or standards of decency, who despite their best efforts cannot betray their own morals or faith and it’s teachings.

I have recently had such a person as an ally. This person tried their best to match the bullies with their own methods. In the end this person could not live with duplicating the methods of the bullies and has decided not to continue.

One would think I would be angry and disappointed. One would think I would be hurt that I am losing an ally who was having an effect on the bullies.

I am none of the above.  I am proud of this unknown person. I am  pleased with this unknown person. This person has shown me that there is at least one decent human being that will not be infected by the sins of the bullies.

That person’s stand takes a lot of courage. It takes the kind of courage that I do not have.

I wish this person well, I send this person my prayers and I bid this person a fond farewell.


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