It looks like the lawyers for Casey Anthony may get to earn some more dough as it now turns out that Casey is supposed to be on probation for a Year after she was released from The Orange County Jail.

If this is the case, Judge Strickland has the power to order her immediate arrest for violating the terms for her probation. Why someone did not catch this error is something that needs to be looked into as well as the process for getting Casey the hell back here to answer why she should not be remanded to the Orange County Jail for violating her probation.

In order for Casey to be able to leave Orange County Florida, she must seek permission from the court and meet stringent conditions to do so.

It will be interesting to see if anything is done about this one.

Stay Tuned



I wanted to let anyone who is interested know that I will be doing a live stream from the Caylee Anthony Memorial site starting sometime tomorrow morning. I have been asked to go down there and have decided since I will be at the memorial to try and do a stream from down there.

The purpose for being there is to test my internet streaming equipment so I decided to “kill two birds with one stone” and do a public live stream. I will begin with a road trip once I get a chore done in the morning.

On the air time is set for 10:00 am 7/30 unless there is a change in plans.

Stay tuned



Casey is getting her groove back as it has been reported that she was laughing and drinking it up when jetting around the country right after being whisked away from O’town in a luxury aircraft. Casey was spotted drinking a Corona as she boarded and then exited the aircraft on at least one occasion.

I can imagine she was either thinking or perhaps saying aloud “I’m rich! I’m rich! I got away with it! Hot Damn!”

Stay Tuned



Order on Motion to Intervene – Jurors Names

The jurors names are going to be sealed until October, 2011. It is a long and interesting document.

Stay Tuned



The face of anonymous is known for those who commit crimes in the name of Lulz. They want people to think they are for a just cause when they are not. It seems only fitting that the new Halloween mask that is now out, is a fitting replacement for the mask of anonymous.

The new face of anonymous, the face of Casey Anthony is a more accurate symbol of this so called movement is more accurately depicted since Anonymous is the symbol of lies, deception and evil.

Stay Tuned




I have received in the form of a comment, a response to the article I wrote recently regarding a 13 year old girl who claims to be suffering severe abuse at the hands of her grandmother. As far as I am concerned, this is a case of domestic violence and I do not understand why, in these times of mothers killing their children and the escalation of violence within families that someone in this Pennsylvania town does not look into this situation to see what can be done about it.

Please read this letter and decide if there is anything that can be done and if so, what?

I am this wonderful girl’s mom. I have a degenerative neuro-muscular disease. The “GrandMa” owns the home where we reside. She has hounded us for years with it escalating when her platonic boyfriend entered a nursing home. He was able to keep her away from us–specifically–keep her away from my daughter.
This is a call for help because the police have done nothing. GrandMa has been reported to children’s services several times. Their position is because she is a relative the hitting is not abuse. She provokes my daughter then tape records her upset responses–on her birthday on Christmas etc… She is as evil as it appears. She has rage and she plays the victim and she calls us every name you can imagine.
She looks frail beause she broke her hip but her arms and hands and other leg work perfectly well so she can lunge. Unlike me, just one part of her body is affected. My entire body is weak.
All is documented because one day we will have our day in court and I will play every webcam recording I have of all the fifty plus 911 calls grandma has made and my daughter and I are being yelled at by the despicable employess of the Lower Salford Township Police department.
Finally, my daughter, a youtube partner (her partnership is under another more frivolous light-hearted name) took matters into her own hands to expose GrandMa
She wants us to be on dr. phil or something. I simply need a dwelling I can afford and independently enter and exit–those types of handicapped dwellings—like the one GrandMa owns– are hard to find. But we don’t want money; we want GrandMa to accept responsibility for what she has done. We want her to be held accountable. We want the police to be held accountable for their lack of appropriate response especially their lack of respect, professionalism and prejudice. We want the Office of Children & Youth to also be held accountable for thier lack of response when provided with evidence of physical abuse all the while witnessing her escalations, delusions, fabrications etc… When my only income is SSD and 13 plus years with NO child support from an absent father and legs that are patially paralyzed by my disease there is little I can do but lock my daughter and I in my bedroom and have friends get her out of the house as much as possible.


Stay Tuned





I never know what to expect when I get an anonymous e-mail sent to me. This link was the last thing I expected to get.

The e-mail was all too brief…..”MURT, You might be interested in this.” The above link was enclosed with it.

Well, I went ahead over to the youtube page of this person and sure enough it was an interesting page. The contents of the channel were disconcerting to say the least. Now, is the channel genuine? Is the girl in the video the victim she says she is? Where are her parents? Watch the videos and judge for yourself.


In light of these strange times of the care givers abusing their children and grand children, one has to wonder if this is a call for help…..or a hoax?


At the least, these videos should not be ignored. Rather they should be looked at and talked about. What is the solution? I do not know, do you?


Stay Tuned




For the past several years I have had to put up with a number of “smear” blogs one of which was put on the website. The curious thing about this particular blog was that nobody who had anything to do with this blog was willing to put their name where their mouth was.


The simple fact of the matter is that there are NO names on the blog at all and NO information as to who exactly it is behind that blog. All there is is some kind of patronizing profile which does nothing to give even the mildest hint of who it is that runs that blog and any kind of verified background information is lacking. That is until now.

I wrote about this fact in my old blogger site and I am repeating the article here:


A little over a month ago I started getting a number of e-mails regarding that blog as well as another one that is similar in tone. I had ignored the other blog for the simple reason is that it is impossible to read due to the rather odd color combinations the owner chose. Like the “TTAM” blog, it was largely a feed of my blog articles and twitter posts with their biased comments added.

The authors of the anonymous e-mails, and there were quite a number of them, became more persistent when I seemed not to be paying attention to what they were saying and not commenting on what they were sending me.

That is one of the reasons I am writing this article. Like many of my critics on past blog articles, people sending me anonymous comments or using freemail addys would cancel their accounts once the comments were written making replying to them rather difficult. One of them finally figured that out and at least left me a means to reply to them. It turns out that the individual is a rather outspoken critic of mine whose opinion of me has not completely changed.

What did concern this individual, however, was finding out that a close associate that was more or less in charge of the TTAM blog was, in fact, a pedophile who had somehow covered up this fact until I had unknowingly exposed this person.

For the time being I have to keep this a bit confidential as there is an investigation underway since the individual in question is not supposed to be on the internet at all. The individual had been using their excuse that this was only on websites known to be visited by MINORS, but a check with the court in question indicated that ALL internet sites were off limits.

There is an appeal of a sort in progress since a constitutional question is being raised due to the fact that the internet is so essential in all aspect of our lives now days.

Other than a public response to those anonymous e-mails is this caveat. ANYONE who reads a smear blog about ANYONE must take those blogs with a grain of salt.

This caveat is MOST IMPORTANT when the authors of these smear blogs DO NOT tell WHO THEY ARE, mainly for fear of LITIGATION or even PROSECUTION.

It is easy to say anything about anyone behind the mask of anonymous. It is far more difficult to do so in the open where words can be challenged and legal remedies be put in place.


Stay Tuned




If one was asked the hypothetical question “George and Cindy, now that your daughter has been acquitted, where are you going now??” The answer would NOT be “We are going to Walt Disney World!!” It would instead be that they were off to Nassau, Bahamas.


At the very same airport, Orlando Executive, that saw the abrupt departure of Casey, and “her?” return, saw George and Cindy get whisked off for a little jaunt out in the Atlantic away from the troubles and tribulations of Testifying in court and having to answer for their part inĀ  that fiasco.

They were spotted shopping in a shop in Nassau. It is nice, I suppose to get away from the fact that their daughter turned her back on them and probably will not have anything to do with them anytime soon. Now Cindy have each other and Lee, at least for now.


Stay tuned





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