It will be rather interesting to see what the haters and trolls do next. The trial of Casey Anthony is winding down. Today the defense rested their case with a whimper. The state’s rebuttal is likely going to take no more than one day with the closing arguments being just as short.

The jury is likely going to get the case Late Saturday evening or Sunday morning. I would expect that by Sunday at the latest we would get a verdict. If Casey is found guilty of first degree murder, the case then moves into the penalty phase and then sentencing.

The one major thing that will happen is that the coverage of the Case of Casey Anthony by the media will come to a grinding halt. By the end of the summer, a majority of the blog sites set up for Caylee and for the coverage of what happens to Casey will either go idle or will be closed down by their owners.

The question then becomes, NOW WHAT? Where do we all go now. What do we discuss? Is there another interesting missing child case out there? Who knows? It is something to think about for tomorrow well be here sooner than one might expect.


Stay Tuned




Well, the past three years have certainly been an eye opener. I have learned how two obsessed strangers will use whatever means are at their disposal to destroy a total stranger completely and totally for no reason at all other than to satisfy some imaginary quest that only they know within their delusional minds.

Now I sit here wondering what the hell I did to deserve to gain the attention of these two women? The answer is absolutely nothing. Zip, nada, zero.

For the first 56 years of my life I was like hundreds of millions out there. I lived, worked, had good times and bad, unnoticed and certainly not investigated, hounded, stalked and in the end ground into the ground by total strangers that I have never met, do not want to meet and certainly am likely not to meet.

BOTH of these women have repeately expressed their HATE for me. BOTH had repeately wished me DEAD.

Now what is it that caused these women to build up such an intense hate and wish for death of someone that they have never had personal contact with?

Their purported reasons, sadly delusional, can be traced down to one singular event. I, being a male, made the mistake of caring enough about the plight of missing children in my area that I started following the internet blogs and forums about the case. I started reading and then posting on what was then InSession, and then the Topix threads, Websleuths and then on to a multitude of other internet sites that had cropped up over the years dedicated to children who have been the victims of violent crimes committed against them, not by strangers, but by those who brought them into the world and with whom they were totally dependent to survive.

The one case that started what would soon be the most life changing series of events was the disappearance of Trenton Duckett. On August 27, 2006 Trenton Duckett was reported missing by a guest of his divorced mother Melinda Eubank Duckett.

Now, unfortunately, this event was not that unusual. It had been and continues to be an almost every day event. At least one child will go missing for one reason or another each and every day somewhere in the United States alone. I would not be surprised if I have understated that statistic. What caused me to pay attention to this incident was a strange coincidence.

It was six years ago to the day that my wife and I had buried our only child, our son,  John. We were in the small town of Mount Dora, Florida doing what we had for the past 5 years around that time. We would to to the red lighthouse at Grantham part and release three balloons as the sun set over the lake. One red, one yellow and one blue. Each balloon was each of our favorite colors. The balloons represented our souls flying to the heavens together someday to be together for eternity.

When we returned home, two hours later and turned on the television, my wife and I first learned of Trenton as the local news reported the first details of the efforts to find him.

Over the next week or so I started paying more and more attention to his story, tuning into the news and soon into such shows as Nancy Grace as the story began to attract the attention of the national media and the true crime community on the internet.

I soon began to read, and then post on the various forums that were on the internet. My interest grew to the point where I gradually became more proactive. The first step was to create a photobucket account and visit the points of interest in the nearby city of Leesburg, Florida and post photos there and on the various websites that had the ability to display them.

Now at this point, I should probably explain what motivated me to get this involved in the case of a child who disappeared in a town 20 miles away from my home.

The answer has to do with the passing of our only son. A parent who outlives their child is a bitter experience that never goes away. I have witnessed the suffering of my wife over the loss of her creation over the years and I also had my own emptiness that is still within me today as I sit here, alone in this house that will soon no longer be mine.

My wife and I would watch the family of Trenton appeal day in and day out, appeal for anyone who had information on Trenton to contact them or Law enforcement. Like thousands of others I posted on the internet whenever I could with the others who were growing more concerned as the hours and days passed by with no answer as to what happened to him.

When my work took me to places of interest regarding the story of Trenton, I took pictures of them. Like many others on the forums, I took part in discussions and shared theories.

At some point my activities had increased to the point where I became more proactive. Along with several others, I wrote what would become known as the caretaker letter. There were about a dozen of these “please bring Trenton back” letters written by concerned “arm chair” detectives hoping to reach whoever might be harboring Trenton and persuade that person or persons to return him to his family or otherwise bring them closure.

It turned out the be the biggest mistake of my life. I have to admit that I could have used better judgment when writing the thing and should have received input from the family, but hindsight is 20/20. People make mistakes and I made a big one. I did not hide from the mistake, however. I admitted that mistake and am paying for it to this day.

I should have backed off trying to help at that point and moved on. Unfortunately I do not give up easily and wanted desperately for Trenton to be found. I was in a unique position to be able to post a large billboard or banner at a small used car dearlership I owned in Ocala Florida where reports of Trenton’s sighting  were circulating. The unused billboard was visible on the busy highway that passed it by thousands of motorists every day. I felt it was worth a shot to put the sign up there. I attempted to work with members on line to gather the funds necessary to pay the banner maker the $2000.00 necessary to obtain the sign and place it on the billboard.

Unknown to me at the time was that those close to the family were working equally as hard AGAINST what I was doing. The reason was simple enough, it was me leading the effort and not the effort itself. Had I known who it was that was resisting my efforts I would have stopped immediately.

As it turned out, before the project even got off the ground, Kidfinders arrived in Leesburg with their unique trailer/billboard and I halted the project as the Kidfinder mobile billboard would be far more effective than a stationary banner.

As the days months and then a year passed, it became more obvious that it was going to be unlikely that Trenton was never going to be found. I also soon became aware that my presence on the forums were becoming less enjoyable and I soon went on with my life.

My departure would not last long. In June of 2008, it happened again. Caylee was to go missing. In mid July, her mother Casey,  was arrested. She would soon be charged with her murder. I resisted returning the the forums until sometime in August when the intensity of the story reached a point where I could resist no longer.

It turned out to be another big mistake. Many out there know what happened from that point on so there is no point rehashing everything except one singular event that seems to be the reason why Michelle Lynn McKee and Sandra Goddard keep stalking and lying almost three years later.

Sometime in late 2008 when I had started both my Ustream and Paltalk multimedia sites I started to get UNSOLICITED private messages over AOL chat and then PALTALK. It was obvious at the start that the authors of these messages were trolls intent on being pests.

In the beginning, I ignored the trolls, refusing to reply to them and blocking them when the message service allowed it. My efforts failed. The trolls simply created a new account and messaged me yet again.

The messages were always the same. Commit suicide live on webcam. Be a camwhore. Do it for the lulz. This went on for quite some time until finally I had enough. In one aol message session I engaged in a lengthy exchange on Aol messenger with the troll who idenified himself as Renzolovescake or KfcFan who were members of Anonymous and frequented a website known as 4chan.

I decided to try and fool the trolls into thinking they talked me into abiding by their wishes. I turned off my webcam on my live stream and mistakenly thought that I had turned off my mike. I was soon proven wrong. I made one last post “Fine, I have had enough” and quit messaging them. For the next few minutes, they would message me and I would not answer. As the messages came over the computer it became apparent that they were convinced that I had granted their wish. It was around that time that my phone started ringing.

Since I had received a death threat the week before, I knew that anonymous had my telephone number so I refused to answer it. The calls continued over and over for quite a while. What I did not know is that shortly after I had stopped posting, I had reached for something on my desk and a glass had fallen on the floor. The noise was picked up by my mike that had NOT been turned off as I had originally thought. Since my monitor of my streaming pc had gone into screen save mode, I did not see the commotion going on in my chat room.

I had two pc’s operating on the internet at the same time. The pc that was not streaming was the one that I had connected to AOL and was the one where the pm sessions took place.  The other pc was on the internet streaming my broadcasts.

It was soon thereafter that I looked up at my security monitor and saw a number of Lake County Sheriff cars parading down the road leading to my house with their blue beacons lighting up the night sky. I would then learn that someone had called them and reported that I had committed suicide and others had made a well being check request.

Once I was through with the sheriff and displayed the messages set to me by Anonymous, I went back into the chatroom and explained what happened.

Within a week or two  the messages started up again, this time on Paltalk. This time, under the advice of investigators who had now gotten involved, I began to document would turn out to be over a hundred attempt those of whom  I had assumed to be the Anonymous trolls to repeat their attempts to have me commit suicide on cam.

Bits and pieces of these repeated “PMS” as they soon became to be known soon contain rather disturbing references to molesting children namely Trenton Duckett, Caylee, the fathering of both children by the trolls writing me. The trolls going to malls to look for kids to molest and so on.  I became more concerned at these messages and soon contacted the investigators of both agencies and informed them of the messages I was getting. The attitude of the detectives was that these were pranks and told me not to be concerned with them.

At the exact same time these same Anonymous members were barging into my chat room and disrupting it. The administrators overseeing my chat were trying their best to deal with these pranksters, or at least that is what I thought.

It was around this time that I was made aware of  Sandra Goddard of and her stalking of me. I began to get messages, e-mails and videos regarding her dispute with individuals within her family as well as her problems with and the families of missing people who were considered possible Jane does in the Princess Blue case in Texas.

It was also around this time that I learned about Joshua Wayne Melton better known as MonoxideMMAC and just how involved he was in what had been going on. I also began to learn that I had actually been stalked by this group going as far back as 2006.

From that point on, I would be the victim of all sorts of “pranks” most notable the daily “commit suicide” calls that continue to this day. Each and every day Renzo calls me and tells me to commit suicide and to do it for the lulz and on cam. He has yet to miss a day since November of 2008.

Then, for some unexplained reason, a series of PRIVATE PM’s started showing up on file sharing sites that would be traced directly back to Sandra Goddard’s website.

The PM’s soon found themselves in the possession of law enforcement and soon thereafter in the hands of Dominic, the dunce, Casey.

What was not known by the person or persons who were distributing this material, is that I had given the ORIGINAL copies of the messages from MY two pc’s to law enforcement the weekend the last of these messages was sent to me.

What Sandra Goddard of seems to have forgotten or NEGLECTED to report is that there was a SECOND “suicide” incident. This time a woman called the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, informed them she was my daughter or niece, that I had guns in my house, threatened her with violence and was going to commit suicide.

History repeated itself as the boys in green again paraded into my driveway their blue lights ablaze. Since Renzolovescake told me that call was going to be made, I was able to meet the deputies in my yard as they arrived and explain the situation to them. I then took the printouts from THAT pm session to the detectives two days later to have them examined.

So imagine their surprise when some time later, they received the PUBLISHED version of the PM’s that appeared on the internet that bore NO similarities to the copies I gave them. The forgeries were obvious and the one detective even accounted a similar experience she went through.

They told me to not worry about it and move on. Sandra Goddard and her trolls did just the opposite and to this day continue to publish this bogus material.

Now people have asked why I do not publish the original 23 or so messages to clear this up. The answer is quite simple. I did not archive all of them on my pc. I printed them out and gave them to the detectives who soon misplaced them.

The few that were archived rests on a hard drive somewhere in Denver in the possession of someone who was trying to research some of the spyware and keyloggers that were installed on it.

And so there it is. The main reason for my troubles today. The one thing I find curious is that BOTH Sandra Goddard and Michelle Lynn McKee swear the versions circulation are GENUINE.

The question that has to be asked is “How are they so certain?” Were they there when these messages created? Why did they not informed Detective Dominic Casey of WHO the other party was on the messages. Why did they NOT inform the EXACT circumstances behind these PRIVATE pm’s? Why has the other party NOT come forward with the PROOF of the authenticity?

The answer is quite obvious. Michelle Lynn McKee and Sandra Goddard know the PM’s are FAKE because they CREATED them. I dare them to prove otherwise.

Stay Tuned



One of the pivotal moments in the trial today was the testimony of meter reader Roy Kronk. Jose Baez had said in the opening arguments that Kronk was a sinister evil man who participated in the tampering of the scene where Caylee was found thus staging it.

Kronk denied saying that it was a skull the first and second times he visited the scene. He also stated that his supervisor, Mr Drew was the one who was vocal about Caylee being there. Later when called, Mr. Drew confirmed that it was his idea and not Kronk’s.

Chaney Mason tried his best to Rattle Kronk and got nowhere. Kronk was not rattled the lest bit and this got under Mason’s skin.

Rather than being the saving grace for the defense, Kronk wound up being another nail in her coffin.


Stay Tuned





Mr. Richard Hornsby, a local criminal attorney has on his twitter account a post by a well known stalker and cyberbully that contains a video created by a member of 4chan and anonymous.!/RichardHornsby

This video was made in violation of Law and has been published for the last  3 years despite my repeated request that she cease and desist this practice.

This female stalker has also managed to get, with the help of the members of her blog, manufactured and misleading information inserted into the discovery of the Casey Anthony Case with the purported goal of seeing Casey acquitted of the charges against her.

I would be curious to hear from Atty Hornsby to elicit his comments on having cyberbullys posting such material on his twitter account.

Stay tuned



As the local media outlets scramble to try and find out what the heck caused the chaos at the Orange County Courthouse Saturday, yet another theory has surfaced from WKMG no less. This theory actually makes sense if you watch how they put the story together.

The story they came up with is based on the fact that the Orange County is being mum about who is visiting Casey at the jail, something that had not been the case before the trial started. Is this standard practice in these situations? I do not know. It seems rather odd since the Orange County Jail has released visitor logs DURING high profiles in the past.

At any rate, a WKMG reporter staking out the Orange County jail made it a point to bring that fact up in his report. This also is rather interesting as the local media only decided to start staking out the jail after things came to a grinding halt yesterday.

As for what might be the latest theory for things getting interesting Saturday. How about Casey taking a plea offer in return for her mother Cindy Anthony being granted immunity from prosecution for any charges that may stem from her testimony regarding the computer searches and perhaps that rather convenient photo of Caylee that seems to have come out of the blue.

Just another theory stemming from unconfirmed facts, this time from WKMG and other media sources.

Stay tuned




As luck would have it, I was at the Orlando International Airport when the news of Cindy Anthony testifying that it was SHE that did the search for chloroform on the family computer and not Casey. Cindy claimed that it was common for people not to be at work even though the payroll records would show that she was at work during the times the searches on the computer were taking place.

As it turned out there was someone else out there who was also surprised that Cindy stated what she did on the stand. This one person has information that, if it gets to the State Attorney’s office, has the potential of turning this case upside down and quite likely putting Cindy in line to appear as a defendant in the same courthouse as her daughter.

The following letter has been sent to Detective Yuri Melich by a co worker of Cindy’s who has been trying to contact someone close to the case with important information regarding Cindy’s testimony.


Hi Det. Melich
I am reaching out to you because I am unable to contact anyone at the prosecutor’s office and I was hoping maybe you could help.

I worked at Gentiva at the same time Cindy Anthony did; she worked in the Winter Park branch and I worked at a corporate office in (withheld by request)

Regarding her testimony, there are several untruths she testified to, and I feel the need to make sure that the prosecutors have this information:

1) Cindy said she had to do computer searches at home since at work she had no access to the internet, that Gentiva had their own intranet. This is not true, all locations had access to internet (as well as Gentiva’s intranet). We needed the internet to be able to look up the most recent medications, therapies and treatments, since Gentiva is a home health company. This info could be easily confirmed by Gentiva.

2) Cindy said that perhaps her supervisor had filled in her time card, since according to her time card she was at work during the computer searches. This is also not true. Timesheets were completed by employees themselves ONLINE, not by paper and pen, and not by punching a time clock. Cindy stated correctly that we had lots of passwords and we were not allowed to give our password to anyone else, including our supervisors. The only one who could fill out Cindy’s timecard was Cindy. And if she was leaving early for the day, or not coming to work that day, we all knew the salary schedule, when timesheets had to be completed by. If she was taking a Wednesday off, for instance, and payroll was due by that day, she would have gone into her computer on Tuesday and filled out her timesheet, also indicating PTO. This can also be verified by Gentiva.

3) Cindy said she made her own schedule and came and went as she pleased. This is not true. Even though we were salaried, what that meant was that we could not claim overtime. PTO (paid time off) was given to us depending on length of employment, and was watched carefully. We were allowed to take time off but had to submit it as PTO. This can also be verified by Gentiva.

4) It was inferred that since Cindy hasn’t been to work at Gentiva since 2008, they probably didn’t keep any old records. This is not true. It is a home health agency, and as nurses, our paperwork and computer work is considered legal documentation and is kept for an extended period of time, always with the thought in mind that someday that documentation might be needed in a court of law. This is another reason why our time at work was correctly documented at all times. There was never any “I wasn’t there but my timesheet says I was”. No way, ever. If her timesheet says she was working, she was working. This can also be verified by Gentiva.
5) Last but not least, just have to throw this out there, Cindy is an RN. There is no way on earth she would ever have to do a google search on such laymen phrases like “head trauma” or “ruptured spleen” or any of those other ridiculous mispelled words.

I am hoping that you will be able to get this information to the prosecutors. My heart goes out to Cindy and George Anthony, but I believe they are lying in an effort to have Casey found not guilty and released. I just can’t sit by and watch that train wreck.

Thanks for your time.


Efforts are continuing at this time to see to it that this information is sent to the State Attorneys Office for them to decide if this witness has merit.

Stay Tuned



Well, what has been a somewhat lackluster trial for the past few days was suddenly given a jolt of excitement Saturday when Judge Perry suddenly called for a recess after the trial only being in session for 45 minutes. What was supposed to be an extended day of hearing with the afternoon session being in place until at least 3 in the afternoon, instead, turned into an increasingly intense closed session between Judge Perry, the leading attorneys and at times Casey.

The day started with the usual side bar before the trial session and not long after the start, all the attys went off into the holding room next to the courtroom. At one point according to  WFTV reporter, Kathy Belich Chaney Mason could be heard shouting in the courthouse. This is made more remarkable since the walls are thick between the two rooms making them virtually soundproof. His shouting would have to be to the point of screaming in order to be heard by Belich who usually sits a good 30 feet from the wall separating the two rooms.

At one point, Casey got up and went into the holding room, possibly due to something she read on the transcript monitor displaying the conversation taking place. WKMG in their 11 pm newscast had images of Casey in her holding cell in conference with one or more of her attys before she then returned to the main courtroom where she spent the rest of the session wiping tears from her eyes.

It was soon after that everyone emerged from the holding room and took their places. It was then that Judge Perry made his announcement that the court was in recess until Monday morning. The remainder of the day was then left for all of us to wonder just what the hell is going on and to speculate just about everything under the sun  as being the cause of this latest fiasco.

One statement that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel might cause a few to raise their eyebrows” Asked whether a plea deal could be put on the table at this point in the trial, Ashton said: “I couldn’t talk about that one way or the other. If I give you an answer, I won’t be practicing law Monday.”

(source Orlando sentinel)

Whatever the cause of this latest fiasco, we have been left with a real cliffhanger to occupy ourselves with until Monday. We will be wondering if we are in for something interesting or just another day of sidebars with the  occasional bits of testimony.

Stay Tuned



I was sent this tweet that was made by one of the victims of my stalkers. Ms McKee is one of those who have written LIES about me (the pm’s come to mind) not caring one whit the damage her cruelty does to  otherwise complete strangers.

Michelle McKee

MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee

RT @ProfilerPatB Never ceases 2amaze me how some people read something about a person on the Internet & immediately believe it to be fact.

To this Ms. McKee tweeted this retort:

Michelle McKee

MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee

“@ProfilerPatB would that be like all the fictitious crap you put on the Net about me? #Liar’ ”

Perhaps when Michelle McKee writes LIES ABOUT ME AND THE OTHERS SHE HAS A VENDETTA AGAINST she should read HER statement and find other constructive activities with witch to occupy her time. Actives that would best be done OFF the internet.



As I watched Judge perry scold Atty Jose Baez yet again, I kept thinking of the looming probability of a mistrial due to ineffective council becoming increasingly likely as the mistakes he is making are piling up. I kept wondering how someone managed to get their law degree and pass the bar that clearly does not know what the hell he is doing.

There is more to learning to be a lawyer than learning the rule of law and the ethics of the profession. Much like doctors who do residency, lawyers also go through a sort of internship where they get practical experience in the courtroom.

If you watch the trial closely, you will see well dressed ladies and gentlemen sitting in the courtroom just behind the attorneys tables. These are law students that are not only using the courtroom as a classroom but also assisting the defense or prosecuting attorneys as paralegals or interns in return for class credits.

In some cases Law college seniors are picked by law firms to become in house apprentices and be offered a junior partnership within the firm. This is the same path that Jose Baez should have followed during his time in college. It is sort of like driver training for future attorneys.

If Jose Baez took this path, he should have had the foundational experience plus some trial experience that should have prevented the kinds of mistakes he has been making since he was engaged to represent Casey Anthony.

This forces me to wonder if he is, in fact, making these mistakes on purpose. Either he thinks Casey is guilty and is sabotaging his own case in a misguided effort to get  A GUILTY VERDICT. Or, is he forcing a mistrial declared by “falling on the sword?” Is there a book or movie deal in the wings that would pay him to commit such a wanton breech of ethics?  Or is the true answer is that he is the worst lawyer in the Florida Ninth Circuit Court.

Whatever the reason, his actions may give Casey the grounds to go beyond just a mistrial and file a civil lawsuit for legal malpractice.

Although this sort of lawsuit is not common, they are out there.

Legal malpractice is defined under the law as any situation where a lawyer breaches a legal duty he owes you, and where that breach led to damages. This means you will need to prove:

  • Your attorney intentionally or negligently did something no reasonably competent attorney would have done. If your lawyer’s actions were a violation of the Professional Rules of Conduct that govern attorneys, or if they were simply shoddy and careless legal work, then your lawyer can be considered in the eyes of the law to have been negligent.

  • Your attorney’s negligence directly led to some kind of actual damages. This is often the tricky part of a legal malpractice case, since you will need to show that the outcome would have been different had your lawyer been more careful. This is hard to prove because it can be difficult to predict what would have happened in the future. For example, if your lawyer was careless, missed evidence and didn’t prepare properly for trial, you may have lost your case. However, can you prove you would have won your case if your lawyer had been better?

The answer to these questions would depend on how people perceive the actions of Jose Baez to date. At the vary least Judge Perry AND the prosecution are likely to file complaints to the Florida Bar Association. At the least Jose Baez faces sanctions by the bar and could also wind up being fined or go to jail.

It is looking like the epilogue of the trial is going to be more interesting than the trial itself.

Stay Tuned



If the defense plans hold, tomorrow should be an interesting day as a blockbuster witness is scheduled to take the stand and give the talking heads and chats something to talk about.

The alleged mistress of George Anthony is likely to be called to the stand to bolster claims made by the defense in their opening statement.


The witness is expected to testify the George told her that Caylee died in an accident. This statement was purported to have been made long BEFORE Caylee was found thus this woman is testifying that George Anthony KNEW MONTHS BEFORE Caylee was found that she was already dead and did not tell ANYONE other than his extramarital lover.


The mistress is also expected to testify that her and George had an INTIMATE affair.


The mistress DOES NOT believe George molested either Caylee or Casey.


Well, dear reader, tomorrow is shaping up to be an interesting day.


Stay  tuned


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