One of the things I noticed over at that smear blog is that the people there have no clue how to do research on whatever information they are trying to obtain. This can be only part of the reason they seem to get their facts wrong even when researching areas that are absolutely none of their business.

In this case it has to do with the loss of my house several years ago. Why this is of any concern to anyone is beyond me. But, if you are going to smear me, at least get your facts straight.

Lake County did NOT foreclose on my property. The loss of my house had NOTHING to do with any dispute with code enforcement.

Like MILLIONS of others in this country, I was a victim of the economic downturn this country is still in that started in 2008. I also suffered the death of my wife which meant that a substantial portion of the family income vanished.

As with most people caught in this situation, I went through the various stages one goes through when they are unable to pay their mortgage and go down the road to the eventual loss of their home.

Midway through this process  the government came up with a program that involved the short sale of homes that would otherwise be foreclosed upon. This process included the homeowner arranging with a realtor to place the property up for sale and go from there.


A Short Sale occurs when the balance owed on a home mortgage exceeds the market value of the property. This leaves sellers with the unfortunate choice of having to remain in a home that no longer fits them or that they can no longer afford or attempting a short sale.

A Short Sale requires finding a buyer to purchase the property at the market price and negotiating with the lender to obtain approval to sell the property at the market price and for the lender to release their lien on the property.

Loss Mitigation refers to bringing a short sale offer to a lender so that the lender can reduce their potential future loss on the property through foreclosing and having to own the property, make repairs and improvements, covering holding costs and then the costs of trying to re-sell the property often for much less than the bank could have on a short sale.

Since I was about to lose the home, I started going through what I was going to take with me and what I was going to throw away. The realtor in a case of seriously bad judgement arrived at the house and photographed it while I was in the process of throwing stuff out. If the realtor had come back several hours later, they would have a more presentable photo of the property.

Now, Holly Briley LIED when she stated in an article on her blog that I had made over 50,000 on the sale of the house. If Mrs Briley had bothered to do proper research, she would have found that she was in serious error. Of course the truth is something that Mrs Briley has absolutely no interest in. The FACT of the matter is that I did not make anything close to that amount and actually lost money on the final sale of the property once I paid out the moving expenses involved after closing on the sale of the property.

I wrote Mrs Briley with the correct information. She did not answer me back and she also left the false information in place on her blog.

As I stated in my prior article, there is something rather peculiar going on here. All I have is this small blog. It does not have that many readers. I have not been streaming on my multimedia site for quite a long time. I have done absolutely nothing to deserve this kind of treatment by Radionewz or it’s lackeys.

This would indicate that there is an attempt to cover something up by diverting attention towards me and a few others and away from others that need investigating.

Most of the parties involved in the actions on the internet had something to do in some manner either in a minor fashion or a prominent fashion with the case. One of the best known Florida Attorneys seems to be getting most of the attention.

What is being done is not logical and thus indicates that there is more going on here that meets the eye.


The fate of Haleigh Cummings is unknown. The case is still open. Someone somewhere has the answer as to what happened to this child. It is time to find out who that someone is and get the answers to this mystery.

Stay tuned



ontheairnevesI find it rather strange that even though I am blocked from reading that blog that keeps stalking me, why?

tchThis smear campaign started with me criticizing the bullying of those who participated in the Casey Boycotts and earlier, in the case of Haleigh Cummings.

The attacks against me have intensified since a Mr Boyle started commenting here. That has to make me wonder if there is something about the dispute between Mr Boyle and Atty Kim Picazio.


I have tried to remain neutral when it comes to the stories I have heard about Mrs Picazio and the disputes she seems to be having with an increasing number of those who have issues with her past actions and that of her husband.

I have tried to respect Mrs Picazio’s point of view but in light of this almost year long and intense smear campaign against me and certain other individuals, I have to wonder if there is a basis for the claims and accusations directed toward Mrs Picazio and her family.

There being some kind of cover up can be the only logical reason for the intense stalking and smearing of me that is continuing on a daily basis.

I welcome anyone to submit their opinions regarding anyone having to do with the Cummings case and perhaps in the process we can figure out just what the hell is going on with that case that has triggered such an uproar.

Stay tuned



The administrator of thinks it is cute to post my address (or the address it thinks I am at) for all to see on the internet. One individual commenting there even suggested that someone come here for a visit.









Before doing so I suggest you read the following.

Now, Radio is best advised to get my personal off its blog before it has blood on it’s hands.

My latest rating is 98/100 @100 yards.

Stay tuned




There is a battle going on, here in Central Florida to prevent a death sentence from being carried out. The one who has been given the death sentence is a one year old Beagle by the name of Rufus.

In a bit of a bureaucratic snafu, Rufus, who is now in the custody of Orange County, Fl. animal control was taken from his owners after he bit their son when he approached Rufus while the beagle was eating his food. This, of course, is not a wise thing to do with any animal that is eating. It is called “food aggression.”

There is now a widespread effort to save Rufus from this untimely fate. Thousands has been raised and a lawyer has managed to get a stay of execution while the matter is resolved.

Here are some links to read about Rufus and to help if you so desire.

Stay tuned



For some time, there were rumblings in Twitter land concerning the female half of the Anonymous Dope team. It seems that a medical issue of some sort had cropped up that had a number of people concerned about her. Since it is a private account that I do not follow, I was on the outside looking in.








Then, this morning, rumblings of a hoax surfaced along with a “big reveal.” People are now starting to accuse Sam7Cook of faking the whole medical thing. I do not know what it is that she is accused of faking but it seems to be enough to stir people up who know her.










So far the Steve half of this pair is remaining silent, telling me that he will let me know once he figures out for himself what is going on.

Poor Stevie being left out in the cold?

Stay Tuned



The one question I am always asked in the debate over the years regarding the infamous PM’S is “Who is the person on the other side of the conversation(s)?”

The answer always is “nobody knows.” First of all since the messages were largely counterfeit and tampered with, there actually is no “person on the other side.”

This is why Alexandra H Goddard, Michelle Lynn McKee or any of the others have never attempted to identify who it is. The person simply did not exist since the whole thing was manufactured in the first place.

What IS interesting is what happened when someone came forward and CONFESSED to FAKING the PM’s as well as CONFESSING to other actions affiliated with them.

Almost immediately this person was attacked rather than people asking if perhaps what this person had to say might just be the truth.


At the time this blog came out the Radio lackeys were new to this dispute.

Since is this the case, how did Holly Briley become an expert on one SBD and as a result start on an internet campaign to discredit this person that included putting the personal information about his entire family and encouraging all to call his employer in Lakeland, Florida.

ALL of this, in spite of the owner of the blog AND the employer confirming the named person DID NOT have access to the company computers for surfing the internet since they are hooked to a closed network not capable of accessing the internet.


Murt, I too am sorry for all that I’ve done to you. Holly, Radio and Princess all involved me because they said, and I quote, “We want to make that old man suffer for trying to out us.”

Murt, all they are doing is pulling your chain in hopes of getting you off the internet. The only reason I leave nasty, vile comments is because I want all of them to think that I condone what they’re doing, when in fact, I don’t.

I know what horrible, disgusting people all of them are and I don’t want to be a part of their lies any longer. I’m sorry Murt.

Not that this little fact did not stop the lackeys from trying to silence this confessional. The owner of the blog one day simply to quit blogging but left the blog in place rather than close it down. To this day the owner has not been positively identified.


I would suggest that all go and read the blog and decide for yourselves. Ask yourself why the most ardent opponent of mine, one SBD would go out of his way to try and clear my name?

He could have simply joined in on heaping the slander the others have done against me. There are other holes in their arguments as well that come out in the companion twitter account:

Even Radio chimed in not wanting to give an inch to the likely hood that the PM matter was nothing more than an internet hoax. That would mean that Radio would have to admit that her hero was a liar and it could not face that likely hood no matter how obvious it might be.

And so it goes, as time goes on, I think that more are going to see the light and start coming forward to confess to the various frauds that have been going on for years.

The only reason they have not done so, so far, is because of the reprisals directed against those who have confessed already.

Stay tuned



deleteI have stated the simplest solution for this ongoing debate that has been going on for YEARS. It is a simple solution. It is a solution that would only take a few minutes.

DELETE. Simple and to the point. Delete the videos, delete the images, delete the blogs that smear me and the others.

They will not do this, of course, because it is THEY who want all of this drama.

And the beat goes on.

Stay tuned



ontheairOne of the biggest mistakes I ever made happened way back in 2010. I had come across what I THOUGHT was a good blog about true crime and missing children. At that time the blog was actually covering missing child cases and not engaging in openly smearing people and spreading false rumors.

What had caught my attention was the rumor that was banning anyone who went to that blog and read it. I wrote about this incident and also did a review where I complimented the blog and recommended that people go and visit it.









It turns out that I was completely wrong.

Now do understand that I still disagree with Websleuths threatening to ban anyone for going there and reading the blog.

Moving along:

It took a format change that happened over a year ago to make me realize the errors of my ways. I had thought that POLITELY engaging the current owner of the blog would help me understand why this change had taken place.

That turned out to be a mistake and things are where they are today. For a year those who have been the victims of the blog’s tirades have contacted me with what has been posted about them.

Now even the citizens of Steubenville, Ohio who disagree with the position Radio takes on matters there are the targets of the blog’s lies and intimidation.

McKee got the claim that I was “kissing ass” when it came to that blog since after I posted that review, I had little contact with that blog for almost two years and for the reasons I stated above.

It was a mistake I made that I do not intend to make again.

Stay tuned



Michelle Lynn McKee is at it again on twitter posting lie after lie about me. Odd how she does not tell people she wants me to DIE and to go KILL myself.

Michelle Lynn McKee is right about one thing. Law enforcement did tell her to “go fuck herself” and to quit bothering them with her claims that I MURDERED children. FINALLY she admits that.mlmcops

Law enforcement stated that if she called one more time, they would have her ARRESTED!

She then LIES about an article I wrote YEARS AGO claiming it was about HER and revealing a “condition” that nobody knew about until today.




What McKee seems to have forgotten is that Alexandra H Goddard wrote on an article entitled Mommies Follies. It was in that article that Goddard exposed this medical condition of an Arizona woman. Both the blog and the article are now gone.

To bad McKee does not consult with her mentor before she makes a fool out of herself. There are other claims McKee makes on her blog that I have not heard before. Those claims now call into question her moral  character in ways that I am not going to go into here.

Based on what I have been sent regarding what McKee has posted today, I cannot determine what is true about her and what is not.

At this point it does not matter if people believe me or her. The damage to me has been done. Nothing anyone could hope to do would reverse it. I am 62 plus years old and it is too late to start over. All I can hope to do is live one day at a time until it is time for me to leave this earth.

Stay tuned



ontheairRadio has claimed many times not to care about what is written in my blog. Radio  claims that only a few people read here. If that is the case then why does it take and post an ENTIRE ARTICLE from this blog on it’s blog?


So much for not caring.

What IS interesting is the comments section on Radio’s blog. Michelle McKee makes the excuse that because the person is a nurse, she is justified in making the call to her employer.

Oh really? Then this rule must also apply to the person who is screaming lawsuit complaining that people called the college she claimed to work at in order to “get her fired.

Since I did not see the comment that sparked McKee’s tantrum, I do not know if she is even telling the truth.

Not only is Michelle Lynn McKee is a well known stalker, but she is a well known liar as well.

Using the “McKee” standard the call or calls would have been justified as the person was representing a public institution and was making the offending posts while working, thus engaging in “work time theft.”

This is yet another example of where these people keep making up excuses for why they can do anything they want to do and then falsely accusing others of doing the exact same thing.

Stay tuned


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