Liar McKee is at it yet again. She just cannot stop showing the internet what a fool she is. First, she stalks me by retweeting to someone the same lies her and her fellow fruitcases MADE UP about me, including those UNVARIFIED tweets that she keeps bragging about yet “feels that she does not need to investigate.”

Her first tweet clearly shows she has absolutely NO CLUE how twitter works:

What the internet MORON OF THE YEAR does not seem to understand is that her tweets are PUBLIC. ANYONE CAN READ THEM. HER ACCOUNT IS NOT PROTECTED. Another thing THE MORON OF THE YEAR does not seem to understand is that she STARTED THE PROCESS by tweeting to someone I AM FOLLOWING AND WHO IS ALSO FOLLOWING ME. There are a couple of points to be made here:

First: Since the person she sent the material to is FOLLOWING ME and VISA VERSA, then I WILL GET A COPY OF HER POSTINGS. THAT IS HOW TWITTER WORKS.

Second: It apparently did not dawn on this MORON that perhaps the person SHE tweeted to ABOUT ME might CONTACT ME to find out what the heck she is talking about. This is how I met Pat Brown and others that she was STALKING. I am contacted from time to time by those she is STALKING WITH HER FOOLISHNESS!!

Next she comes up with this:

She always posts this claim whenever confronted with her lies. If she is suffering from this problem (as her son claims) then she has no business getting involved with people she does not know ranting about things she cannot prove. This is also a clear indication that she is not in her right mind and therefore anything she claims has to be measured against her mental disability. Her LIE that I put her in the hospital shows what a pity party this woman is building up for herself. I live almost 4000 miles from this moron and never heard of her until she started smearing me on her nutcase blog. Again, I have said not word about this moron until I found out about her latest LIES.

Here she goes again making violent threats against me and lying about me yet again. She willfully lies about me without a tiny bit of proof. She leaves out the fact that she is the laughing stock of not only her LOCAL law enforcement but of the Orange County, Lake County AND The Leesburg City Police Departments that have repeatedly told her that I am guilty of NOTHING and to quit PESTERING THEM.

So here we go with her INSERTING HERSELF INTO THE CASE as she did with the “capitol hill murders” where she was outed by the local media for her antics in that fiasco. She now wants to burden Poor Chief Judge Perry with her nonsense costing TAXPAYER dollars when I turn over any denial to the appropriate offices to APPEAL any denial of my credentials based on the PERJURY of Michelle Lynn McKee.

It is too bad that Michelle LOST her bid to be an intern for the craziest fool in the entertainment industry. They have a lot in common.



To those who have constantly accused me of stirring up the drama to gain attention, I now point out the rants of the most proficient liar on the internet. I have said nothing FOR WEEKS about this nutcase that has stalked me since 2006 as well as profiler Pat Brown, Dianne Fanning and just about anyone else she has a problem with.

I recently made a brief blog about a problem we are having in Florida regarding the number of law enforcement officials that are getting into trouble of one sort or another and are winding up being arrested. Rather than RESEARCH the basis for my blog, this nitwit who pretends to be some kind of former white collar analyst, decides to pester the poor individual on twitter who had the audacity to retweet my blog.

Well, LIAR LYNN MCKEE might want to send a scathing letter to for this story:

Or perhaps to this news outlet:

also my “favorite” news outlet:

don’t forget our local “cop hating” Brighthouse cable channel:,-robbery

Liar Lynn McKee demonstrates her STALKING of me by tweeting to the above twitter account the same old MISINFORMATION regarding the HOAX material that a supporter of a PEDOPHILE sent to a PRIVATE DETECTIVE in Orlando who was, at the time, working for the ACQUITTAL of Casey Anthony who is charged with the MURDER of her young daughter because she was tired of raising her and wanted to party.

LIAR McKee also tweets this gem:

I never said that I was INSIDE the forensics garage. The battery in Ms. McKee’s hearing aid must have been dead when she listened to this purported audio.

Now we move on to her next rant:

What LIAR McKee FAILS to inform this twitter is that the material in the discovery has been proven to be a HOAX. In addition the material IS NOT GOING TO BE USED IN THE CASE DUE TO IT BEING A: HEARSAY AND B: ILLEGALLY OBTAINED.

LIAR McKee also FAILS to point out that Dominic the dunce Casey, the nitwit PRIVATE detective that turned this nonsense over to the state atty NEVER INVESTIGATED THE SOURCE OF THIS INFORMATION NOR ATTEMPTED TO VERIFY THE AUTHENTICITY OF THIS MATERIAL.

LIAR McKee also FAILED to point out that her BFF, another nutcase blogger has claimed the person responsible for disclosing this material was someone who is under investigation by the State of Kentucky for the possession and distribution of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. LIAR McKee fails to point out that the same individual posted a link to CHILD PORNOGRAPHY on a chat site dealing with the MURDERED Caylee Anthony.

Now, this one takes the cake. LIAR McKEE even had the GALL to call the Leesburg Florida City Police department and make this outrageous claim. The HEAD of the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DIVISION of the LCPD set her straight by stating that “he is not nor ever has been under investigation for anything having to do with the disappearence of Trenton Duckett.” The detective stated to me when I went to see him PERSONALLY about LIAR McKEE that as far as he was concerned “she has no creditability.”

LIAR McKee has also never pointed out the fact that I WAS NEVER QUESTIONED by ANY law enforcement agency regarding the case of Trenton Duckett and the other cases she has made outrageous claims regarding me. Someone purporting to be one of her sons has even written me apologizing for her conduct and declaring that there is nothing he can do to control the outrageous behavior of his mother.

Now just who is it that this woman SUPPORTS? Take a gander at the BFF of her’s that got her after me in the first place:

Diana Napolis

Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Love Hewitt

Stalked by: Diana Napolis

What did she do? – Napolis threatened to violently confront Spielberg at a movie premiere and stalked Hewitt at various events yelling at her and calling the actress a murderer.

Why? -She believed Spielberg and his wife, Kate Capshaw, were part of a satanic cult who inserted “soul catchers” into people as a way to control them….she believed Hewitt was trying to kill her via mind control.

Result:She was put on probation, was ordered to take her psychiatric medications and to stay away from Spielberg and Hewitt for at least 10 years.

It turns out that an adminstrator of had a lot to do with bringing Ms. Napolis to justice. For whatever odd reason, LIAR McKee defends this woman, saying that she was not treated fairly. LIAR McKEE claims to have been “investigating” me and this administrator since around 2006, even going so far as to contacting one of the lead detectives investigating the case of missing Trenton Duckett.


If you are among the “computer chip in the head” set and believe in such things as helicopter eating alien locusts, you will love LIAR McKee’s BFF Diana Napolis. I have always been curious how LIAR McKEE came to know this fruitcake and why she has come to her defense?

There you have it. If You have bothered to read this long blog, you will understand this ONE example of the nut cases that are out there smearing those of us on the internet who dare write about cops gone bad. Apparently LIAR McKee does not seem to be bothered by a sworn officer of the law that decides to take a deadly weapon out and threaten a citizen when he is OFF DUTY and ROBBING that person. The POLICE DEPARTMENT who ARRESTED him did not seem to like what he did. THE OCSO, his EMPLOYER!

Stay Tuned



The group Anonymous and are at it again, this time mocking missing Holly Bobo by setting up at least two smear sites where they mock this missing young lady and adding to the pain of the family who are still wondering her fate. Study hard the photo section of the following link. I think some will find the techniques used in the altered photos quite similar to those we have seen elsewhere.

This second link is interesting, not so much for the video which is interesting in itself but in the site where this video is posted. Pay close attention to the comments section. The language the posters use, the attitude of the posters and some of the sites referenced give an insight into these people and those who have been trolling the missing children sites all over the internet. Compare some of these posts to such chat sites as on WESH, WFTV and so forth. You might note some similarities.

It seems that the proof is becoming more evident that the so called “trolls” are and have been invading all sorts of websites discussing missing and exploited children and missing young adults for the sole purpose of their “lulz.” and do not care what damage they do in the process.

The haters and stalkers join in on the fun not knowing who it is ( or perhaps do not care) they have allied themselves with to achieve their own agenda.

As I have said before “beware the law of unintended consequences” as the haters and stalkers out there have seemed NOT to have done. The truth is starting to come out as to who is doing what on the internet.

Stay Tuned



The following update sent to me from the Orange County Florida County Jail is the latest in an alarming trend that is being seen in Florida, the growing number of “bad cops.” This deputy was arrested for ARMED ROBBERY.

Media UPDATE: Reference arrest of Law Enforcement Officer MALOFSKY, LOUIS
Here is the information on the arrest of Sheriff’s Deputy Louis Malofsky and  the arrest affidavit many of you have requested.
Malofsky is  held on NO BOND on the  “Robbery With A Firearm ”  charge therefore, he cannot bond out tonight. 
He has an initial appearance set for the first Initial Appearance court session  which will start sometime after 9 a.m.on Thursday morning. 
By law his address information has been deleted from the web site and the arrest affidavit. He requested his booking photo not be released  under the exemption to the public records law established by Fraternal Order of Police Consolidated Lodge 5-20 v. Morris Communications Corporation, d/b/a the Florida Times Union, (Fla. 4th Cir. Ct. December 21, 2001)
 Malofsky is saying no to all media requests for interviews. The  next time a request can be carried to him under  jail policy will be on April 28th;   if he is still in custody

In recent months we have seen police chiefs arrested, Orlando city policemen arrested and fired as well as law enforcement officers of all ranks in trouble of one sort or another all over the State of Florida with a lot of them coming from the central part of the state.

One has to wonder what the cause is for this trend. It is certainly not pay. Most law enforcement employees are well paid. The answer to all of this will have to come from the experts. We will stay tuned for the answer…and worry.

Stay Tuned



Someone sent me a rather interesting tagline from Paltalk “CHASE YOUR DREAMS AND ENJOY THE TRIP.” which is a tag line I agree with. What I find curious is who it was who placed this tagline after her username.

You see, I WAS chasing my dream. The dream of having a national internet stream dedicated to bringing the issue of missing and exploited children to the forefront using a unique format based on the latest technology available.

I WAS chasing my dream of using this unique method to come to the assistance of those who are actively searching for missing children by allowing on line viewers to participate when called upon by organizations like Texas Equusearch to send food or come volunteer on searches they are conducting.

I WAS chasing my dream of attempting to provide a multimedia stream and website for my viewers as well as bring information to those who do not have the ability to get cable coverage as well as local coverage of certain cases and events they are interested in.

I WAS chasing these dreams until this admitted “STALKER, HYPOCRITE, AND LIAR” and her fellow “biddies” put ROADBLOCKS in the way of my chasing my dreams and those of others.

So my tagline to her and her fellow stalkers is this “IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO CHASE THEIR DREAMS, STAY OUT OF THE WAY.”



On April, 15, 2011 while testing out my stream at the courthouse, I was invited by a staffer from the a/v department to have a sneak preview of the courthouse where the trial of The State of Florida vs Casey Marie Anthony will take place.

The trial will take place in Courtroom 23A located just above the curved balcony shown in the photo of the courthouse.

There are several ways that the public and participants will enter the courtroom. The press and general public as well as defense and prosecuting attorneys will enter the courtroom through the two large doors in the rear of the courtroom.

There are also two entrances on the balcony level that are located on the right and left walls at the front. The balcony is reached either by a stairway or elevator.

The first thing that a visitor will notice when entering the courtroom is that it is quite large. In fact it is the largest courtroom in the courthouse. For that reason the court administrators are installing state of the art multimedia equipment to allow the viewers as well as the jury to have close up views of the entire proceedings. There are two cameras. One is located on the rear interior wall that would be over the head of anyone entering the courtroom.


This camera will have the capability of panning the entire courtroom looking toward the front and sides from that perspective.


A second camera, dubbed by staffers and media sources as the “Casey cam” is located near the jury box and will be the camera that will be used to show images of Casey and the rest of the courtroom from close to the front of the courtroom. The camera is positioned at this location to prevent showing the jury panel which is prohibited by law.


When Casey is brought into the courtroom, it will be through a door located at the rear of the courtroom just inside the rear wall.

Generally, the viewing areas of a courtroom are divided into sections. The section to the left as viewed from the judge’s podium is located behind the prosecution’s desk.

A similar section is to the right that would be behind the defense council’s desk.

The jury sits to the left of the defendant who is seated closest to the jury at the desk with the defense council.





Both the prosecution and defense council will have monitors that will feed the text from the court reporter.

The jury will also have monitors that will allow them to see close ups of any evidence that is  presented to the court from either side. This evidence will likely include multimedia content such as the jailhouse phone calls and media tapes submitted into evidence.


The judge, of course, has the best seat in the house. He also has full control of everything that goes on.

Judge Perry has at his podium a touch screen monitor that allows him full control over all of the multimedia equipment that feeds into the courtroom as well as to the media room and out to the media outlets.

As of this writing, the remodeling is far from complete. The defense has asked for a re arrangement of the desks to prevent accidental viewing of notes and so forth by the court and newspaper cameras. There are also other features that have not been installed as of yet.

Additional photos below.

Stay tuned








Florida’s trial of the century hit another milestone with the latest motions filed by the prosecution and defense. These motions, which will be the subject of the hearing this Friday deals with Casey’s state of mind. The defense wants to show that Casey was suffering from PTSD and other related disorders in an effort to mitigate the severity of the crime she is charged with.

The state said ” wait just a darn minute” and filed a motion that asks the judge not to allow the defense have their experts testify on that subject since no clinical diagnosis was made regarding anything even close to PTSD. From here it gets a little convoluted. The defense does not want the state to testify as to her mental state of mind but wants the right to do so themselves. If I read the law correctly, if the defense were to NOT ask for the experts for the defense to testify, the state could not put their own experts on the stand as this would be hearsay.

If however, the defense is allowed to have their experts testify, then the state would want to have their own experts testify as to her mental condition at the time that she was alleged to have murdered Caylee.

Another aspect of this situation that has the talking heads chomping at the bit is the possibility that the defense would choose this issue to put Casey on the stand, making the whole thing relevant. In this case the state would certainly want their own experts to testify in order to rebut the defense.

I wonder if this version of “Casey at the bat” would have the same outcome as the old baseball story. Anything is possible, so stay tuned for the next episode of this mini-series.

Now we come to the subject of the Mock Jury.

Using a format that has been done before in the coverage of high profile trials, OJ Being a prime example, the producers of CBS’s 48 Hours Mystery, will air a segment about the Casey Anthony case that delves into the evidence that will be used in the trial. The early “sneak previews” of the show seem to indicate that there were a large number in the mock trial that believed that Casey may not be guilty. This is what is known as a “teaser” in the industry. A taste of what is to come that is put out there to induce the audience to tune in and hype the ratings.

At 10pm edt April 16, 2011 a lot of us will be sucked in by the teaser to see if  reality lives up to the hype.

A final footnote: “And the beat goes on” A local Orlando station put out as a teaser “Member of Casey Anthony team calls her a LIAR.” More at 11.



Stay Tuned



The month of April has turned out to be an interesting one. The daily phone calls from my persistent stalker reminded me that we are all mortal and that our time of existence here is limited. Fate determines our length of stay on this little blue marble. My son was born on April 2nd 1975 and passed away in 2000, oddly he was buried on the same day, 6 years later that Trenton Duckett was to disappear not to be seen or heard of again.
The caller always reminds me of this connection, always certain to call on my son’s birthday, My wife’s birthday and, of course, on the day that each of them passed away. I find it strange that this caller has lasted this long. I have either been adopted by this stalker or he is determined that I end my existence on this miserable little planet.

Unfortunately, I do not have the courage to oblige this caller or I certainly would. That unfortunately, is the way things go. I plod on day after day, waiting for the lease to run out and I am evicted from this hell of an  existence.

As things would have it, after what I have to say was yet another pornographic call from this stalker, I happened upon an e- mail from a dear friend. This dear and sweet friend is learning about mortality in her own right. It makes what I am going through minor by comparison.

I am praying for her and her loved ones in this sad and stressful time as well as the times that are yet to come. At least in my brief existence here, I am joined by the few close friends that I have made in the journey over the past three years.

Another exercise in the study of mortality begins on May 9th of this year. The fate of the mother who is accused of cutting short the existence of her young daughter will be determined by the State and a jury of her peers.

So as they say “life goes on.” So,  until tomorrow and until the next call,

Stay Tuned




Talk about good timing. Right after my article about the coming circus in May, I get sent a link to one of those on line point of sale sites hawking over priced t-shirts.

The person who goes by Patrishka has started the ball rolling using what may be copyrighted photos of Casey that appear in the discovery documents.

It is coincidental that these vary photographs may be part of the hearings on Friday. The defense wants them removed as evidence in the main trial.
Another individual in on the money grab is NetDetective. I have seen this person on the various chats and forums that discuss the case.

I would expect to see more get in on this little bandwagon as the trial gets closer.

What I am waiting on is to see who does and DOES NOT protest the making money off a dead child that has reached a new level.

Now before the excuses start that it is CASEY on the t-shirts and NOT Caylee, do bear in mind that if Caylee had NOT BEEN MURDERED there would be no Casey T-shirts.

Food for thought.

Let the debate begin



The circus is quite literally coming to town.  The city, known for Walt Disney World, Sea World, and other “worlds” is about to be known as Court World, as the streets of downtown Orlando turns into another tourist attraction of sorts complete with, food vendors, souvenir  shops, protesters and even actors.

Right along with the 500 plus representatives of the media seeking press credentials will be the 600 or so vendors who have also applied for permits. There will be everything from t shirts, dvd’s, bumper stickers, posters, hats, flags as well as food items from  hot dogs, to Gator meat and perhaps even a beer or glass of wine. You never know in this town.
Lest we forget the protesters. There will be plenty of protesters there to gain the attention of the vast press pool that will be all over the courthouse property covering a spectacle the City of Orlando will not soon forget.

No doubt there will be money to be made here. I wonder if we will see a certain blogger come out of the woodwork to protest the “making money off a dead child” as she has so adamantly done so in the past. Perhaps the “cruise connection”lady will be there to “add her two cents worth” and gather material for her cruise ship lectures she expects to conduct and reap the rewards she expects to gain. At the vary least her cruises will be free.

The Roger A Baker Courtroom Orlando, Florida

Even the courtroom where the trial of Casey Anthony will be held takes on a theatrical feel. This massive courtroom, on the top floor of the 23 story Orange County Courthouse looks like a large opera house or even a Broadway playhouse ready to stage the “Anthony Family Follies.” This two story courthouse will likely not be big enough to house the members of the press who have applied for access to the courtroom as well as the public who wish to attend.

The court administrators are currently working on a ticket program to control public access to the viewing area within the courtroom. They have yet to announce the specifics of the program and have not indicated if there will be a daily lottery of the tickets or if one would be a “season ticket holder” once in possession of this valuable item.

I almost expect to see a story on the news where someone tries to either sell their tickets or otherwise “rent them out” depending on what system the administrators come up with. Who knows, they might even hold a raffle, giving out those numbered “door prize” tickets that have been used at various events.

Whatever atmosphere is present on that fateful day when The trial starts and this circus comes to town, what will be forgotten is the reason everyone will be here to begin with:

The intended purpose of this trial is to seek justice for little Caylee Marie Anthony who had her life ended way too soon. A life that was ended, according to the state, by her own mother.

Starting in May, it is hoped that there will be finally justice for Caylee.

Unfortunately it looks like May is also going to be the gateway for fame and fortune for those who join the circus.


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