The one thing I find troubling in the events over the past three years is how the stalkers and pranksters are playing around with death with actions that may have serious consequences.

This week, the actions of one individual may well open the investigation of certain items that may well lead to the jury to make a decision in a death penalty case that will be far different than would have been made if these actions had not taken place.

The continuing lies these people made regarding the material submitted to a private detective that found their way into the discovery in the case of The State of Florida v Casey Marie Anthony may have unexpected results.

Now, before the one blogger out there starts to write her predictable retort, she needs to stop and think for a while about the recent events I wrote about in the preceding article.

To date, nobody, not her, not her supporters, nor the blogger

community has  come to the realization as to how serious the situation has become. Someone has knowingly submitted material to Detective Dominic Casey knowing full well he would take immediate and forceful action considering the contents within.

I read with amazement how they were proud with their inflated egos they were with what they were able to accomplish. With all that celebrating for the past two plus years, these ego blinded people failed to understand that the accused murder of a young little girl may be set free or at least be spared the death penalty as the result of a childish prank.

To this day, they quite frankly “do not give a damn.”

If their antics were bad enough in regards to this case, consider the fact that they did this not only to THIS case but to TWO others.

The sending of the messages not only went to the Private detective, but the same people also sent the messages to the Leesburg Florida City Police Department.

Over the course of two years, one woman in particular pestered the lead detectives in the case insisting that I murdered or claimed to have murdered Trenton Duckett and then told the father of this child I knew where he was buried.

Now the people who did this apparently do not care that they may well have prevented the police from finding the answer to finding Trenton.

How could this be? you ask. Quite simple. The time and resources that might have been spent chasing down the “leads” regarding me were steered AWAY from any leads that might have brought the answers to the fate of Trenton.

We may never know since the records of this case remain SEALED and may remain that way forever.

The antics of these fools may well have prevented finding the answers regarding the still missing Haleigh Cummings since Detective Dominic Casey felt it necessary to tie up the resources of the Putnam County Sheriff’s department with the vary same material.

The question has to be is trashing the reputation of someone with material these people know is FALSE and a HOAX worth the denial of justice for these three children and lead to the possibility that two of them may never be found due to their actions?

They seem to think so.

I would hope that someone outside the inner circle of the battle that caused these actions would study the how and why their actions affected these cases and find a solution that would prevent someone else doing something similar in a future case or cases. I would hate to think that a murder would go free or a child remain missing because of someone’s idea of a JOKE.

Stay Tuned



Somewhere in the great state of Texas, there are those at Texas Equusearch who are probably regretting getting involved in the Search for Caylee.

First was the blonde bimbo who got involved in a road rage incident in Orlando while cruising around with Misty Croslin. This same former Texas Equusearch volunteer also wound up in a drug sting, again with her new bff while up north in Putnam County.

Then, as the discovery started to trickle out, the press and bloggers alike began to see something rather interesting. The actions of certain “Casey is innocent” advocates were coming to light, among them the antics of Laura Buchanan regarding her claims regarding the recovery site of Caylee’s remains.

Ms. Buchanan, is alleged, in what has to be an amazing “dumb blonde moment” to have swiped some forms from Texas Equusearch and forged them, claiming to have searched the area where Caylee was recovered.

She claims to have searched there BEFORE Caylee was found. This would have been a neat trick since at the time she claimed to have searched there, the area was under about 6 feet of water. In fact half of Blanchard Park, the future site of the LP search was under at least 4 feet of water, all of this due to the unprecedented amount of rain that drenched the area. All one as to do is go to my photobucket site to see the photos I took of JYP around this period of time.

Now if someone were to look REAL close at the discovery documents they would see the brief mention of an interesting young lady from the state of Michigan. It seems these two women had it in their head that Casey was INNOCENT and that there was really a Zanny the Nanny out there who had Caylee. There was an effort made to try and track this non-existent woman down and in the process, Find Caylee.

Now a lesser known effort, by the Defense, anyway, was the alleged antics of one of these women in yet another document forgery, this time involving Detective Dominic Casey. I think you can all guess what these documents are.

I wonder what would have happened if Det. Casey would have dug a bit deeper into how those documents “appeared” in his e-mail in box to see that there was a connection to Ms. Buchanan. Would he have wondered if there was a more direct connection to the death of Caylee by someone other than Roy Kronk? What would have been the outcome if he had done his job and investigated that lead only to find out that he had been hoodwinked by a group of “armchair detective” and wasted time that could have been better spent trying to pin down exactly what happened to Caylee as well as to Haleigh Cummings, another case he decided to stick his nose into.

Perhaps the defense team and private detective will take a closer at Laura Buchanan and see that she had someone close to her that had been involved in the case around the same time the forged Equusearch documents were created.

Based on the actions of these woman and others, the defense could argue that there was a group of bloggers pretending to believe that Casey was innocent while trying to frame her and divert attention away from someone who may well have had something to do with her death.

If Bozo the clown were to think along those lines, a young college student from Michigan might find her self on an airplane to Orlando.

Now wouldn’t THAT be interesting?

Stay tuned



Another mainstream media source has rattled the cage of fear of the interlopers who dare invade the country club that is called “The Press.” This time the big media crybaby is none other than the Orlando Sentinel. If anyone is to fear the new media bloggers and webcasters it is the print media.

Readerships and subscriptions are way down. The number one use of newspapers nowdays is for papertraining dogs, acting as poop absorbent for birds and rabbits and to have the unsold newspapers sent to Fort Howard Georgia to be turned into toilet paper. The number one reason anyone even buys a newspaper is for the Thursday coupon ads or for the Sunday ads to comparison shop for tv sets.

Even those uses are going by the wayside with companies like Groupon Ebay and the ever so free Craigslist making the need to PAY for a newspaper unnecessary.

Some of the name calling the reporter used in the article is rather striking as this representative of the newspaper apparently does not realize that the people who are being mocked and insulted are the vary readers and visitors to their website blogs and chats who are helping this member of a dying industry to survive to live enough to survive to see the next day and to TRY and make enough money to pay it’s bills and keep their stockholders from breathing down the neck of the people who run this rag.

The sad truth the Sentinel and other newspapers realize is that they are a dying breed. Readership is down. Subscriptions are down. With up to the second media sources like CNN and the many many multimedia powerhouses on the internet, fewer people are going to waste their gas to go down to the local 7-11 to buy news that is almost a day old by the time it hits the news stand.

More breaking news is being done on by multimedia cellphones than by any AP reporter on the scene. The unrest in Syria and the rest of the Middle East are glaring examples of how ineffective newspapers now are.

Twitter Cub Reporters are the new Journalists who provide UP TO THE SECOND updates of all sorts of events, large and small, both around the world and ABOVE the world. Even the ISS crew tweets up to the second updates, pictures and all. I suppose the ISS crew are not “paid journalists” hmm?

The Sentinel and other newspapers try and survive by setting up their own chats, blogs and yes GASP! Ustream streams. When I stream from the Orange County Courthouse press room, who else is in there streaming to Ustream? A newspaper! Care to guess which one? At the exact same time their photographer is roaming around the courtroom with his nice and expensive digital camera, the paper is streaming, for free, the feed from the court to Ustream while I am doing the exact same thing to Blogtv. Both of our sites have chats for people to interact with the live streams of the trial. All the tv stations are doing the exact same thing, of course with all of their reporters running around like ants on sugar trying to get that soundbyte they can use on the next SCHEDULED news that is already hours old as all the bloggers and streamers have gone through the documents and talked about the case on line already.

I remember, with some amusement, overhearing a reporter at the Blanchard Park search griping that I was able to generate a vieweship of over 4000 without spending a dime on promotion.

Rather than engage this new trend and work WITH the streamers and bloggers to produce a better product, these dinosaurs poke fun and rant against the interlopers who have invaded the country club of “the press.”

What these media giants forget to mention is that AFTER this UNIQUE trial, the press credential thing will go away. It is the first time Orange County has EVER done this and it has created an uproar within the press community already. This is an indicator that this may be the LAST time this is done.  At the March meeting there were reporters that raised great concerns about the credential requirements and I suspect the only reason there has not been a fight, so far, is that they had hoped that it would have scared off the “interlopers.”

I would also suspect that the taxpayers of Orange County are going to be howling mad when the Sheriff, who is begging for more GAS money releases the costs this credential fiasco will generate. This is fast becoming a million dollar trial which we, the residents of Orange County,  will wind up paying.

What is sad about this article is that the Sentinel is making much ado about a small number of people. The average blog boasts less than 100 people, many, like this one more like 10. Even the largest blog, not affiliated with a mainstream media outlet, has fewer subscribers (non paying by the way) then the smallest newspaper in the country.

In most cases the majority of the readers of the blogs are the authors of other blogs. We are all reading what each other is writing. We are mostly talking to ourselves.

The Orlando Sentinel is the Elephant afraid of the mouse.

The Orlando Sentinel should concentrate on doing a good job of being a professional newspaper and stop whining about those who care about such matters as the murder of a small child or they will find themselves in the tar pits ( and eventually in our gas tanks) like the rest of the dinosaurs.

Stay tuned



If anyone wants to know what an internet troll is, they only have to look to Donald Trump. He is the “RUBY” to Pres. Obama.

The best example of his trollnes is this birth certificate nonsense he has been babbling about for what seems like an eternity.

Donald reminds me of Ruby, the troll from topix who always said I either did not do something I said I did or that I could NOT do something I said I could. Each time I beat her challenge into the ground she would come up with another one. She reminds me of the moles in Frontierville. I clobber one and another pops right back up to be clobbered yet again.

When this absolutely stupid issue came up during the campaign, a CERTIFIED birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii was released to the public. The trolls and their leader Donald Trump would have none of it and kept droning on about this non-issue ignoring more important topics as the economy and the increase in gas prices. The trolls, of course, would have none of it and cried “foul!”

As proof, one only has to watch Donald Trump after the second and more complete birth certificate was released.

He actually congratulated himself for being an absolute idiot and fool. He got caught in a long series of lies and then lied again when he got shown for the fool he is.

The pitchman troll is at it again, now demanding that Obama release his college grades. Trump will now troll on and probably Obama will relent yet again. The beat goes on and the moles keep getting clobbered.

Now before the comments start rolling in about this so called “Obama defense” article, I give the Tea Party folks, the conservatives and so on, this warning. Your guy/gal is next. Mr. Trump and his ilk has opened the floodgates. Soon demand for school grades, driving records, obits and so on will be demanded more intently than the stand on the issues.

You have all asked for it and now you got it.

Beware of unintended consequences



I knew sooner or later some media outlet was going to delve into the subject of bloggers being granted a reserved seat in the courtroom. Lo and behold our local cable owned tv table is the first out of the gate:

This is a debate that has been around for quite some time, long before anyone ever heard of Casey Anthony or any of the other high profile cases in this area.

The take by the Brighthouse channel 13 has to do with those who are PAID or NOT PAID. I would suppose that the atty consultant for another media outlet is a-ok since the station is paying him and he IS a lawyer afterall.

The problem is, however, is that I do not find anything in the constitution that says anything about freedom of the press as long as the press is a “paid professional” and that “amateurs need not apply.”

I do understand that the court may have a problem granting a massive number of seats to “unpaid” press members and that the “mainstream” press is having a cow because one of their “paid” reporters may be bumped so that “the rif raf” might be allowed to attend.

It is not so much the reporters that are having a burr in their butt over this issue as it is with the management of the media outlets. The mainstream media is there for the money and ratings much more then they are for a “public service” of presenting the news. I have seen time and again over the years where the budgets for the news departments of the various media outlets get slashed in favor of paying out royalty rights for Oprah or Judge Judy. I do not fault the stations for favoring these shows, it is a business decision by a profit making company that has a responsibility to their investors.

The large media outlets have their expensive toys and with special events such as the Trial of Casey Anthony, will bring them out to play with in order to get the biggest audience, the biggest ratings which they hope will translate into big MONEY.

This is not a gripe on my part so much as it is an observation. I have no problem with the mainstream media. They provide a service and do it well. It seems the article by the cable channel seems to be a gripe about the amateurs invading their turf. They do not know how to deal with the situation. The internet is evolving, the blogs are evolving, and the way the public gets it’s information is evolving. Many stick with the mainstream media outlets with their state of the art presentations that are impressive indeed. Others choose to view blogs like Marinade Dave’s for the “man on the street” or “one of us” point of view of the events in Orlando and this case in particular.

I think that while chasing after ratings and money, the mainstream media outlets needs to evolve as well. There is room for both the amateurs and the professionals in the court and in other venues as well. By working together, both can enrich the reporting of events of interest to the public as well as offering unique venues for the debate regarding these events.



Douche seemed to think that by throwing out all kinds of techno babble regarding Skype and how it works, that he/she knows all about this service and companies that offer similar services and that RENZO did not make the call to my cellphone.

The ignorance of Douche should be obvious to anyone that has used Skype, Vonnage or any other VOIP provider.

Now for those of you who do not know what VOIP is here is a brief overview.

VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. It refers to any service that provides a means to make phone calls too and from a computer using the internet. Vonnage and now Skype are best known for providing this service as well as most cable and yes, telephone companies.

The key to this is BROADBAND, which is high speed internet. Using an internet connection to make a telephone call as well as multimedia streams takes up a lot of bandwidth. Multimedia transmission is the gas hog of the internet. That is why providers will cap limits on wireless data and so on.

What DOUCHE does NOT know is that the internet is nothing more than a separate telecommunications system that was started as a government project. Over the years innovations were made where most standard dial up connections actually tapped into the internet when linking phone calls of the kind we all are used to over the decades. In short, this meant you were on the internet at one time or another any time you made a phone call. Most commonly long distance calls were linked to the internet grid in the same manner one would leave a local road and get on the internet. This is one reason for the term “internet superhighway.”

As the cost of high speed internet came down and the cost of equipment needed to do so decreased, the companies developed ways for ordinary people to take advantage of services that used to be reserved for government and commercial customers.

Out of all of this came companies like Vonnage and Skype who took advantage of this new capability. As time went on the cable companies jumped on the bandwagon since Skype and Vonnage customers usually were accessing the internet through either cable or phone company high speed internet anyway. It was their way of doing away with the “middle man.”

Now Douche came up with the nonsense regarding Skype having problems with cellphones. The song and dance that he/she used provided a lot of laughs to my friends who are experts in this field.

What DOUCHE does not comprehend is that people are dropping their land lines in record numbers. It is fast approaching the point where the majority of people will not have land lines at all. Most calls will be by cellphone.

Now, how does someone from Skype call a cellphone. It is simple, really. You have to pay Skype or any other VOIP to do this. It is rather cheap and the quality of the calls are improving daily. You dial out the same as any phone call. The call is then routed to a PORTAL. This is an access point where the call leaves the internet and enters the routing system for linking to the cellphone provider of the person you are trying to call. This used to be the way, in reverse, one would access the internet through the old dial up system.

The call goes through this process of going from the internet to the portal and on to the cell number in much the same way as any regular call would. A Skype call does not distinguish between a land line phone and a cell. If you have a Skype or VOIP service that allows you to call to a regular phone number, give it a try. It will show you what a fool DOUCHE is.

One interesting thing that I did to was to have my cellphone number as my Skype number. This means I can call someone by skype and my cell number will show up on their caller id.

The point of this article is to remind those of you on the outside that if you see a post by someone throwing around all sorts of fancy techno terminology and acting like an expert, they usually do not know what they are talking about.

As for DOUCHE, before you start talking about telecommunications with me, you had better do your homework. You have no idea what my background in this area is.

Believe me, I know far more about this technology then you realize.




William it was not Renzo that contacted you, i can assure you. As i said before i have actually spoken with him in regards to this and he has no idea what you are talking about. Also he would never contact anyone via a cell phone, he uses skype only to protect his own privacy.

This nitwit needs to work on his/her reading skills. Renzo calls my CELL using SKYPE. Easy enough to do. It costs roughly 25.00 a year to do that. I have an account.

Everyone knows who was on the other side of those private messages, but the words you said were your own and unaltered. As stated in your own blog from january “Now, at first read, the Pm’s are in bad taste and there may be SOME things that were said by me in there that in hindsight should not have been said.

SOME things, DOUCHE not ALL things. The pm’s NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED! IT IS  A PRIVATE CONVERSATION, remember. Imagine what would happen if ALL private conversations were published. I have a number of gems that would make for interesting reading if I were to release them.

Fine, but there are a few FACTS that have to be taken into account. This is interesting considering where I am at while writing this particular article.”

And where is this “interesting place” you are at. Are you typing this while at WORK? Goofing off on your employer’s time? Tisk tisk. Or are you in JAIL which is more likely?

You my friend need the life and a job.

Umm, what kind of rock have you been living on. It is rather hard to get a job in this economy, which is the worst since the great depression. It is also hard for me, a 60 year old with the content that has been placed on the internet about me to get a better paying job  then I DO have when employers are now checking the internet as part of their screening.

It is hard DOUCHE, to get a job when someone calls your load broker and threaten to BURN THE PLACE TO THE GROUND if they do not FIRE ME. Answer that one DOUCHE.

The rest of us had our fun, sat and watched and moved on with our lives.

Oh really. Do you want to check the time stamp of your THREE comments to me? Do you realize YOU are the one who READ THIS BLOG AND RESPONDED TO IT. It is YOU who are ranting about something that happened THREE YEARS AGO! Moving on, not hardly. More like STALKING.

We go to work every day and take care of our families, those of us that have family.

I feel sorry for the family who has such a DOUCHE in their midst.

What do you do?

I try and live my life and deal with problems created by DOUCHES like YOU. It is not ME that started this it was KFCFAN, PRINCESS and the other DOUCHES out there who stalk me.

This. This and only this to this very day this is your shining accomplishment.

What makes it your business what I do or not do with my life. Are you some kind of social policeDOUCHE. Is society required to do YOUR bidding. What makes YOU so important?

Deluded lies.

Yes, deluded lies, by you and your fellow DOUCHES.



I have been getting comments by a piece of work who calls him/herself DOUCHE. This is probably the most accurate usernames that someone could give to themselves. It is dead on.

Now on to the matter at hand. This person claims that Renzolovescake of 4chan fame did not call me and spend the better part of an hour talking to me last night along with Crystal, whoever the hell she is and some third person who kept droning on with some nonsense while Renzo and I had this little conversation.

This piece of work has called me almost DAILY since September 2008 with the demand that I COMMIT SUICIDE ON CAM.

Douche in TWO comments has insisted that this call did not take place. Now how would this person know that, I wonder? And how does this person know about any relationship between Princess and Renzo. Another question is that if Renzo and Princess hate each other then WHY did he get favorable mention in her now defunct ( she uses the delete option quite frequently)

Now, Douche makes the threat that if I do not go into a teleconference with someone he/she claims is Renzolovescake, then the same tired old recording  (edited heavily) will again be released on all kinds of blogs and other websites.

THAT IS CALLED BLACKMAIL, by the way. Remember the David Letterman case? These are the kind of people who are STALKING a WIDOWED, BROKE, 60 YEAR OLD WITH ABSOLUTELY NO CRIMINAL RECORD OF ANY KIND.

Despite PRESS RELEASES and the constant badgering to law enforcement by these STALKERS, NOT ONE THING has come of their actions then the smearing of an INNOCENT law abiding citizen.

NONE of THEM have addressed the misuse of public hot lines meant to help those who need it and the other documented acts this group caused.

DOUCHE DID NOT mention the ANONYMOUS streams in my chat room that was the start of this nonsense. The “we are anonymous” audio that was played, the constant spamming of my room. The Soundboard recordings. People pretending to be reporters wanting an interview with me, the woman who wanted to go on a cruise and lecture (making money off a dead child ) about the case for a fee and then turned on me when I sent her packing.

DOUCHE did not mention the FOUR phone calls made by the strange woman to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office where she LIED about me and drove the poor dispatcher crazy with her oddball calls. This SAME woman then bitched to high heaven when the OFFICIAL LAKE COUNTY RECORDINGS OF THE CALLS were placed on youtube and elsewhere. Seems rather one sided that her content can be left OFF the internet and the lies about me are allowed to REMAIN. Proves that she is ashamed of her self for her conduct.

DOUCHE leaves out the phone call to my BROTHER that was also played over the internet in violation of NC law.

DOUCHE again sidesteps the XTRANORMAL videos, the PORN on the blogger site, the CHILD PORN link on LP’s website,  and so on.

DOUCHE AND THE DINGBATS complain about me yet ignore THEIR actions. Once again they are beating a dead horse over a non issue. The PM’s at their worst if even genuine, which they are NOT are nothing more than bad taste, NOBODY in the alleged conversations can be prosecuted for their content. Not Renzo, Not Monoxide and certainly not ME.

Princess and her fellow dingbats have FAILED in their so called true crime blogs so they resort to stalking me and those they have issues with. They even resort to spamming local media chat sites with THEIR drama.

I make yet again the same challenge. TAKE THE MATERIAL ABOUT ME OFF THE INTERNET and see how fast this all comes to a stop.

They will NOT take this challenge. They are cowards who stalk because they do not have a real life and crave the drama. The latest comments from DOUCHE prove my point yet again.



 A couple of hours ago I got yet another call from Renzolovescake. He is the purported owner/creator of and one of the major players in the hacking and other pranks played against me over the past three years.

In his usual rather unique style, he offered his apology for all he has done over the past several years. in the process he named names and stated what it is he accuses them of doing.

Now it is he making these direct accusations and not me. So if any of the biddies read this blog and do not like what is said here, talk to him. Some of you even have his number, so he says.

Reno says that the whole thing was the idea of Angelinfl along with Princessbh of MichelleLMckee was also named as coming forward with her so called information which is what got Princess started in the first place.

Renzo claims that Princess is a current and past member of 4chan as well as other hacking websites. He claims she has a long history of hacking and stalking those she does not like.

Renzo claims it is NOT UKMOD that got into my websites and caused the problems but was given the information by BOTH NANANC and MOMMIESDOLLIES who turned over my account information for Paltalk as well as my chatroom password. This is how the fake pm’s were created.

He admitted several times during the call that the PM’s were FAKE, and totally made up.

Renzo has accused someone called Blue KY or something like that of pretending to be my niece and calling the Lake County Sheriff’s department and saying that I had threatened violence and was going to commit suicide.

Renzo accused Monoxidemmac of being the person who sent me a death threat by AOL messenger and who impersonated the former brother in law of Tinker bell to threaten me and demanded I meet him face to face. The address he gave me was the trailer where Tink’s sister used to live and the crime she confessed to was supposed to happen.

Renzo also accused NANANC and TINK of being the ones who called my brother. He claimed to help them with the call.

Renzo made quite a number of accusations against Michelle L McKee and stated the reason she came after me. It had nothing to do with my involvement with the Trenton Duckett case. It was a reason similar to why she went after Pat Brown. Nothing to do with her qualifications but some other reason entirely.

Renzo had quite a lot to say about Ms. McKee. He gave me a lot of unsolicited information and promised a lot more. It seems that he and Michelle has had some kind of falling out. It is the first time he has shown any kind of anger toward anyone.

Renzo, did not offer me any concrete proof……yet. I did tell him that all of this is useless to me without absolute proof in the form of recordings, blogs, e-mails and so on.

He and Crystal (a female member of this little skype chat) said there is a “silver lining” coming soon. I am not sure what to make of that although in the past I feel that flash memory cards and other content sent to me were from him.

So that is the log of tonights call for everyone’s digestion. Believe or do not believe, it is your choice.

Do know this. I know the truth and so do the others both mentioned here and not (there were others mentioned but I will deal with that information in a different way) mentioned here. They will know that I now know who they are and what they did. If recordings of calls are sent, they will be put on the internet. IF I get posts, they will get published. If I get the truth, everyone will see it.

Stay Tuned



An explosion is the rapid dissipation of energy. One cause is volatility. Around this time in April of 2005 while having my usual weekend dinner at the Golden Corral in Leesburg, Florida, almost within sight of the apartment where a 911 telephone call would originate that would change the lives of many people forever.

A young couple, Melinda and Josh Duckett were in the midst of a series of squabbles centering around their son Trenton Duckett.

In early April of 2005 accusations were made to the Florida Department of Families that Melinda threatened to harm Trenton who had been used as a pawn in the relationship.

Also unknown to me at that time was that a series of events had come to a temporary end that would, in the years to come, have a direct influence on the case of Trenton Duckett in ways that nobody could ever imagine. In the second part of this article I will explain how unrelated events originating in the state of California would intersect with the events surrounding the case of Trenton Duckett missing and how these events may have prevented finding the answer as to what happened to this child.

Stay Tuned


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