gzIt is being reported that George Zimmerman came to the aid of the victims of a single vehicle accident in Sanford, Florida, on Wednesday.,0,6349930.story

He was not a witness to the accident but with the help of a companion, aided the passengers of the overturned SUV out of the vehicle.

After giving a statement to Law enforcement, Zimmerman left the scene and no mention of him being at the scene was not released until today when it made the local media.

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Deric Lostutter is at it again starting yet another donation drive. This time it is to get some start up funding for his computer business. His goal this time, $500.00 to cover start up costs.


He will need a heck of a lot more than that. As a former business owner, I can tell him that his base start up costs will run into the thousands. He would need the equivalent of one year’s gross income in the bank.

He has to pay an estimated income tax IN ADVANCE  each quarter (three months) which includes the taxes paid by an employer. He also has rent and utilities as well as costs for supplies, tools and other business related expenses.

He would also need to have the funds to cover his personal expenses as his business expenses are always separate.

He would be better off trying to get a SBA loan rather then starting these donation drives which seem to be getting on the nerves of his fellow Anons who are getting wise to who he really is.

Of course there is always Rosie

Stay tuned



A really strange thing is happening tonight that some people should take notice of. As some of you may know, there has been a fence mending of sorts going on recently. Some of us have decided to call a sort of truce. While those of us may not be on each others friendship list anytime soon, we have decided enough is enough with the infighting and decided to calm things down.










It seems, however, that Michelle McKee wants no part of it. There is no surprise here. It has been Michelle McKee that has been the puppet master of all of this drama for years. She gets more obvious by the day.

Her rants on twitter is clear cut proof that Mckee is out for blood, Mine. She has had a fixation with me since 2006 and has managed to pick up a group of allies as time went on.

In the face of all the fence mending, McKee has made it clear that she is not going to sit idly by while all of this happens. She has laid down the gauntlet, she has issued her ultimatum. Either continue the hate fest or else.

She has even gone as far as threaten a rape victim with exposing her “dirty laundry” even dropping a hint in an attempt to anger me into veering away from one individual with whom I reached an understanding recently.

I would suggest that all of you study study her actions closely no matter what side of this so called fence you may be on. I ask for no allies here. What I am doing is suggesting that people take a step back and look at the big picture.

You might see the whole picture and decide your future course of actions.

Stay tuned



scalesjusticeThere comes today, a chance for there to be a fresh start within the true crime blogging community. I have learned of a new blog that promises to post articles by various contributors of interest to those of us who follow the subjects having to do with true crime. There is the promise not to allow the drama that has plagued the blogs of the past.

There are, of course, those established blogs out there that have stayed the course and have not allowed the drama experienced over the years to enter into into their realm. This is as it should be. People should have the opportunity to have valued and heated discussions about those subjects they are passionate about.

These valued and heated discussions should not cross over into personal attacks on each other simply over the opposing viewpoints of one another. Out of these differences may come unexpected solutions.

The participants of the new blog promise that drama will not be part of the equation of the new blog. I hope they are able to keep that promise.

This blog is not a true crime blog. I never pretended that it was. It had one primary purpose and everyone understands what that purpose is.

There is a gradual change that has taken place within the blogging and new media community, recently. The new blog is part of what I hope is that change.

There is plenty of room for diverse blogs, and new media stream sites without the constant discourse that has taken place over the years.

It is a lesson that should have been learned back then, but it is a lesson that can be learned today.

Stay tuned



knightsecThere has been a rather curious thing occurring on twitter recently. It seems that the well known New Media broadcaster, blogger and journalist decided to check out Kykentucky’s claim that he somehow obtained inside information from the Ohio Grand Jury stating that some 48 indictments were to be handed down as a result of their investigation so far.

Bear in mind that Grand Jury investigations are supposed to be held in secret. The public cannot attend them and neither can those being investigated.

Now @Shadowrapz as he is now known as has commented that he is the best friends of a police chief. I think this had something to do with him warning folks out there against unwanted visits.

Perhaps Mr Carpenter can find out the truth for us.  I was a bit surprised to find out that Mr. Carpenter decided to check into what Mr. Lostutter had been claiming in his recent twitter posts, since he seemed to be a big supporter of Kykentucky early on due to his support of Jane Doe.

Mr Carpenter did what all good journalists do and decided to get to the truth of the matter. He sent an e-mail to the State of Ohio atty office and made a FOIA request regarding Mr Lostutter’s claim.

Sometime today, Mr. Carpenter got his answer. It was the standard “We cannot comment on the Steubenville Grand Jury other than session dates.”

The statement did not  stop there, however. There was a sentence within the e-mail that might want to have some anonymous as well as some associated with Mr. Lostutter scurrying like mice to the nearest criminal defense attorney.

Regarding the veracity of Mr. Lostutter’s claims; We have previously confirmed that the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office, including BCI have interviewed witnesses as part of The Grand Jury Investigation: However, we cannot confirm weather Mr. Lostutter is such a witness or if he IS NOT a potential witness.”

Do note that Mr. Lostutter has posted on several occasions that the FBI raided his residence in Kentucky and took possession of his electronic gadgetry along with all of his storage devices.























Things are not looking so well for the friends and associates of Mr. Lostutter.

Mr. Carpenter went on to state that he had more information regarding Steubenville that he might reveal this coming Monday.

The clock is ticking.

Stay tuned



An interesting twitter post has come to my attention. It seems that back in October, the famous @shadowrapz who came to the aid of Jane Doe, the survivor of a date rape, grabbed the breast of a 7th grade female:





What is interesting about this revelation is that the crime he is alluding to, which is considered sexual battery of a minor may not be subject to a statute of limitation in the state where the alleged battery occurred.

What I do find amazing is that this admission was made in October of 2012. Yet here we have this person declared a HERO and given tens of thousands to because he is supposed to be the poster boy against date rape.

Why on earth, by the way, did he even post this question on twitter?

Stay tuned



This is actually a question I have been asking of Michelle Lynn McKee, Alexandra H Goddard, and a number of bloggers since 2008.


The answer I get is the same. “it is public information.” Alexandra H Goddard is a public figure. She is famous. She operates a company that charges a fee for services through interstate commerce.


Alexandra H Goddard is the one who started this nonsense of posting people’s personal information on line so she should not gripe when others engage in the same practice.

Anyone care to guess who this Anonymous is purported to be related to?







There are now dozens of people out there looking for Alexandra H Goddards public information so the advice of the day is…..

Get used to it Sandy!

Stay tuned



Michelle L McKee seems to be a bit annoyed that someone would bother to go to a PUBLIC database and find her HS graduation photo. Why is that? This is a woman who spent hours “researching” me from where I was born to the present day. This is a woman who researched my entire family as well as my business and everyone associated with it.


This is a woman who worked day and night to be certain that that business was closed down. This is the same woman who called the Leesburg City Police Department and tried to get me investigated for the MURDER of Trenton Duckett, and has also threatened to have the best friend of the paternal grandmother investigated for his disappearance as well.

And she pisses and moans over a high school yearbook photo? She should be fortunate that it was not People magazine that found it.

Stay tuned



The main defense that Michelle L McKee has put forth is that someone in the small village of Gig Harbor, Washington shares almost the exact same name as she does. The only difference is one letter of her middle name. The real one has an E, at the end of her middle name and the unreal one does not. mlmcrecOr so she says.

Now Ms McKee puts forth the proposition that I, living thousands of miles from Gig Harbor, Washington should go through the financial trouble of getting a FOIA report on the Michelle L McKee that seems to garner a lot of attention of the local judicial system.

There are a couple of things here. First of all, I am broke. It would cost a fair amount of MONEY to contact the clerk of the court and procure the funds necessary to get the appropriate transcripts which there seems to be a lot of. One of the Michelle L McKee’s of this really small village has been quite busy within the local court system and thus has generated quite a lot of paperwork.

patbrownThe other thing is that this “it’s not me” defense is directly counter to what this woman has claimed for years. She has been placing the blame for her troubles at the foot of one Pat Brown, the well known personality that has been on CNN and other national networks as an expert in the art of criminal profiling. The one who Michelle L McKee, a person who has only been seen in ONE short VIDEO that has since VANISHED, declares is a fraud. Michelle L McKee accused Pat Brown of exposing all of her personal information including her real name of Michelle LYNN McKee. So, is Michelle lying now by saying that her middle name is LYNNE rather than the middle name of LYNN that we have all have known her by since 2008?

Oh, there was that long forgotten claim that Michelle L McKee was not even her real name. Sounds like a little too much spin from the spin queen.

Stay tuned



nbcnewsIt seems that it is now the mainstream media that may set the legal tone for what price will be paid for altering content for the purpose of creating a false impression when reporting events to the public.

In the article in the above link, it is pointed out how NBC  “edited” the famous 911 call to give the false impression that George Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon Martin when he called the county 911 operator.

On the storied Today Show, NBC News told America Zimmerman said this on the 911 call:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.

When the truth is that the unedited audio actually went like this:

Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black.

This sort of thing is done by bloggers every day. They will either alter content or make up content out of thin air, in order to falsely accuse someone of saying something they did not say.

Another excerpt from the article points out the potential grounds for the lawsuit filed by Mr Zimmerman:

“NBC is on the hook here for a big defamation, intentional infliction with emotional stress lawsuit here. They doctored that tape. It went out there. It started the whole narrative of Zimmerman being this hardened racist, this profiling racist that started everything.” Lis Wiehl, a Fox News analyst.

The consequences of this sort of action is quite real. This time the victim was the defendant in a high profile lawsuit and not a mere blogger.

There will not be a white knight freedom speech lawyer riding to the rescue this time around.

Stay tuned




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