A while back, I had written why I can no longer believe it when a woman makes an accusation against a man and why I could not support any evidence in a trial where a woman is involved in any capacity. This comes, of course, from me being stalked and bullied by women as well as being lied about for several years. As if my own personal experience is not enough, there is this gem.

As proof of my contention, along comes a woman who called 911 today and reported that she was a victim of a carjacking. She said that a gunman got into her car and demanded $20,000. Police immediately saw that this was a false report and promptly arrested her.

Why did she make up this car jacking that caused a dozen deputies to search for the suspect? To get attention from her boyfriend of course. Typical.


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An important clue has turned up in the case of Michelle Parker. Her cellphone has been recovered. Details are still not forthcoming so I suppose we need to watch the local media for details.

This is a big step in finding out what happened to Michelle

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Did a witness see the Hummer on Orlando roads on the Friday after Michelle Parker went missing?

Could the hotline set up to take leads in the search for Michelle Parker somehow overlook an important lead? A Ocala woman wrote this response to an article I wrote regarding the search for Michelle Parker earlier today. As far as I can tell, nobody has checked into her tip or contacted her in regards to the following claim:

“I am so ticked I called the hotline and gave them info on her hummer and they didn’t check into it. I live in Ocala Florida and i was behind her hummer on the friday after she was missing. I know it was hers cause it said GLOW on the back window. I pulled up close to it so I could read what kind of buisness it was.. It caught my eye. I just wish someone would check into this.”

I certainly hope that someone has checked into her tip and have determined if it was valid or not. I would hate to think that an important lead was missed due to an oversight on someone’s part.

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Michelle’s father is intensifying his focus on the ex-fiance Dale W. Smith Jr. as the suspect in her disappearance. He now say he feels that Dale Smith had help. There is nothing like the wrath of a father who feels his daughter has been harmed. As the days fly by and no word of Michelle is forthcoming, look for his wrath to intensify.

The Parker family did go to Daytona Beach today to spread the word about Michelle in the hopes that someone somewhere would find the answer as to what happened to Michelle.


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Michelle Parker, who has been missing since November 17th has an extended family besides her parents and loved ones. Her extended family comprises her workmates and customers at The Barn in Sanford, Florida where she worked as a bartender.

These close knit workmates and friends have come to the aid of Michelle’s parents and family to offer the parking lot of The Barn as well as them holding events to raise awareness and resources, including a reward for information. This business is a powerful ally to have in the efforts to find out what happened to Michelle. Everyone has been pitching in to help in whatever way they can, in big ways and small, to help find out the answer to what happened to Michelle Parker.

Let us hope and pray that the efforts of all these good people pay off and they can give closure to her family.

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Much has been said and reported about the problem of bullying among teens and preteens over the years with not that much attention paid to ADULT bullying and cyber bullying. As one who has suffered from bullying from the haters I found that I could relate to the young man who made this video. We are two who have something in common:


Those who engage in bullying of both teens, preteens and adults, need to take pause and understand the hurt and damage they cause in the course of their cruelty.

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First the cops, now the family have named the ex-fiance, Dale Smith as being responsible for the disappearance of Michelle Parker 18 days ago. Up until today the family had stopped short of formally accusing him. There was a hint over last weekend with a time limited reward of $50 thousand dollars to try and get him to come forward with information regarding what happened to Michelle.

Michelle’s  father stated “I know he did it, now we have to prove it.”

The line has now been drawn in the sand. I would expect to see the war between the families to intensify as the days go by and the fate of Michelle continues to remain unsolved. When and if Michelle is found may bring about a family feud the likes that has never been seen in Orlando.

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It seems someone somewhere is having a panic attack when it comes to large dog breeds. There have been breed bans of Pit Bulls as the singular target of the bans in the past but this new one certainly takes the cake:

Read the petition to stop what has to be the most extreme dog breed ban that I have ever heard of:

The Petition

“As of Monday, December 5, 2011 all “Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Pit Bulls, Mastiffs (all bully breeds), Akitas and Huskies” will fall under a new breed ban.

According to the Cumberland County mandate , “These dogs will be held for the mandatory 72 hrs and then will be killed, they will not be given a chance to be adopted.”

“If the dog is an owner turn-in, he will be killed the second he walks into the back.”

This ban will only result in mass extermination of innocent animals.”

This is outrageous and extreme. These animals deserve a chance and this new ban needs to be abolished.”

If you agree, this is the site of the petition:


I will be watching this story with great interest.


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As of tonight the command center set up to search for Michelle Parker in Orlando is gone. It has been moved to The Barn, a bar where Michelle worked in nearby Sanford, Florida.

The family is now going to search around the area where Michelle lived and worked in Sanford. Orlando Police has stated that they are going to continue to search in the greater Orlando and Orange County area. The days are swiftly passing by and the case is getting colder along with the weather. It is sad to think that Michelle may not be found by Christmas. It is also sad that she might be found by Christmas in a way, nobody wants to find her. Either way, it is shaping up to be where there will be another family who will never view the holidays the same way again.

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Well, Tim Miller is in town and already it is a big mess with him being here. Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch was asked to come to Orlando be Atty Mark NeJame. The first problem for Tim Miller was when he was slapped with a notice to appear to give a deposition to the Atty of Casey Anthony in regards to the lawsuit Texas Equusearch has filed to recover expenses incurred while searching for Caylee.

Then, during an interview by a local station, Tim Miller said “I have better things to do then to be in Orlando.” which seems to indicate that he does not want to be here and as it turns out, might not stay that long.

It also seems that the Orlando Police department may not meet with Tim Miller and if he decides to do a search, it will be without direct support from law enforcement. He does intend to meet with the Parker family and then from there make a decision as to what to do next.

If that was not enough, a while back, noted Blogger/Journalist Levi Page tweeted his concerns about Tim Miller being here at the behest of the prime suspect in Michlle Parker’s disappearence, her ex-fiance and father of her twins Dale Smith Jr.

It certainly looks like the sour taste left in the mouth of Tim Miller after he departed Orlando after the search for Caylee Anthony is still there.

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