We have an interesting quandary tonight. This character seems hell bent to blame all my troubles on an impersonator of him.

We also have someone making comments on my blog using either free e-mail services or totally fake nonsensical e-mail addresses. What this second person does not understand is that the exact same IP address is displayed regardless of what he puts into the header.

Now why this second person would allow such an obvious error to occur is a bit odd but it does prove to me and others who read this blog the extent of fraud and deception that goes on when it comes to placing information about me on the internet.

This ongoing process, however, is making it abundantly clear how easy it is to impersonate someone. It shows how easy it is to steal someone’s information. It shows how easy it is to create internet content that is purported to be from someone when it clearly is NOT.

I have contended that since 2008 people have said things about me that simply are not true. These same people accuse me of things I did not do and that I have written things that I did not write.

This hacking and impersonation happened as recently as my main twitter account. While I do not think the account was hacked, I do think someone “created” a post that I DID NOT MAKE and put it onto a blog.

The claim eluded to me is a minor one. Rather than erase the tweet, as was the charge, all I could have done is state that it was a typo since the amount stated in the alleged post was way out of line with what is actually the case. The subsequent twitter posts made that quite clear.

Any NORMAL person would have seen that as a typo and perhaps would have sent me a message or made another comment, but alas NONE of my 600 plus followers on Twitter saw fit to comment.

That is, of course, because the comment was not there in the first place. Some version of The impersonator created it out of thin air.

The same holds true of many of the source materials out there purported to be from me.

The fake e-mail addresses used to comment on this blog are easily created. The fake material with my name on it is just as easily faked.

The truth is setting me free, one comment at a time.

Stay Tuned



Well after a protracted debate about weather or not a WordPress administrator can or cannot read ip addresses, where Shawnio said I CANNOT, someone, out of the blue gave me permission to post the Ip address they used to send a comment to this blog.

This ip information is published with THE PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR. I am going to post this waiver as well as the screenshots of the ip information.


No go right ahead I’d love to see you make this piss ant eat crow for once. Give what you got from me posting I’m ok with it.

This, by the way is how Sandra Goddard of other blogs) gets her ip address list from her subscribers.

Ok, Shawnio, your turn


Stay tuned




Since “someone” seems to be hung up on stats, I decided to check my own.

Read and compare.

Stay Tuned



A while back I eluded to some changes coming down the road. Well, the changes are still being worked on and I did write about part of that in another blog I set up

Now since old farts like me tend to be a bit lazy and slow moving, the changes have not come quite yet. When I get around to it, the Mudpit will be up and running.

I will be broadcasting on Blogtv when I feel like it and I am bored or just have something to say or do that will get a rag up “someone’s” ass so he has something to write about in order to bring attention to himself.

It will be interesting to see what “someone” finds to gripe about.

Stay Tuned



In the many years that I have been on line, the last four years have been the most interesting. One area that has been most interesting is in the area of internet identity.

Almost everyone on the internet uses a “handle” to identify who they are on the internet. Some of us have more than one “handle.” It is supposed to be a way for those we communicate with to know who we are.

At least that is the way it used to be. It is no longer that way and it has not been that way for quite a long time. Impersonation is now the norm. There seems to be no way for anyone to be certain who it is they are communicating with.

The last few days seems to be an example of how difficult to determine who is who?

Throughout the month of October 2011 I have been getting e mails from who I thought was Shortbusdude, a well known internet prankster and scammer.

The problem, however, is how can one be certain it is REALLY Shortbus and not an impersonator. I have been impersonated so many times on the internet that I have lost count. Now it is Shortbus and even Shawnio that makes the exact same claim.

A group of rather peculiar people have been spreading around instant messages, posts and other media purported to have been created by me. I have been stating over and over again that the various media are FORGERIES that I had nothing to do with. Shortbus has been front and center saying that everything out there is, in fact, genuine.

Well, the question has to be, how the hell do we know for sure? The answer is that we cannot.


On each and every day, more sophisticated methods of impersonation are developed. More ways to hack into various on line accounts are perfected, and more sophisticated multimedia impersonations make their way onto Youtube and Xtranormal. Even the soundboard calls are getting more sophisticated and are no longer confined to voice tracks of celebrities.

It is now quite easy to take voice tracks of ordinary people and create “conversations” that never existed.


Truth is no longer truth and the truth no longer sets you free.

Stay tuned



Well I thought that this little pissing match between me and Shortbusdude (aka Tracy Roddy) was finished. Welllll I stand corrected. I got another one! Now Mr. Roddy has repeated his denial and in his last PERSONAL e mail to me he had said the following:

“Alright… I just sat and read thru your garbage or an email and if you really want to believe that I was the one who sent that non sense then so be it, but as I’ve stated, I’m not going to get dragged into any of your BS drama like I was in the past. You’ve said what you had to say, you think its me who sent that, I told you it wasn’t, we’re DONE! Now you can move along and find someone new to harass. In my opinion I just think you’re bored and need someone like me to bring interest back to your life again, but its not going to happen, so might I suggest that you hop in your van and go “Casey” chasing! Now kindly move along sir your emails will no longer be accepted here. Thank you and have a wonderful day. :)”

Now, for some stupid reason, I had thought that my problems with Shortbusdude (Tracy Roddy) were over with and I could move on.

His latest DENIAL was in my e-mail in box at 7:18 this morning. I opened that e-mail just before I wrote the “Denial” article.

So Imagine my surprise when about 10 minutes before I wrote THIS article I once again got an e-mail from none other than SHORTBUS DUDE (Tracy Roddy)!!!!

And lookie lookie lookie at what was in the e-mail:

“hi there.
im finally turning my life around this completely exceeded my expectations I started and never looked back soon you could be living the dream

Now, If I were to post the e-mail where this came from, it would be abundantly clear that the SHORTBUS_69 Username and the accompanying e mails site are EXACTLY the same. The e-mail header has been THOROUGHLY examined as well as the routing information that details how the e mail made it’s way through the internet from the sender to me.

The same was done with the e-mail that was sent from Shortbus where he DENIED several times that he did NOT send the e-mail.

It is here that I have a bit of a problem. I do NOT know the policy of regarding the publishing of personal e-mail addresses that are not mine. I also, as a rule, do not publish e-mails of individuals in articles of this type. In this case, the e-mail address of Shortbusdude is from an account he uses for his multimedia stream sites. However, being the crybaby Shortbusdude (Tracy Roddy) is, I am certain he would go crying to WordPress if it was, in fact, a violation of TOS to do so. This whole episode my be a way into tricking me to do just that.

So, until I get an answer from, the e-mail addy will be redacted from THIS website.

Finally, in his series of e-mails Shortbusdude offered NO explanation as to how someone could have sent an e-mail to me that EXACTLY matches his widely used account.

So that leaves us with two options from which to choose:

Option 1: Shortbus’s (Tracy Roddy’s) e-mail account was (gasp) HACKED!

Option 2: He LIED

I pick Option 2

How about you?

Stay Tuned




Well, this little saga between me and Shortbus has come to an end. Unfortunately Shortbus has yet to explain how spam using HIS EXACT E-MAIL ADDRESS wound up being sent to me and a few other people.

This is the easy way to avoid the issue, just deny deny deny and then shut off any debate.

That way he does not have to account for his actions and is free to pull his stunts on another victim.

Shortbus and puppygate

This reminds me of puppygate. Same Shortbus same pattern.


Stay Tuned




Well, as expected, the announcements of the books coming out concerning the Trial of Casey Anthony and Caylee missing are hitting the news media. First was Jeff Ashton who will tell why he feels Casey is Guilty. That book is due out around Nov, 15th. He has already started to talk about the book.

Next comes Chaney Mason who is said to be writing his “tell all book” himself ( no ghost writers) that will explain why HE feels that Casey is innocent. He promises to reveal a lot of insider information that nobody knows about. He is also going to talk about those on the defense team that quit just before the trial started.

So now we will have the “Casey Book Trial” where the attorneys will duke it out via the bookstores and e-readers, and the jury of public opinion will render their own verdict.

Stay Tuned




Well, Tracy Roddy aka Short Bus Dude at least has told the truth ONCE when he calls himself an IDIOT on the internet as he has yet to rebut my contention that he is spreading SPAM through e-mails on the internet. I first wrote about when I received the first SPAM e-mail from him detailing WHY it is that what he sent me was SPAM.

Note the upper right hand corner. Get your WALLET ready!

Now, Mr Roddy must have left his reading glasses at the Produce Department of the Publix store where he works since he cannot comprehend what the hell it is that I am talking about:


Once again I have to ask and I’m probably going to regret it but what in the hell are you talking about? SPAM? CRAP ON THE INTERNET? I’ve not even talked nor even see you around until this email thing. So I have to ask, what seems to be your problem? Simple question! Oh and I am saving these emails just in case you try to say I said something or accuse me of something like you’ve done in the past, so if you are still talking garbage about me somewhere I suggest you post my EXACT words or I may just start another blog to clear my name of anything you MAY accuse me of. Thank you very kindly sir and have a wonderful day.

Now if Mr Roddy would have taken the time to READ my article he would UNDERSTAND that the link contained within the e-mail HE sent me is SPAM.

Mr Roddy would have also UNDERSTOOD that the link is to a website that is widely regarded as a SCAM and I went into a great a bit of detail as to WHY.

I have since sent to Mr Roddy a screenshot of BOTH letters so that he might explain to me two things:

First: Why his first and SECOND e-mails are not Spam:

First was sent on 10/06/2011:


This message came up for the site Mr Roddy wanted me to visit

whats up.
do not pass it by because you are most defiantly capable of doing it if i am
talk to you soon

Second was sent on 10/22/2011:


nothing seemed to work for me I couldnt have found this at a better time it took me a while but im finally content think about trying it
talk to you soon.

In the above article I cited a source that declares this site a scam:

Within the article is this statement that explains just exactly what it is that Shortbusdude (Tracy Roddy) is passing around:

“After you fill out your preliminary info you will be taken to the official sign-up page. There’s not much information about what the program is actually about but from their list of partners and pictures of their customers’ success accounts it appears to be an internet marketing training course.

Their initial package is sold for $19.97 which covers the cost of the tutorials only. When starting an internet marketing business there are additional costs for services that you need to set up if you really want a successful business.”

This is the internet version of the old tv infomercial scam where a guy will tell you how you can make millions from home with little or no effort.

The problem, of course is that you have to fork out for his “courses”

This case, out of Orlando Florida, was a real jewel. BOTH the husband and wife went to the slammer for this one:

The pattern of the link that Mr Roddy sent is a clearinghouse for many of the same kind of courses.

More on the McKorkle SCAM:

This is the kind of GARBAGE that Mr. Roddy is spreading around and now is claiming ignorance.


If you go to the website, you will now get this message:

Dostęp do strony jest zablokowany albo w katalogu domowym nie ma pliku index.html ani index.php.

Now, since I do NOT speak any other language than English, I have no idea what the hell that says. I did check some sources I have that has said the host has terminated their hosting service agreement with the SPAMMER. Well ain’t that interesting?

I half expect him to claim he has been HACKED or is being IMPERSONATED. I would advise all of you to go back and read HIS responses when I made the exact same claims.

Mr. Roddy cannot be HACKED or IMPERSONATED because he knows how to PREVENT that from occurring so those excuses are OUT.

It will be interesting to see how SHORTBUSDUDE (Tracy Roddy) wiggles out of this one. No wonder he admires Casey Anthony so much. Two peas in a pod.

Stay tuned




 I recently wrote a blog about some spam I had received TWICE from Tracy Roddy aka Shortbusdude. I also sent HIM an e-mail telling him I was not pleased that he had sent the SPAM and thus “earned a blog article about it” since he has a habit of pulling his little stunts.


Well He wrote back with a WTF, apparently feigning ignorance that he has sent spam to everyone on his mailing list. HE DID NOT DENY SENDING THE SPAM OR OFFER ANY EXCUSE FOR DOING SO.

I can only conclude from that as an advisory for anyone who has been placed on his mailing list or logged into his websites can expect to receive spam on a regular basis.


Stay Tuned



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