4Chan and Anonymous have also decided to flex their muscle and pick on a new target. The City of Orlando,Florida. This group of tards decided to inject themselves into the fight between Food Not Bombs and The City of Orlando.

Food Not Bombs is a grass roots movement that started in the Northeast and has spread around the world:

I came across the Orlando chapter, once while filming Downey Park during my coverage of the searches for Caylee.

I photographed the park on the same day I photographed The Amscot directly across the street. This group serves food to the homeless much to the irritation of the City of Orlando which is known as being anti-homeless. The city does not like anything that mars their “Disney World” image.Unknown to me at the time, the volunteers were gathered there during one of their functions.

The city became concerned with the weekend feedings the groups held in Lake Eola in downtown Orlando and soon enacted a restriction against feeding the homeless in this fashion more than a couple of times a year and then only after getting a permit.

Recently, for some reason known only the tards that make up 4chan, this group of terrorists decided to insert themselves into the situation by threatening to hack into the City of Orlando website and immediately crash it.

This, of course did not sit well with the non violent Food not Bombs who immediately disowned themselves from the 4chan misfits. Time will only tell if 4chan carries out their threat that has gained the attention of the FBI who are investigating. I have a few names and blog sites to share with them to aid in their “inquary.” I hope they find the information useful.

Stay tuned



It appears the same hoaxters that plagued me are behind a number of other antics around the internet. One notable hoax appears to be the McDonalds profiling hoax.

This brain dead group of tards that haunt the porn site 4chan and sometimes affiliates them selves with the  “group” anonymous have decided to pick on the large food chain with a racist profiling accusation.

It is good to keep reminding everyone that this is the SAME group behind the stalking of me for the past three years and flooded with CHILD pornography on this date.

their antics in THAT regard are well known. The various blogs and websites put up as well as the famous “PM” hoax messages are a byproduct of this group and their fans.

I would hope someday it would get through the thick heads of some people on the internet just what kind of group these people have decided to support and believe in.

It helps to even want to seek the truth which my stalkers are clearly not interested in.


Stay Tuned




For years, Defense Jose Baez has been the victim of bad press. I admit that I have been part of the group of those who have a negative view of Baez and how he has been handling the case.

It is, of course only my opinion as I am not even remotely close to being an expert of the law or how a lawyer should do his or her job. I am just one of the multitude who voices his viewpoint of the events surrounding the events surrounding Caylee Anthony and the principal players in this ongoing saga.

Even the most unpopular person has at least one friend. Baez has his in the form of a blog known as JBMission.

I have no quarrel with this blog as they are entitled to their opinion. I am concerned, however, that this blog has been accused of militent efforts against those who hold the majority viewpoint against Jose Baez, with their primary target being Dave Knechel, better known as Marinade Dave. I am not certain if these accusations are true. I would hope not.

Why they would choose this route, if true, is beyond me. It makes them look bad and does any favorable view of Jose Baez a disservice. They would be best served to respectfully bring forth their viewpoint and let everyone judge for themselves.

Fortunately, it seems that Dave has done something that I have been unable to do. He has defeated the bullies and has gone on to provide a service to his loyal fans.

I wish him well.


Stay Tuned




The recent altercation between George Anthony and Leonard Padilla reminds me of another rather interesting altercation that took place shortly after Caylee’s remains  were found. One of the first things the general public, who had taken Caylee into their heart wanted to do, was to come up with a memorial in her memory.

At that time the Anthony’s made it clear they did not want a public memorial at their house. There were several instances of the Anthony’s reacting harshly to anyone who dared place any kind of memorial in front of the home even if that memorial were to be placed on the county right of way.

It was for this reason the memorial site on Suburban drive was chosen. A group soon started supplying the memorial with stuffed animals, photographs, a cluster of crosses and other memorabilia.

A couple of rather odd events then occurred. The first was the stance of the editor of a rather small and obscure blog. The editor came out against those who had created the memorial and was very vocal in her criticism. No matter odd her opinion, she was entitled to it, no matter how wrongheaded the majority of people thought it was. Then for some odd reason, from what I have been told, she repeated her objection over the memorial yet again, 16 days ago.

To quote the blogger:

“While I was surfing the net tonight, I came across this photo that grabbed my attention.  Specifically the note that was hammered onto the tree at the “GARBAGE DUMP” created by the roadside by the tards for Caylee.”

The second rather odd event occurred after the memorial had been up for a while. There were a number of things that had been made clear and were well known when this second rather odd altercation took place. The memorial was on a county right of way, a mile or so away from the Anthony residence. The Anthonys did not have to endure seeing the memorial if they chose not to. It was several hundred feet away from Hopespring Drive where they would turn to go to their house from the north or if they chose to come in from the south, they would not have to see the monument at all.

For whatever reason, however, the people who maintained the memorial after reaching an agreement with Orange County who allowed the memorial to stay indefinetly as long as it was kept presentable and did not trespass into the private property where the crime scene was actually located began to notice that someone was vandalizing the memorial by taking some of the items away.

Most of the time the vandalism occurred, the items were found either strewn about or in trash bags near the memorial.

A small group decided to “stake out” the memorial to find out exactly who it was that was marring the memory of Caylee by repeatedly destroying the memorial. There efforts were rewarded in the wee hours of the evening when a black suv approached the monument site. The face of the defendant was lit up by the flash of the digital camera that was used to photograph him.

What then transpired was something straight out of an action flick. The chase was on as the suv chased after the frightened women in their compact car through the nearby suburbs. The women soon came upon and stopped by a Florida Highway Patrol officer who soon put an end to the situation and sent everyone on their merry way.

The next day, the women were at the Orange County Sheriff’s department giving statements as to what happened and granting an interview or two to the local press. The blogs wrote about it and did some viral videos and the incident was soon forgotten.

There are opinions on both sides of the issue, as is usually the case. I had advised one of the women from confronting the Anthony’s about the problem with the memorial as their nerves were still raw from the circumstances they were confronted with. On the other hand, the Anthony’s would have been equally best served if they had just left things alone and not concern themselves with the memorial.

Things were what they were, however and time moves on. Another memorial has sprung up in the same place and time will tell if there will be another altercation this time around.


Stay Tuned





In the midst of the circus surrounding the opening of the defense portion of the trial, a tid bit of news came out of the mainstream media regarding a  purported confrontation between George Anthony and Lenny Padilla.

It was reported that George called the 911 operator at The Orange County Sheriff’s Department to report that Lenny P was in front of his house with a film crew. George is said to have informed the operator that he has a no contact order against Lenny. Unfortunately for George, as long as Lenny is on the side walk, any order is meaningless since the street is public property.

That aside, Lenny posted his side of the story on Tweet Deck:

Leonard Padilla

“The only reason I was in Orlando is to meet with Judge Jeanine. She wanted to see how the far the site was from the Anthony’s home. No restraining order was issued. It was ridiculous. Just grandstanding by the Anthony’s. I will be returning soon with members of my investigative group.”

I take so sides on this latest fiasco other than I think Lenny could have used better judgement in regards to doing a live shot at the house. Doing the live shot from across the street with the house in the back ground might have been a better choice or using a green screen and a stock photo to accomplish the same effect.

In the end it was much ado about nothing and gave some of us bloggers something else to write about.

Stay Tuned



During the course of this trial, we have all endured what we considered a nuisance as time after time we had seen the players in this drama stop everything in mid stride and be called to the ever irritating sidebar.

I think that irritation that we all endure has to do with the fact that we do not know what the hell is going on up there. What is so damn important that they take hours out of the total trial time to have their little chat with the judge out of our ear shot.

Well, in this article, we are going to get a sample and what a sample it is.

These things in legal circles are known as Bench Conferences. Their main purpose is to work out problems in the trial out of ear shot of the jury in order not to harm the rights of the defendant.

In most cases, these are done with the jury, the viewers in the court, and all of us in the outside world are left to sit and wonder just what the hell is going on.

This particular bench conference has elements in it that may make your jaw drop if you have not heard the details of the events that took place.

There was an exchange between Chief Judge Belvin Perry jr and Chaney Mason regarding the plans for the Defense going forward.

At the onset, things started to go down hill right after Chaney Mason said “the defense does not have the obligation to put on a defense.” Judge Perry immediately replied that the defense council did, in fact, state that they were going to put on a defense and now Chaney Masion is telling him that they don’t have to. DOES THIS MEAN THAT THE DEFENSE NOW DOES NOT INTEND TO PUT ON A DEFENSE?

Not if Judge Perry can help it. He went so far as to say that he would “fall on the sword” if he had to and PUT ON A DEFENSE HIMSELF! SAY WHAT? DID I READ THAT RIGHT? Well, dear reader, read the transcript and answer that yourself.

Stay Tuned



One of the more interesting incidents occurred today in my chat. A small debate broke out as to where this sticker was found. The chatters were insistent the sticker was found at the crime scene.

WFTV had a crawl that had the sticker coming from the bedroom of the Anthony home. Once I went off the air I did some digging and found that BOTH my chatters and WFTV may have been right, but about two different hearts. Without calling the station to find out what heart sticker they were streaming about, we might never know. Heart number one was found adhered to a small piece of cardboard about 50 feet from Caylee’s remains. Heart number two was found inside of a cardboard box full of envelopes.

Not a major event in the scheme of things, but an interesting one.

Stay Tuned



A decade or so ago, I used to work for a trucking company as a relay driver. I would take the truck 5 hours north of Orlando and then hand off the truck to another driver. I would take his truck and bring it back to Orlando. That driver would drive for another 5 hours and hand the truck off  to yet another driver. This process would continue over and over again until the truck reached it’s final destination.

This, however, is the story of another kind of relay. It is the story of a relay of life and a relay of hope.



Stay Tuned



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