The mysterious Radio of shows its true colors into a remark she made on twitter on this Easter Sunday in regards to my son John Brian who would have been 38 this coming Tuesday.


john's bench

This is not the first time Radio has brought my son into her hateful trashing of me and my family.

Radio once wrote that I hated my son. She then apologized, but not to me but to my deceased wife.

The post above just goes to show the kind of person this is who hides its identity from the public so that nobody knows who it is that says such shameful things about a person who is no longer able to speak for themselves.

Stay tuned


RADIO ADMITS THAT EVERYTHING WRITTEN ABOUT ME IS NOT TRUE, JUST A “SPOOF” has now admitted that everything written about me on it’s blog is nothing more than a series of spoofs and satire. Nothing contained in the blog about actions or writings attributed to me is the truth.



Radionewz,net is not about truth. It is about spoofs and satire. Nothing in the blog should be taken as fact or the truth. By Radio’s own words.

Stay tuned



stevethedopeWhen I first heard of a new blog being written about the actions surrounding the Steubenville rape case, I figured it was another counter viewpoint blog where one group bashes the other.

Brother was I wrong. The blog is really about SteveTheDope praising himself in the strangest piece of self worship I have ever seen.


Nothing like #selflulzing yourself Stevie boy. At least the blog is good for a few laughs.

Stay tuned



I think a few people who might read this might remember the flack I got when arguing with M2KFLA over the close impersonation of my other twitter account M2KFL and the screwball excuses she used for using the above username.

My troubles had to do with the fact that I knew for certain that M2KFLA was lying about who she was and the reason for the use of that username. I then felt that if M2KFLA was lying about that she must be lying about why she attacked me to begin with.

Well, I got my ass kicked for that one. Anonymous also got involved and to this day people are trying to access my checking account due to the Doxing directed at me by members of that cyber terrorist group.

Then, along comes Holly Briley stating that she doubts that someone has a mental illness because she believes that person is lying about other things. hbt2

So far, there has been little backlash from her saying that and Anonymous is nowhere in sight. I guess #mentalillnessverification is not the same as #rapeverification, so she is allowed to get away with what she has been saying.

On the other hand it is probably due to the fact that she is a member in good standing of a certain group so she can say anything she wants and suffer no consequences for doing so.

That is called being hypocritical and proves a point along these lines I made a while back.

It does not matter what is said. It only matters WHO said it.

Stay tuned




Considering that Holly has come out against those who stigmatize those who are rape survivors and also being a close associate of Michelle Lynn McKee who claims to be suffering from an assortment of mental problems. I do not see Holly saying that Michelle Lynn McKee “needs a tune up.”


This may not be RAPEVERIFICATION but it is something along the same lines. According to Holly, if she believes someone is a liar then they are lying about their mental affliction.

Using HOLLY’S logic, would it be right to assume that if a known liar claims to be a rape survivor………?

Just asking.

It depends, of course on WHO has had problems of this nature to determine who Holly is going to or not going to stigmatize.

Stay tuned



Once again Michelle L McKee has butted into my life in this case, a twitter conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with her. This is the same pattern she has followed for YEARS.


What Michelle Lynn McKee might want to do is tell Ms Boyer about her obsession with Pat Brown, Dianne Fanning, Cory Mitchell, and as of late the owner and staff of Behind the Yellow Tape.mlm8

Michelle Lynn McKee should tell the actress that she has accused her former employer NICB of unethical business practices and then went on twitter to demand her job back along with punitive money damages.meandlaurienicb


Michelle Lynn McKee even resorts to racism and bigotry when attacking me and my new girlfriend who is 63 and a widow.

Michelle Lynn McKee should tell the actress that she has wished me DEAD publicly several times.

Michelle Lynn should tell the actress that she has told me to kill myself several times publicly as well.

Michelle Lynn McKee might want to tell the actress about the letter I got from her own son APOLOGIZING for the actions of his mother.

Michelle Lynn McKee might want to inform the actress about the fact that she called the Leesburg, Florida  City Police Department as far back as 2006 and tried to get me investigated for the MURDER of Trenton Duckett who is still missing to this day.


Michelle Lynn McKee should tell the actress about the smears and torment she has directed towards a number of citizens in Steubenville, Ohio implicating several innocent people as plotting the coverup of the case.

In spite of these actions by Michelle Lynn McKee and other actions that are not mentioned here, I do not hate her or anyone else. Instead I simply do not understand what the vendetta is with this small group of people against a 62 and 1/2 year old widowed truck driver who is unable to work due to the extreme stress they have put on me since 2006 and continue to do so.

Michelle Lynn McKee should tell the REST of the story about her AND about Alexandra H Goddard.

Stay Tuned



ontheairI had noticed of late that there has been a lot of comments made toward one individual by Radio of Those comments have had the usual mean spirited diatribe that it is noted for on the blog it owns and writes on.


A recent blog article directed towards Brianne Chantal was a rather disconcerting example of the mentality of the person who calls itself Radio.


That so called “open letter” could be taken as an implied threat considering the history between Brianne and Holly Briley. It is amazing that someone would develop such a dangerous attitude towards complete strangers.

Brianne felt it necessary to address the so called letter in the blog she authors:

Within the past couple of days, Radio has been posting some rather hateful and intense articles directed towards those it seems to have issues with.

A number of these comments include Radio stating that it would rejoice at some people being dead.


One has to wonder about someone who continuously thinks like that.

Stay tuned



janewaySometimes when reading twitter posts I come across the some of strangest arguments that go on there . This one takes the cake. It seems there is some kind of “man’s rights” twitter account where the person fights what he feels are men haters.


As a male, one might think that I would gravitate towards such a site since there seems to be a lot of man hating going on lately.

What peaked my interest was this twitter post in particular.


I then decided to look further into the conversation to see what the heck this was all about and came across this #rapeverification issue.rv3

I immediately picked up on the name of Lucy Boryer as she played a character on Star Trek which is a show that I am a fan of.


Anyhow, Lucy has spoken about her being a rape survivor. The owner of the “man’s rights” twitter site started a conversation with Lucy about the subject and others related with rape issues. Somewhere along the lines, he contacted Lucy’s professional manager to find out if Judy was the REAL Judy and that the twitter account was actually hers and not something set up by a fan or someone else.

The whole situation has turned into a “he said she said” as she and others are claiming that the male rights advocate was trying to verify that Lucy was raped and the advocate said that he was only trying to verify that she is who she claims to be and that there was no rape verification attempt.rv2

I am not certain what the true story is here. What I do know is that Rape is a touchy issue. I also know that sometimes one might have been innocently trying to confirm certain information but went around it in a bad way.rv1

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration here. First of all, the actresses twitter account is NOT verified. This is what might have triggered the whole verification fiasco. It might be a good idea for Lucy to go through the Twitter verification process so that someone else does not put up some kind of fan or impersonator twitter page.

The next issue was that the actress put the contact information for her manager on her twitter account. It seems that there is a website dedicated to all things entertainment and there is also a link to her manager’s e-mail address.


This is how the advocate was able to contact the actresses manager and have the alleged conversation. I am surprised that the manager has not been flooded with all sorts of fan mail about the actress as this is a large and publicly accessible website.

It appears that some basic security steps on the part of the actress might be in order.

The advocate might want to learn from this as well. He went too far in trying to come to the truth about either the rape or the identity of the person he was talking to. He should use better judgement in the future.

Stay tuned



I found this remark rather curious. It seems that Michelle L McKee is threatening to release information on someone that is of a highly personal nature. This is a pattern that McKee has employed for years.


She attacks not only the target of her wrath but goes after anyone even remotely connected to her target. When confronted with her misdeeds she plays the victim card.

Stay tuned



secretIf someone were to come forward right now and claim that they were Radio of, nobody would believe them. It would not matter how much proof was provided, nobody would accept that the mysterious Radio had outed itself.

It is the quintessential secret identity. Radio could not out itself if it wanted to. Nobody would believe anyone who came out of the blogger closet and claimed to be the Real Radio.

Nobody in their right mind would want to admit to being the owner of the garbage scow of the internet.


They would be humiliated and shunned by their family, friends, employers, clients and professional associates.

The person or persons who is the Radio behind can take comfort that nobody will ever know who that demented soul really is.

Stay tuned


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