Well, when the bullying of Miley Ray Cyrus came across the mainstream news, I was reminded of the twitter posts of Michelle Lynn McKee and her BFF’S who decided it was cute to post death wishes against me along with the other demeaning internet posts and entries out there.

This post by Ms. Cyrus was aired on ABC news this morning along with the story about someone wanting her to DIE!


“Miley Ray Cyrus@MileyCyrus

@MileyCyrusBz I wont tolerate someone telling me 2 die. I think Twitter needs to take some responsibility and make it a safe environment!”

Ms. Cyrus was responding to a series of posts by someone who declares that they hate her. IT is one thing to openly state you hate someone and quite another to wish someone DEAD as has been done to me.

I was again called last night , by the way,  By Kfcfan/Renzolovescake demanding yet again that I commit suicide on cam. I guess he will not stop until I grant him his wish.


Stay Tuned




I have seen that the facebook page that is claimed to be set up by and written by Casey Anthony is now more active. This is perhaps because I have been given access to read it or somehow it has shown up in my page.

This is a general note purported to have been written by Casey as a message for all who visit her page.

“About Casey Marie

I am not here to gain anyones respect, friendship, or trust. I am here to enter back into the real world and reconnect with my family. With the past events that recently took place, I have lost everything, one including my little girl (Caylee) which no words can explain how much I miss and love her. She is my everything!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I’ve heard everything, been called everything your critisizm will not offend me, it will simply make me stronger!


In the event that it is an authentic page by Casey, I would feel that it is incumbent on all of us to at least try and respect her freedom to express herself in what manner she chooses. We all have our feelings about Casey and what happened in regards to Caylee. We can only hope that someday Casey will come clean and explain to those of us who want to know, exactly what happened to Caylee and why.

If, on the other hand, the facebook page turns out to be a hoax by someone for attention or a joke, it is not funny.

Stay Tuned




A rather interesting conversation this morning peaked my interest to do some exploring so to speak as to the current status of Casey Anthony. The rather old news of the day has her at The Cross Church in Palm City, Florida.


There has been reports of her being seen being driven around town but not much else. Unlike the video that was released months ago, Casey does not seem to have much freedom to roam around, much less party.

This church, described by the local press as being rather off beat is able to do something her parents were not able to and that is to keep her in check.

Her party days seem to be over or at least on hold for now. As an aside, it was reported that a strip club offered her a job. Of course, she turned that one down. When news spread to neighbors of the church that Casey was in the area, there was a brief protest with the usual signs proclaiming their disdain that she might be among them and at least one “Casey is innocent” sign was reported to be seen.

Which brings me to another interesting find on the internet. I was sent a link to what is supposed to be an “official” Facebook page by Casey.

Unfortunately, in order to access anything she might have to say, you have to send a friend request. So far she only has one friend listed, Joy Wray, who, I have been told,  still has contact with the Anthony family. I understand that George sent her an e-mail several months back. Not known is what he said to her.

Jose Baez is no longer her lawyer and she does not have any sort of agent to field any book or movie offers…or does she. Is the church going to take over that role? Has Casey found herself drawn into a cult of sorts as was brought out in this mornings conversation?

Has Casey found herself in a prison after all?

Stay tuned









Well, it is sock puppet time. My stalker is back with yet another sock puppet moniker. I do find it curious that this person keeps coming back to this small blog and making her snide little comments.

The reason for this wondering is the fact that she has accomplished her goal. I no longer do webcasts. I am no longer a subscriber to Paltalk. No more “roofriders” no more Live truck road trips. Zilch. In spite of all of that she appears on the scene commenting on an OLDER blog article.

The answer, of course, is that I have struck a nerve. I am telling the truth and she knows it. Others who know the truth are reminding her of that in their own subtle ways.

Her so called “close friend” still writes to me with updates as to her actions. She has yet again set up another PRIVATE BLOG to which only that select few are allowed the “honor” of accessing.

What is it we all have to “wake up” to this time? I do notice that there is no major case similar to Casey Anthony in the news. There is, of course the residual reactive activities out there primarily by the “Caylee’s warriers” and others who feel there was an injustice done with the acquittal of Casey of any charges relating to the fate of Caylee.

Her latest tirade is toward the Caylee warriers group. She is again active with blog posts and photoshopped images as well as delving into the personal affairs of the members and followers of this group.

“Snow White” does not post who she actually is and chooses a stupid fantasy username yet again. Why is that? I wonder. Is she going to claim the stalking nonsense yet again?

Sorry, that fairy tale will not fly. Nobody is stalking this sock puppet, Snow White. Nobody is going by her house and taking pictures and that of nearby landmarks. Nobody is passing around counterfeit posts and instant messages purported to be written by her. Nobody is calling around to various law enforcement agencies and making false reports about her. She is, in fact, being largely ignored.

Perhaps it is that being ignored that has caused “Snow White” to show up on this blog and start playing her little game yet again.

Stay tuned



I was sent a rather curious blog article about Depravity written by a blogger who seems to have an issue with what is being said about the recent death of Whitney Houston. What is curious about the article the blogger wrote is that she is guilty of the very same actions she is complaining about others.

The blogger in question has posted demeaning images and comments on her blog and allowed others to do the same. This same blogger has posted comments of this nature against her own family as well.

I would think that the blogger in question clean up HER OWN BLOG FIRST before she goes on one of her tangents complaining about the actions of others.

Umm, something about “the pot calling the kettle black?”


Stay tuned





Another famous person has died. Another famous person has died too soon. Another person has died from drug abuse. This seems to be the price of fame and fortune today. As fame and fortune increase, the need to self destruct seems to follow fame and fortune exponentially.

In this age of instant news, it took less than an hour after she died for the news of Whitney Houston’s death to appear on the internet.  Within hours, the cause of her death became known and the accusations and the blame game began. Such is the power of the internet that has been handed to the individual. Our influence, both good and bad is shown in the example of how the news of  Whitney’s death is being reported and discussed.

The degree of abuse of a story of this nature is also being demonstrated by some out there who are taking part in distasteful actions in the wake of her death.

2012 is certain to go down as a landmark year for demonstrating how people use the ever more powerful tools of the social media to discuss topics and set trends for the future.

Stay tuned



As the days, weeks and months go by, I find myself bemused by the obsession regarding the case of Casey Anthony. This is not so much the obsession by those who who feel that Casey got away with murder but with a certain group obsessed with those who hold that viewpoint.

This same group of people who, from day one, ranted and raved about those who felt that Casey had murdered Caylee and constantly blogged, chatted and tweeted about Casey, are still at it today.

What this group does not seem to understand is that this is the logical result that would occur when Casey was acquitted by the jury of all the serious charges against Casey. What is interesting is that there are those within this group that, to this day, rant and rave about the verdicts rendered regarding OK Simpson and Michael Jackson. I think the fact that these defendants were men had something to do with that.

The numbers that are now following any development regarding Casey is smaller as time passes. Most have moved on to other more current issues. The few who are actively concerned confine their comments to Casey and their concern that Casey not make any money or otherwise profit from Caylee’s death.

Their critics, on the other hand, still resort to personal attacks and demeaning images of individuals who are “anti-Casey” rather than offering any sort of intelligent insight regarding their viewpoint.

It looks like the beating of the dead horse is going to be around much longer than I had anticipated since these same people have nothing better to do than bash those with opposing viewpoints.

Such is life on the internet.

Stay tuned



Several years ago to prove a point about human nature, I started a countdown on a forum. I made no announcement. I gave no clues nor did I say anything in the post. I simply came in once in a while and posted a high value number and counted down each consecutive post. It caused quite a stir.

Now someone else is doing almost the same thing I did. There have been a number of commercials on television where the end is always “hello friend.” There is nothing else displayed. No trademark. No company name, nothing. An increasing number of people have asked me if I have any idea of what the commercials are about.

My answer?

Google is your friend!

Stay tuned.



I find it curious that this Cinderella person persists on making these rather odd comments to my blog. The reason for my attitude is that I know a few things about who this person is.

Right after the first comment was made by Cinderella was published, I started to get e-mails from a known source with ever mounting proof of just who Cinderella is and why these latest attacks against me have resurfaced.

The sender of this information has stated that he is going to “deal with” Cinderella since he has had problems with this person’s past actions. I guess this would fall under the adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

I will be watching with great interest to see what this person has in mind for Cinderella.

Stay tuned


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