The first day of the second week in the trial of Casey Anthony had all of us witnessing a stunning beginning when Cindy Anthony Took the stand to undergo questioning by the prosecution. Up to today everyone thought of Cindy as a strong willed, “iron lady” known for her aggressive confrontations with those she had an issue with. She was strong willed, determined and was unstoppable in her mission to first find her lost granddaughter Caylee Marie as well as come to the defense of her daughter Casey Marie, who the State of Florida accuses of being Caylee’s murder.

What we witnessed, instead, was the emotional melt down of a broken hearted grandmother who had to endure reliving those painful moments when she desperately tried to find someone to help find the answer as to what happened to Caylee. Time seemed to stand still as we watched Cindy bury her face in her hands and then disappear slowly behind the podium until all anyone saw was a wisp of her blonde hair above the edge all the while listening to her panic stricken voice of three years ago as she talked to the OCSO 911 operator.

This was an episode that was enough to bring this 60 year old truck driver to tears. A million minds were also changed by the events today. Cindy, up to this point had angered many with her stubbern determination to defend her daughter and not come to the realization that Cayee was dead. Now all of us have seen Cindy as a loving grandmother trying to come to terms with the events that brought her to collapse in heartbreak on national television.

Whatever happens from this day forward, that image of Cindy will be burned into all of our memories along with the stone faced Casey as we watched the split screen of her and her mother during that part of the trial. It is almost a certainty the impression all of this has left on the jury.

Little Caylee Anthony is not the only victim of Casey’s actions. Cindy, and the rest of her family and many others are victims as well.

I would hope those out there would think of Cindy and those who pray, reserve one for her.


Stay Tuned




During the trial this last Saturday, we saw a disconnect. We saw a parting of the ways. Cindy has had it sink in that Casey took her granddaughter away from her. The first indication of this disconnect was when Cindy started talking about Caylee. She started to break down when identifying Caylee’s bed and then the last photo of her, while in Mount Dora visiting her great grandfather.

Another indication of the disconnect came when Cindy left the stand during the break. Casey showed sadness, anger and a whole scope of emotions during the now famous breakdown as her mother left. She could not understand why her mother was not helping her. Why did her mother turn against her and betray her?

Finally, the biggest indication that the disconnect happened. Not once did Cindy look at Casey. All during the trial Casey was completely ignored by Cindy. Has Cindy had it? Is Cindy angry that Casey has refused to see her and feels scorned?

Or has Cindy, finally, come to the realization that Casey, killed Caylee, deliberately, with premeditation, and by herself?

Cindy now understands that she will never hold her granddaughter in her arms again.

Another answer we will have tomorrow is will we see Lee? A motion was filed to allow Lee to attend the trial with the same exemption that was granted to his parents. Lee is also a next of kin as well as a material witness for the prosecution. The trial will start at 8:30 rather than 9:00 in order for Judge Perry to hear the motion.

Week two looks like it is going to start with a bang.

Stay Tuned



My latest stalker did find out THAT I DID CALL THE LAKE COUNTY SHERIFF and that A DEPUTY DID RESPOND. As a result of that call LCSO did INCREASE their patrols and put the report in the jacket with my other complaints.

I am going to call the deputy and inform her that THE PERSON WHO CALLED HER HAD FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE THREAT, so that she can add her name and address to my information report.

Nice for you ADMIT that I TOLD THE TRUTH.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with the Deputy ( ALL officers of LCSO are DEPUTYS, including detectives.

I informed her that the woman who called her was ONE of the parties, @simplynotdevine, in the tweet that I had her look at on my lap top. I also requested a copy of the report, which I will pick either Wed or Thu.

Now @simplynotdevine, you might want to quit stalking people, mind your own business and find something usefulĀ  to do with your life.



Well, she is at it again with her stalking, her lying and her spamming of my followers and those I am following. This is not her first time and will not be the last for this obviously washed up writer who has nothing to do but stalk a 60 year old truck driver she has never met and lives almost 3200 miles from her.

I do not know this woman. I do NOT want to know this woman. I have never heard of this woman until she BARGED into my life in 2008 and admitted on an impersonator Facebook page to have been “INVESTIGATING” me since 2006. This is 2011, which means this woman has been STALKING ME FOR FIVE YEARS!

Exactly like Casey Anthony did with her father, MLM is accusing me of being a pedophile and ADMITTING TO THE MURDER OF A CHILD! Even though the Leesburg Florida City Police Department has told her ON SEVERAL OCCASAIONS, that I am NOT a person of interest in the case and am NOT under investigation, she insists on pestering them again and again with her crank phone calls.

This woman is also causing pain and anguish to the family of the father of the missing child by making outrageous claims about the family spokeswoman and personal friend of the paternal grandmother.

Now the question is asked “how is she making these threats?” Simple really, she is using Twitter.

Her usual pattern is to post a string of tweets always making sure to put my @name in the message so they will be picked up by anyone following me or visa versa. She knows full well that someone will write to find out what the hell is going on. Her obvious goals is to get people to quit following me. UNLIKE HER, I am not looking for followers.

If people want to follow me, fine. If they do not want to follow me, fine. It is called FREEDOM OF CHOICE. What these people do have the RIGHT to is to NOT be bothered with spam or someone demeaning them for following me. That is about as UNETHICAL as it gets. I have NEVER done that to her and I do NOT intend to start, no matter what.

She also LIES about my viewing her tweets implying that I must be reading them in spite of me BLOCKING her. This is actually a LIE on her part. This shot is of my blogtv.com broadcast page with my Twitter chat turned on. Note that HER name is right there posting into my twitter account IN SPITE of being blocked. I DO NOT follow her and she IS blocked. So how does she manage this?

SHE GETS AROUND MY BLOCK by subscribing to Blogtv.com and then rss feeding my Tweets to her so SHE CAN BYPASS MY BLOCK. She is SEEKING OUT MY STREAM(STALKING) TO KEEP TRACK OF ME.

In this example, you will note that the BLOCKED icon is on. This is because this is her profile information as it appears on twitter. This means that she should not be able to read my account ON TWITTER. She does NOT have me blocked. by the way.(at least as of this writing).

Since she claims to be an expert on social media, she is quite able to BYPASS BLOCKS AND BANS on the internet to STALK people.

In this example, the INNOCENT victim who had the bad luck to follow me is SPAMMED AND SMEARED by MLM because she is following me. This is very unprofessional and highly UNETHICAL. She is accused to have done the same thing to the owner of a blog she used to edit and went so far as to tell him to “bite me” due to some disagreement she had with him.

In this example, for what has to be at least the dozenth time over the last 5 years she claims that I have either driven her into an asylum or to almost commit suicide. Yeah right. She offers no proof of these accusations or even have made the attempt. The local sheriff certainly knows nothing of this. What they DO know about this woman is quite interesting indeed.

My problem is there does not seem to be anything I can do about this fruitcake. I am also not her only victim. She has gone after a world famous criminal profiler and a number of successful true crime authors and nobody seems to be able to stop her.

I am wondering what kind of extreme behavior by this person will finally wake up someone with the authority to quell her outrageous behavior before she does someone or herself great harm.

Stay Tuned



The rather interesting comment exchange that has been going on in regards to the other article points out something the person either does not understand or DOES NOT WANT to understand.

The fact of the matter is that these tweets contain an accusation that there was a PLAN that would have resulted in the DEATH of one or more individuals. If ANYONE knew of such a plan, it is their LEGAL obligation to report it along with any doucmentation. That is what I have done. These tweets imply a threat, and I reported it. The rest is up to The Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Department.


Stay Tuned





I am not sure what to make of these twitter posts. If one were to take them seriously, this looks like something that needs to be brought to the attention of law enforcement. The woman who wrote these tweets, Michelle Lynn McKee of Gig Harbor Washington makes some SERIOUS charges against a Ohio resident that at one time was both an enemy then an ally and then an enemy YET AGAIN!

Rather than advise me of this obvious threat, she, instead makes the threats and smears as will be seen in a forthcoming article I put on hold when I was made aware of these posts.

This is no longer a minor blog war. The stakes have been raised and raised high.

Stay Tuned



I just knew that sooner or later, that the washed up “former editor” of a crime blog would have to interject herself back into my life again as she has done since 2006. This morning I started up my stream to find that this nut had put up at least a dozen tweets in a pityfest blaming me for her troubles, yet again. This woman yet again has made the FALSE claim that I have declared that I MURDERED Trenton Duckett, this interjecting herself YET AGAIN in an OPEN missing child case.

On top of all of this, this stalker is attacking the close friend of THE MISSING BOY’S family. She has no bounds or morality when it comes to trying to salvage what is an obviously dead career. She even got involved in the Charlie Sheen intern fiasco which turned out to be a big DUD.

Now, I went and heeded the advice of some INCLUDING SOMEONE WHO CLAIMED TO BE HER SON, to not talk about her and that she would shut up and move on. Well, that did not work. I had not said one thing about this self declared recluse for ages. Not one single thing.

According to her tweets, she is going to yet again pester the Leesburg City Police department in relation to this missing child case. If she keeps this up she might find herself getting some unwanted attention since the Leesburg City Police Department is getting fed up at the nutcase bloggers who are screwing around with this OPEN investigation.

I think we have found the Pacific coast version of Casey Anthony, the only difference is that she has not killed anyone (that we know of)…..yet.

Oh well, I guess the fishing is bad in Gig Harbor.

Stay tuned


This mornings trial session will start with a prosecution motion to deal with an ongoing problem caused by the defense team. The problem? During questioning of witnesses, the witness will give an answer that is considered hearsay which means that that it something “someone said or heard” rather than the witness actually seeing or hearing an incident.

The prosecution now wants the witnesses to be questioned outside the presence of the jury so that the rulings can be done in advance in order to prevent the jurors hearing evidence they should not hear.

In a way we are the honored masses as we will hear things the jury will not. This will give is insight as to how a trial will go based on information only the jury will be allowed to hear compared to what the public at large hears.

Stay tuned.



One of the disadvantages of being involved in a high profile trial is the aggressive actions of the media reporters who are trying to get sound bytes for the next news segment. Today, the reporter became part of the story as a little bit of a shoving match broke out between a channel 9 reporter and the defense team as they were attempting to get back into court.

The first mishap had Jose Baez bounce off a light pole and then veer into the path of a tv cameraman causing him to dump his files into the road and utter the f-bomb at the unlucky cameraman.

The second mishap was the reporter being elbowed by an unidentified man blocking his access to Jose and Chaney Mason as they walked up the sidewalk near Champ’s restaurant and the public defenders wing.

As the shoving match continued, Chaney declared that the reporter faced a charge of battery on a senior citizen to which the reporter retorted back to him. The crush of cameras and reporters with mikes continued until the defense team was able to reach the shelter of the staff entrance of the courthouse.

It appears that there is a growing hostility toward the press by the defense team which may not be a good thing for them to do at this point considering how bad the trial is going for them.

Stay tuned



There was what might have been a hint of things to come today with a seemingly minor event that occurred in today’s session. It was the reading of a note from the jury by Judge Perry that seemed to signal an early bond of the jurors as a close knit group that is likely to work well with each other throughout the trial.

The seemingly mundane note expressed the willingness of the jury to work on memorial day, which is a scheduled day off for the court. This note tells us this one thing. The jury has already formed into a close knit cooperative group. It is a sign that when the time comes to deliberate, this jury will do so with a minimum of fanfare and dissent.

The second thing and possibly a hint as to the outcome is how the jury is reacting to the testimony so far. If one listens to all of the talking heads, it would seem we have a jury that is going to bring a guilty plea of something. Of what exactly is not clear yet, although it would likely be a murder charge based on how negatively the talking heads seem to feel the jury is reacting to the stories being told by the witness thus far.

The continued overruling of Jose Baez’s objections and Judge Perry’s repeated admonitions to Baez cannot be sitting well with the jury. I also do not feel that his graphic accusations of George being a pedophile did not sit well with the jury either.

Time will tell if the tea leaves are correct or not.

Stay Tuned


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