Casey just might wind up spending the rest of her life both unmarried and childless. Today the Florida DCF labeled her an unfit parent and with the paperwork they have filed as a matter of public record, Casey will not be qualified to adopt any child from anywhere.


If the most hated woman in the USA (or the world for that matter) were to ever get pregnant it would be likely that the DCF wherever she lived would petition the court to remove the child from her custody. At the least she would be under the watchful eye of any DCF agency wherever she decided to settle down.

Left unanswered at the moment is Judge Perry’s decision on if or how Casey would serve probation. The fact that Judge Perry is taking so long to rule on this issue would indicate that he is faced with a legal tightrope that he has to cross in order to make a proper ruling. It would appear to me that he wants to find some way to punish her even if it was the “slap on the wrist” administrative probation she would likely face.


Stay Tuned




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An unusual and beautiful park like memorial for Caylee Anthony was revealed on August 9th, the birthday of Caylee by Bring Kids Home, the non profit organization who has an option to purchase the site where Caylee’s remains were found 6 months after She was presumed to have died.

The memorial takes into consideration the natural beauty of the wetland where it will be built. It has a walkway that will circle the general area where her remains were found and great effort is made to keep the area as natural as possible while, at the same time, providing a comfortable place for visitors to rest and contemplate theĀ  brief life of Caylee and the effect she has had on all who followed Her story.

Also included in the monument will be a walkway made out of bricks engraved with the names of those who have donated towards the building of the monument.

Bring Kids Home is a New Jersey Based Non Profit that receives funding, in part, from an anonymous trust from an estate. The charity plans on asking for the public to donate $25,000 towards the monument with the rest coming from corporate sponsors and other funding sources.

It will be interesting to see if BKH is able to succeed in building what might turn out to be a striking and fitting memorial to little Caylee Marie Anthony.

Stay tuned



In something of a surprise, the Caylee Memorial site on Suburban Drive in Orlando has received a couple of surprise visitors. George and Cindy have arrived to release balloons at 6 pm today. I had doubted that they would have offered their support let alone show up at the memorial.

It was a big surprise when I learned that they had, in fact, showed up at the memorial. It was a nice gesture on their part and so far they have been warmly accepted by the other people visiting the memorial.

This memorial on theĀ  6th birthday of Caylee is continuing a healing process we all need.

Stay tuned.



I have been flooded with e-mails from my friends at the


ITBBSG who are getting their belly laughs over the so called “anniversary of the Internet” and the fact that the media has this little tidbit COMPLETELY WRONG.

This is, however, a common error since a lot of people out there mistake today’s anniversary the 20th of the Internet when it is, in fact, the anniversary of THE WORLD WIDE WEB which is substantially different.


The internet actually started out as something known as ARAPANET in the 1960’s as the government, educational institutions and science labs started looking for efficient ways to share information and to prevent an accident leading to the unintended start to World War III.

A blatant example of how the internet actually worked was demonstrated to some extent by a movie entitled Wargames that was made in 1983. By that year over 4 million people were on the internet but did not know it.

MURT'S TRADE NET CIRCA 1983How so? You ask. The answer is simple. Something called on line Extranet providers. A large number of companies, the largest being America On Line and Commodore provided an on line network that is much the same as the World Wide Web is today. Commodore, by the way TRADEMARNED the term email in 1983, just short of 10 years before the introduction of the WWW to the world and the beginning of the “public” internet system.

Now before you newcomers start writing and telling me that an extranet is NOT the internet, you need to understand what the internet was and is and how these extranets worked and it most cases, still do.

When someone subscribed to one of these on line providers, they did so over a land line or toll line number. If you were fortunate to access an on line service over a local number, you avoided an additional charge by the telephone company for the call. Sometimes you were given a toll free number which allowed you access to the provider for a surcharge that was usually cheaper than a long distance call.

In the beginning all access was metered either by the hour, minute or a package rate which is similar to what everyone is going through with the cellphone and smart phone billing plans in existence today.

map of fidonet system

Now what a LOT of people did not understand is that these access numbers were what were known as NODES. The number actually went to a switching station that connected to the internet in order to “packet” the information to the server that operated as the extranet for the on line service provider. AOL still has the same extranet it had which is located somewhere in Kansas.

What is not known is that there were a large number of computer users around at that time that did not like having to pay the big companies for the use of the internet or for anything else having to do with telecommunications for that matter, and were always looking for ways to beat the system.

Even before companies came along and introduced affordable on line services first to commercial users and then to the general public, there were a few of us fooling around with electronic telecommunications. Our earliest efforts started with pairing a couple of Telex Model, 19 and then the more modern Telex model 33 teletype machines over conventional telephone lines between each other. This sort of thing was frowned upon by what was then the Bell Telephone Company since they had a monopoly on the use of their phone lines.

By the time Compuserve, Genie, AOL and Earthlink started offering their “on line” services to the General public, the members of what was to become the ITBBSG were sending each other messages over any number of teletype machines throughout the united states.

When the movie Wargames came along, another trend was devloping. The advent of individually owned Bulletin Boards that used an elaborate system of “leapfrogging” messages and eventually files between each other in a sort of relay system in order to reduce or completely eliminate long distance telephone charges in existance throughout the late 1970’s straight through into the late 1980’s when that advent of unlimited nationwide long distance flat rates made the system obsolete.


FIDONET was one of the largest of these systems and some of the individual BBS owners (sysops short for System operators) would join the network.The messages would be “duplexed” between each other in intervals because at the time, modems were only capable of either transmitting or receiving when on line. At the top and bottom of each hour, “outgoing” messages would be sent throughout the system by the BBS that was assigned to represent each call district. The “incoming” messages would be sent on the quarter of each hour.

Rather than individual e-mails, a format similar to forums was established so that the messages had some order to them. As the computers became more powerful, software was developed that allowed for fairly instant messaging and the transfer of files.

Besides FIDONET were a number of other groups that formed to develop their own “node” system. The ITBBSG was one such group.

The original purpose of the ITBBSG was for the simple purpose of on line barter. The acronym stood for The Internet Traders Bulletin Board Systems Group. It was sort of an early version of Craigslist but much smaller and simpler.

As the internet became more sophisticated and easier to access. Services such as Ebay and Craigslist came along that made the ITBBSG as a barter group obsolete. Fortunately the group had also expanded to include discussion sites within the individual BBS members. The group also made the decision to stay OFF World Wide Web. It does so by operating a pair of servers, one on the east coast of the US and the other on the west coast. Only the BBS sysops can access these servers.

There are thousands of these groups world wide who have decided that the WWW lacks security and privacy and has become overly commercialized. The recent exploits of Anonymous and similar groups proves the correctness of this decision by these groups.

So there stands the correction folks. Just another example of why you cannot believe everything you read and see on the internet.

Stay Tuned



“This case is a mess” were the words that came of the tongue of Chief Judge Belvin Perry as he tried to wrestle with the problems created when it was found that Casey Anthony served her probation while in prison for the check forgery charges she plead guilty to.

At the center of this mess is the defense team headed up by Jose Baez who remained silent knowing full well that it was the intent of Judge Strickland that Casey Serve supervised probation AFTER she was released from jail.

Jose Baez knew full well what Judge Strickland meant when he issued his order yet he chose to remain silent and allow the mistake to be made by the Orange County Jail. With a full docket ahead of him, Judge Strickland continued on unaware that his order had not been carried out due to a simple error and the defense chose not to remind him of that error.

There are a number of questions that Judge Perry has to wrestle with as he waits until sometime next week to issue his ruling on the matter. First is would Casey face double jeopardy if he were to require her to serve a year of supervised probation.

Judge Perry then has to decide if it was a breech of ethics for the defense team not to have brought this to the courts attention. Jose Baez has stated time and again that he is a strong advocate for Casey receiving a fair trial. What Casey seems to have gotten from our justice is extra special treatment from a defense team who is the master of the art of deception.

It is likely that the worst case scenario in all of this is that Casey Anthony may have to serve what is known as “Administrative Probation” which means she would be on probation with virtually no restrictions at all. Another slap on the wrist for the most hated woman in recent memory.

If anything has been learned over the past three years it is that the deceivers are the ones who reap the rewards, ethics be damned.

Stay Tuned



First was the Halloween mask and now another offering from e-bay is the Casey Anthony Jailbird doll. This piece of crap is already up to $3000.00 and still active. It is interesting what people can do with a dollar’s worth of plastic, paint and scrap cloth.

Cha ching.


Stay tuned




Judge Perry has ordered the hearing regarding the status of the probation of Casey Marie Anthony for Friday, August 5, 2010. She does not have to appear in court so she will not be in court either.

Someone else also will NOT be in court friday, unless Judge Perry so orders, the prosecuting attorneys. The State Attys office has said that they will not send a representative to the hearing.

The state actually sides with the defense on this one, stating that they are satisfied that Casey has met her obligations and they are not going to contest the defense on the matter.

I can hear the collective “well that sucks” from many out there who thought that there would be some kind of extra burden placed on Casey by Judge Perry.

Just another chapter in the case that won’t die.

Stay tuned




They just never will learn. Strickland is out and Perry is in. Sounds like a rerun folks.

Order of Recusal

Stay Tuned



Chaney “the finger” Mason filed an emergency order to quash the order for Casey to appear at the Orange County probation office. Here is that order. The last page is real interesting.


Stay tuned


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