I might get in trouble with this post, but here goes anyway. I have been watching the posts on the social media sites over the past few days with growing concern. There is still a high degree of resentment and anger directed toward the jury that deliberated in the trial of Casey Anthony.

I was as stunned as the next person as not guilty after not guilty came over the airwaves as we all watched the live coverage of the trial. This, by the way, is the same degree of anger that was raised in the OJ trial as well as the Robert Blake trial.

What all of us who disagree with the verdicts have to do is to stop and realize that we live in a country with what has to be is the fairest justice system in the world. This justice system is unique in that it leans heavily towards defendant’s rights and the rule of reasonable doubt.

The jurors had a job to do and instructions given to them by Judge Perry. The instructions were specific as well as direct. I feel that in spite of the fact that I may disagree with the jury’s verdict, they did do their job. They listened, they deliberated and then they rendered their verdicts.

To all the dissenters, do remember that some good has come out of the case. Caylee’s laws are being enacted all over the United States to address the issue of care givers who waiver and delay in reporting when something has happened to a child under their care and control.

The public pressure levied by the dissenters have likely reduced any monies that Casey would have made off Caylee’s death. At least one book deal and probably several others that Casey had in place have collapsed and many major publishing houses have made statements that they are not interested in publishing any book by Casey Anthony. This is quite unusual. There are also reports that pending movie and tv deals may have also collapsed under the weight of public opinion.

It is therefore my opinion that the jurors should be left alone. They suffered a great deal because of this case and will likely suffer for some time to come. It is not fair to punish them for what Casey may or may not have done in regards to Caylee. It is SOLELY Casey that should answer for what happened to Caylee.

Casey will be forever known as the most hated woman in the world. That alone is a heavy price to pay.

Direct instead, your anger and frustration toward the continuing and increasing number of missing child cases out there that remain unsolved. We need to keep asking: Where is Trenton, Haleigh, Lisa, Aliyah and untold others who are missing under mysterious circumstances.

Stay Tuned



Well, some fool is at it again. For the past several weeks people on my friends list have been getting a strange message saying they are in violation of Facebook rules and that they need to click on the link and go through steps to save their account from being deleted.

This, of course, is a scam. This has been done before, usually by someone attaching themselves as a friend and then somehow gaining access to their account. This time someone has decided to try and impersonate Facebook and trick people into giving out their account information.

The word of advice is the same with the Facebook Security notice as all others, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. Nothing will happen to your account.

Do report the post to Facebook through legitimate channels and they will deal with it.

Now that I have said my piece, it is off to Cityville.

Stay tuned



To those out there who have ever stated their hate toward someone or wished them dead. This is the path you tread upon.



Stay Tuned




A long wide road runs through the city of Orlando’s west side. All along what we call “the trail” are the poor and the desperate. I see them day in and day out, some with signs some just walking down the road when the cars are stopped at the light holding out their hands.

There are, of course, the ladies, earning their living in the oldest profession around. Some of these ladies are being watched by a white van in a parking lot with two or three men inside wearing headphones and holding walkie talkies. A microphone is hidden on one of the ladies, who is actually an undercover cop waiting for her next victim, someone asking for her “services.”

On the day of this writing I was driving down “the trail” approaching Colonial Drive, which is an east west road that crosses through Orlando. At the corner was a panhandler, as usual, holding a cardboard sign with crude lettering done with a magic marker.

I have seen many of these panhandlers with many of these hand made signs. “I will work for food” adorns many. “Homeless vet” adorn many others. On this day the sign held by one panhandler caught my attention.


His sign was effective in my case, at least. It caught my attention. It was a unique phrase and a true phrase. I pulled away from the intersection after motioning the panhandler and leaving him with 500 pennies.

I continued south as the sun set, absorbing the scene of all of those who populate the corners of “the trail” wondering if they will get their “blessings.”

Stay tuned



I often am puzzled by those out there who use the anonymous mask, flag and other symbols of the group Anonymous in their profiles blogs and other websites. These people might as well use the swastika or even the hooded mask of the KKK for they all had the same roots, religious bigotry.

A lot will argue that the true origin of Anonymous came out of the following of Anime and they would be wrong. Anonymous actually came about as a terrorist group who targeted and still targets The Church of Scientology. Any other belief about the origin of Anonymous is simply dead wrong.


Just like the other groups, the Nazis and the KKK, the original purpose of Anonymous grew as it grew in strength and more and more people joined the movement. For example, when the Socialist Workers party was formed, it was for economic and government reforms. It came about as a protest against the quazi monarchy present in Germany shortly after the First world war. The change in purpose came about when the bigots eventually led by Adolph Hitler took over the group and hijacked the movement.

The same is true of the KKK. The group was formed by a group of Confederate Civil War veterans to promote white supremacy after the war. As the movement grew and entered the 20th century the movement evolved into bigotry, antisemitism, and various forms of prejudice.

Anonymous has undergone the same transformation. The movement has expanded from being anti-scientology to being against everything from big business to those who would punish Wikileaks and most importantly, terroristic cyber attacks against ordinary citizens.

This is the problem when groups are formed with hate as their roots mantra. Hate begets hate as more join the group and the hate expands. The founders of the group may have had one specific purpose in mind  when the group was formed but almost always the group gets infiltrated by those who seek power for their own agenda.

It was true with the Nazis. It was true with the KKK. And now it is true with Anonymous.


Stay Tuned




Well it seems that Tracy Roddy, better known as Shortbus Dude needs attention again. For the SECOND time, Mr Roddy has sent me spam mail for some crappy work at home scam that is circulating on the internet.

Mr Roddy had the bright idea of sending this item to all of his “friends” so they could make the big bucks and perhaps quit working for Publix since they apparently are not paying enough causing Mr Roddy to go looking for this crap. Or did Mr Roddy have another motive?

IF one does a little research, which most people do not, they would find out some interesting things about this outfit. The following link is the most well known article circulating about this scam:


The one thing that jumps out at you is that the business model of this outfit follows the old tiered system of collecting increasing amounts of money from you in order to progress through the system to get more and more material and information on these “fantastic money making opportunities” that are all over this website.

This is actually the internet version of the old infomercials where some dude would sit there for a half hour and tell how to make money at auctions, real estate deals and what have you. They start off with an introductory cassette or cd for free (just pay handling costs, usually $10.00) which only contained another pitch and an offer to send a “course” for even more money. The problem is that the more you buy, the more you need. These things can wind up costing thousands of dollars.

Now, someone out there is going to ask the question “Isn’t it likely that SBD is himself a victim and is unwittingly passing this information on to his “friends?”

The answer is NO. SBD is the SAME person who touted the famous PM’s.

SBD is the SAME person who impersonated an FBI agent and called me to tell me I was under investigation

SBD is the SAME person who impersonated an IRS agent and called me to tell me I was under investigation.

SBD is the SAME person who has been stalking and smearing me for YEARS.

soundboard calls

That would mean that SBD knows about all sorts of scams and spams on and off the internet and knows best how to AVOID them. Therefore SBD is NOT the kind of person to fall for such an obvious and well known work at home scam.

It would be safe to say, then, that Mr Tracy Roddy, aka Short Bus Dude, who lives less than two hours from me and knows the financial condition I am in DELIBERATELY sent me this garbage in the hopes that I would FALL FOR IT and further sink into the financial abyss by investing money that I CANNOT AFFORD TO LOOSE on a SCAM.

Well, his latest stunt BACKFIRED. I have BOTH e-mails archived. Yes, BOTH. ShortbusDude actually sent me this crap TWICE. That means that he was bound and determined to get me financially damaged by falling for this scam.

What I do find interesting is with WHO is on the mailing list for the OTHERS who have been sent the link. MonoxideMMAC was sent one of these spams along with a number of rather interesting individuals. At the least, SBD has provided me with a treasure trove of e-mail address connecting a group of known HACKERS together into one e-mail package.

One of a number of blogs that publish the antics of ShortBusDude


For that at least, I can thank Mr. Roddy, aka Shortbusdude for  that belated birthday present.

Stay Tuned



There has been a growing number of tweets and retweets as well as posts on Facebook and other social media sites where this “codeword” began to appear. It obviously means NO HATE and is a campaign to bring the attention to the intense hatered and bullying that has been directed at the gay and lesbian community recently.

Much of this hate has come out of the latest legislation and debate regarding gay marriage and civil unions.

My position here is that regardless of where one stands on the laws, there is not excuse to direct hate and bullying towards gays and lesbians because of it.

I am a proponent of live and let live. I may be straight but I am not going to object stand in the way of those are gay or lesbian.

This is also the message of the NOH8 campaign where requests are being made to wear purple to indicate that one is against hate.

I would hope this campaign has some effect and puts a stop to all forms of hate that seems to be rampant in society today.


Stay Tuned



Did Jeff Ashton, former Prosecuting atty in the Case Anthony trial resign to become the sheriff of the city of Martinsville Virginia? At first glance, one  might think so. A close friend of mine who met the Sheriff could not figure out where she had seen The sheriff before.

It finally struck her that the sheriff, Steve M Draper bears a strong resemblance to our famous local Prosecuting atty Jeff Ashton. Truth be told Jeff Ashton is concentrating on his forthcoming book due out at any time. He will likely start touring to promote the book quite soon.

Stay Tuned



There is a video circulating of an episode of an old comedy skit show “Second Chance” that had a segment of where Gadafi is dead and being judged by St Peter. In the skit, a date appears July 29, 2011



This rather cheezy comedy show had the year right and the date was off only by a few weeks. Not bad for a 30 year old tv show.


Stay Tuned




One of my primary Internet cyber stalkers has posted a link to an article about the Group Anonymous apparently in an attempt to show that sometimes this group does some good. The supposed good is that Anonymous has gone after Child Porn Groups:


The problem here is that most people do not understand what Anonymous is and thus why they DO NOT deserve the accolades that Ms. McKee tried to show in posting the above link in her twitter account.

The reason is quite simple. Anonymous is not a group in the normal sense but a CONCEPT. The motto that grew out of this movement sums it up well ” WE ARE LEGION WE ARE ONE.”

You, me or any individual or group could easily adopt the anonymous label in any effort good or bad that might be initiated. Therefore it is not wise to be misled by any article that comes out where Anonymous is shown to do any good.

The ANONYMOUS is and should always be defined as a cyber terrorist group, PERIOD.

Any attempt to do otherwise is to do those innocent victims of their antics an injustice.

Stay Tuned


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