When the story broke via the mainstream media that the Florida Commission on Human Relations was doing an investigation regarding Casey’s release from The Orange County Jail, I sent them a media request regarding the story.

This is their response:

Mr. Murtaugh,

The Florida Commission on Human Relations has no involvement of any kind in the Casey Anthony case, including her release from the Orange County Jail.  Therefore, we have no records of the kind you request. The Commission investigates complaints of discrimination regarding employment, housing and public accommodations, as well as complaints of whistle-blower retaliation lodged by state government employees.

It looks like the mainstream media got it wrong…………….Again.

Stay Tuned




Well, here we go again. Another missing child case here in Orlando has come to light involving a young single mother reporting her young child missing AFTER he has been missing for a week. This case is especially disturbing considering the mother left Tatum with a homeless man. The mother, Jesssica Contessa who is a known prostitute, left Tatum with 45 year old Silverio Irizarry. Left Tatum Contosta, 4 years old With Silverio at her room at the Budget Innat 307 Vine Street in Kissimmee Florida.


To make matters worse, Silverio is addicted to Heroin so there is no telling what he has done with Tatum by now. This is probably the best argument for Caylee’s law to come along.


I will post any new details about Tatum as they become available.

Stay Tuned



A remarkable thing has been going on over the past few months. I had reported this on an earlier article and am repeating it here along with some additional information. I recommend that everyone watch this video as it explains the project that is taking place. It is a fine example of turning a place of sadness into a place of hope.


There are events planned for August, 9th which is, of course Caylee’s birthday. As I get more details about what is being planned I will keep everyone informed.


Stay Tuned




 It seems a certain member of Anonymous who started a “truth about Murt” blog has not seen the wisdom of others who have decided enough is enough and has refused to join the truce that recently was put into place. That is most unfortunate but understanding the mindset behind the author and the members who support that blog, it is understandable. It is this group in particular who were supporters of Casey and one of the purposes of that blog was to sidetrack any attention from Casey by creating this smear blog and, by the tone of the writings contained within, the members of that blog may have been behind the distribution of manufactured evidence to several law enforcement agencies.

For most of the world, the case of Casey Anthony is over along with the blog wars that went with it.

It seems the Anonymous members who run that blog still feel the need for attention. Well all I can say is :

Stay Tuned



Of all the things that made me wonder why Casey may have Killed Caylee was a guest appearance by Latoya Jackson on the view. She is promoting a new book and she also informed the panel that she is also commencing a lawsuit in regards to the death of her brother Michael Jackson. She has come up with a conspiracy theory. The theory is that Michael was murdered because those around him consider him worth more dead than alive. As far fetched as that theory was I started thing about Caylee.

While alive, Caylee was a nuisance, an impediment to the Lifestyle of Casey who was the all American party girl. Casey wanted to go to Puerto Rico but could not because Cindy would not watch Caylee. Now, yes, Casey was found not guilty by a jury of her peers so we cannot LEGALLY pronounce her guilty.

That said, we need to look at the events over the past few days. Casey has been flying around the country in a multimillion dollar airplane, and negotiating deals like a corporate executive or a movie star. She is being offered million dollar deals to “tell all.” And this is just the first week.

So that begs the one awful question: Is Caylee worth more dead than alive???

The Anthony Family Circus seems to think so.

Stay tuned



I have been patiently waiting for the one question to be asked that would go a long way to settle the debate about if the scurrying of a woman across the tarmac at Orlando Executive Airport was a hoax or really Casey Anthony returning to the greater Orlando area.

Jose Baez went public claiming that the “great Casey Run” was a hoax being played on the media by the defense atty who owned the airplane that seems to have been bouncing all over the country sending all of us arm chair detectives on a wild goose chase.

And what is the question that may solve this debate, you ask? Simple really….WHO the hell is the body double? Produce her. Is she an actress? Was she somebody’s daughter? Just who the hell is she? If she was in fact a DECOY, fess up and show everyone a picture of who she is. No excuses about her being in potential danger or any of that other hooey. Just fess up and prove it.


Otherwise, Jose Baez’s reputation of being a pathological liar will remain intact.


Stay Tuned




The attorneys for “Zanny the Nanny” has filed a motion requiring Casey Anthony to detail all offers and contracts she has received within the next 30 days. This means that everyone will know who she is getting offers from and how much the offers are for.

This should make things interesting for whoever might be wanting to cash in on Casey’s story and in turn cash in on Caylee.

Stay Tuned



One side story to the coverage of the woman who was or was not Casey Anthony was that on ground cameramen for WFTV and other news outlets were thrown off Airport property by employees of Showalter Services.

The press photographers were not only thrown out of Showalter offices but were shooed away from the fence that surrounds the entire airport. The problem here is that Showalter DOES NOT OWN THE AIRPORT. They are a vender that LEASES the building and ground facilities from the Greater Orlando Avaition Authority who runs the airport. The airport is a government facility owned by the TAXPAYERS of both the City of Orlando as well as the Citizens of the United States since the airport is partly funded by federal tax dollars.

It is one thing to ask people to leave the INSIDE of Showalter’s business and quite another to throw people off airport property for simply taking pictures of airplanes through a fence. Another thing to note that in some cases, the press photographers were NOT on airport property but in the parking lot of a next door shopping center.

Showalter employees are not law enforcement. They should not be allowed to act that way.

Stay Tuned




Everyone had been trying to figure out how WFTV was able to get a shot of “Casey???” as she was scooted across the tarmac from where the plane landed that brought her back from places unknown. Many had thought that WFTV had gotten inside information about the plane and was in the air waiting for it.

Well, it turns out that it is the wrong answer. WFTV just happened to be at the right place at the right time. The helicopter was returning from overflying places where it was speculated where Casey might be. WFTV bases their helicopter at Orlando Executive and was returning to their hanger when by sheer coincidence they spotted the famous scene that has been playing on tv all day today.

Now this brings up an interesting point. Jose Baez claims to have said the stunt was a practical joke being played on the media by the owner of the airplane.Well, here is the problem. First, the WFTV was the ONLY media presence at the airport. Second, WFTV did not do any live airings of their flight. They were in between news casts and any video that was shot would have been racked up for the evening news starting at 5::00 pm. So unless someone sits around listening to air to ground communications between the airport and the WFTV helicopter, it would have been hard for someone to have advanced enough notice to find a Casey look a like and outfit her with the SAME clothing Casey wore the day she was set free.

Since Jose is as big a liar as Casey is, the truth of who went scurrying across the tarmac will come out soon enough.

Stay Tuned



Just a minor point but everyone keeps saying that Casey has been flying around the country in a jet. Well that is not exactly correct. She has been flying around in what is the largest single engine prop aircraft classified as a turbo prop airplane. While this thing is not a jet, it does haul ass and does so in relative comfort. It is designed for short runway take off and landings and is also a surprisingly quiet aircraft due to the fact that the engine is well in front of the passenger cabin.

It is also not a cheap airplane to fly so someone expects to be paid the big bucks in return for flying this thing all over the place.

Just how much and who remains to be seen.

Stay Tuned


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