Radio of called me a liar when I pointed out that Shiloh posted on it’s blog that I owned two motor vehicles, a mobile home and a utility trailer. Radio clearly stated that no dmv information appeared on




Stay tuned



On March 8th, 2013 someone calling themselves Shiloh posted on that I was a liar when I said I owned nothing. As examples, Shiloh posted two motor vehicles, a trailer of some kind and a mobile home that it claimed were registered to me.


The article was quite specific when it said these items were registered TO ME. I was rather curious as to how Shiloh obtained this information. The reason is that the ONLY way that Shiloh could have obtained this information is through Florida DMV records. Shiloh TO THIS DAY has not said one word about how this information was obtained. In fact, Shiloh has not said one word about this subject since that article was posted.

I have never mentioned ANY of the items listed in Shiloh’s article ANYWHERE on or OFF the internet. SO, again I ask like I did on the 8th of March, SHILOH how did you obtain that information?

Now enter the mysterious Radio who claims that NO motor vehicle information regarding me was  published on nor would Radio publish this information on on it’s blog even if it possessed this information.


Radio demanded proof of my claim and I have provided it.


Now I wait to see how Radio squirms out of this big lie.

Stay tuned



ontheairspinsterThe old spinster Radio must have gotten sunstroke out there in Arizona since she does not seem to know the difference between an opinion and a direct statement. So be it. The problem for Radio is that it simply cannot prove me wrong. Yes, that person can hide who it is. It can remain a secret behind the cloak of anonymity.

The price for doing so, however, is that it leaves the door open to speculation. This was the same speculation regarding the owner of Hearts4Haleigh. When it came out that the owner was a convicted pedophile, it sent shockwaves throughout the true crime blog community.

Again, I must point out that I am  out there in the open. Everyone knows who I am, good or bad. NOBODY knows who Radio is. We only know who Radio CLAIMS to be. Anyone can claim anything on the internet. Proving it is another matter. Radio operates a blog that has broken the law several times. Because of this it hides behind the cloak of secrecy. IT hides behind an elaborate multiple layer of proxy  servers in order to avoid being made accountable for their actions and for what is contained within their blog.

Of course there are people who will BLINDLY stand by Radio and her point of view. Why? Because they agree with what she says or in her actions. These kind of people do not care who it is that is the source of their worship. As long as the agenda matches their own, they are willing to go along with whoever Radio claims to be.

The price I have to pay for being open and HONEST about who I am is a steep one. I do not hide who I am. I do not make up secret sock puppet names. I remain out in the sunlight of truth. People can choose what they think of me and my words or actions knowing exactly who it is that I am.

As for the opinions regarding Radio and the Haleigh Cummings case. I simply expressed my belief that there is something about the case that has Radio all wrapped up in it. Radio seems to be extremely sensitive about the case and goes out of their way to attack anyone who goes “against the grain” regarding it.

Rather than being a blogger who simply has a belief in the circumstances regarding the case, Radio comes across as someone intimately concerned with certain particulars of the case and the speculation by others about what went on and the fate of Haleigh. This brings up the question as to why. Radio goes through great lengths to attack certain individuals. This causes people to ask why.

What is there about the case of Haleigh Cummings that brings forth such tirades from Radio? From what I can tell, Radio is about the only person on the internet that has such an intense emotional attachment to the case. If not for Radio’s intense reaction to certain speculations about certain aspects of the case, interest about the case would have subsided a long time ago.

Now we turn to the subjects of this blog and my twitter postings. Radio makes a great deal out of what I say here and about what I post on twitter. Why? Radio has claimed time and again that this blog has only 4 readers and she has over 74 thousand. IF this is the case, then what is all the fuss about? There are other blogs criticizing Radio and its blog that are far larger than this one. There are people on twitter that have far more followers than I do.

In fact, if people took the time to study my follower list, they would find that few if any of them are people and organizations that have anything to do with the true crime blogging community. The vast majority of my followers are outside this sphere of interest.

That would translate into all of my internet accounts being of little consequence to Radio or anyone else in the true crime blogging arena. Or at least that is what one would think. This does not seem to be the case with Radio and her entourage who pay close attention to every single word I post anywhere on the internet.

I find it remarkable, for instance, that Shiloh and Holly take great interest in what I own or in my past financial interests. I am not anyone famous nor am I anyone of importance yet both of these individuals have taken the time to dig into my financial and personal affairs and have posted this information on the internet.

In the case of Shiloh, this person has BROKEN THE LAW to do so. Shiloh, for some insane reason seems to think it important to post the make model and LICENSE TAG of the vehicle I drive around in.

Actions speak louder than words. In both words AND actions, Radio speaks loudly.

Radio seems to think that I need the attention of it and others that are a part of that blog. The opposite is true. What Radio FAILS to mention is that it is BLOCKED from my twitter account. In order to get AROUND that block, Radio either has to create another twitter account, a FAKE one, or use other extra efforts in order to read it.

The same holds true for this blog. Radio takes the time to screen shot this blog and then comment on what is written here. If I am that insignificant then why all the attention? Think about it. I am but one of MILLIONS on the internet who reads blogs and owns a blog yet Radio concentrates on me as well as perhaps two or three others.

It is this degree of heightened attention that causes people to want to know who Radio is. There are others out there who operate under Anonymous identities that do not come under such intense speculation simply because their actions do not create a reason for it.

Radio, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely.

Stay Tuned



dictatorThere seems to be a mentality among some bloggers that only their opinion matters. The opinions of others are unimportant. These bloggers seem to feel that if anyone disagrees with them, they are wrong. The bloggers feel that anyone who disagrees with them should be punished, banished from the internet or ridiculed to the point where they leave the internet or at the least, cease advocating their opinion.

In one subject, one case in particular there also seems to be a rather impassioned effort among certain bloggers to vilify certain individuals that had a strong advocacy or proactive action in one or two of the cases the bloggers also had a stake of one sort of another in.

The objection of the bloggers in question leads to such extreme actions and emotional outbursts that it leads those outside of the core groups as to be puzzled as to why these things are happening. They marvel at the threats, the libel, the veracity of the attacks against people who are complete strangers to each other.

It is a trend that seems not destined  to cease anytime soon.

Stay tuned



renoThe main trouble with vendettas and trials by blogs is that they are almost always wrong. I speak now of the Steubenville Rape case and the aftermath. As part of the calls for retribution for what was done to  Jane Doe, there are those out there that are calling for justice. These people do not seem to be satisfied with the fact that there is a grand jury that is scheduled to look into the problems with the case in a few weeks.

These folks are trying to get their own form of justice. These folks want a scapegoat. That scapegoat appears to be Coach Reno. There is a petition drive to get the board of education to fire him for the supposed cover up or attempted cover up of the actions of the football players convicted of the rape of Jane Doe.

Are these people right and did Coach Reno try and circumvent the law by covering up for his players? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. I would prefer that everyone wait until the Grand Jury hears the evidence and see if there is any criminal charges brought against the coach and whoever else that may have been involved in the incidents before during and after the rape.

At some point people need to end the lynch mob mentality and let the justice system work. At some point people need to start to heal, learn from what happened and take preventative measures to make certain something like this does not happen again. IF Coach Reno needs to be fired or asked to resign, it should be at some appropriate point when ALL of the evidence is in and the justice system has done it’s job.

In the meantime we wait, we watch and we listen.

Stay tuned



steubenvilleWhen the attacks against me started back in 2008 I was a lone target. Few were subjected to what I have had to endure since then right up to this day. There were the calls to family, employers and customers. There were the threats, false accusations, the smears and so forth. The attacks and so forth also were against those who were my friends and supporters and even my former and current girlfriends.

There were those out there who thought I was lying. They claimed that none of this was happening to me. I responded “ok, do not believe, be skeptical, someday it will happen to you or  someone else.” They scoffed, they laughed and they went away.

Then along came Steubenville. It did not take long for the threats, false accusations, and the smears along with the doxing and all of the same tactics used against me all those years ago and done by the very same people. Except now there were new targets. The fine citizens of Steubenville who took a stand. The fine citizens of Steubenville who knew all the parties involved in the case and were trying in their own way to deal with a crises that none had expected or asked for.

It is through these fine Citizens of Steubenville that people are now seeing the truth of what I have been stating all of these years. The fine citizens of Steubenville are now fighting the same unwanted fight as I am. They are now the victims of the same total strangers I have had to deal with. The same strangers I have never met, do not ever want to meet and the same strangers I wished would have minded their own business and left us all alone.

As time goes on, there will be new targets, and a new fight by those targets against people they have never met, people that they do not ever want to meet and people that they wish would have left them alone.

Stay Tuned



  mlmvideoA new term turned up on some blogs recently. False narrative, which seems to be a fancy term about lying. Well, a recent application of this term has to do with a picture that has been circulating  around the internet purported to be of Michelle Lynn McKee, a well known cyber abuser. According to fellow cyber abuser Radio of, the photo is not of Michelle Lynn McKee but of someone else. Now who would that be?

This brings up a rather interesting question. There was a video on Youtube that was claimed to have been the audition video of Michelle Lynn McKee for an internship position with a PR agency representing Charlie Sheen. It was from this video that a screen capture of the photo was made.

Now, IF Radio is correct and the video is NOT of Michelle Lynn McKee, this means that Michelle Lynn LIED about being in the contest many times over.

So what is the False Narrative and who has made it?

Stay tuned



fbidhsIt appears that Radio is dipping into the sauce again. Earlier in her cyber abuse blog, Radio made a number of posts that claimed that first the Department of Homeland Security and then The FBI was “observing” my blog by going through first. I find that rather interesting since these accusations have been lodged against me by Michelle Lynn McKee and Alexandra Goddard since at least 2008. Now what government agency in their right mind would let a pedophile remain on the streets for that length of time?


NONE since Radio is lying through her teeth (if she has any) as she has done from the start. She then states that I should find out who a certain person is before I pick a fight with them. Well, it would be nice if Radio would inform the world of just who he/she is. She will not and one has to wonder why.

It might have to do with the fact that those in her network of friends, family and profession (if he/she has one) might not condone what he/she is doing. It just might cost this person a job or revenue of some kind if his/her professional contacts or employer found out.

When confronted Radio makes threats and then resorts to defame and libel those who are her targets. It is quite remarkable that even one of the most powerful lawyers in Florida fears reprisals if she confronts Radio. One has to wonder what Radio has on this atty to instill such fear.

Stay tuned



Radio is up to IT’S old game of diverting attention away from questions about her by once again engaging in smears of those who confront her about her lies. This time it is about the fact that I used Hearts4Haleigh as an example of the dangers stemming from people hiding behind hidden identities and using their blogs to misinform the public and smear innocent victims at the same time.

Radio can keep right up with her lies and those who are too blind to understand the implications can continue to follow her blog, but facts are facts. I am out in the open. My life is an open book. I am there for all to see.

Radio, on the other hand remains hidden. She is a complete unknown.

Nobody knows who she is, or  where she is. She may not even be a she. She could be and most likely is, a criminal. The longer she remains hidden, the longer people will suspect that there are ulterior motives for her to do so.

Ulterior motives and evil intent.

Stay tuned



anonymousOne big problem with Anonymous is due to the nature of how it operates. There are no guidelines on how people are supposed to act when they become a member of the movement. That is because there are no rules. Anonymous is a movement and not an established organization with policies, or rules of any kind.

This leads to widespread abuse of the movement by those with criminal intent or who wish to target individuals in some kind of personal vendetta. In my case it was over my ongoing conflict with someone who has employed questionable tactics against me and others.

I was given an ultimatum. Either shut up or be doxed. What is doxing? It is the illegal dispensing of private and personal information ie, a terroristic threat.

Well, I did not shut up and I was doxed as a result.


This occurred even after I removed a photo of someone at a PUBLIC event after Anonymous DEMANDED it be removed in order to avoid being doxed. This goes to show that there is no control by anyone at Anonymous over what is done by someone who claims to be a member.

Their doxing of innocent victims also shows that Anonymous has no regard for the first amendment nor do they comply with laws that are meant to protect the safety and security of individuals.

Doxing is not the only tactic that Anonymous uses. They also create fake content, hack and alter websites, make threatening phone calls to their target, their employers, their friends, neighbors and family members. They write blogs that make false accusations against their targets and anyone that supports them.

By doing so, Anonymous intimidates others into not speaking out in order to prevent the same thing happening to them.

Stay Tuned


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