In one of those odd developments on the true crime blog scene is the endorsement of censorship by those who have been opposing efforts by Caylee’s Warriors and like minded groups to boycott the book being written by Jose Baez. Several Twitter accounts were set up for the specific purpose of stating this viewpoint. Now comes the news that one of the Twitter accounts¬† has suspended the account. Why? Unknown. In reading the Twitter TOS, you would think that account holders have wide discretion when posting commentary on Twitter. This suspension calls this policy into doubt unless someone can cite what violation of the TOS occurred.

If the SPECIFIC reason for the suspension is a clear violation of Twitter TOS and someone can provide the offending tweets, that is fine and there is no censorship. However, if no reason is given for this suspension, than the “free speech” claim cited by Twitter for NOT going after cyber bully sites is now in doubt. Either Twitter supports free speech or it does not.

Twitter has and does allow posts by Anonymous as well as those who support Wikileaks releasing sensitive confidential government documents and memos. If they are going to support this type of commentary, then they should have no problem with those who oppose the making money off of a dead child.

What is even more interesting is those blogs who SUPPORT the Twitter censorship because it is a cause THEY OPPOSE or otherwise OBJECT to. I find this hypocritical since these same sites support the publishing of bullying blog articles under the guize of Parodies or Sarcasm. To me this smacks of a group of hypocrites who only want THEIR way of thinking to be on the internet and nobody else.

Now there are those who claim that the efforts to boycott the book is in itself censorship. If that is the case, the solution is not to CENSOR the boycott groups, but rather, to present the opposing viewpoint and perhaps do an anti-boycott campaign and buy the darn book if they feel that strongly about the issue.

So now I will wait to find out why the account was suspended and see if the move by Twitter was justified.

Stay Tuned



The fact that the internet mirrors society is demonstrated quite succinctly with the discussions on, Twitter and a number of blogs posting about events surrounding the major case here in Sanford Florida where George Zimmerman is facing trial for the shooting of Teyvon Martin.

The tone of the discussions immediately took on racist overtones, most notably at as well as on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and the many blogs and forums where the case is being written about. These discussions have gotten so intense that took the remarkable step of closing down the discussion of the case completely according to the blog

The recent article on also mirrors the tone of the public in how these developments are reported :

In this highly informative article Radio points out the inflammatory tone of twitter posts concerning the firestorm that was the result of the decision by to shut down the thread.

The intensity of the discussion by all those of all sides as well as the reactions to the actions of Websleuths shows just how much subscribers invest themselves into the various blogs forums and chats. When the admin of a social media site makes a decision that affects one side of a discussion, a firestorm breaks out. It is neither good nor bad, it just is.

One thing is certain, however. The officials in Sanford, Florida have a lot to worry about. This is probably going to be the most racially charged cases ever to be tried in this small southern city. The world will be watching to see how the citizens conduct themselves and how the city handles the ongoing turmoil.

Stay Tuned



The latest rumor which will not sit well with the Anti-Casey crowd is that she is going to be moving to an ocean front villa in Costa Rica. It is reported that a “bogus” corporation is somehow involved in paying her expenses to exile herself to this isle of the rich and famous.

As the one year point it seems like Casey will be sipping on Pina Coladas while Jose Baez hawks his book and the Caylee Warriors continue their fight to petition and boycott.

It is going to be a long and hot summer.

Stay tuned



This blog is reporting that Holly Briley is spearheading an effort to have people NOT sign the petition to have Casey Anthony tried in federal court:


As I have written previously, the petition seeks to have Casey Anthony tried in federal court. It is sponsored by several “Justice for Caylee” groups over on Facebook.

There has always been opposing opinions regarding the various boycott drives and petition drives by the Anti-Casey and Justice for Caylee groups, but most have been in editorial or comment form either by Bloggers or their subscribers.

This effort is strikingly different in that Holly Briley  is quite active in her effort to persuade people not to sign the petition. Mrs Briley has been the subject of several blogs regarding her recent activity having to do with videos of Casey being sold or otherwise leaked to several media sources.

Radionewz has also chimed in on the issue through Radio’s own articles as well as those from guest Writers to the blog. As we approach the one year point from the acquittal of Casey Anthony, interest in the case is being renewed both on the mainstream media and here on the new media blogs, forums and webcasts. If anything, it gives us all something to do when we are dodging the summer heat for the benefits of air conditioning.


Stay tuned




The various blogs, forums and other social media sites created by the female gender are the most entertaining things on the internet. These sites are certainly not the places to go for informative insight on true crime subjects or any subject for that matter.

It seems that lately the females who run these various sites are not content unless they are battling with each other about who is or is not this person or that person or who is selling what or leaking what. Not much else of substance is being posted or discussed.

Of course those loyalists and subscribers of these things also have to join in the fray making their own comments filled with compliments complaints and accusations of one sort or other. At least they are entertaining although not informative.

Stay tuned



Sometimes something as mundane as a friend notifying me of an e mail address change causes me to discover an interesting item having to do with Casey Anthony. Such a thing happened just over an hour before I wrote this blog article.

The pro and con Casey Anthony website wars has taking a twist as a Facebook page has gone up with the goal to get the Casey is Innocent website shut down.

I have mixed feelings about this effort. I have not taken sides with either group and I also have strong feelings regarding the censorship of opposing views including those I disagree with. I have always felt that as long as there is no libel, defamation, or bullying involved,then anyone should be free to speak their peace no matter how outlandish that speech might be.

I chose to bring this battle up for the specific reason of showing that there is still wide dissent regarding the case and that there are widely varying viewpoints regarding Casey and those involved in the case. It is up to you, the reader, to decide where you stand on this issue.


Stay Tuned




The latest rumors circulating about the forthcoming book being published in July that was written Atty Jose Baez indicate that the price is going down even before it is published. This might be the result of the publisher realizing that the boycott talk may keep a more expensive book from being sold in the numbers they had originally anticipated.

Perhaps the publisher feels that by offering the book at a discounted price may overcome those tempted to honor the boycott and thus sell enough books to overcome whatever overhead they have tied up in production and distribution costs.

In the meantime Atty Baez goes on a promotional tour for the book now due out in July further angering those who vow to continue efforts to have the book boycotted and prevent Mr Baez from “making money off of a dead child.”

As the release date approaches, it is certain that the Boycott efforts will intensify and that the mainstream press will be forced to pay attention to the groups efforts.

It is rather ironic that the release of the book is set exactly one year to the month that Casey was acquitted of any criminal charge having to do with the death of Caylee. This just might further enrage the Justice for Caylee groups and bring more attention to this aspect of the Casey Anthony saga.

Will this help or hurt the book sales?

Stay Tuned


Stay Tuned


Now that it appears that there is no real high profile crime to discuss, the True Crime based social media sites have degenerated into a sort of Hatfield vs McCoy blood feud with true crime followers bashing and bullying each other.

Watching this with great amusement are the members of the mainstream media whose fears of being minimized by the new media sites have been abated by the childish antics of the true crime community. They no longer fear the “arm chair detectives.”

They laugh at their stupidity instead.

Stay tuned



In the latest article of the Radio vs Sobel blog war saga comes an alleged connection to the group Anonymous. From the comments on Ms Sobel’s page it is obvious that she does not understand the history of anonymous or how it works.

This article by Radionewz hits home because the first attacks to my stream site was by someone claiming to be with the Anonymous group.

The timing is rather interesting since a hacker was recently arrested in connection to these attacks in March and is awaiting prosecution. I now wonder if perhaps Ms Sobel might somehow be involved since this paragraph in HER facebook page seems to indicate that she has been involved in some fashion with illegal activities.

Why else would she be seeking immunity from prosecution?

I will be forwarding the articles along with the section of the Amelia Noel Facebook page that contains her statements pertaining to Anonymous to the lead officer in charge of my case.




Late last night while I was discussing my upcoming webcast regarding the Jose Baez book boycott campaign, someone sent me a tweet asking me to join their smear campaign against Radionewz and Levi Page. I answered with a simple NO.

This article published by contains the username that contacted me last evening.

When reviewing my messages to post the original message I found that the account has been suspended. Anyone who has tried to get an account suspended from Twitter knows how hard that is to do. That would indicate that whoever this person is, she really went out of bounds in regards to Twitter TOS. It would be interesting to know why this suspension occurred.

Stay Tuned



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