Each week, in Ocala, Florida, this bicycle rests against a signpost at a busy intersection while the owner stands nearby, leaning against crutches and holding a crude cardboard sign, printed with the words” hungry, need food.” The bicycle, once a symbol of recreation, is now a symbol of survival. It is a carrier of all the worldly goods of the owner. After a long day of standing at the intersection he rides the bicycle to a nearby wooded lot where he will rest until he returns to the intersection yet again to lean on the crutches and hold up his sign.

Stay Tuned.



It is 3:30 pm on a Monday afternoon. The location is Apopka Florida, a small town located about 20 miles north of Orlando, Florida. A group of people in a gym are sitting in the bleachers and on chairs along one wall. The group of people is not waiting to watch a game. The group of people is waiting to get something to eat.

Those who are there for the first time ask questions of how the ritual works. The veterans of the group, usually indicated by the wheeled grocery carts or large boxes they bring to put their food in, are more than happy to “fill in” the newcomers on how the ritual works.

The ritual starts with the group of people waiting for volunteers to unpack the food to be given out onto large folding tables placed in a long row along one part of the gymnasium. For those who are there for the first time, the ritual starts with filling out an application. The government program run by the USDA requires that the volunteer organization, in this case The New Destiny Church of Apopka, Florida, to verify that the applicant meet government qualifications to get the food.

After the application process, the newcomers join those who have been coming to get their food to wait for the food to be given out. The wait can be as short as a half hour to several hours depending on the number of volunteers that show up and how the church decides to hand out the food.

After the food to be given out is sorted and ready to distribute, the volunteers go to a far end of the gymnasium and form a prayer circle. The group leader, one of the preachers, then begins a long monolog style prayer that can last as long as a half hour. Members of the group waiting for food are always invited, but not compelled to join in the prayer circle. Once the prayer is completed the process of giving out the food begins.

When the group arrives, each person is given a ticket with a number printed on it. One of the volunteers starts to call out ticket numbers much the same way most driver license offices call for the next person to be served.

After the ticket holder is called and hands their ticket to the volunteer, they then join in a line of people who walk along the table and take the food from the volunteers. They are given a bag of bread, then go to the next volunteer where they get canned foods,  veggies, pastries and sweets, plus any “surprise foods” that may be given out in any given week.

After getting their food, the group leaves through a side door, some go home to store their food and prepare their meals for the next week. Others will gather around an area of the lot and “barter” among each other, trading food they do not want or need for food that someone else may have that they do not want.

This ritual is repeated with some differences at thousands of places throughout the United States. Each week, the numbers of those who show up at these food banks increase as more and more people who have been out of work desperately search for the food they need to survive.

I am one of them.

Stay Tuned



One of my most ardent stalkers and bullies recently wrote a blog article criticizing the media for divulging the current hiding place of Casey Anthony and asked a question of a media source “would you admit to having blood on your hands if harm were to come to Casey from you revealing where she is?”

What is remarkable here is this same woman not only gave out my address but also posted many photos of my residence. One of her cult followers flew clear across the country and took photos in such detail that just about anyone could find my remotely located residence. This same woman even solicited and got my UNLISTED phone numbers from one of her most ardent supporters in Florida.

When “someone” called both my brother and sister to the extent that they had to order their respective carriers to block the calls, this blogger said nothing, not a peep. Of course she did not say a peep against HERSELF for posting pornographic photos of me photoshopped on the body ofr a male sitting nude outside of a trailer on a toilet. After all she put it on HER blog. She did not say one word when someone called me EVERY DAY from Sept 2008 up to TODAY demanding that I commit suicide on cam for the lulz.

I guess it is true when one of her more agressive third party stalkers stated that “We are liers, stalkers and hypocrites, OH MY!”

There is a reason why her blog does not apply to me, of course. I am NOT Casey Anthony.

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This is not so much of a political comment as a comment of the degree a “scorned woman” will go to destroy her accused scorner. Both Newt and his supporters in the nomination process seem to think his wife LIED when she said Newt wanted an open marriage.

Until my recent experiences with “scorned women” who have the propensity to lie and also go to great depths to “get even” for some perceived wrong, If I were into political debates, I would have written a scathing blog about the antics of Newt Gingrich of whom I am neither a supporter or fan.

I have stated in the past that due to the personal anguish I have suffered at the hands of so called “scorned women” that I simply cannot believe any accusation by any woman at any level without substantial and overwhelming evidence to support her accusations. I have not changed my stand.

One curious result of this latest scandal is that it does bring up how people seem to change their minds when it comes to the “character issue.” I remember back when President Clinton was going through his scandal, the republicans were all over him as was the “elite media.” Now that it is the republicans turn, they whine at the press for having the audacity of bringing up accusations of immoral behavior by someone wanting to be the next president of the United States.

Oh well, that is politics for ya.

Stay tuned



This van was once a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Now this van is a symbol of hopelessness and despair. This van is now a symbol of poverty and hardship.

I remember back when Artie Grindle would jump on the roof of one of these Tropic Traveler vans and shout “I want to sell you a van!” pointing his finger straight into the camera filming the commercial. The famous Central Florida dealer sold tens of thousands of these vans which were the early versions of the modern suv’s. These vans contained tv sets, vcr’s am/fm cassette players as well as a well appointed luxurious interiors.

The vans were custom made exlusively for the dealership by a fabricator out of Ocala, Florida. As time passed, the suv craze began with more economical vehicles that were factory made and equipped and then offered at a more affordable price than could be offered by the fabricator or the dealer. As the vans were traded in on newer vehicles and aged, the interiors were eventually stripped of their now obsolete electronics and interiors and converted into work vans used by tradesmen such as painters and carpet installers.

A few, such as this one remained intact, used as a second vehicle or a weekend getaway family vehicle. There is another purpose these vans served as did this one. In my business travels throughout the country when I stayed at different motels, I began to notice vans such as this one parked in a space. Some were covered in dust and dirt and others had one or more flat tires. It was obvious the vans had not been driven for quite some time.

Something else was also quite apparent. The vans were full, not with the tools and supplies of tradesmen but with the personal belongings of families. Some even had belongings tied onto the roofs of them. A few others were pulling utility trailers also stuffed with personal belongings. Over the past couple of years the numbers of these vans and the frequency I would see them increased.

I began to see them all over. I also saw pick up trucks also filled with personal belongings as well as an increasing number of cars both large and small.

As I paused to look at this van, the owner walked up to me and told me his story. It was the same story as mine. He had lost his house. The contents of the van were all he had left. After several decades at a high paying job, he found himself jobless. He had struggled for almost a year using up all of his savings, cashing in his retirement plan and going deep into debt.

He and his family were stuck at the motel. They had no funds to drive the van and had run out of money to stay at the motel. He had been staying in the woods near the motel with his family, trying to find work as a day laborer.

He had just been told by the manager of the motel he had until the end of this day to move it or they were going to have it towed.

When I checked out of the motel the next day, the van was gone.

Stay Tuned



I was recently informed of an article regarding copyrights written by someone who has totally disregarded MY copyrights under the fiction of “fair use'” and other self serving excuses for STEALING the contents of my blogs and streams.

One of her moronic supporters even made an elaborate youtube video poking fun of my take on the copyright laws.

In her article having to do with the person who claimed to have found the Casey Anthony diary video and distributed it all over the internet so she could not profit from it, she noted that the copyright begins  “the second the creator types the first letter” as cited in this source.


From the US Copyright site:  What does copyright protect?
Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “What Works Are Protected.”

A copyright is the exclusive legal rights an author has over their works. These works also  include video, handwritten notes, etc. A work is “under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device”. The copyright begins the minute the creator starts the first word.

The author of the blog just contradicted an argument made BOTH by herself and her moronic supporter who made the stupid video stating that in order to copyright a work, the creator has to go through an elaborate legal process to formally copyright their creation. WRONG!!! Once again the TRUTH has set me free and it is by the liars themselves. 2012 is starting off as an interesting year.


Stay tuned



(c) 2012 all rights reserved.  😉



One of the latest items to come out of the “leaking” of the video diary made by Casey Anthony is the intention of Jose Baez to sue whoever leaked the video which he claims was never intended to be made public.

His basis for the lawsuit? More than likely Florida’s security of communications act:

Florida Statutes 934.03 – Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited

Florida Statutes > Title XLVII > Chapter 934 > § 934.03 – Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited

In the case of this diary, it appears that someone hacked into her computer and downloaded it. This also gets into the area of “theft of intellectual property” which is the legal definition of hacking into someone’s computer and stealing content.

I have been, for years, looking for an atty who would like to take my case. There is a woman by the name of Sandra Goddard out of Ohio that seems hell bent on continuing to post instant messages purported to contain statements I made in regards to the children involved in Florida’s more prominent cases. Sandra Goddard originally published these messages and continues to do so in defiance of Florida law. She also has full knowledge of the how and who behind this material but refuses to disclose these details. One has to wonder why?



Private Detective Dominic Casey, with the full knowledge that the instant messages provided to him were of private conversations covered under Florida law, distributed them, is also civilly liable under the same law as well as criminally liable.

Since Bozo seems to think that this law is important to address, I would certainly welcome his assistance to deal with those who have violated the law in the interception of not only these instant messages, but in the release of telephone conversations recorded by Tracy Roddy, aka Shortbusdude, Joshua Meltion aka MonoxideMMAC and as rumored, a prominent associate of a missing child’s family.

Two days from this writing, I will no longer be a homeowner. The primary cause of this change in my status can be traced back to the actions of Sandra Goddard and her group of internet thugs and bullies. They should be made to account for their actions.

Ok, Jose, are you game?

Stay Tuned



This is going to be so much fun! I get to rag on the old boss!

Well, it is official! Jeff Ashton is running for the seat currently held by his boss, Lawson Lamar. Is this one of the “transitions” of which I wrote earlier? Are we going to see the end of the Lamar dynasty and the beginning of the Ashton Dynasty?

The race for the elected seat of State Atty for the Ninth Circuit Court of Florida has begun. There was speculation that this was the primary reason Jeff Ashton resigned rather than just for the writing of the book “Imperfect Justice.”

It has been known within legal circles that JeffAshton has wanted to upgrade the Court bringing in high tech forensics and other tools.  He has also stated that he will personally try some cases and require more senior management staff to be in the courtroom in a more active role.

It is easy to see that the local contest between these two popular titans is going to be one of the more interesting events of 2012 and may well pave the way toward a different path of transition from one style of handing trials within the Ninth Circuit to another.

The ride has begun.

Stay Tuned