I was reminded tonight of a highly destructive method of mining for coal and other subterranean resources. It is called mountaintop removal. This form of mining literally shears the top right off the mountain creating a mesa which is then carved into leaving a sort of gorged bowl that is then “reclaimed.” It is a method that does not work.


The article written in this Topix post sums up why those who care and are able to, need to lobby against this sort of mining.

Visit this Topix thread. Read her article and comment your thoughts there.  I would also suggest that you spread the word about this issue to every social media site you participate in to see if there is a solution.

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Had an unexpected letter from the State of Arizona today. Re: Submitting a false instrument in a judicial proceeding. I had completely forgotten about this issue.

13-2703. False swearing; classification

A. A person commits false swearing by making a false sworn statement, believing it to be false.

B. False swearing is a class 6 felony.

Sections:  Previous  13-2701  13-2702  13-2703  13-2704  13-2705  13-2706  13-2707  Ne



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It has been called “The case that won’t die” and it is also,  apparently “The obsession that won’t die” as well. While on twitter I received a follow suggestion for this twitter site:


As it turns out, the website that is linked to from Twitter has a widespread presence on the internet. There is, the main website, the Twitter page, and the Facebook page. It seems there are quite a few people that are interested in where Casey, George, Cindy and even Jose Baez might be at any given moment.

There is even a blog out there that is obsessed with those still obsessed with Casey Anthony. That blog calls those obsessed with the Anthony saga all sorts of names and goes on, rant after rant about those still tracking Casey and co, Tweeting about Dr. Phil and the stuffed toys still being left at the memorial site.

So here we are, those who are obsessed with the case and those obsessed with those obsessed with the case filling up server space on the internet with our obsessions.


Stay Tuned




Nothing irritates me more than when someone pulls a scam on someone who can ill afford to be victimized by these scams. One such scam has been circulating on Craigslist for the past week. It is an ad for a job. It is the kind of job anyone can do:

Driver wanted for driving a car

I started browsing the Craigslist ads when someone told me that there were a lot of scams going on. The last time I got involved in researching  on line scams involved an African based scam aimed at men seeking companionship.

The ad is a briefly worded one:

orlando craigslist > jobs > transportat

Driver wanted for driving a car

Date: 2011-09-13, 7:38AM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Looking to employ a driver with good communication skills, good customer relation attitude, dedicated, good driving skills, good driving records, good communication skills and must be flexible.

When an applicant answers the ad, they are told that they will be driving a 2008 VW Passat that was booked at “The Car Depot.”

The job consists of driving the father of a Business woman to various appointments throughout the city from Monday through Thursday. The 54 year old father is a friendly guy that tells a lot of good jokes and is easy to get along with. The poor slob got into some kind of accident and cannot drive. He is a widower who lost his wife 7 years ago.

Since I have 4 years experience driving for a limo company, I decided to apply for this position. In the application I stated that I would be willing to do the job for $8.00 per hour which would amount to about $250.00 per week. I am a single dude living in a cheap beat up 30 year old mobile home so my requirements are not all that high.

Imagine my amazement today when I got an e-mail saying that I GOT THE JOB!

On top of that it pays $500.00!! That is almost as much as I make driving a tractor trailer. But wait, it gets better! SHE PAYS A WEEK IN ADVANCE!

In the next installment of this little tale I will go into just how some poor unsuspecting soul is likely to get victimized by this cruel scam.

Another clue regarding this little stunt. Take a REAL CLOSE LOOK at this ad again. See if you smell something rotten.

jacksonville craigslist > jobs > transportation jobs

Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally! Beware any deal involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, cashier check, money order, shipping, escrow, or any promise of transaction protection/certification/guarantee. More info

Driver wanted for driving a car

Date: 2011-09-13, 7:25AM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Looking to employ a driver with good communication skills, good customer relation attitude, dedicated, good driving skills, good driving records, good communication skills and must be flexible.

  • Compensation: Negotiable
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 2596061481

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This one hits close to home two ways. Justin Kolves, 28 was arrested here in Lake County for using his position as A Florida State Trooper to look the other way as drugs passed through Central Florida on their way to points in the northeast.

The first way, of course is that he was arrested here in Lake County, Florida where I live. The second way is that Trooper Kolves used to be with FDOT before the agency merged into the Florida Highway Patrol in a cost cutting move by the state. I have probably met Mr. Kolves during the standard FDOT inspection of my truck as I drove the highways of Florida over the last 30 years. I know many a FHP trooper and FDOT inspector personally. It sort of comes with the turf.

It therefore hits me that much harder that it is possible that I have met a so called “dirty cop” at one time or another. I have the utmost respect for law enforcement officers and the tough job they have every day.

I can only imagine how upset his fellow officers are tonight for the shame and tarnish he has brought to his agency and the State of Florida.

It is also a shame that no less than THREE officers from the TSA were also caught up in the massive multi state roundup of this drug ring.

How much worse will this situation regarding with those who are charged to serve and protect get?

Stay tuned




One thing that has come out of the true crime community is that it is more frequent that it is the non expert bloggers offering alternative theories that do not fit the accepted views of those investigating these cases or the so called experts that  may, in fact, be on to something.

An old episode of “The Cold Case Files” that aired today reminded me of an old debate that took place a few years ago regarding the suicide of Melinda Duckett. The Fruitland Park, Florida Police Department concluded that she committed suicide with her grandfather’s shotgun. The public at that time accepted their conclusion and the debate turned to other aspects of the case. There was one individual among the true crime community that did not accept this conclusion.

It was her contention that Melinda could not and did not commit suicide. It was her belief that the answer lies elsewhere.

My purpose in writing this article is not to take a position on her theory regarding what happened to Melinda but is to point out that sometimes these alternatives deserve to be looked at more closely in case these bloggers might have stumbled across an important clue that would lead tothe correct answer that somehow got overlooked by the “experts.”

When this person first brought forth her theory that Melinda did not commit suicide, another member of the true crime internet community took issue with her to the extent that she took a shotgun and in several poses, demonstrated where it was possible for Melinda to have in fact, gone into a closet, and shot herself using her toe to press the trigger.

The vast majority of the on line true crime community dismissed the suicide theory outright based on these photos that were briefly on the internet and moved on.

I had moved on as well, accepting the law enforcement theory after obtaining the files of the Melinda Duckett suicide and examining what limited information they released.

The airing of a cold case by the show I cited above made one point that has forced me to address this issue.

That point is the recoil of the shotgun after it was fired. None of the forensics in the Fruitland Park records addressed the recoil of the shotgun that Melinda fired. The photos the on line poster who disputed the blogger’s viewpoint against the suicide did not address the recoil issue.

In the show, the investigative agency had a female officer make several different poses with the shot gun to demonstrate that the female that was the subject of the story could NOT have fired the shotgun in an apparent suicide. The husband had contended that she had committed suicide and in the story it was determined that it was the husband who murdered her.

One striking point and piece of evidence that came out in the show that was identical to the Duckett suicide was the use of the woman’s toe to pull the trigger. The gun of the woman in the segment was found to be resting between her legs. In the segment the detective said that if the woman had fired the shotgun, the recoil would have caused the gun to fly off the bed and land nearby.

In one photo of Melinda Duckett, the shotgun appeared to be resting at her side NEXT to her as she was in a sitting position on the closet floor.

What do YOU think?

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Rumor has it that this  recently arrested Central Florida resident is a well known troll on the internet. She passes herself off as a sophisticated and intelligent member of the true crime community.

Well, all I can say at this point is……DAMN.


Stay tuned




It has been reported that Cindy and George Anthony has told Dr Phil that that Casey suffers Grand Maul seizures. They went on to state that several calls to paramedics were made when Casey suffered these seizures.

There was one known incident where a former boyfriend of Casey’s called 911 during one of these seizures.

The Anthony’s strongly feel that Casey was incapacitated during one of these seizures and therefore was unable to come to the aid of Caylee who accidently drowned in the pool.

If this is the case, why would Casey put duct tape around Caylee’s skull, drive her around in the trunk of a car, abandon that car and finally dump her in the woods near the Anthony home? Also, why did Casey then wait a month before coming up what turned out to be a lie about Caylee being kidnapped by a non existent nanny?

None of this came out during the trial, of course, so it is just one more thing for those few left who are interested in this case to ponder.

Stay Tuned




Over the past few days in a series of twitter posts, Ms Michelle Lynn McKee of Gig Harbor, Washington has been making a number  of statements in which she accuses NICB otherwise known as The National Insurance Crime Bureau of acts against her. This organization based in Des Plains, Illinois, works with law enforcement agencies and the insurance industry to combat crimes against insurance companies who are members of NICB and their insured.

This is their profile from their twitter account:


Not-for-profit organization leading a united effort of insurers, law enforcement agencies and the public to prevent and combat insurance fraud and crime

On her Twitter account, Ms Michelle McKee has posted the following in regards to NICB and those who are retained there.

Michelle McKee

@MichelleLMcKee Gig Harbor, WA
Wrote for National Lampoon, guest writer for Investigation Discovery, ghost writer for Court TV, round 3 finalist in Charlie Sheen’s intern competition
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime 1 last thing, per Uguys, I’m a recognized expert in the Internet & Internet investigation. Did I mention I want my job back?
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime On 10/15/10 Laura Cysensky, w/o predicate, utilized NICB resources to background me. Would like her audited & terminated. TY
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime On or about 11/15/10, after being caught for her action on 10/15/10, Laura Cysensky retaliated privately. Terminate her pls.
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime Step 1 to Internet Investigation & Data Mining: Never leave a trail. “Expert” Cysensky got caught!
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime U have been hanging out in my rear view for 4yrs. U MUST love me! I would like my job back & Laura Cysensky terminated. TY
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime …and in case U R wondering – yes, I do expect that U will reinstate me – w/back pay PLUS damages, starting @ $250K
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime 2007case mtg @ Safeco before co reps & FBI, NICB SA Newell called me a slut. 1 of us is still employed. Want my job back. TY
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime 2007 NICB emps, inc Agents&Directors, found 2have porn on their comps & remained employed. I’d like my job back, pls.
MichelleLMcKeeMichelle McKee
@insurancecrime 2007 due2suffering onset of severe symptoms of an undiagnosed life-threatening illness, I was told2resign. Want my job back!

In the past Michelle Lynn McKee has been known to accuse Pat Brown, noted criminal profiler of stalking her along was a number of individuals including myself.

Michelle Lynn McKee has also contacted a number of law enforcement officials to claim that I had made statements claiming knowledge of the location of a deceased child who is still currently missing 5 years after he disappeared.

As for the claims she has made against The NICB of Des Plains Illinois, it would be up to that organization and those she has named in her posts to address her claims.

It would be nice to hear their side of this story.

Stay Tuned



There is a blog/website that has been touting the innocence of Casey since well before the verdicts were rendered in her trial. There is a slight problem with the claims of the administrator(s) of that “fan site” put forth in both the name they chose for the site as well as some of the articles they chose to write within the site.

The single most important point is that Casey Anthony is NOT innocent, of the charges levied against her by the State. She is NOT GUILTY. There is a substantial difference in the two findings, the former NEVER decided by any jury.

In essence it means that the charges brought against Casey are “not proven.”

Yes, it does mean that Casey Anthony will NOT serve any time for whatever happened to Caylee. One would think that even the supporters of Casey would have learned from the O. J. trial that just because someone is found not guilty of a crime, they are not necessarily off the hook.

Unlike the victims in the OJ case, there is nobody to Sue Casey in civil court on the behalf of Caylee. I have found out by asking around that just about anyone who wished to could sue Ad Litum (or something like that) on her behalf, not to collect money damages, but to determine the true circumstances surrounding her death.

I would be quite interested to see if there is an atty or organization out there that would consider filing such an action. There are many out there who have followed this case for years who would like to know the truth, at least, of what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony.

I am one of them.

Stay Tuned


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