levipixtchIf anything has come out of the actions of bloggers and their readers regarding the various issues and cases over the years is that people become fixated on their points of view or their perceived mission when it comes to the events or individuals pertaining to these cases.

One thing becomes clear quite fast. Friendship on the internet is based mostly on where you stand, who you support, and who you do not.

Case in point.

Tim Holmseth. The viewpoints of him and his actions are extreme. The vast majority of people think him an evil person and a few think he has been railroaded. Someone I considered a friend has given him her unwavering support. She is firm in her stance and will not be persuaded otherwise. Her loyalty has become an obsession.

I really do not have anything against Mr Holmseth. The things about him may or may not be true. I tried to find out some information to either confirm or disprove some recent information that had come my way.

This information had come from Levi Page who is one of the most vocal opponents of Mr Holmseth and made his opinion of him clear in the private message exchange I had with him.

Levi Page is no friend of mine either. He holds me in the same contempt as he does Tim Holmseth.

In spite of that, I decided to hear him out and consider what he had to say.

This turned out to be a huge mistake.

In my haste, I published two excerpts from a massive number of these documents that did not paint Mr Holmseth in a good light. In the process of placing the material on this blog, I failed to redact the names of the children’s name within them.

I was made aware of this mistake and rather than redact the names, I simply took the article off the blog. I felt that the story had run it’s course and it was not worth the time it would take to go through the documents and remove the names which appeared several times.

The process I use to edit documents I may put here is time consuming.

Now, what caused my current problem is not the demands I received to remove the names, but when I chose to remove them.

I had both friends and foes express their concerns about the names and in varying degrees of emotional outburst demanded I remove them. Since I did not move fast enough, false assumptions were made.

The person who sparked this little bonfire, Levi Page, gleefully remained silent and enjoyed the unexpected fruits of his labor.

Once again, my intent to be fair to all sides regarding an issue blew up in my face.

My former friend took it as an affront that I did not act on her request and in her eyes, acted only after a women who hates me to the point that she wants me dead sooner or later, made a number of threats in several of her mindless outbursts.

My former friend saw this as capitulating out of fear and some impression that I had something to hide.

Any effort to set the record straight has fallen on deaf ears and the complaining about a matter that is now closed continues.

The complaints have now spilled over to the point where, once again, more false information is now finding it’s way onto the internet.

Because of this, innocent people are being brought into the disputes. This is the same pattern that has been in place for over a decade. Someone will put completely incorrect information on the internet and no amount of effort to correct these errors will work.

People are going to believe what they will believe and no amount of factual evidence will change that.

The shifts in loyalties will change solely on where people choose to stand and what they consider important to determine who they will allow to be their friends and who they will consider their enemy.

There is no loyalty to the truth.

Stay tuned




Perhaps my defense of the honor of Sgt Goddard was a mistake. It seems that it is ok for Michelle L McKee to go after military veterans. She now makes a threat against my sister who is the oldest sibling in my family. Her husband also happens to be the highest ranking military service member of my immediate family. His service rank upon his retirement was also quite high. But she already knows that.

Perhaps it was Michelle L McKee who made those mysterious phone calls to my sister accusing me of being a pedophile. I have sent my sister all the information I have about McKee including screen shots of what she has stated about me. Since she lives in the state of Washington, perhaps she can take care of this matter.

What Michelle L McKee FAILS to mention is that she found out the information about ALL of my family members at least as far back as 2008 and since she has been stalking me since 2006, that much earlier. Michelle L McKee also forgets to mention that she was compiling all of this information BEFORE I ever heard of her or BEFORE I ever heard of Alexandra H Goddard.

It is MICHELLE L MCKEE AND ALEXANDRA GODDARD who started this probing of family members, not me. We are going by rules that THEY set.

Stay tuned



mlm73In her continued attacks against my family, Michelle L McKee has decided that because my brother went to a foreign country to retire, that somehow makes him a pedophile. Is this a demonstration of her being an analyst, it shows that she is a piss poor one. It also shows she may well be a bigot.









Michelle L McKee states that she feels that anyone who goes to that country does so for the express purpose of what, buying a kid or something.


Odd how they forgot to mention that here:

In her 6 year stalking and attacks against me, Michelle not only attacks a retired Military officer who served his country with honor, but an entire nation as well.


Stay tuned





I woke up to this little message this morning. Michelle is bringing yet another member of my family into her stalking of me. Why, Michelle, is it necessary to know where my brother lives? How would you respond if I were to ask where any of your siblings lived? Do you have any? How about the father(s) of your children? Care to fill us in? What are their full names?

Since you seem to think it is necessary to know where my siblings live, perhaps you would not mind answering my questions about your family?


The participants at a certain blog have shown themselves not only to be trolls but hypocrites as well. First they demand that I shut this blog down. They they proclaim that they are for free speech.

They write messages “to” me, not here but on a blog that I am banned on reading at.

They write comments about this blog on that same blog but do not make comments here.

They do not like what I post on my Twitter account but the read there anyway, even those who are blocked.

They complain about me when I did not redact the kids name off of the documents that are now GONE but the do not say one word about the 14 other sites where the documents are openly readable with the children’s names still there.

It is typical of a troll to be a hypocrite and it makes sense that the owner of that blog who is a troll itself would allow these hypocrites on it’s site.


Stay tuned




levipixIt seems to be the norm that folks who make comments on various blogs often vent and use some extreme labels when venting their anger at whoever they are directing their comment at. In this case it was Levi Page. I happen to disagree with that comment. While I may have feelings of extreme disappointment at his character and the way he has handled recent issues, I would not go as far as the person did when making that comment about Levi.

Of course the blog has both written articles and allowed similar comments regarding me. The blogger should not have found that kind of remark about Levi unusual since it breeds the environment for these kinds of comments to be made.

Since it “was one of their own” they made the exception to their own rules.


Stay tuned




mlm70nicbMichele L McKee, in her audition for the internship contest bragged at how she can create high traffic to a client’s internet site by using search engines. Today when she was once again lying about me and citing me as the cause of her not being employable, thus letting NICB off the hook, she told the woman to google my name. So what does this have to do with Google?


goo1If there are enough links created, it pushes the subject to the top of the search engines list of links. Michelle L McKee knows full well that by having people google my name, they will see in these google searches “headlines” purported to be my guilt of what she accuses me of.

Not so fast. To understand how Google works, read this article. You will then understand why there are companies out there that, for a fee, will get your brand to be one of the first to appear on a Google search.

If for instance, you are a singer and are selling records, you want your website to be at the top of the search list so people will find you early and first. If there are 10,000 results on a search engine, people are not going to spend the hours to go down to result number 9999 where the person’s result may wind up. These companies get the singers name to the top of the search list where people will see it.

When Michelle L McKee created an impersonator Facebook page that hijacked people from my legitimate Facebook page, she took out an ad on Facebook, which is cheap, directing people to that site.

Once Facebook learned of this deception, they immediately shut down the site.

Even though she denies it, there is a blog that did almost the same thing. The scammer took the name of one of my chatrooms and used it as a url on the blog host. This way, anyone wanting to tune into my webchat would be directed to the impersonator site.

This is theft by deception and McKee is an expert at it.

This widespread use by spammers like McKee and Goddard has spawned a new industry that will clear up these kinds of sites for a fee.

The fees are quite high.

The one thing to remember is that Google and the results it generates is nothing more than an indexing system. It shows the link to a URL but it does not tell you if the information contain within the url is the truth or a lie and it does not tell you if the content was made by an actual person or an impersonator.

Thus the expression “You cannot believe everything you see on the internet.”


It seems there are those that think people’s lives are something to play with. Some people enjoy acts of deception and impersonation. The problem with impersonating someone is to hope that they do not pick up the phone and call someone they trust and  reveal that there is a game afoot. At the right place and at the right time, someone is going to have to come clean or else.

The sooner the better. The longer you wait, the worse for you it will get.


Stay tuned




Well here we go again.



I wonder what kind of fake shit she will come up with this time?

Stay tuned



You find out real quick who your real friends are when you are down or when you are being unfairly attacked. Recent events seem to bear that out. There is one woman out there who has been a strong supporter of Alexandra Goddard for years. This woman did things on Goddard’s behalf.

Now this woman finds herself the target of some serious accusations. And what do we hear from Goddard and her entourage? Not a peep. Not a single word. It should make someone wonder if that woman’s support for Goddard has been misplaced.



Stay tuned



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