This is yet another case of a woman who lies, in this case, to scam people out of money and even get herself on a tv show. You have to wonder the kind of women that seem to find themselves in the news more often.


Stay tuned



Michelle L McKee in her sick obsession with me has again wished me dead. She did so twice. This woman has accused me of the MURDER of Trenton Duckett. She even went as far as to implicate the BEST FRIEND of the GRANDMOTHER of Trenton Duckett as being involved ALONG WITH ME in somehow causing Trenton Duckett to either be KILLED or otherwise become missing. mlm6

mlm7mlm5Now what sparked this latest outrage from this demented woman? It was because of her OWN statement that it is cowardly for people to have LOCKED Twitter accounts while talking about someone.

These are MICHELLE L MCKEE’S words NOT MINE. I did not put those words out there, SHE DID.  I am not the one doing the harassment. That person is Michelle L McKEE and those gullible people who cannot or will not see that it is her sick obsession with me that is going on here. I have never met this woman, I do not know this woman and I do not WANT to know this woman. Michelle L McKEE STARTED all of this by STALKING me YEARS ago. Michelle L McKee ADMITTED in a Facebook page SHE CREATED that she had been in contact with the Leesburg Florida Police Department since 2006 when she contacted a now RETIRED detective assigned to the case of Trenton Duckett about me AND a woman by the name of Michelle Deveraux.

Michelle L McKee has called law enforcement time and again demanding that I be investigated for the MURDER of Trenton Duckett. She is now even trying to involve Anonymous to get involved in trying to implicate me in some matter regarding the fate of Trenton Duckett. This is not a lie, it is FACT. It is in her Twitter Log as recent as TWO HOURS AGO.

I do not hate this woman, I pity her. I do not wish death upon her. What I do wish is that someone in her family structure do SOMETHING to get this woman help before it is too late. Her continuous obsessions with violence and death is a clear indication that she is going down a path that may have dire consequences if her actions are not curtailed.

Stay tuned



On her twitter, Michelle L McKee scolded a person for having a locked account and “talking about people.” Well there is one account that is LOCKED that accused me of supporting rapists as well as illegal activities regarding vanity plates. I guess she is a coward as well. What about Anonymous? Some of THEM have locked accounts as well as they hide behind the equivalent of a locked account with their Anonymous usernames.


And then there is the always elusive Radio who refuses to identify who she is. The biggest coward of them all.

Stay tuned



Today there was a couple of comments on my blog concerning the issue of rape and the victim seeking professional treatment for the attack. Like many others, I had questioned why a woman would go on stage in front of hundreds of people and talk about their rape and not go to a professional to discuss the issue. I made and assumption, I stereotyped. I was wrong.

The comment below is aptly named. Her story was an eye opener. I publish it here, unedited, so that perhaps people will learn the tough lesson that I am learning. That lesson is, in spite of whatever history you may have with someone, if they claim to have been raped, always assume their story is true because it likely is the truth.

Submitted on 2013/02/28 at 12:51 pm

Thank you Murt. Yes the perp was indeed caught but not prosecuted. He was my grandfather. My mother’s own father. It wasn’t until she had her own children, like 30 something years later, that the memories came flooding back in a HUGE way.

My grandfather died shortly there after but he KNEW that she knew. My mother had huge intimacy issues. She married my father who was abusive. She became an alcohol ic. She had ZERO self esteem.

Because of her issues I and my four siblings have little or no coping skills. Like I had tried to post on the other blog… My mother DREADED going to her therapist to talk about her abuse. DREADED IT! She could openly talk in front of other rape victims and at rape rallies. But she dreaded her therapy appointments. Why? Because she wanted to talk about her rape and pain when SHE wanted too. Going to a therapy session forced her to talk whether she felt like it or not.

The reason I had posted that part on he other blog was because I was reading how they doubted another alleged rape victim because she/he could talk in front of large groups but yet was nervous or dreaded their therapy appointments. Here’s the thing though. I GET IT! I watched my mother go through it. So no one can second guess how a rape victim acts.

My childhood sucked because of my mother’s problems. My father negated everything she went through. So basically both my parents were so wrapped up in their own problems that they left five children to fend for themselves. Hence; no coping skills.

When my father died at age 53 he left five children and a wife with no money. Not even enough to bury him. So rape had a profound affect on me. I take it very personal when someone verbally, or otherwise, attacks a rape victim. A rape doesn’t just effect the victim. It effects generations. I’m proof of that.

It’s a long story and its not pretty.

As far as the other blog not allowing my comments, she just addressed that. So I’m fine with it.

Thanks again.

Anyone who has a story like this is always welcome to post here. I will post all comments as long as they are not abusive.

Stay tuned



This comment came to my attention recently.


the content was interesting it is what I spotted within the comment that reminded me of a debate that happened over the past few days. This had to do with altering comments or creating them out of thin air. The person who made this comment has a protected account which is signified by an image of a padlock by the username. If one examines the comment, take note that the padlock has been partly obscured. It seems that someone took the screenshot and then posted it to give the impression that the account was OPEN when the comment was made. Somehow the image wound up on this image sharing website.

I contacted the account holder who stated in no uncertain terms that the comment was made in her PROTECTED account. She stands by what she said in the comment but is still annoyed that someone would sneak their way into her protected account and then publish content she did not give permission for others outside of the account to see.

Stay tuned



When this was sent to me I thought I had misread it until I enlarged the poster and read it. I am shocked that 7 children just vanished in an instant. If these children are not found soon, this may turn out to be another major story about missing children that will be debated on the true crime blogs.


Stay Tuned



nobullyNot too long ago I suffered dearly because I posted a photo of a woman speaking at a public Rally having to do with her being the victim of rape. The photo was sent to me and I posted it on my twitter photos along with other photos of the rally without comment. Shortly thereafter a firestorm erupted with Anonymous demanding that the photo be removed. The reason that was stated is that the woman was in danger because the rapist that victimized her might see the photo and go after her again.

After being pressured with being doxed and subsequently being doxed, I removed the photo. Imagine my surprise when I visited this blog to see not only the photo being prominently displayed but the person in the photo commenting on the blog.

The person did not demand the photo be taken down. I found this a bit of a surprise since the blog in question is far larger than mine and is well known.

I do not know what to make of this but I am sure the excuses will flow like the Ohio river during a spring flood.

Stay tuned



Just saw an interesting twitter post that is circulating saying that Alexandra Goddard who recently managed to get out of a defamation lawsuit against her with the help of the ACLU is lobbying on her blog for her readers to write to and demand that negative comments about Joze Baez’s book be removed. Are you kidding me?pafs

The first question has to be why does Alexendra Goddard even care about the book in the first place?

The second question would be what happened to Alexandra Goddard’s stance on free speech. Don’t the people who make those negative comments of the book have the right to do so?

If this accusation is true, then the motives and actions of Alexandra Goddard has to be examined to see why she would engage in such peculiar activities.


Well, oh golly gee, someone wrote on my blog that Nikki of the Big Bombshell blog is none other than Holly Briley. Now anyone would common sense would dismiss this accusation outright. I certainly do. But, it does make one wonder why this person would say such a thing. Is the person making the comment being  a fool and playing games? Is the person someone with a tin hat theory?


On the other hand, this is exactly the kind of stunt that Holly would pull. It certainly would explain that screen shot that appeared on

At the least, this will keep some keyboards humming trying to sort this mystery out.

Stay tuned



A post on caught my interest mainly because someone broke a promise. The account holder had what is known as a protected account. That means that in order to view the content of that account and communicate with that person, you have to be INVITED. This falls under an understanding of “what is said on this account STAYS on this account and is not to be sent to OUTSIDERS.” The legal definition is : A REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY. It means that there is a degree of TRUST given to the individual who was invited into the account. In some cases, the release of a post of that nature,  is a violation of telecommunications law.


By someone taking that screenshot and sending it to Radio, it demonstrates that the person CANNOT be trusted. That person has NO integrity. Radio, for some reason DID NOT SHOW WHO IT WAS that took that screenshot. Why? Because RADIO wanted the SPY to report on things that person clearly was NOT INTENDED for people OUTSIDE the protected account to view.

I remember a recent tirade by Radio because someone posted screenshots of a blog Alexandra Goddard had a PRIVATE blog where she made it abundantly clear she did not want the information out. The obvious reason is that she did not want her STALKING in public. Radio declared that the person who provided that information should be arrested for violating the agreement with Goddard. When it was found out that Holly was linking the actual source to her own blog, Radio suddenly went silent.

Now that someone has done the same thing to this person’s account, Radio ignores this obvious breech of trust and made a joke out of it. The account holder had no choice but to purge her account and then reestablish it with people SHE CAN TRUST.

What Radio needs to wonder is, just how trustworthy is the person who made public PRIVATE content? Could that same person violate the trust of someone else should that person feel the need to do so? It has happened before and can you guess by whom?

Stay tuned


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