While searching for a link in regards to a blog, I came across a rather interesting comment about money orders. Now a certain someone has gone through great pains to hide her identity under the guise that I might retaliate in some way. Those of you who remember a stunt pulled by a mentally challenged woman last year might know to what I am eluding to.

Well, a while back Cinderella made the claim (LIED) that she sent me a money order for $30.00 to cover the cost of replacing a tire that was going bad on my live truck. Now those who know the TRUTH know that NO funds were ever sent to cover the tire since it was NOT REPLACED nor did I ask for funds in the first place. Since it was a SUNDAY, nobody was open to repair the thing anyway and I wound up driving home and replacing the tire with one I had there.

Now back to the subject at hand. Now I ask all of you  out there to think of what clue I could have at my fingertips that would reveal just who this mystery person is if she, in fact, sent me a money order. Think hard, my arm chair detective friends. The clue is so obvious I am surprised that Cinderella made the claim so easily disproved in the first place.





Cinderella is a strange little creature. This particular sock puppet made her debut around the first of this year. Now the question is WHY? First a few facts. This is, in all likelyhood the smallest, most poorly written and most insignificant blog on the entire internet. And folks, there are a LOT of blogs out there.

The next thing to note in the Cinderella comments is the tone of her comments. Lately she has started to swear a lot. Her increasing anger has started her using FUCK and FUCKING in just about every comment she makes. Her comments contain demeaning and nasty comments about me and she engages in the playground name calling usually reserved for the elementary school bullies.

But this is the pattern of the person that I know that Cinderella really is. I have seen her do this in the past. When she starts to drink, her language gets rather course. Rather than being the pillar of her community that she professes to be, she turns into a frustrated drunk that rests her head on her desk while staring drunkenly into her webcam.

I fully expect another rant filled comment where Cinderelly calls me those nasty names yet again and goes on and on about the fact that she is NOT the person I say she is but not offering one wit of evidence to prove otherwise. I know her motive and I know her intent but this time I am not falling for it. It has been just over a year and the deadline has passed. Sorry but you are not pulling that little stunt again.

By the way, I might be out your way in August.

Try finding me.




Well, the drama queen returned yet again. This time with a slightly different wardrobe. She seems to be hell bent on convincing me that she is not someone that I KNOW she is. Unfortunately for her, I know better.

She also floated down that river of DENIAL again and again called me nasty names. Her EPIC FAIL however, was NOT to offer clear cut evidence to support her claims that what she says is true and what I say is not. Now why is that I wonder? Just like I wonder about rather odd things going on at a certain messenger site.

She did prove something to me, however, and that is how easy it is to impersonate someone. How, well I have to maintain that little secret but she knows or should have. I would remind her to go back to how it is that she sent her original comments and then the one she just sent. The rather obvious clue is there. Just another piece to the puzzle.

Keepingitsimple is getting a bit harder, isn’t it Cinderella?

Oh, and this is what? The THIRD time you have said “buh bye, I am outta here?” Yet here you are again.

Till next time.

Stay Tuned



In the beginning of the last century there was a man on a lonely beach encased in a strange contraption.

In defiance of common sense the man said he could fly.

Throughout history there have been those with a purpose who persisted even though common sense told them to quit while they were ahead.

There are less noted examples of those who persisted against the barrier of common sense toward their stated purpose of finding out the truth.

There is a woman in Southwest Florida who claims to have proof that Caylee Marie Anthony is alive and well and living in Puerto Rico. This woman has sent documentation she states supports her position to a number of official government sources as well as to private sources.

In another case of defying common sense there is an anonymous source that claims an Ohio based blogger is implicated in being an accomplice in  the coverup of the truth that Trenton Duckett who has been missing since 2006 is also alive and well and in the custody of a trusted guardian somewhere in the southeastern United States, most likely in Florida.

The anonymous source has cited a blog article written by the Ohio blogger herself where she claimed to have assisted a prominent spokesperson for the Duckett family fabricate and distribute false and misleading documents to the Media, law enforcement  and even to a private detective working another missing child case. These efforts, the anonymous source contends, was to divert attention away from clues that would have pointed toward Trenton Duckett being alive, and that someone close to him and his mother was involved somehow with his current situation.

The anonymous source want on to point out that a blog written by an Ocala Florida woman was quite close to the truth about the facts in the Duckett case.

Are those who are persisting in their purposes defying common sense?

Or are these people on the path to discovering the truth?

You be the judge.


Stay tuned.




As I explored a number of blogs recently, I saw that the proliferation of haters who rally against ordinary and decent people is still rampant. I found that this expression sums up quite accurately the atmosphere surrounding the acts of internet haters.

There are certainly a lot of fools out there.

Stay Tuned



There was a comment put on my blog that I envy Levi Page, the noted Blogtalkradio host and blogger.

The fact is that I do indeed envy Levi Page. Let me, however, put this envy into context.

I envy Levi Page because of his youth.

I envy Levi Page because of his boyish good looks.

I envy Levi Page for his success that he has achieved through determination and hard work.

I envy Levi Page’s ability to produce and host a well known and high quality new media broadcast site along with his other websites.

Levi has managed to sustain a high quality presence in the true crime area of the internet community. He does a consistently outstanding job of presenting his take on those cases and events of interest to his fans who tune in intently to his broadcasts, who read his blog, and follow him on twitter and Facebook.

Levi is one of the few bloggers and new media broadcasters who have been regular panelists on such highly rated national mainstream shows such as  The Nancy Grace Show. He is able to network with such noted experts as Profiler Pat brown who are his regular guests on his show. This alone is a stunning  achievement for one of thousands of new media broadcasters who produce and host their own broadcast sites. For these well known and respected experts in their field to take their time to participate in discussions on Levi Page’s broadcasts is their clear indication of his value and a show of their respect for the work that he does.

Levi Page’s career is just beginning and I see a bright future ahead in his future.

Yes, I envy Levi Page. I am also a long time and loyal fan.


Stay tuned




I am having one of those “what the hell??” moments as I check into twitter and see a heated tweeting spree over a rumor that ABC is interested in having Casey Anthony do an interview of some kind. I scoured around briefly trying to track down the source of all of this scorn and when my Pepsi finally kicked in, I remembered that this is April Fools Day. Now could this be an April fools joke? Time will tell.

That this twitterstorm does point out is that there is not a cooling down from the Casey haters who will not tolerate her gaining one red cent nor attention from the mainstream media. I guess Casey’s only outlet is the bloggers who seem to attach themselves to her in a positive manner.

At least it will be an interesting April fools day.

Stay tuned



From out of the far west she comes. The liar, the hater, the owner of a vast number of sock puppet names and a Facebook page or two. I could easily name this person for who she really is but, hell, the fun is in not doing that.

If I did, she would probably run over to the nearest courthouse and file another set of lies. Cinderella is the kind of person who just has to have attention. She cannot lead a life of her own. She has to come clear across the United States to see someone’s house lived in by a man that she has never met nor never will.

Cinderella makes it a point to stalk me all over the internet. She then stops in here from time to time just to let me know she is around and watching me. She drops hints, slipping in details of posts I have made in obscure places like Twitter. Posts made weeks or MONTHS ago.

She gloats about those posts that have nothing to do about anything. She gloats about those posts that show that I am not as wealthy as she is. And Cinderella is quite wealthy. She lives in the lap of luxury in an upper class suburb of alarge resort city.

She buys expensive things and then brags about them in chat rooms over in a certain multimedia site with those she think are her pals. They are not her pals. They are her audience who are amused at the actions of a lunatic. That is not what I call her, that is what they call her. They laugh at her behind her back. They scorn her. They mock her.

Deep down she knows this. She cannot stay away, however. That is because she is a recluse who has been banished by those in the mainstream of society. They know the real her and they despise her.

Now, there are going to be readers of this blog, few as the numbers are, that are going to wonder why I wrote this article.

The reason is simple, actually. Cinderella is a bully. Cinderella is a coward. Cinderella is an anonymous coward. Cinderella is the kind of person who will do anything to hurt and destroy the target of her scorn and her anger. People like Cinderella are the blight of society who need to be exposed for who they really are. Cinderella is someone that is around children as part of what she does in her community. I fear that her hate and immorality may be placing those children into a bad situation. I certainly hope I am wrong.

I have seen the harm that she has done, can do, and likely still does to children and adults alike.

This article is both a message and a warning both to Cinderella and the public at large.

Your actions have consequences and those consequences are dire.

I am not able to make you accountable but someday your actions against someone else who will have the resources will force you to be made accountable for your actions.

I want to be there when that happens. By all accounts that will probably be sooner than later.

Stay tuned


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