The person named in the comment above denies having anything to do with the blog in question.

Radio, of has always claimed to fight for the right of blog owners to have their identities hidden from the public. Radio has touted such a right is part of free speech, the right to be be free from stalking and so forth.

I find it rather odd, then, that Radio would have allowed this threat on its blog to go unanswered.

It seems that the ONLY identity that Radio wants hidden is it’s own.

Stay tuned



usmcThe Marine has landed and his name is Ace, actually he goes by OfficalAce. He is not an Anonymous but supports their various causes.


Ace has been creating something of a ruckus lately in his efforts to combat the doxing of an anonymous by another anonymous. He had originally came out with a list of 9 offenders who were being targeted for participating in the doxing of the Anon. Those on the list include various Anonymous members as well as at least one blogger and perhaps at least one non-Anonymous.

Ace has also posted that he has commenced an official complaint to the feds regarding the actions the doxing.

One completely surprising development is that Ace has teamed up with McGreggors Back and has written a brief blog article as her guest.


I know little about Ace other than he is not happy about the doxing and has confined his actions to seeking justice for the person who is said to be the victim.

I will be following things closely to see where things go.

Stay tuned



I have heard that a certain prominent someone had a slight adjustment problem when it came to adjusting to changing time between 2 0r 3 time zones recently.


I find this rather amusing since I have had to fight varying time zones for the past 39 years as a truck driver and as a small businessman.


Over the road truck drivers drive from coast to coast on a daily basis. A truck driver could start out from Orlando, Florida at 5:00 am and wind up in New Orleans the next morning.


A team of truck drivers can be on the road 24 hours a day 7 days a week going through different time zones like pawns on a chess board.

Airline pilots have it much worse. They go through the same time zones on a constant basis.

There are also the millions of workers who work the graveyard shifts as well as those workers who work double shifts and swing shifts.


The rants of  a single individual who spends the bulk of their time in a luxury condo in Arizona having to spend 3 hours in an airplane going back to an equally life of luxury and laziness strikes those of us in the above categories as nothing more than the whining of a wuss.


The motto here is: “If you are going to cry, don’t fly.”

Stay tuned



A short while ago, Radio reported on its blog that there are rumors that the reason the Grand Jury investigation into certain matters regarding the Big Red Rape case has been postponed may be the tampering of evidence, most likely, by either law enforcement or a firm contracted by the local school district to maintain certain records.

ontheairIn the  excerpts from the article, it is clear that the source who sent information to Radio is citing rumors of evidence tampering and other actions meant to disrupt the State’s investigation of collateral incidents regarding the rape and subsequent actions as a result.


It should make for an interesting few weeks as we see if the information that Radio has eluded to is accurate or someone’s irresponsible spreading of false information.

Stay tuned



radiohoeSomeone correctly renamed the old spinster Radiohoe which seems to fit. It seems it has going back to its stalking of twitter in order to try and restore its dwindling numbers as readers run for the hills.

It has been rumored that Anonymous visitors to the blog have gone on an ignore and block campaign after radio posted links to a pastebin where an Anonymous was doxed. With the talk of feds being involved, it is said that the anons decided to play it safe and stay the hell away from the blog.

So, now old Radiohoe will start surfing the twitter web in order to feed its addiction of defamation and abuse on its blog.

Looks like I might have to watch what I post on twitter yet again in order to avoid the prying eyes.

Stay tuned



spinsterRadio, the poor old spinster is lonely again for me as it is now writing about my recent posts concerning an airplane belonging to a friend of mine.



girlmanIt seems that if I ignore the old gal (or girleyman)  it comes over to my twitter account in order to find something to write about. I guess the trials and turmoil up in Steubenville is not exciting enough for the old tart.

Stay tuned



anonintAnonymous has announced a rally to be held on June, 1 2013 to seek the revocation of a release bond of an accused child abuser:

  1. Anonymous Operation Innocence —- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
  2. Press Release 2 and Rally Information
  3. May 22, 2013
  4. Greetings. On Saturday, June 1, 2013 at high noon, Anonymous will host a rally at the Hancock County Courthouse, 102 Court St  New Cumberland, West Virginia in support of Baby Jane Doe and the good citizens of the Ohio Valley. Anonymous is deeply troubled by the release of alleged baby rapist Tyler Graham. All citizens should feel the same way. Will it be allowed to continue with no outcry? No, it will not.
  5. Anonymous demands to know why Graham was released when the courts, after his last arrest, specified that he be held until trial. He violated release conditions once, should we not expect a repeat performance? What provisions are in place to prevent this? We demand answers.
  6. Is Baby Jane safe within her present surroundings? Anonymous has reasons to believe this is not the case. Has the West Virginia DHHR done a full and complete investigation as we demanded? We have no evidence of this. Again, we demand answers.
  7. Anonymous invites Tyler Graham, his attorney, the parents of Baby Jane, and all other interested parties to attend our rally and state your version of events. We invite local and National media to join us. It is your duty to bring this story to the citizens of the Ohio Valley and the World. We suggest you cease ignoring us and do your jobs. You will find we are not easily ignored.
  8. This will be a peaceful rally. We remind everyone that the Hancock County and City of Weirton Law Enforcement community is not the enemy. They have done their jobs well, they have been let down by the system just as the citizens have. We rally in support of them, not against them.
  9. We ask rally attendees to wear red if possible to represent our anger at the current situation.
  10. That is all
  11. We Are Anonymous.
  12. The Corrupt Fear Us.
  13. The Honest Support Us.
  14. The Heroic Join Us.
  15. Expect Justice.
  16. Email Contact:
  17. Twitter Contact: @OpInnocence
  18. Press Release 1
  20. Video Press Release 1
  22. #OpInnocence

Stay tuned



Anonymous doesn’t play nice. If you piss off Anonymous, you awaken an angry Giant and fill it with a terrible resolve.

Radio is about to find out why one needs to tread lightly when associating with Anonymous. Radio has been accused in aiding in the doxing of a member of Anonymous. That is not a wise thing to do.


At this point it is not certain how many Anonymous members are going to participate in the actions against Radio, but all it takes is one Anonymous with the right skills and the right experience and Radio will be in for one hell of a Maalox moment.

Stay tuned



I can almost guess who this loon is as it cannot keep its stories straight. I have seen post after post by this lying sack of crap over the years to have a pretty good idea who this idiot is.

This loon is probably one of the biggest liars that makes its home at that den of lies run by Radio.

In its latest tirade of lies ScoobyDUD does a bit of false narrative when explaining how things went over at my streaming site.

This is the most common lie that gets repeated by Scooby and its sock puppets:

“Oh he pretends he was fighting for Caylee but if you were ever a member of any of his broadcast chats, you would of seen that members would be talking about the case and the minute Murt came into the chat room, it was all about him and his so called haters.”

First, what ScoobyDUD leaves OUT of its tirade is that it was Goddard and McKee that started the attacks in the first place. I never heard of either of them. They came out of the blue and attacked me as well as each and every one of my supporters.

Next, what Scooby leaves OUT is that I left the multimedia stream site open 24 hours a day 7 days per week. During the search for Caylee we discussed the case and other related issues.

The only time the antics by Goddard McKee and their minions came up is when Goddard started attacking my administrators with her Radio like posts demeaning them  and exposing highly personal medical issues of some of them such as the woman with the colostomy bag.

Scooby leaves OUT how Goddard used to make fun of an amputee confined to a wheel chair or how she wished the wheels would come off the wheelchair of another woman who was suffering from MS.

And how about that article about the woman with the colostomy bag. I think it was called Mommies Follies? Remember that one Scooby?

Of course there is the classic case of where Goddard outed the sister of one of my admins for being an UNREGISTERED Child sex offender. She tore into my administrator to the point where she left my chat because I would not condone her defending a sex offender on my chat.

Scoobydoo also leaves out the Murt’s skirts blog that posted PERSONAL information about people whose only sin was to come into my chat room. NONE of these women talked about or cared about Goddard and the others until they were attacked the same way those in Steubenville are being attacked.

It was these unrelenting attacks against my followers that drove them away. The price of participating in a friendly chat was the attacks by cyber abusers until these people decided to leave in order to get away from these abusers.

I can be absolutely certain that if I were to start a regularly scheduled webcast where the names Goddard McKee and Radio did NOT come up, that the attacks would begin in earnest.

And now we go to my blogs. I have stated over and over again that the blogs mentioned by Scooby were primarily to counter the LIES told by McKee Goddard and their third party accomplices. I had stated time and again since 2008 that if these people would quit attacking me and delete the material this would all end. The answers have always been no.

There is the Scooby lie about me contacting the first judge in the case. I did contact the OFFICE of the judge and spoke to a senior staff member in his office and found out the information having to do with the incident that caused the judge to recuse himself.

Now to get down to the blogs. Just like Goddard McKee AND Radio, I have had more than one blog and do have more than one blog.

There is this blog which was created primarily to counter the lies from my haters and also has within it articles of interest to me. I consider this a personal blog.

Another blog “The Murt Report” was a short lived blog that was on a blog hosting service. Due to a lot of problems within the blog template, I moved the contents of the blog to a new host and deleted it.

Another blog “From The Desk of Murtwitnessonelive” is on my domain. It is currently dormant until I decide to go through the process of getting the thing to work.

Next is the Mud Pit blog. I set up that blog to coincide with “Murt’s Mud Pit.” which is a multimedia stream site I intend to set up. The site and the blog is meant to be an informal party like site where people can engage in friendly chat and listen to music and so forth.

The Mud Pit actually replaced Murthaven-Florida which is an interesting story in itself and one that ScoobyDUD conveniently omits. I wonder why.

Well, here is the truth that Scooby and others WILL NOT TELL. Back when there was this ongoing problem with trolls and haters over on my Paltalk chat site I had decided to create a chat room called MurthavenFlorida and a matching blog.

Well, some loon decided to be cute and pull a “M2KFLA” and set up a blog called “The Truth About Murt” using the URL Murthaven Florida in a deceptive effort to MISDIRECT people away from the Murthaven Florida blog that I had set up.

These are only a few examples of the extent of the lies and deceptions that this group has gone through to harass a retired 62 year old widower.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of blogs and streams out there, these loons attack a 62 year old retired truck driver with a 6 reader blog.

Try telling the truth for once Scoobydoo. Somehow I doubt you are capable of doing that.

Stay tuned



spinsterWell, the spinster did it again. She told a series of lies yet again. Now the old fart is claiming that I “Threw Steubenville under the bus.” Umm, not quite Radio. Let us examine the series of lies from this so called engineer who seems to be able to do nothing but engineer lies.

A bit of background as to what triggered Radios latest set of lies. It seems there is a blog called Local Leaks which a lot of people consider the worst thing Anonymous could have ever created.

The blog contains what many consider serious errors regarding what happened in regards to the Big Red Rape case. The blog, as it turns out is represented in some fashion by a law firm out of California.

For quite a long time A group of Steubenville residents and one or two Anonymous members tried to get the blog to allow them to set the record straight and counter what they considered false information that appeared on Local Leaks.

Since parties from both sides of this issue and I follow each other, I was familiar to some extent with the interactions between all involved.

Now to the tirade by Radio that contained yet more lies about me and the circumstances behind the whole thing.

Radio lie number one:

As soon as Murt saw me tweeting with an attorney – he

barges in attempting to sandbag the entire effort. Why? Because Murt always does crap like this hoping that someone, anyone will pay attention to him.


There are a number of problems with this LIE by Radio. First of all I am not capable of sandbagging anything nor was that my intent. What I found puzzling about the whole thing is that all the information contained within Local Leaks was also at the center of the lawsuit between The Saltsmans and Alexandra H Goddard. Remember, it was Goddard’s blog that was the source of the accusation that Saltsman was the ringleader behind the rape. Check the discovery records and then compare to what appears on Local Leaks. Compare also Goddards own words.

So, it was somewhat of a surprise to me that Radio was wanting the blog shut down. It would have been the first time it actually did something right.

Now for the next Radio lie:

“Murt can’t stand Prinnie. The same goes for Michelle. Murt can’t stand anyone who does like either of them or associates with either one. Murt will let nothing stand in his way of messing with anyone in that category.”

My problem with both  of these women is that the cannot seem to mind their own business. Michelle L McKee by her own admission started in on me in 2006 and Goddard got into the fray around 2008.

I had never heard of either of these women before 2008. I had no idea of who they are or why they started in on me.

BOTH of these women told lie after lie about me and had private blog where they plotted between themselves and a small group of trolls to bring down my Ustream and Paltalk webcasts. They even went to the extent of backing the efforts of several Anonymous members to infiltrate my websites and put pornography on them. One Anonymous known as MonoxideMMAC even went to the lengths of putting links to child pornography on several websites. So much for Anonymous being against child pornography.


This was the reason for the two blogs I wrote about the interactions. These two women made it their life mission to stalk me to the point where I was FORCED to shut down my streams and concentrate, instead on the massive propaganda campaign they lodged against me that continues to this day through their minions.

I have said many times over that all these women have to do is to DELETE the material they created and this would end. The answer is always no. They want the drama not me and the fact that their propaganda is still out there is proof positive.

Radio also told all sorts of lies about those in Steubenville that have the same problems with McKee Goddand and yes, of course, with Radio itself.

Radio seems to be under the mistaken impression that I have some central role in regards to those who have an issue with Goddard, McKee and others who have inserted themselves into the Big Red Rape case to the extent that the stage was set for the creation of the Local Leaks blog.

Remember that there is one woman from out west who bragged that it was her that brought Anonymous into the Big Red Rape case. It was the introduction of Anonymous into this case that has caused untold damage to those who had nothing to do with the case. IF Anonymous had stayed out of this situation, the outcome of the case would have been the same and there would not be the need for the citizens of Steubenville to continue to clean up the mess made by these interlopers.

Radio knows this and that is why this latest attack against me as resurfaced. Radio knows full well that I have little if any influence on anything that goes on. The tirade it wrote about me demonstrates the extent it will go to to lie about me as well as those who were complete strangers to its blog just a few short months ago.

Radio is doing the same thing to the Citizens of Steubenville that is continues to do to the Caylee warriors and those who followed the Haleigh Cummings case. It seems to feel that it is the only person who can discuss certain subjects on the internet and will regulate the tone of the discussions. Anyone who goes against its “rules of the internet” will pay dearly. One only has to read the blog from the time it was created to today. The proof is there for all to see.


Stay Tuned



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