Sides are being taken and lines are being drawn as the date draws closer to the June 10th trial date in the case of The State of Florida vs George Zimmerman.


The local media has been covering some of the pre-trial events for months  and now the national media outlets are beginning to increase their coverage as well.

This time around, a high profile case in Central Florida will have racial overtones as well as the questions about Florida’s stand your ground law. It is hard to determine how bad things will get, but based on what I have seen so far, things do not look promising.

Adding to the elements of this upcoming storm will be the trial by blog and twitter with Facebook sites added into the mix. Already the accusations from all sides is reaching a fevered pitch. An internet civil war, of sorts, is starting to break out as everyone gives their input on this case.

The countdown has started and now we wait.

Stay tuned



I am not sure what to make of this comment made on twitter.


It is for you, the readers, to take from it what you will.

Stay tuned



I got yet another dm from someone asking me why I blot out the follow icon on twitter posts that are from people I do not follow. My answer is for aesthetics. It also gives me a blank place to put comments on the screen shot if I feel the need to use that area to do so.

One comment on a blog claimed I was blotting out the word in order to hide where I got the screen shot from.

It would seem that person does not know how twitter works.

There are two ways to display a twitter post:


The first example is from the twitter log and the second example is from the LINK to the specific post. If you are not logged into twitter, you will get the follow icon in the top right hand corner.

Also, another reason I will view a twitter account without logging on to twitter is for security. There are occasions where I log onto twitter using a computer that is not mine, either at a library or at a store like Best Buy. It is not a good idea to log onto your social media accounts on those computers since, if you forget to log off, people might have access to your accounts. I found that one out one day at a Best Buy when I saw that someone had left their account to facebook open.

Anyone else who decides to log in to their internet accounts on a computer other than their own are advised to take that into consideration.

Stay tuned



The one thing that I have always wondered about is why someone who claims to be a highly educated engineer operates a blog where a majority of the content is the kindergarten name calling of individuals it has an agenda against, me included.








Radio not only does this sort of thing in its blog but on its twitter account as well. For some strange reason, Radio felt it necessary to “warn” the California atty that certain “wackos” might be contacting them.

It would appear to me that Radio fears something in order to take this sort of “preventative measure” which is to try and plant a biased impression in the mind of the aforementioned atty.

Radio does go with the excuse that its blog is satire, which, I suppose, is an excuse to lie about everything and then say it is “just kidding.”

Nonetheless, it does bring up an interesting point. Why is the name calling and “satire” limited to those Radio has an issue with.

Where is the “satire” directed at Radio’s so called friends? In the beginning of the great format change, there was a bit of lighthearted kidding around of those who are fans of Radio, but that soon disappeared.

The current satire on Radio’s blog is what many outsiders consider mean spirited and a prime example of cyber bullying and abuse.

The reason Radio does this, of course, is for the number of hits it gets. Radio is constantly bragging about how big it’s numbers are.

Radio, it seems, cares only about quantity and not quality.

If Radio has to stoop to the lowest common denominator to obtain readership, then that is what it does.

It is the lazy way and it is the Radio way.

Stay tuned





It seems that a well known cyber abuse blog wants a certain blog having to do with the Big Red Rape case deleted. Why?


That is a good question. When I read of the request by Radio to have the blog removed I went and found this link:



After reading the blog, I was left wondering again why Radio wants the blog taken down since it mirrors the viewpoint of its blog as well as those who have been attacking the citizens of Steubenville since this case first appeared on the internet.

I began to think that perhaps there was a second blog out there with the same name that might be opposing this blog but that does not seem to be the case.


Now why would this particular blog seem to feel it had the right to have the local leaks blog deleted? Well, it seems one of the better known Anonymous members did a Dox of a woman posting her personal information along with the log in information for a local hospital.

Someone sent a complaint to Pastebin to have the offending dox file to be deleted. Subsequently the files went POOF!!

There is a bit of a debate as to why the files went bye bye, but away they went.

So now we have a blog that in one sense supported what Local Leaks was claiming, demanding it be taken down. It should be interesting to see what happens since this is now a direct attack against elements of Anonymous who created the thing in the first place.

Stay tuned



The news of the day is that there was no decision in the sentencing phase of the Aries trial.


It was a hung jury. No decision was made. Now the whole penalty phase has to be done all over again.

Many of you out there are upset. Many are venting anger towards the jury. I, for one, feel that the anger is misplaced.



The answer is that evidence that was left out of the original trial may now be admitted into the next phase. All of the interviews she did. Perhaps renewed victim impact statements will be allowed.


It is hard to say what will and will not be allowed. We will find this out over the next few weeks.

Be reminded of this. Jodi Aries is in her small jail cell with the needle of death still looming.



The Alexander family may not have closure today,

But neither does Jodi.

Stay tuned



steubenvillesealI have been flooded with screen shots, DM’s and other internet content concerning a dispute that has been going on between a Steubenville resident and a group of twitter account holders and a couple of blogs.





What surprises me about all of this is that most of this information is coming from people the person confided in and once considered loyal friends.

Some friends.

This is not the first time this has happened, of course. I have had this happen to me and I have also have had someone do the same thing, that is supplying me with e mails dm’s and screen shots from a private blog.

I had expected something like this to happen sooner or later. As certain events take place within a group, arguments break out, accusations start to be made and the net result is that outside “enemies” of the various individuals start getting unasked information.

In this particular case, I guess the senders of this information seem to have thought that I was going to join in on the criticism of the woman at the center of all of this since I have been the target of this person in the past.

I have decided not to fan the flames here since the woman’s actions were due more to the loyalty of the group that has now turned against her rather than any long term issues she may have had with me.

This just goes to show that some have misplaced loyalties with certain people who will turn on them on a dime.

This is a game I choose not to play.

Stay tuned




jconControversial  baseball player Jose Canseco has been accused of putting the home and work telephone numbers of a woman accusing him of rape on Twitter.


What is interesting about all of this is that the same people who engage in the practice of doxing came out in a rage because this happened.

Do not get me wrong, I strongly object to what Mr Conseco has been accused of doing. Under no circumstances should the woman’s information have been placed on twitter.

The problem here is that it seems that ONLY alleged rape victims are entitled to this protection. The very same people who are objecting to what happened to this rape accuser have engaged in the exact same practice.

anonintThe telephone numbers of policemen, accused rapists and their other targets, me included, have had ALL of their personal information put on the internet by these same people.

NOBODY should be targeted in the manner done by Mr Conseco. This needs to stop. There needs to be laws against this sort of thing and if there are any laws in place, they need to be enforced.

Stay tuned



An interesting comment appeared on Radionewz regarding Alexandra H Goddard’s butting into the life of a young student trying to get along with his life and join the military:



“Can I ass u a question?

I find it hilarious that Prinnie jumps in to correct this information but failed to pick up a phone and confirm anything with the Steubenville case and let her followers believe such horrible lies.

Why didn’t she bother to do the same with the rape case to begin with? It would have saved a whole lot of people from being terrorized in the first place and from letting people a mob of people to form.


Seems like a highly orchestrated event to try to give Prinnie some form of credibility since it has been tarnished by her antics regarding Steubenville.

Maybe a book deal or Lifetime movie is about to be announced so she orchestrated this to look like she is respectable now?

Or is it because the GJ is about to reconvene on the 23rd and some form of credibility needs restored for media rounds?

If you can come out of hiding to prove that your own friends are liars and manipulators please have the common decency to answer the many questions that others have regarding your participation and manipulation of your followers for your own personal gain. You at least owe it to those who believed you and were led to believe MANY wrong things.”

It seems the local newspaper had gotten the story wrong when it reported that the individual was going to be sponsored by the senator to the Air Force Academy when the TRUTH was that he was seeking to JOIN the Air Force.

Just another example of how Goddard manages to screw things up by meddling where she does not belong.

Stay tuned



I find it rather interesting that when it is HER family members, Alexandra H Goddard posts her outrage at family members are being discussed on Twitter and elsewhere.

Where was Alexandra H Goddard’s outrage when it was MY deceased son AND wife were being discussed on Radio’s blog and elsewhere?








Where was Alexandra H Goddard when Radio implied my son was not my BIOLOGICAL son?rnb11

It seems that this is yet another case of “do as I say and NOT what I do.”

It is Alexandra H Goddard and her minions that includes Radio and company that SET THE RULES. Those who post the things YOU are complaining about are the things YOU started posting about YEARS AGO.

A tad late to start whining now Alexandra. You should have thought about the consequences of YOUR actions YEARS ago.

The posts YOU are complaining about are products of YOUR creation.

Remember the law of unintended consequences the next time you decide to go around defaming someone and condoning the bringing in of deceased family members into your games.

Stay tuned


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