I have been reading with somewhat bemused interest the ramblings of certain bloggers regarding the claim that Radio of and Levi Page are one of the same. What I find interesting is that people seem to make such obvious hoax claims in the mistaken belief that anyone would even believe such an out of whack claims.

But, then I remembered the claims made by one former owner of a now defunct blog and a nut case out of Tucson Arizona and I realize there there are probably some gullible individuals out there that just might believe this same nonsense.

What caused me to write about this strange claim regarding Levi was an anonymous e mail that states that the whole thing is being brought on, not by the legitimate Caylee Warrior groups but the very same nut case that spread all sorts of false rumors about, me and others on the internet. This same blogger also spearheaded a rumor that she HERSELF was a German Porn Star who masturbated herself in a rather odd German language porn video.

There are those in some circles who still debate if the German Pornstar hoax was in fact NOT a hoax but a strange cover up of the TRUTH that the person was in fact both a prostitute and porn star.

It seems, according to the e-mail sent to me, that this woman likes to befriend others on the internet only to secretly turn on them and spread lies about them using other internet identities where she pretends to be several different people of both genders. This a skill she has perfected by doing this for over a decade.

The e-mail sender promises more “interesting” tid bits concerning the latest fiasco.

True or not, all of this is, at the least, entertaining.

Stay tuned



I remember that around the time of the death of Michael Jackson, one blogger wrote an article celebrating the death of “the pedophile!” in spite of Michael Jackson being ACQUITTED of ALL charges. This SAME blogger posted, a short while back “Casey was found innocent, get over it!” This post, of course, was directed at the Caylee’s Warriors and other support groups that were not too pleased at the verdict that was handed down just about one year ago today.

The excuse set forth of the now Warrior basher  in the case of OJ was “jury nullification” which, simply put, that blogger and many others accused the jury of ignoring the orders of the court and acquitted OJ on the basis of race.

A similar excuse was put forward after Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY of the crimes for which he stood accused. The Jury nullification in this case was due to “fandom,” which translated into his being acquitted due to the jury being huge fans of Michael Jackson and his brothers and sister. The excuses also went on to say being able to afford top name lawyers helped matters.

Then we have the case of Robert Blake. The jury was criticized for essentially the same reasons that the juries in the Casey Anthony trial are now. In each of these three cases many of those now decrying the Caylee’s Warrior’s efforts to boycott books and petition for federal trials were the ones shouting discontent that these three “got away with “it!”

So what do these three acquitted individuals have in common?

They were MEN.

Kind of makes you want to stop and think….Doesn’t it?

Stay tuned



Went to link that was in a article and got this message. What the heck happened?


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One tactic that came about soon after Twitter was created was the use of the service in smears against each other in ongoing internet battles. Impersonator accounts sprang up like weeds in a flower garden.

I was once the victim of this practice and now notice that others are starting to be targeted in this practice as well. What is also interesting is that all sides of a certain dispute seems to have endorsed this practice with the net result that everyone is setting up fake twitter accounts where smears of all kinds are being spread about each other.

What is lost in all of this of course is the reason for whatever started the arguments in the first place. Mudslinging of all sorts for the pure hell of it seems to be the only purpose for what is happening on the internet today.

The winner in all of this is the legitimate blogs such as who have avoided going down this muddy path.


Stay tuned




It was something of a surprise though understandable that I found myself mentioned in a blog article this morning. There is a slight problem that I find with the article, however.

First, Radio somehow was under the impression that I was somehow “buds” with the owner of VIP TATTLER. That was neither my impression nor my goal when I set out to write the blog articles.

I am not out to be “buds” with anyone. I am trying to make a point and am not able to do so because the majority of the folks  involved are of the female gender.

Again, my point is that it is patently wrong to be using Ripoffreport for the purposes of smearing someone’s reputation. I and quite a few others consider such an action bullying.

Now, in her article Radio decided to use a quote from my blog article as follows:

“This effort has turned out to be an epic fail as the owner of VIP TATTLER has chosen to throw me under the bus and include me in a tirade against the various individuals and groups she has had issues with since January.”

Radio got that part correct….but, she left out an important “rest of the story” which by the way is an old trick used in politics:

I went on to say the following:

“IN SPITE of the tirade that Vip Tattler has posted that includes me, my statements in that article stands. Whoever posted the complaint was wrong in the way it was done. If there is evidence in the way of specific links or documentation, it should be included in the report. I found the report vague and nothing more than a smear.”

I also went on to say:

“However, I also chose not to suddenly join the VIP side of the dispute and go against the “other side” in this internet dispute.”

What has happened here is a classic example of how content can be manipulated to fit the bias of whoever decides to quote it. Radio, whom I understand is also of the female gender missed the point entirely. I have also concluded that a great many others have missed the point as well.

Stay tuned



The more accurate question, I suppose should be “Have you ever tried to understand a woman? The answers to both is yes and the result with both is I lost. This latest round of debate with the warring females on the blogs brings the futility of doing so to the forefront.

In my latest blog articles I had attempted to some extent to act as an arbitrator in the blog wars that has broken out over the various accusations that have been floating around on the internet as well as with the use of as a cyberbully tool.

This effort has turned out to be an epic fail as the owner of VIP TATTLER has chosen to throw me under the bus and include me in a tirade against the various individuals and groups she has had issues with since January. In spite of this turn of events my viewpoint regarding the use of Ripoffreport in the manner I wrote about stands. I feel the website is abused by all sorts of bullies on the internet who apparently do not understand the intended use of the website.

IN SPITE of the tirade that Vip Tattler has posted that includes me, my statements in that article stands. Whoever posted the complaint was wrong in the way it was done. If there is evidence in the way of specific links or documentation, it should be included in the report. I found the report vague and nothing more than a smear.

However, I also chose not to suddenly join the VIP side of the dispute and go against the “other side” in this internet dispute. My articles have been about the general misuse of the blogosphere and sites such as Ripoffreport and twitter to engage in the kind of personal smears and attacks that have been going on for quite some time. I have seen quality blogs literally go down the toilet due to this constant personal warfare going on between the parties involved. As a victim of this sort of thing I tried to intervene and at least give my viewpoint into what the hell has been going on.

I should have known better.

It is off to Facebook where I have pretend planes to fly and fake crops to harvest.

Stay tuned



I seem to have stirred up a bit of a hornets nest in my latest posts regarding the blog wars that have cropped up in something of a connection to Casey Anthony case.

Principle among those involved in this debate are Holly Briley who contributes to as well as writes on her own blog about the owner of VIP TATTLER.

From what I gather in trying to sort out this mess is that all of this argument has to do with actions dealing with Casey Anthony and various aspects of the aftermath of the trial.

When I saw Ms Chanel being the subject of a complaint linked through, I wrote the two articles regarding my stand on the use of Ripoffreport as part of this type of dispute. I decided the fair thing to do is to allow both sides to comment here as well as posting the primary dispute sites of both of them here so that the readers can judge for themselves who is right and who is wrong in this battle of the umm er “babes.”

This is going to be one hot summer indeed.

Stay tuned



Radio seems to have one person in her sights as a target in her blog articles on The target is one Brianne Chantal. While I do not have a “dog in the fight” between Radio and whoever the hell this person is, the way Radio has been blogging about her does garner my attention.

For quite a long time has gone from being a true crime blog to a smear site against either the Caylee Warriors or Brianne Chantel. 

In this latest article Radio wrote the blog article where “someone” has made a Ripoffreport complaint. The problem with the complaint is that the author is ANONYMOUS. This translates into a LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY by whoever the author is. The burden of proof now falls on the ACCUSED rather than the ACCUSER.

The accuser gets away scott free and is free to sit back and relax while it is up to the VICTIM to decide how to repair the damage caused by the report. I consider these reports to be acts of cowardice. If a person making an accusation believes it to be the truth, they should back it with their name and reputation. If not, they come across as a liar as well as an abuser. It is time for this practice to be stopped before the government does it for us.


Stay Tuned




This is actually not a new tool of the internet cyber abuser, but it’s sudden increase of use by these demented individuals has finally brought it to the attention of the internet community, the legal community and more recently the governments of the United States and other countries.

What is It’s stated purpose is to offer customers a platform to complain against businesses that have either not delivered what they promised or otherwise ripped them off. The website promises not to remove any complaint and does provide the business being complained about a chance to rebut the complaint. The service also promises to allow the complaint anonymous if desired.

The problem is that cyber abusers and cyber bullies have used this service to post personal attacks against their victim or victims. The abusers then either write about the complaint in their blogs or submit the link to the complaint to other bloggers who support any effort against the individual being complained about.  This winds up negating the effectiveness of

People have probably wondered how makes money off this service. The answer is quite simple. They offer a platform (ads for a fee) for civil attys to advertise their services. also offers it’s own solution FOR A FEE and a rather large on at that.

VIP Arbitration Program

Second, if you really think a report is false but don’t want to pay for an attorney, you may want to consider submitting the matter to Ripoff Report’s new VIP Arbitration Program.  Although this program is not free (the current cost is $2,250, a fraction of the cost for an attorney and going to court), the program gives you the ability to submit evidence to a neutral and independent arbitrator (including an arbitrator who is a retired judge) who will review the evidence and make a written decision as to whether a report is true or false.  If the arbitrator concludes that a report contains a false statement of fact, that statement will be (((REDACTED))) from the report.   No reputation management / SEO company can offer this type of service.

The one thing you might notice is that this service is mainly directed at CORPORATIONS. Ripoffreport still does not get the fact that many of the people being complained about are INDIVIDUALS likely the victims of cyber bullies and cyber abusers. The service provides NO way for the lowely individual to defend against these attacks other than their free rebuttal option. The complaint still will show up in GOOGLE SEARCHES which is the purpose for filing the report in the first place.

Yes, the whole reason for the Ripoffreport complaint is NOT the TRUTH but to provide NEGATIVE CONTENT to be placed in the internet search engines so that anyone INCLUDING FUTURE EMPLOYERS will see the negative content and act accordingly. is run by EXPERTS who know how to get the content of their website PLACED HIGH ON SEARCH ENGINES and thus ensure the reputation of the victim will be ruined or at least tarnished by these reports. Since the reports are ANONYMOUS, the abusers face NO CONSEQUENCES for their actions.

The governments of various countries are beginning to take notice. Laws are being considered that would make those who post anonymously be accountable for their actions. This would be done by requiring websites such as and to provide the ip address of posters ON DEMAND without any complicated legal process being necessary to access that information.

While this might not stop those expert in hiding their internet identity, it will put a dent in content being placed by the less sophisticated abuser who is more commonly the type making these complaints.

Right now the process for reform in the area of cyber abuse is slow. I do suspect, however, that if reactive acts of violence or even suicides start to occur frequently, public outrage will force legislators to act to put an end to this abuse.

In the mean time, freedom of speech will be diminished as those who do not want to risk being the victim of digital extortion will choose to remain silent instead.


Stay Tuned




Somehow the question always  comes up “Am I jealous of……??” The question always seems to be when I am criticizing someone for what they have done or said. In this case it is in reference to and the owner’s repeated dissing of those spearheading the boycott and petition efforts in relation to the Casey Anthony saga.

I have been aware of Radio and her blog for years. Some might remember that I once wrote a review of her internet sites in a blog I set up once. The blog is still there as well is this review:

What has changed since that review is that Radio has changed her format. She has reverted to a format of bullying, in my opinion, and thus has allowed her blog and forum to deteriorate into a shout and snarl location that does not pay that much attention to true crime and instead engages in tirates against people and websites that have anything to do with the efforts of the Caylee Warriors and similar individuals and groups.

I would only wish that would return to the quality site that it was back then. Until that happens it appears that the best location for alternative media discussion of true crime topics is none other than

Stay Tuned


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