A while back I became aware of a blog war of sorts involving a well known blogger and new media webcaster and a group of folks that seemed to have a beef with the both of them as well as a few others in the world of true crime internet. There was an accusation that one of their detractors was a well known troll who seems to have a habit of going around the internet making up things out of thin air, both about the blogger and new media webcaster as well as a number of prominent missing persons cases being debated on the internet.

One of the targets of the troll tirade took the step of writing about the troll and her rants as well as what the author considered questionable acts and downright lies this person is alleged to have told.

The blogger’s decision to chronicle her troll problem mirrored exactly the same remedy I chose when chronicling the actions of a group of trolls who were also led by one single individual who derived pleasure in spurring on their actions while sitting in the background denying that she had anything to do with the actions of “third party haters” in public, while taking full credit for her action in private access controlled blogs and forums available only to her most ardent supporters, few as they are.

This is a link to the latest article she has written about this troll:

When I pointed out to the blogger that I had the exact same problem with a blogger she had in her blog roll links her reply was something along the lines of  ” I have no knowlege of what you claim and I have no problem with her” which struck me as rather odd since the so called blog war between me and the haters has been well documented since at least 2008 when all the nonsense against me started.

In one of her articles she warned that “her blog has viruses” which was also the same claim I made when I got a flood of e mails from those on my webcasts who visited my trolls blog and forum. My claim turned out to be true as evidence of the exact nature of the virus became apparent quickly and the blogger even admitted to it in private calling the virus “a security measure.”

I dismissed her remark as being biased and her ignorance being blissful since she seemed to be unconcerned with my problem but seemed to be quite concerned with the troll she was having to contend with.

Well, it seems “someone” reading the exchange the both of us had on her blog decided to write me a message which read “

I am writing on the behalf of a group of close friends who have known Amelia for quite some time and the claims by Radio are false and misleading. She has not done anything like what Radio claims and it is Radio that is the bully and not her.”

Now I am not sure how to take this message as it seems to mirror exactly what I said about the principal troll that has been after me.

This is the sort of thing that divides those of us who are against cyber bullying and the constant personal attacks that occur on the internet on a daily basis. Nobody wants to put a stop to this sort of thing, that is, at least, until it is them that becomes the target and then only those who are bullying them and not others.

I am following this latest blog war to see how it mirrors the problem that I had. I have also been getting information that Radio’s troll was and is still closely tied to the blogger that has attacked me for YEARS, abit under a usner name that few know about who she really is.

Stay tuned



One day recently while driving around I spotted a poster stuck on a crash barrier underneath a bridge in Orlando. These posters are a common sight around Central Florida lately. Posters of missing women all single or divorced, all young under 30.

At first I thought the poster might be Michelle Parker, yet another twenty something that has been missing since last December, or perhaps, Jennifer Kessee who has been missing for much longer.

She was none of the above, she was Alexa Lantz. What was interesting is that this was not an ordinary missing person poster. To understand why, it is first necessary to understand just who Alexa Lantz is or was.

When researching this poster I noticed a case number listed on the information section of it. It was a case number. When I did an internet search of her name, among the usual links to social pages I also found an arrest record and mug shot. Suddenly my memory was jogged to the realization that I had heard of this woman before.

She was mentioned briefly as someone who had gotten into a bit of a pickle and was given a court date to appear. When she did not, she was arrested for contempt of court. This was near the end of March. She was subsequently released and has not been heard of or seen since. All posts and updates to the internet has stopped as of March 28th of this year just short of a month before this writing.

Thus it seems that there is another reason for the poster being under that bridge. It is someone missing not as a victim, but perhaps, someone who has run away and does not want to be found.


Stay Tuned





There are some rather angry people out there. Quite a few angry people, in fact. These people are angry because they feel that Caylee Marie Anthony did not get justice. These people want “Justice for Caylee.”

One recent avenue that these people are taking is to have a petition drive calling for “Lanny A. Breuer, Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division: Try Casey Anthony in federal court for the murder of her daughter” as is stated in the header of the petition.

This sort of action is not without precedent. The federal government stepped in during the civil rights era to hold federal trials when the southern states courts either refused to try cases against blacks or acquitted those who were clearly guilty of the crimes they were charged with.

Such as the case with Caylee. The advocates of this petition:

Feel this injustice needs to be corrected as quickly as possible. I have heard experts in the field of law say that it is unlikely that the federal will step in and try Casey for murder nor for any other crime.

These legal naysayers apparently have not heard of advocates like Erin Brokovich who ignored those who said she was fighting a lost cause and wound up winning her battle.

Do not count the Justice for Caylee folks out.  They are a force to be reckoned with. There is a saying out there “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” The Justice for Caylee groups are comprised of a LOT of women!


Stay Tuned





I have been asked to remove the contents of this post temporarily due to the fact that it is still an open matter. Once I am given permission, I will post the information in regards to the subject matter of this article.



I just had an interesting e-mail from someone who has long been associated with the username SIMPLYNOTDEVINE.

The following statement comes from her:


It has come to my attention that you mentioned me again in your blog.  I hate to tell you but I did not post anything on there.  I have not been on twitter in months.  I don’t have time because I am busy going back to school.  You can look on my SimplynotDivine twitter site and you will see I have not posted on there in months.  I don’t know who posted that but I can tell you it was not me.  Anyone can use fake IP addresses.

Now remember her last claim:

 Anyone can use fake IP addresses.


I now insist that the REAL SIMPLYNOTDEVINE DEMAND that Michelle Lynn McKee and hher other blog ally RETRACT ALL THE SMEARS AND OTHER DEFAMATORY claims AGAINST me and IMMEDIATELY remove all content attributed to me on their blogs, forums, chats and youtube sites.

I would also insist that Ms Simplynotdevine do the same with the content SHE has posted as well unless she is going to claim that she NEVER posted any charges against me either.

FINALLY I HAVE BEEN vindicated AND BY A FRIEND OF a noted blogger, NO LESS.




In a rather shallow, inept and obvious effort. Cinderella is attempting to entrap me into violating at least one if not several TOS rules of thus causing this blog to be suspended at the very least.

What? Dear reader, are you asking what these violations are and how would they effect this blog?

Rather simple, really. Cinderella has made a string of comments stating that I am lying about her being a certain individual from Tucson Arizona. She has demanded, as proof that I post a screenshot that I claim to have of “her” lying her head down on a desk in a daze that was described in a blog article as a “drunken stupor.”

Now, if you have not figured this out already, let me elaborate the problem here. Posting JUST A PICTURE of the person I claim is Cinderella will NOT serve as a proper identifier of the person whom I am saying she is. What posting the picture would do is get me into a hell of a lot of trouble.

First of all the photo is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED along with the article in which it is included by one Alexandra La Tainte otherwise known as Sandra Goddard of If I were to post the photo here, Ms Goddard would IMMEDIATELY file a complaint with WordPress in an effort to get, at the minimum, this blog suspended. Sandra Goddard, you see, made a deal with the devil and does not want this photo on the internet as proof of her bullying.

Second reason is that the SUBJECT of the photo is a woman who is HIGHLY ASHAMED of herself and does not want THE TRUTH about herself ANYWHERE on the internet. This scofflaw of the internet puts herself out there as a respected pillar of society and a photo like this one getting out to her group of friends would not fit well as representing herself as a respected member of the community where she resides. She would therefore scream bloody murder and make any and all efforts to have the photo removed from this blog and subsequently lobby to have it shut down as punishment.

This is how these people work. They trick and attempt to deceive and entrap people into making an honest mistake that costs them dearly. Even if that mistake is an effort to get at the TRUTH.


Stay tuned



I do not know why Cinderella chose to drop her Sock puppet name and substitute one of her e-mail accounts in it’s place, but I never took her to be rather bright. As for the anon who came in and commented that she felt there was no Sandy and so on is also rather dumb and certainly is NOT DEVINE showing herself as equally not to bright by not realizing that I have learned a thing or two since the days of “Tainted Evidence” and fake shows.

“D” certainly forgot that she has commented on my blog using her rather perverse username ( one of several impersonator names she uses) telling a crap full of lies in the process. One of the advantages of having a WordPress account is that I get to see information not available to the general public.

This information has allowed me to document that a certain woman from Ohio will go to great lengths to satisfy her mentor and outright LIE on the internet for her own purposes. Unfortunately for her I now have clear cut proof of her willingness to lie in order to gain the attention she so desperately needs.

There is a rather interesting blog that people should read. It is quite enlightening:

Stay tuned



The one thing I find curious is that Cinderella keeps making comments about reading my twitter posts. The odd thing is that there is NOBODY in my following list using that name.

How, I wonder, Is Cinderella reading my account and why? It seems that Cinderella is going through a great deal of trouble to track a has been and his various internet accounts. Rather strange, don’t ya think?

Stay Tuned



FALSE accusations are easy to make but hard to fight. When the accuser retracts his accusation, the damage is done and few are around to listen. Case in point:–ncaab.html

The guy now says he made it up. He was pissed his team lost a football game. I would really like to see this clown GO TO JAIL for what he has put those he falsely accused through. People got fired, lives were destroyed and reputations all tarnished.

I half expected this clown to say he “did it for the lulz.” Instead the thing has been labeled ” It was just a game.”

Some game.

Those of you who read Cinderella’s accusations as well as those of Sandra Goddard, Michelle Lynn McKee and others  might want to study the Syracuse University scandal and learn  from it.

Just because “you found it on the internet” does not make it true.

Stay Tuned



Well, Cinderella has done it yet again. She has proven herself both a stalker and a liar. How has she done this? Quite simple, really. She made a statement that “she does not have an agenda.” Well her comments say otherwise. They are quite negative in nature and they all have the same message. “CLOSE THE BLOG DOWN AND GET OFF THE INTERNET!!!!”

Now we go back to the original statement I made regarding this individual, ” If I am not that important then why do you keep coming back here? “

She has made a pitiful excuse about watching a train wreck or something along those lines. Well, the so called train wreck happened a long time ago. It has been over a year since I did a webcast and the live truck has not moved in over TWO YEARS!

So, what is the deal with Cinderella anyway?

I have stated time and again that this is the smallest and most poorly written blog on the internet. Yet since January of this year (UNDER HER CURRENT USERNAME) she has come in here and derided me in great detail, in the process documenting her obsession with me by knowing a lot of minute details about my presence on the internet since as far back as 2000.

Cinderella, in her latest round of comments, which is a record for her by the way, is stuck on this fantasy that she sent me $30.00 in a money order for a tire that I did not buy or need.

Anyone who followed the tire saga knows this incident happened late in the day over the weekend. The van is a commercial vehicle. It is not like a regular car in that it is heavy. This means it uses heavy duty tires, truck tires. You just do not go down to your local Wal Mart and buy tires for this thing. You have to go someplace that sells a specific kind of tire for a specific kind of vehicle.

In Orlando, these places are CLOSED for the weekend. Let us move on the the next little detail. Those who followed this little saga also know that it was NOT a FLAT tire but a tire that was starting to tear in the sidewall.

A few people did call around and tried to find a place that was open but none were. The end result was that I DROVE home and replaced the tire once I got there.

Cinderella stated that she sent me a money order THROUGH the mail for this tire. WHY? The issue was long RESOLVED and there was no need for the tire once I got to my house.

This claim of hers is important for two reasons.

First, she is remaining anonymous, not wanting to reveal who she is for fear of whatever I may do in return. Well anyone who has ever sent someone a money order knows what a bullshit statement this is.

A money order is a check. It contains certain information that is a clue as to who sent the thing. Of course in most cases the sender may not have to put a name on the check but there are still  clues there for people to garner who this person might be.

The old adage “LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION” comes to mind here. Cinderella said she MAILED the money order using a Post Office box as a return address. A post office box from WHAT CITY????

Not only would there be a return address but the zip code where the letter was processed would also provide a clue as to who this person is.

The western US city where this person comes from is one where only a certain person lives that has anything to do with me or my webcasts. This is a fact, pure and simple.

Also since post offices are CLOSED as is most places that sell money orders, the EARLIEST she would have been able to send a money order is on a MONDAY well after the tire issue was RESOLVED.

Moving on from the tire issue comes the comments about my twitter posts and my presence on Facebook and elsewhere. It indicates that Cinderella spends a lot of time TRACKING MY MOVEMENTS ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!

Sandra Goddard accused me of doing this exact thing and defined this as STALKING HER!

Well, using the Goddard standard Cinderella is STALKING ME. and quite intensely at that.

Now one has to wonder why someone who claims to be a 60 ish grandmother would spend her valuable time “researching” an unemployed truck driver several thousand miles from her. I am not famous, I am not a star. I am not major news media and as Sandra Goddard is so fond of reminding everyone, I am not a journalist. This is a small blog. This is an insignificant blog that is among thousands if not millions of other insignificant blogs out there.

In spite of this, Cinderella, the late night 60 year old stalker is posting comment after comment giving clues about who she is each time she makes a comment.

Virtually all of the comments are negative and most are angry ones. She calls me names and smears me in just about every one of them. Her bias against me is clearly obvious. Now is all this venom because of a $30.00 money order? Of course not since she never sent one in the first place. I expect soon that a photoshopped money order will work it’s way on here. My question is “what took her so long?” Photoshopping fake material only takes a few minutes. She should ask Sandra Goddard for help. Fake photoshop material is her specialty.

This is why I allow Cinderella, the most prolific and ONLY commenter to the blog at the moment to go on. She provides validation and proof of my being stalked and bullied and who it is doing the bullying.

Stay Tuned





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