I just not understand why people like Cinderella have to tell such obvious and outrageous LIES as was said regarding the tire situation that was brought up in the latest comments to me.

So, just to set the record straight, I am going to repeat once again the story behind the tire. This incident occurred back when I was covering the search for Caylee by Texas Equusearch. It was a Sunday and the searches had wrapped up for the day.

I had driven down to a KOA south of the airport due to a prank by some smart alack and was on my way back to the search site when the van started to be hard to keep in a straight line. I pulled into a convenience store and found that one of the rear tires had cracks in the sidewall causing excess flexing of the sidewall and making the van feel much like it would if a tire was going flat.

I managed to get the van back to the media staging area and was deciding on what to do since I did not have a spare tire for the van and I was not certain if I was going to be able to make it back to my house which was 30 plus miles from where I was parked. My main problem is that not only did I not have a spare tire with me  I not  have a jack either.

I did tell everyone of the situation. The TRUTH of the matter is that someone offered to call around and see if someone from a tire repair shop could come out with a tire to replace the one that went flat. There were a couple of problems. First, the live truck is a COMMERCIAL vehicle. It uses heavy duty truck tires that only certain dealers would have in stock. This was also late on SUNDAY and most commercial tire dealers are CLOSED.

NOBODY but NOBODY sent me a penny for any tire. Your alleged $30.00 would not even buy a USED tire for the live truck. The average cost for a tire for the van is almost $200.00 and that does NOT include the cost for a road call which is almost as much as the tire.

As ANYONE who is HONEST that tuned into the webcast would tell you, I took the chance and DROVE the van home WITH THE DEFECTIVE TIRE STILL MOUNTED ON THE VAN.

Once I got home, I was able to change out the defective tire with spares I had there and that was the end of the so called “tiregate.”

To this day, moron after moron keeps posting that there were monies sought for and sent for the purpose of replacing this tire. The FACT of the matter as this is just another LIE by those who simply insist on spreading lie after lie about me in order to put a stop to my webcasts.

Stay tuned



One of the more common tricks of folks like Cinderella when posting on my old Paltalk chat room and my blogs was this habit of going off topic and injecting little “gems” of information in order to stir things up and make snide comments that has nothing at all to do with the subject being discussed or in this case, the blog articles I wrote about that started this debate with the mysterious Cinderella.

I decided to take out ONE of this person’s deviations and cite it as example of how this fish story grew out of someone sticking their nose into something they had no business doing.

Cinderella posted something about me “jet setting” around the country and so forth. Well, first of all it was not a JET, but rather, a Beechcraft Baron which is a propeller driven private airplane. Now why is the type of airplane so important? It is the deliberate misrepresentation of a simple fact like this that is key to understanding how false rumors are created by this sort of person and how these misrepresentations tend to grow and feed among themselves to finally have something emerge that is not at all related to the truth.

This is a common technique, by the way, that is used in political ads. I suggest that you study some political ads out there and it will give you some idea of how this works.

The comments by Cinderella about the airplane issue came out of some “nosy Nellie” dingbats who insisted barging into a small private chat room that they had been told time and again to stay out of.

One of these nut cases decided to call the aircraft that I was a PASSENGER in a JET. Now why she chose to do that is rather obvious based on the well known reputation she has for starting trouble and her ability to “get around a ban.” She is an example of how some immature person who cannot take no for an answer will seek revenge for “being kept out of the loop” and being told to go away.

One close and trusted friend from my roof rider days was told the exact reason behind the plane trips I was taking back then and still take on occasion. The reasons certainly were not some “James Bond” type of secret mission to fly all over the country to fight cyber crime as Cinderella eluded to.

The flights were and are nothing more than “hitch hiking” with friends who fly private aircraft on a regular basis to certain destinations I need to go to on personal business. The trolls decided to take my comments regarding these flights and stir up shit. These comments were, again, made in a private chat room where only a dozen or so friends visited from time to time. The reason again for me going into this issue in such detail is to point out the how and why of the widespread rumor mongering that goes on all over the internet.

This rumor mongering is not only about me but thousands of others out there that seem to be the target of detractors that will bully them for whatever reason by using the same kind of tactics used against me. Truth is a stranger to people like them. Eventually legitimate users of the internet will see the degree of the fraud that is presented by these people and ignore them. Until then the honest among us will suffer.

Stay Tuned



The recent comment debate between me and someone with the username Cinderella brings up an interesting question. Why is the commentary always directed TOWARD PERSONAL information about ME and AWAY from ANY questing of certain individuals in regards to the case of the missing child Trenton Duckett.

The comments by this individual was in response to a blog that had NOTHING to do with Trenton Duckett or any actions by me or others related to that story.

This Cinderella person chose to insert the Trenton Duckett case into the blog articles that were on the subject of homelessness and NOT on ANY case of ANY missing child.

When the comments by Cinderella are compiled with the actions of certain individuals close to the case of Trenton Duckett, some rather disturbing concerns arise. It seems to me that upon review, that certain persons were more interested in diverting attention AWAY from trying to find Trenton and was focused more on the actions of bloggers, forum owners and participants and so called ” arm chair detectives.”

Is there more to the Trenton Duckett case than has been made public? Why is this case still deemed OPEN by the Leesburg City Police Department? Melinda was named the likely person who was SOLELY involved in whatever happened to Trenton and it is believed that she somehow caused his death.

For some reason Cinderella has decided to dwell on this cold case. In light of certain events that were written about on a certain blog in regards to someone close to the Duckett case, it seems that it might be in the public interest that a closer look be made of the case and the actions of those involved directly with the so called search for his whereabouts.

Perhaps Cinderella has the answers we have been seeking.

Stay Tuned



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