It is getting to the point, in Central Florida, where there is a story of misconduct of one sort of another by members of local law enforcement. The one that is most telling is the story of the City of Umatilla, Florida Police chief.

Doug Foster, the long time top cop was suspended after an investigation stemming from an investigation of the city council.

Chief Foster was accused of such things as, playing on line games on the police computer to the degree that nobody was able to use it, not maintaining police cars, forcing officers to drive around in cars that have no heat in the winter, are missing hub caps and not getting needed oil changes done on the cars.

He has also been accused of having a uniformed officer collect the rent from a tenant of one of his properties.

The city council passed around a questionnaire asking officers and employees to assess their chief. The chief even filled the thing out himself.

As more and more stories of this nature come out, it is no wonder that it took a meter reader to do what law enforcement could not, finding Caylee Anthony.

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Before you get the wrong idea, here, I do NOT object to Mr Ashton writing his book and making money off of it. It is freedom of speech and the American way. It is his right to publish the book and get paid for it.

The point of this blog is to address the ABSENCE of criticisms of those who have argued against the publishing of books related to Caylee and the active protests that they took part in.

There is a outspoken group on the internet that seems it is their duty that NOBODY “make money off of murdered or missing children” and go to extreme and unethical means to prevent certain folks from doing so. It does not matter to these people that it is entirely legal for someone to publish a book make a movie or otherwise garner revenue derived from such a public event as the Story of Caylee Anthony.

Now, if these people object to this sort of thing then WHY ARE THEY QUIET about Mr. Ashton publishing this book? I have yet to see a peep out of these people.

It is quite obvious that the so called objections by the “make no money” people have been against certain INDIVIDUALS and not the concept itself. This is an argument I have been making for years. It seems I have been proven right.


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It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years since that hot August night when my wife and I sat at the Mount Dora Lighthouse, releasing our balloons in memory of our deceased son at the exact moment a call was being made to the Leesburg Florida Police Department regarding a missing child we would soon learn to be Trenton Duckett.

The proximity of where Trenton lived in relation to my house and the fact that it was the day we had buried our son in 2001 that caused me to follow the story of Trenton Duckett missing after catching the local news coverage when my wife and I returned home later that evening.

A lot has happened since that day 5 years ago. The stories of Caylee and of Haleigh as well as many other missing, murdered, and abused children have been told and have been talked about on the blogs and forums dedicated to their stories.

Trenton’s case was my start in following and discussing missing child cases on the internet. Prior to his story, I never followed missing child cases on the internet. I would catch the stories of children on the news like everyone else, passively listening and then going on with life.

Trenton was different. Perhaps it was the fact he looked so much like my son. Perhaps it was the date he went missing, or the fact he lived so close. Perhaps it was all of these things. All I do know is that it change me from being passive about the subject of missing and exploited children to being strongly interested in the outcome of their cases.

Out of all of these stories, that of Trenton remains at the forefront. It is the one mystery I wanted to see solved. It is a mystery I still want to see solved.

The question remains, will the case of Trenton Duckett ever be solved?

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Well, The State of Florida has shown that if a woman whines enough she will be afforded special treatment be it deserved or not. In a clear violation of Florida’s open records law, Judge Perry ordered that information regarding Casey’s probation that would normally be made public remain sealed. This is because Casey is “the most hated woman in the United States.” Well…DUH! The problem here is that part of the PUNISHMENT when on probation is that EVERYTHING regarding the defendant is made PUBLIC. It is the law, or at least it is supposed to be.

Now the reason for the extra protection is that she has received death threats. Well, at least this is ONE thing that Casey and I have in common. I had someone who went by Renzolovescake tell me in a telephone call that he was “going to come to my house with a shotgun and blow my head off.” Did I get protection? No. All I got was a device hooked to my phone line for a few months to record every call coming in or going out. Nothing ever came of it. No conviction, no nothing.

I had at least TWO incidents of someone coming to my house and taking detailed photographs of my residence and belongings. As a result of these stunts I had 4 incidents of thefts and property damage in the thousands of dollars. No special protections there either.

I had and still have calls from people DEMANDING that I kill myself. Again No protection.

Someone called my brother in North Carolina and made outrageous false statements about me. Again nothing.

There are two likely reasons for this:

1: I am male. It would have been of some help if I had been female.

2: I did not KILL my daughter.

Oh well, Nobody’s perfect

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Dang, things get stranger everyday with this case. Casey Anthony has just reported to an undisclosed probation office location. Now this is at 11:00 at night. I never heard of anyone reporting to any probation office after business hours like this. Good old Casey is getting the red carpet treatment. This kind of reminds me of that chickie out in California who made off with that jewelry. She seems to get out of her little jams as well.

They ought to move the entire state of Florida to California since both states to be the same.

And the beat goes on.

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One of the odd side effects of the trial of Casey Anthony and her acquittal of all charges was the defense atty for the parents of a Sumter County Girl being sentenced to 12 years in prison because their pet python got out of it’s cage and strangled the little girl, blaming Casey Anthony for their being found guilty and given such a stiff sentence.

The defense atty stated that “The Anthony Acquittal coming a week before the trial of my clients certainly had a negative effect on the jury and influenced their verdict.” The defense also stated that she will appeal the conviction.

There is no telling how many pending trials will wind up having Casey Anthony blamed for any outcome of any that has anything to do with the death or abuse of a child.

The case that will not die continues.

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Well, it looks like Casey might be vacationing in Florida a bit longer (sort of.) as the 5th district Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach has upheld Judge Perry’s ruling that Casey Anthony MUST serve one year of probation. Casey now has to appear at the Orange County Probation office by Friday, August 25th.

What is not known is what specific conditions must be met by Casey in serving out the terms of her probation. She may or may not have to serve out the most severe requirements of probation. That will be determined, most likely, on Friday when she meets with probation officials.

Things are not quite over for Casey as she still must learn how much she might owe Orange County for the search for Caylee as well as a number of civil lawsuits filed by parties damaged in one form or another by her Lies.

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Word has it that Casey is back in Florida. It is not clear exactly where she is, but she is back in her home state. It is likely that she will have to serve probation while the appeal process moves forward so it was necessary for the defense team to bring her back here.

It has yet to be determined if the court of appeals will hear the motion filed by the defense nor how long it will take for a decision to be reached. The appeal process could take at least a year which means that Casey will wind up serving her probation regardless of the outcome of the hearing.

What will be interesting is to see how she will serve out her probation and what exceptions that may or may not be made due to security concerns.


Stay tuned




The most notable piece of evidence in the Trial of Casey Anthony is no more. It has been destroyed. It has been crushed. I am talking about, of course, The Pontiac Sunfire, that has met it’s end at the hands of a crusher at a salvage yard. There will be other evidence destroyed as it gets turned over to the Anthony’s but the car was the most prominent among these items. I had thought that perhaps they would have sold it to a collector. I commend them for not doing that. They made the right choice.


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I had not intended to delve into this issue yet again until some moron by the username of Shawnio decided to weigh in with a rather snide comment today. Since he decided to do some shit stirring and by doing so prove a point I have been trying to make, I decided I might as well indulge him and thank him for proving a point that I have been trying to make since November of 2008.

First let us examine the post in question:

Submitted on 2011/08/12 at 3:35 pm

Obviously you have fallen for someone elses bullshit, I am the real shawnio and I don’t appreciate you posting my name all over the place, arent you the same guy that was involved with SBD? are you seriously that dumb that you fell for exposing broadcasters ploy to make you think the name Shawnio was involved? shawnio is my youtube channels account ya moron. whoever has been fucking with you has been using the name and obviously you are just gobbling it up aren’t you. anyways best of luck being attacked by some random who is using my youtube name lol

Well “Shawnio” someone has been using MY name and many were just “gobbling it up.” This begs the question, how do you know who is actually posting something on the internet??? As Shawnio has clearly pointed out, it is easy for ANYONE to use the on name of ANYONE to post ANYTHING without having to offer any proof whatsoever.

Shawnio has proven yet again that I was the victim of an elaborate FRAUD that even managed to find it’s way into the discovery in the Anthony case. Notice that those PM’s were NOT EVEN MENTIONED by EITHER side. Why? Because they were fabricated CRAP. The state AND the defense knew they were USELESS and thus they WERE NOT USED.

It is abundantly clear that just because someone signs a name to a post, instant message e-mail or other type of internet media, that does not mean that it is the REAL person. In MOST cases it is an IMPERSONATOR.

Unfortunately for me there were those out there who were either DUMB or decided to PLAY dumb and not recognize this fundamental fact.

FINALLY, Shawnio (if this is the REAL Shawnio) has come along and by making the same claim I have, proving that there is widespread IMPERSONATION all over the internet.

Stay Tuned

MURT (or is this really MURT?)

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