tfhIn the twisted and demented mind of one Michelle L McKee resides her obsession that I somehow had something to do with the death of Trenton Duckett. She has been going on a rampage lately on twitter and a small spoof blog. She has been obsessed with this implicating me in the Trenton matter since 2006. Back then, she contacted the Leesburg, Florida City Police Department about me and a woman by the name of Michelle Deveraux, the latter who was an administrator of a now defunct website Usleuths. com.

She has called various law enforcement agencies from time to time and told them I should be “investigated” for my involvement in the Duckett case and even did the same thing for BOTH the cases Of Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings. These are the instances I know of. Who knows how many cases this wingnut has tried to get me implicated in.

Of  course, I am not the only victim of this nut job. It seems now that Michelle McKee wants to imply that the closest friend of Carla Messario, Trenton’s paternal GRANDMOTHER somehow had an involvement in the disappearance of Trenton Duckett and has threatened to go after her as well.

Since Michelle L McKee likes to throw theories around, I have one of my own. It is my firm belief that Michelle L McKee had a key role in creating the FAKE PM’s and their distribution to Alexandra Goddard and law enforcement agencies,  making this a major and long standing internet fraud and submission of false information to law enforcement and the State of Florida prosecutors.

Stay tuned













Radio seems to imply that a certain blogger is the only one who thinks Trenton Duckett may still be alive. There are some others who do as well. One individual is known as Maytruthprevail who is someone quite familiar to the people who followed the case closely.


Another person who thinks Trenton Duckett is alive is Joshua Duckett, the boy’s FATHER. Now is Radio going to put a tin hat on HIM. How about putting a tin had on Trenton’s GRANDMOTHER, Carla.

I suppose Radio would want to put a tin hat on the administrators of The Center for Missing and Exploited children who still has his information on their website.

Now in the article on Radio’s blog, she notes that it is rare for a child to be found alive after so many years. She cited only ONE example of someone who was found. There are actually more examples. There is the girl who lived in a shed in the back yard of a house and had children by her abducter. There are the two boys in Pennsylvania where were found. There are other examples out there. Yes, these stories are rare, but to the families of these missing children, a one in a million chance is worth more than none at all which is why The Center for Missing and Exploited Children keeps issuing aged enhanced photos of Trenton Duckett and others.

Granted, the odds are small that Trenton is no longer alive. If he were, it would blow all to hell Michelle L McKee’s claim that I murdered him.


Stay tuned


mlm3dj2mlm4Now either Michelle L McKee is too lazy to apply those so called great investigative skills of hers, or she is outright lying. I believe it is the latter. The same goes for Radio. When the question came up about the comment on my  blog that caused the uproar, it is because the image was not clear. Why? Because it was a screenshot of the original comment. For some reason, Awsome Screenshot, which is the utility I use, will distort the image it captures. This is more common if the text font is small as was the case with the date stamp that WORDPRESS uses when noting when a post was made.

The image was then uploaded to Twitter where the person saw it and asked the question. The person did not see the ORIGINAL comment as it appeared on my blog.


The person who asked the question DID NOT imply that I made any change in the comment, she just commented on not being able to read the date. Now why is it that Radio DID NOT make the comment that when you go to the article DIRECTLY, the date is crystal clear. It is because it would debunk her LIE.


Scroll down until you see the comment in question.

I use Awsome Screenshot for making the screenshots I use in my blog articles.



It has some BASIC editing tools which is where the red lettering comes from in the ss I post. The editor of that utility is not that sophisticated and certainly not good enough to make the kind of alteration that Michelle McKee accuses me of. Michelle made clear she thought it was a PHOTOSHOP alteration which is an EXPENSIVE program to have and it takes EXPERT knowledge as to how to use it.

Of course, now that she has time to think about it, DJ comes back with the “her hags must have done” it comment in order to create a response out of thin air. Is it, perhaps that someone has gone to the link about and see that it is clearly a 3 and not a 2?

What Radio had conveniently left OUT of her diatribe is that the comment was made in regards to a twitter post I made of the IMAGE of the comment rather than the comment as it appeared on the blog. It is ONLY on the Twitter account where the distortion occurs.

Now in her little implication of a lie, Radio gets into the motorhome issue AGAIN. Now remember the little debate on that one? When I noted that Radio has never posted a PERSONAL photo of hers on her blog or anywhere else for that matter? She clearly stated that “I DO NOT POST PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF MINE ON THE INTERNET.” So, because I did not post an image of the ACTUAL motorhome, she calls me a liar. I am sure Alexandra Goddard can provide her with an image of the original one since one of her cronies Boogerocity flew clear across the United States from Arizona to Florida and took a picture of it.

As I stated in the earlier article, The camera on my Blackberry torch does not work so rather than scrounge around for a camera to take the photo I simply downloaded one.

Another thing, if I were going to fake the image of a motorhome, why would I choose one that old? I might as well have done an image of one a lot newer.

  Also, by not posting the ACTUAL motorhome, it might make things a bit harder for “someone” to find me. Just employing a bit of the Goddard playbook.

Radio also needs to answer this question. I have claimed to have been getting death threats since 2008, mainly by someone calling himself Renzolovescake. If I could alter content as you are accusing me of doing, then why have I not created comments such as the one you are having a beef about YEARS ago? It would seem that if I had THAT kind of talent, I could have made up all sorts of things.

The answer to all of this Radio is that you deliberately generated a lie to suit your own purposes. You did not link to the original comment because you knew you would be caught in a lie.

Stay Tuned



I thought it rather peculiar that Michelle McKee and another well known critic would be accusing ME of altered content. I remind everyone that I have been claiming the same thing about certain internet content that has been made pertaining to me. These women along with Alexandra Goddard scream from the rafters that what is in certain files is true, that I made the comments and so forth even when overwhelming evidence, including statements from law enforcement, says otherwise.


Now someone by the name of Stfumurtandgoaway made a comment on my blog that was  a death threat. This is no surprise, I have been getting these for years. Usually the threats are by phone. Other times the threats are made through my blogs. So why is it, I wonder, that these two woman got themselves all riled up when I put the comment up on twitter?

These two woman accuse me of using Photoshop to make the changes. Well ladies, you have the comment so take the image to an expert and have it examined. There are tell tale signs that indicate when something has been photoshopped. That has been what I have been told. It takes someone who is an expert with the software to find it.


The next point is that I do not have a clue how to use Photoshop or any other photo editor. I am also to lazy to learn how to use it. Altering content with ANY photo editor is time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail. It is just not my thing.

I also cannot afford it. Have you priced Photoshop? The darn thing costs as much as a high quality laptop.


One final point. It has been said over and over again that NOBODY CARES WHAT I SAY OR DO ON THE INTERNET. If this is the case, why would I go through all of this trouble if nobody is going to pay attention to it?

Stay Tuned



I missed this comment somehow. Another from the creator.



Stay tuned



I am full of mixed emotions tonight, not certain how to react what I have been reading. First there was the responses the Sheryl got to her comment made on my blog. It was a comment she was determined to make after I told her it was not such a good idea. It is sad that I was right. Radio did the decent thing when she wrote the comment in her blog and both Sheryl and I thank her for that. It is what followed that has me disappointed.



Radionewz.net is one of the largest blogs of it’s kind that is following the Steubenville case as well as the actions of Alexandra Goddard and her supporters. Because of that there are going to be THOUSANDS who read both what Radio said and what this commenter said on her blog :

Sheryl, by the way, has read all the remarks and in tears has told me that she is sorry she ever came forward with the comment she made on my blog. She will never get on any blog and tell her story again. As for the remark she made that got her into this trouble. She wishes she never made that remark either. She was voicing an honest opinion based on what she has seen in the past. She certainly did not mean that ALL women were like that.

I guess this proves that perhaps the Jane Does need to suffer in silence hence the Kind of people who commented on Radio’s blog out there will only rekindle their suffering and make it worse.





I would suggest, you readers of this blog to harken back to the days when Alexandra Goddard and Michelle L McKee promoted a set of Instant messages they dubbed “The PM’s” were they claimed I said things in there about a still missing child and children. Go to the files that Goddard has so carefully archived for all of you to read. Go there my readers and see if you see a familar ring to those pm’s.


I published the remarks you see here in the comments section where they were made. These comments were made after a brave victim of rape came forth with her story. Now we see the truth behind the so called support for rape victims that Goddard and McKee brag about so much. How can these remarks support a rape victim? Ask  Alexandra Goddard, Ask Michelle L McKee, ask the sender of these comments, the person who created the pm’s.


Those of you who are the computer experts may want to look into the workings of Paltalk Pm’s and then find the original Pm’s if you are able. You will find in those PM’s a piece of information available only to each participant of the pm’s. That information is the IP address of each party. How one obtains this information is a bit confidential for right now but rest assured that information is out there.

CREATOR3The sender of the crude comments made a careless mistake. A mistake I had hoped for but did not expect from such an “expert.” The creator used the EXACT same anonymous proxy ip address for the two comments. I now have clear and unmistakeable proof who created them.

Now I can deal with you. Expect me.

Stay Tuned





















No matter what side of the story of Tim Holmseth that one may take, there has to be the question of the approach that Executioner and Radio are taking on the Radionewz.net blog. I for one do not agree with the theories that Mr Holmseth makes but at the same time I have to wonder if the way he is being criticized are helping him or not.

What, you say, does this have to do with Rush Limbaugh? The answer is quite simple. There is an expression “negative publicity is better than no publicity.” that is used in the word of the media. This is an old advertizing trick that has been used for decades. The Rush Limbaugh reference is an example how subtle advertizing can generate a great return.

A number of billboards began to appear in Orlando, Florida a month or so after The Rush Limbaugh Show was picked up by WDBO with the quote “WDBO apologizes for what Rush Limbaugh said about gays.” A variant would say “WDBO apologizes to the Gay Community.” The station would soon put up apologist billboards apologizing for what Rush said about all sorts of issues, Abortion, liberals and so forth. People were  puzzled by the stations position in a market that had a high number of Conservatives that listened to the station. It was fairly well known that it was catering to a conservative audience and this people could not understand this tactic.

The tactic to those of use who used advertizing in our business understood the tactic quite well. Almost immediately the stations’s ratings soared and remains high to this day. Why? Not because of a rise in conservative listeners because the station had reached the maximum in that market, but because they got a dramatic rise in centrist and liberal listeners who wanted to know what the hell was going on. Neither of these groups realized that they had been suckered by a lie. The problem is that once they listened, they were hooked by their own anger.

Radionewz.net either intentionally or unintentionally is doing the exact thing but is not getting the expected result. Executioner claims that the attention placed to Tim Holmseth is directing anyone to Radionewz.net is not exactly correct. What it is doing is that anyone who bothers to do a Google search is getting directed FIRST to his website and then to one or two links to criticism of him that are NOT that of Radionewz.net.

What Executioner has unintentionally done is to draw MORE people to Tim’s website where more people will read his side of the issue and more may join in on his point of view.


Stay Tuned


Isn’t it amazing what one can get away with when they claim to be a woman? Look at what Casey got away with? And look what Radio is getting away with. I remember back when I used a less inflammatory word. I was called a woman hater. Radio can use this kind of language against woman, one of whom is even a rape victim and not a peep about that.


Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Stay tuned



PA1In a comment on her blog Radio admits that she has never put a personal photo that she took on the internet.  She always used stock photos taken off of image searches. Now let us go back to my hideaway. Radio called me a LIAR because I did not put a photo of the actual motorhome when I posted the article. According to Radio it is a lie if someone says they live some someplace or do something when they post a stock photo on the internet and not their own.

Radio has just admitted that he/she is a liar.

Stay tuned


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