The news had a story this morning that reminds me of my experiences with those who stalked me over the years. Spike lee, on his twitter account,  posted the address of the man accused of shooting the teenager over in Sanford, Florida which is about 20 miles from where I now live. This stunt is dumb enough and it was made worse when he posted the WRONG address.

This dumb move caused untold misery for the innocent victims of his poor judgement. I had the same thing happen to me. Not only did my stalkers post my complete address on line but also posted a photo road map of how to get there and what amounted to a photo inventory of what I owned. The net result is that I was the victim of several burgleries and lost thousands worth of tools and equipment as a result.

It is stunts like these that demonstrate just how evil cyber bullies can be. Now Spike Lee can join those with this label.



Here we go again. I have been quietly observing an ongoing twitter campaign by someone on that service by the username of @Leviexposed. As I read the accusations this person is making, I am reminded of the 4 year long smear campaign against me.

Since I have had a bit of an argument with Levi in the past, it would be all too easy to jump on the bandwagon and interact with this person.

Common sense and my own experience with hateful bullies cause me to step back and look at the big picture here. This pause comes right on the heels of tonight’s 20/20 segment on bullying on the internet. The second story was more relevant to my victimization than the Rutgers gay student that committed suicide although Renzolovescake and others call me daily demanding I do the same thing.

In the second case it was a woman scorned that defamed an innocent victim and found herself slapped with a $400,000 judgment. Luck is on the side of this nutty woman  as, for now, what she did is NOT a criminal offense. It should be.

Now to get back to this @Leviexposed person. What really got to me was this direct message sent to me on twitter:

Levi Exposed@LeviExposed

@MURTWITNESSONE i am exposing @levipage will you help me or will u be a coward like @badme68??????????????????

Now, calling me a COWARD because I will not support accusing the people this person has listed of things that are just plain out there, is NOT the way to get me to join this cause.

This kind of bullshit needs to stop. Either this @Leviexposed person comes up with PROOF for all of these claims or it is THIS person that needs to be exposed as a cyber abuser and bully.

Stay Tuned



By nature I am a documentary fan. I watch Investigation Discovery and today I just finished watching a remarkable and moving program. It is the story of women convicted of killing their mates because “they could not take it any more” or that they felt their lives were in danger.

This is one program BOTH men and women should watch in order to understand domestic violence and prevent it. Also, watching this program may move those with the resources to help change the laws regarding domestic violence and help get some of these women new trials or their sentences commuted.


Stay tuned




It had to happen sooner or later. A case would come up to point out a weakness in Florida’s “stand your ground” law. A neighborhood watch volunteer shot a 17 year old to death and was not arrested.

This incident has garnered national attention and has sparked a nationwide effort to get similar laws repealed or at least the “no duty to retreat” provision changed.

Florida’s stand your ground law is similar to Florida’s castle doctrine which covers the inside or property of a homeowner. Florida’s stand your ground law extends this provision to public areas both indoors and outdoors as well as in your motor vehicle.

The problem here is not so much with the law itself as with lazy cops who do not know how to examine a situation to determine if the law applies to it or not. The Zimmerman case is a prime example of the weakness of a law such as this. Law enforcement officers are often not trained in the fine points of the law and as a result will either not arrest or arrest based on bad judgment.

In this case NOT arresting Zimmerman was extreme bad judgement to say the least. It has wound up creating another case that is giving Florida unwanted attention and again giving the state a bad reputation.

It should be made a requirement when this state passes ANY law that law enforcement is properly TRAINED as to how to APPLY the law as well as be required to ENFORCE the law.

What good is a law if you know nothing about it and thus refuse to enforce it?

Stay tuned



NO MENTION OF CASEY ANYWHEREA clear indication of the decrease in media interest with Casey Anthony can be seen when one logs into the web pages of the local media outlets here in Orlando, Florida.

NOT EVEN THE PUPPET CHANNEL HAS ANYTHING ABOUT CASEY ON THEIR MAIN PAGEFor the past three years, the media news websites had an exclusive link devoted entirely to Casey Anthony. These links contained a huge library of everything related to Casey and the case as well as to the story of Caylee Marie.

All of this is now gone. There is no more exclusive areas devoted to Casey. Yes, you can still find SOME of the material if you know how to look for it. However, no longer will the name Casey Anthony be seen in the headers of the news outlets as the story and Casey fade into the realm of “old news.”

The exception, of course is with those who will never forgive Casey or forget what they perceive what she has done.


Stay Tuned




This seems to be the stance of one of the subjects of the recent blog articles I wrote concerning accusations and counter accusations. Rather than face this issue directly, certain people would rather back themselves into their corner and hide from this issue rather than confront it head on.

The REAL issue here is not who posted what or who is or is not making up fake grandchildren or tax cases but what to do about people who engage in this sort of thing. It seems in this case, NOTHING.

The price of apathy in this case is that this sort of thing will go on and on because nobody but nobody has the courage to do anything about this crap.

So be it.


Off to Cityville


Stay Tuned




Well, I supposed I am going to pay a bit of a price for entering this shit storm but I do have a purpose here. First to fill people from the outside as to what the hell is going on here.

A well known and highly respected blogger known as Radionewz was accused of making some really inappropriate comments about the grandson of Badme68. I had been sent various e-mails by neutral parties regarding the ongoing disputes that have been going on with all sides of those who write about and read about the case of Haleigh Cummings.

For whatever reason, Radionewz is the hub out of which all of these debates radiate, followed closely by those around Levi Page, kim P and others. The intensity of these debates have sparked a highly intensive series of personal attacks by supporters and detractors off all who surround this case.

This is virtually identical to what happened with those who followed and are still following the Casey Anthony case.

Now to the matter at hand. I published an article by Badme68 stating her claim as to what Radionewz has purported to have posted on Twitter regarding her deceased grandchild,

In the second installment, I posted Radionewz’s counter point to Badme68’s claim.

In between these blog installments I have been interacting on twitter with both parties their supporters and detractors regarding this dispute. The latest claim by Radionewz is that there is no grand child and that the whole thing by Badme69 is a hoax.

This reminds me of the massive instant message hoax that was and is still being played out by Sandra Goddard and her band of internet thugs who have pushed this fraud on the internet for the past four years.

IF this episode by Badme68 does indeed turn out to be a HOAX, then it will prove exactly what I have been trying to get across to people for YEARS.

Just because someone says something or “produces” something claiming a document is genuine, does not make it fact. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on the internet can be FAKED.






Almost immediately after I made the blog article about the accusations by Badme68, Radionewz answered on Twitter regarding her side of the story. Hers was a counter claim that Badme68 is actually Cybil, an internet personality who has been accused of some rather bad actions of her own.

I am offering this blog to those on all sides of the issue to hash this all out. I will post ALL comments regardless of what is said about whom. I offer these two articles as an example of how a person with good intentions can start an on line presence and then have their efforts side tracked by individuals with evil intent. Their motives are twisted and meant solely to gain attention, good or bad.

Let us all see how the debate goes and see if the truth of what has been going on not only  with those for and against the viewpoints of Badme68 and Radionewz but those who are familiar about what happened to me over the past 4 years.


Stay Tuned



AN EPISODE OF ADULT CYBERBULLYING.!/badme68/media/slideshow? have been flooded over the past few weeks by comments and e mails regarding a blog war that has been going on for some time now. Things finally came to a head when I was sent links to tweets that were made in regards to a grandmother and a grandchild.

For the record, I am NOT taking sides in this on line blood feud but, instead, offer the tweets posted by the victim of what I consider an unspeakably cruel set of tweets that was directed toward her. As the parent of a deceased child and also a victim of this kind of cruelty, I have some idea how she must feel.

Here, now, in order, are the Tweets I am discussing in this article:

@Badme had posted these series of tweets in regards to an alleged Tweet posted by what she claims is a “sock puppet” twitter account set up by @Radionewz:


I would like everyone to read and pass along what I am about to say regarding @radionewzblog and her tweet about me not seeing my Grandson.-


My Grandson DIED on October 27th and that’s the reason I don’t see him any longer. How anyone could stoop THAT low and evil is beyond me–


but she has. Obviously, she is a sick, twisted and EVIL psychopath, that is in need of some serious intervention. I am seriously in shock-


that anyone could stoop so low, and shame on me for being surprised. I am truly devastated and outraged at the same time, but I now see that


the most evil, twisted, and ugliest form of disgusting nothingness resides inside Radio aka Judy Kane. I shudder to think of how she treats-


her OWN child, and hopefully, for him–he has distanced himself from her sociopathic and deranged behavior. There are only 2 people I shared


this information with, and only ONE of them told her. Am I surprised? Not really. Am I hurt? You bet. BUT maybe, just maybe everyone, and–


I mean EVERYONE will see those sick pieces of SHIT for who they really are.


Please RT this until your fingers bleed. All of you child advocates out there need to spread the word of how Radio just mocked and ridiculed


the death of an innocent BABY–my grandson. I hope u rot in hell for all of eternity for just this. The rest was fair game, but not this.

Badme68 has written a blog regarding this incident. Read it and judge for yourself.

Again I must stress that I am NOT taking sides in this matter. I know Radio and have not had any reason to be concerned about her. I also know what it is like to be falsely accused of things of this nature.

However, there have been instances in the past where a grandmother has been mocked as well as the death of her grandchild mocked by cyber thugs that have no heart and have no idea how it hurts to have a child or grandchild pass away.

Incidents such as this one are all too common in the blog wars lately and there seems to be no stopping it.

There are scores of blogs and other websites dedicated to cyberbullying among children and young adults, but all too few dealing with ADULT cyber bullying. Debate about this subject is way overdue.

Stay tuned



My my my, what a way to start a new year. Not 1012 mind you but 2013! A continuance was granted today for the delay of the civil trial brought by the woman accused of being Zanny the nanny by Casey Anthony in her string of lies to Orange County Florida detectives during the initial investigation into what may have happened to Caylee in the summer of 2008.

For whatever strange reasons were in the minds of the defense attorneys of Casey Anthony, they sought and were granted an extended continuance of the civil trial to January 2nd, 2013.

Since the world is supposed to end in December of 2012, they probably thought they could avoid a trial all together.

CASEY FUCKS US AGAIN!The defense must think that over this next year people will forget about Casey and her lies and thus the finding will go her way. I think just the opposite is true. Now all of us bloggers forum participants chatters and new media multimedia streamers along with Nancy Grace and her ilk will have that much MORE time to drone on commenting ranting, raving and speculating through the remainder of this year and most likely well into 2013. Smooth move dude.

In the event the world does NOT end in December of this year, the new year looks like it will start with a bang. Winter 2013,  in Orlando,  looks like it will be warmer than usual.



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