The biggest flop so far in the Casey Anthony trial has been the hype over the impending invasion of Protestors at the Orange County Courthouse. The administrators even went so far as to create two taped off “freedom of speech” areas for the protesters to congregate. The problem so far? No protesters. The news media covering the trial seemed disappointed as they reported that, so far, not one single protester has shown up. In fact, not many venders have shown up either. If anyone wanted a t shirt, they were out of luck.

As for food venders? Just one guy selling smoothies out of a plastic cooler.

Oh well, today is another day.

Stay tuned



Day one of The Trial of Casey Anthony saw both sides formulate how they are going to present their view of the how and why of Caylee’s death. The prosecution laid claim that Casey Killed Caylee buy sedating her with Chloroform and then wrapping her nose and mouth with duct tape causing her to suffocate to death.

When it was the defenses turn, Atty Baez took 8 minutes to get to his theory that Caylee drowned in the family pool and it was the Grandmother’s fault. The highlight of the day, however came when Jose Baez came right out and accused George of being a pedophile. This is the opening salvo in the defense strategy to place any blame for Casey’s actions at the feet of the dysfunctional Anthony family.

Cindy was not spared as she was blamed for being so careless as to leave the ladder down so that Caylee in true Hodini fashion allegidly escaping through a carelessly unlocked sliding door and climbing up the pool ladder.

Atty NeJame, Who represented the Anthony’s and now a legal consultant for WKMG tv chided Baez for his lack of experience and asking questions of a witness without knowing how he would answer, further stating that this was an amateurish mistake of what he feels is an inexperienced attorney.

So, day one got off to a productive start. Both the defense and prosecution got their opening arguments out of the way and the first witness, George Anthony testified for the prosecution.

On day 2 we are likely to hear from Cindy Anthony, perhaps Lee Anthony and any number of other witness as the story of What happened to Caylee that fateful day in June unfolds.

Stay Tuned



The recent exchange of comments between me and the individual using this moniker is an example of how frustrating it is to try and truthfully explain a false charge against me.

The topic started out to be a false claim by someone over a copyright issue on another service. I offered proof that the claim was false and had ended the discussion.

This Miss Priss would have none of it and decided to post a rash of OFF TOPIC questions that had not one thing to do with the original topic. This is a trick that has been used frequently in the past and is a diversion used by those that know that I am in the right on a given topic and hastily change the subject to try and salvage themselves from defeat.

This is a tactic I will no longer tolerate. If you cannot be honest in your responses to the content on this blog, your comment will not be allowed and I will not engage you in conversation.

The solution for those of you who do not like what I say or write on my sites is quite simple. Go away and quit coming here. The “watching a train wreck” excuse is both a cop out and a LIE. You are here to stir up drama. You are here to punk and troll the site.

You have no  talent or ability to create. All you know how to do is to destroy. You have succeeded so now go and destroy someone else.

Stay Tuned



In the months and weeks before the trial Of Casey Marie Anthony that begins tomorrow morning, just about everyone, including this blogger predicted that this would be a long drawn out affair that could go at least two months and perhaps longer.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry seems to have shortened the timeline a bit during the jury selection process by assuring those who had plans near the end of June, that the trial would be over by then. That brought the timeline down to six weeks at most.

Then rumors started to filter out of the Orange County Courthouse that the guidelines agreed to by the Defense and prosecution have the length of this trial perhaps being more of a short haul or at least not the massive marathon we have all been led to believe that it would be.

It had been expected that the opening arguments by each side would be a prolonged affair lasting at least one full day per side as the many details of why Casey is either guilty or not guilty of the charges levied against her.

It is being reported that each side has agreed of opening arguments that would last roughly 90 minutes to 2 hours for each side. This would streamline the trial by at least one day and points to this being a fast track trial rather than the long one that we had been promised and led to believe.

It may have sunk in to the heads of the attorneys on both sides that if they draw out this trial too long the jurors will get both bored and agitated and any unnecessary gobbledegook they delve into will turn the jury off.

This could cause the jury to turn against whichever side “pisses them off” and then vote, subconsciously, against them. They may also have felt that if they present themselves as overly adversarial toward each other during the course of the trial, this may also have a negative effect on the jury and have the same skewed result as above.

We should know almost immediately after the trial starts tomorrow morning, the course and speed that this trial will undergo. We will watch and we will wait.

Stay Tuned



For a short while, a little troll from over on a blog seemed to think he was an expert in media streams from public sources and claimed that I was violating TOS by streaming copyrighted material on my channel. When I provided him proof that this was not the case, he did not post my proof until AFTER I published the proof on his blog.

As further proof to both SHAWNIO and other members of blogtv, I have made a real time recording through the court feed providing proof that it is in fact the court administration feed that I am using for my stream.

Again, this is a feed available to the public as a matter of public record and is considered in the public domain free from any copyright licensing.

This should close the matter and I hope that SHAWNIO will move on to more productive persuits.

Stay Tuned



It is now less than 48 hours before what is expected to be the most important trial in Florida history. The media trucks are pouring into “Camp Casey” as the press site across the courthouse has come to be called. The Championsgate property is about full as the satellite trucks stream in and plug in for what is expected to be at least a two month stay.

Not only will there be high tech coverage from outside the courthouse, but there will be high tech IN the courthouse as well. It is expected that the Prosecution will put on one of the most state of the art multimedia presentations in the history of the Ninth Judicial Circut court.

This is shaping up to be the ultimate powerpoint presentation with movies, photos and other state of the art material beamed not only to us but right into the laps of the jury and those attending the trial. The courtroom is brimming with brand new plasma monitors in such numbers to assure that there will be no such thing as a bad seat.

The courtroom feed system to the media has also been updated with not only a feed through InSessions but also a just learned about feed availability that will allow me to bypass the media feeds entirely.

In all, this week promises to be a blockbuster start to The Casey Anthony Circus that is expected to last at least the next two months.

Stay Tuned



In a previous article I went into the risks associated with having an ip address publicly posted on a blogtv. website. I was soon rebutted by those who say there is nothing in the ip address to worry anyone knowing anything about you. Oh really?

Why then, do those who make  anonymous comments go through all sorts of logistics

to hide their ip address?

Why is it also, that certain blog and forum owners will not accept comments or registrations from people who use services such as AOL or Yahoo or Gmail?

It just seems to be that if the claims about the ip addresses are true, then it should not be necessary to go to such great lengths to hide as much log on information  from the blog or forum owner as is being done by these rather strange people who leave comments on my blog.

Since there does not seem to be any worries about who can be detected vs those who cannot, the anon posters should not have any problems using the SAME accounts they use with their ISP rather than jumping through all of these hoops, like that will be the day.

I will still publish ALL comments that meet the qualifications of this blog. If you STILL feel it necessary to hide behind AOL and so forth, knock yourselves out.

Stay Tuned



Sometimes when surfing the internet and in this case Facebook, one gets to see the potential for good there is out there for people to do some good. It is most evident in the story of Jasmine. The story of this beautiful dog is enough to melt even the most hardened heart.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Networking-To-Save-Animals-Across-The-USA/196009327103383?sk=wall

Jasmine’s story is also a story that is repeated hundreds of thousands of times all over the world. There are hundreds of thousands of good and dedicated people who turn their lives upside down day in and day out to come to the aid to the most helpless among us.

One of my long time members of my chats and blogs dedicates her life to the rescue care and adoption of Pekingese. Her motto is “I’m weak in the knees for a pekingese.”

Most animal rescuers are “weak in the knees” for either a specific breed, or animal or group of animals. I have seen huge sacrifices by these unsung heroes. They go through their lives unnoticed by few outside their network and those to whom they provide a new loving animal.

The rescuers cross the economic spectrum from the wealthy down to those who just manage to get by. No matter what hard ship they may endure, they do so for those who have suffered the most and who are the most helpless among us.

It is my intention to concentrate more on those who rescue animals once the trial of Casey Anthony has ended. If there is a way I can assist in the rescue efforts of these people, I will attempt to do so. In the mean time, if I come across a telling story such as Jasmine’s I will post it here as well as on my other sites, such as Facebook.

Stay tuned



Some interesting tweets showing up in Twitterville.

I understand there is more to come.

Stay Tuned



SHAWNIO must have something to hide since he not only did not post a couple of my comments on his website, he actually DELETED one of them. Now, of course, as the owner of the blog, he has the right to do that.

As the owner of THIS blog, I do exactly the same thing. It is WHAT he is omitting that is the interesting part. What he OMITS are several points and questions I had for him regarding his support of UNVERIFIED “information” he is posting on his blog as well as his sudden change of heart when it comes to SBD.

The main point I was trying to make to SHAWNIO is that he has not bothered to check to see if the information about me on his blog is TRUE. That would be too easy and would not make for great entertainment on his blog. He would rather post the lies and enjoy whatever entertainment he gets out of whatever reaction he may get.

What he does not understand that in most cases it is shut in women with one disability or another who, in their drugged up minds and delusional states, post what they know full well is false and misleading information.

These same women, most at least two decades older than SHAWNIO also know full well that most of the information contained within the files distributed are created by someone with a reputation of making jokes about rape, abusing women and who has been accused of putting child porn on a chat site about a missing child who later turned out to have been murdered by her mother.

SHAWNIO seems also not to care that this same individual is also depicted in photographs on a number of blogs as having an incestual relationship with his mother.

Rather than check out the source of his information, SHAWNIO blindly posts this defamatory material thus showing that he is a farce, a fake and a fraud.

He also seems to be concerned with BLOGTV admin visiting his site. He is too thickheaded to think that perhaps some of the people he has posted false information about have complained to the admins and they are collecting the material from his blog for further possible actions. He seems to forget what company owns blogger and blog tv.


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