peopleFor some time now, various groups have felt the need to start up what is known as a “We The People” petition. This program, established by the Obama administration seems to have given people the mistaken impression that if they got enough signatures that  they would get a law passed in conjunction to whatever the petition was about.

Well, they have gotten the wrong impression as to what this program is about. A good understanding of the program is this article from NPR:

At most, in the case of major issues such as gun control and puppy mills, there has been some success as far as getting attention from the government. That attention, however, has been brief and has had little impact other than  an answer of “we will look into it.”

Getting a bill through congress is a long and arduous process. Even then, the bill may be challenged in the courts on constitutional grounds. In a lot of cases the authors of these petitions do not take the time to consider if their petitions meet constitutional muster. Some of these petitions concern areas where they would be summarily rejected on constitutional grounds of free speech and another provision of the pursuit of life liberty and happiness. In short the right to earn a living through any legal means.

Another problem these petitioners face is getting the required number of signatures for the things to go anywhere. Very few of the tens of thousands of petitions ever get the required signatures to even get their foot in the door.

In the end, these petitions do little more than offer an avenue for people to vent. Most of the time the petitions are started by attention starved bloggers seeking an agenda that will spur readership of their blogs.

In the end, what these petition drives have become is another toy, for a certain type of blogger and their followers to play with. Soon everyone will tire of the toy and it will be another trendy fad that fades away.

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fox may question why I have become involved with Anonymous in the light of recent experiences I have had with them. The answer is quite simple. First, not all Anonymous are the same. They are people just like us, who care about what they take on as their causes, or OPS as they call them.

The recent twitter traffic regarding a 30 something male trying to seduce a 14 year old girl on line got my attention because of the number of such incidents were on the increase.

hwmissingAfter publishing my article, I started getting more alerts about girls missing under similar circumstances. This case, that I just became aware of is the one reason EVERYONE needs to get involved in finding out who it is that is chasing after teenagers on the internet. We must prevent the kind of pain this family must be going through:

Nixon says Tuesday afternoon Haylie left her house with West, a former neighbor she is romantically involved with who has his own daughters around Haylie’s age.

Haylie’s father Jimmy White said, “To be honest with you, she was involved with him behind my back. I just neglected to see it. Now that I see it, she needs help. Both of them need help.”

Much to Nixon’s dismay, the two climbed into West’s 2005 silver GMC Envoy and took off with no idea where they’d end up.

“I tried to pull her leg to get her out of the truck, but she wouldn’t get out,” Nixon said. “She just kind of laughed at me.”

In this case, it was a trusted neighbor, a 33 year old with kids of his own who took this girl from her loving family. This is a stunning coincidence regarding the predator Anonymous is trying to locate. This shows what may happen if that man is not found.

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phoenixsealSome people simply do not understand that no means no and not maybe. I have told (S)trolling that I do not care what name she keeps changing to, she is not allowed to comment on this blog but she keeps trying anyway.

You need to try and find something constructive with your time other than wasting mine by trying to post on here. It is simply not going to happen. Since you seem to be a charter member of the KKK, you might want to attend more of their meetings since that is the kind of people you attract.

You keep trying to spin the same old fiction over and over again. The simple fact of the matter is that I did NOT make the posts you eluded to. If you had done your homework, you would have seen that misinformation was cleared up YEARS ago.

I forgot, your goal with me is not the TRUTH, but is actually retaliation for being thrown off my chat site for unethical conduct. I suggest that you go away, tend to your family and quit making a fool of yourself. ALL of your posts to my blog are archived. If you keep this up it might be YOU that gets hit with a cease and desist this order time around and I will publish it with ALL of the PUBLIC information  here.



ohiosealThe arguments are about to begin from one side who wants the Steubenville rape trial to be done in the open and the other side that wants the trial to be held behind closed doors.

Not only is this an argument between the court and the press, the latter who argues their side based on first amendment grounds but from the atty for the Jane Doe as well:

On Tuesday, Robert Fitzsimmons, the attorney representing the teenage girl in the case, asked for the case to be closed because, he said, closure is the only alternative that can protect the girl from improper use of inadmissible evidence that is “either proffered, tendered to argued in open court.”

Fitzsimmons further said in his motion that “counsel and the parents request their right to hear the testimony which involves the parents’ daughter sand counsel’s client. Jane Doe is not requesting to be present throughout the proceedings.

This is a tough one. Similar arguments in Florida have been on the side of free speech. This state has a unique public records law that other states do not have. Ohio is one state where this could go either way. Time will tell.

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fblogonThere is a saying that if one waits long enough, the truth will come out. A short time ago, a truth of a sort came out from someone on Facebook. It seems there is a rather interesting series of impersonations going on.

E*******  W*****
Please be careful: some hackers have found something new. They take your profile picture and your name and create a new FB account. Then they ask your friends to add them. Your friends think it is you, so they accept. From that moment on they can say and post whatever they want under your name.
Please don’t accept a second friendship request from me.
Copy this on your wall to keep others informed
What the above victim does not know is that this sort of impersonation has been going on for YEARS. Not only on Facebook but on Twitter, various blog providers and on Paltalk. I know this from PERSONAL experience.
Stay tuned


art1art2Whoever coined the phrase “crime doesn’t pay” would likely retract their words if they were around today. It seems that crime DOES pay. Jodi Arias has proven just the opposite. Crime DOES pay in her case, so far to the tune of $4500.00

Since she has not been convicted….yet, any “Son of Sam” law does not apply and she is able to make a living while in prison. In this case, selling artwork she has created while in prison.

What is even more odd is that people are actually buying her artwork and paying good money for it. What a way to make a living.

Stay tuned



steusealI am not certain where the fault lies here, either with those who have obtained these documents or the court where the probable cause hearing was held, but in a serious case of bad judgement, the name of the Juvenile victim of this rape is now exposed for all to see adding to her suffering.

A while back, a blogger accidentally released the victim’s name when she came across a photo on a twitter site where the victim’s name was clearly shown in a caption under the photo. Once the blogger realized the error, the photo along with a couple of twitter posts were removed from her blog and twitter account.

The owner of the twitter account where the photo came from made her account private making access to the photo more difficult.

The above two incidents were honest mistakes by ordinary people who forgot how quickly information like this can spread.

For an official agency of the government to make this kind of mistake, is inexcusable to say the least. I do not know about Ohio, but in Florida, most rape victims names, be they adult or juvenile are redacted from the public record. Most certainly this is the case when this is a for cause hearing and not the actual trial.

It is too late for the court to correct their mistake. The documents are now all over the internet to further humiliate the victim of this crime. How the defense lawyers use this disclosure is also something to consider.

This error is something that needs to be looked into. A protection that should have been there for a rape victim was not there. This is only making a bad situation worse.

Someone needs to be accountable and the sooner the better.

Stay tuned



noI have been sitting on the sidelines reading the various debates going on surrounding the Steubenville story and one comment caught my attention. It was along the lines of ” some rapes are gentile.” I may have the exact quote wrong but I still say HUH????

faultIn my book, rape is rape and is an act of violation AND violence regardless of the method used or the exact form of rape involved. It is anything done without consent.

Any attempt to lessen the degree of said violation to the victim of the rape is a disservice to the victim. This is an extreme invasion of one’s body that should not be tolerated.

The forthcoming trial will determine who is or is not guilty as well as the exact circumstances of the incident that led up the the charges being levied.

The defense is certain to try in some way to place at least some of the fault on the victim or accuser for whatever happened on that night. Unfortunately part of the defense strategy will be to mitigate the incident and that is wrong.


twitterI don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a hell of a time getting on Twitter today. Sometimes the service worked, but more often it did not. Reading the twitter posts was hard enough but trying to send messages of any kind was even harder and in most cases not doable.

One certainly learns how people get used to using something like Twitter is when the thing does not work and you are unable to use it. Now we stand by to see if the mechanics can fix the broken toy.

Stay tuned



drphilThe famous Dr. Phil examined the Big Red Rape case on his show today. The debate was heated, lively and widespread. As more attention is paid to this case, more questions will be asked and perhaps a solution will come out of this to prevent something like the rape from happening again.

Stay tuned


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