There is a claim by a certain blogger that a private investigator has released the medical information of a woman from the State of Washington. Since I do not have access to the blog in question, I can only go by what is being circulated around the internet.


The only thing I have been able to find so far is a PUBLIC records listing by a clerk of the courts.

This situation reminds me of an incident that occurred last year. It seems there was someone who frequented that SAME blog that claimed that as part of a college course, went to my hometown and was able to get medical records on me.

The blog owner and subsequently the claimant back down saying it was “a joke” and that medical records CANNOT be obtained by outsiders.

There is a bit of a quandary here. The blog stated that my medical records would not be available to the general public and that I was making much ado about nothing.

Then the SAME blog accuses someone of releasing the medical records of a resident of The State of Washington.

The gist of all of this is that the blogger has LIED. It does not matter which incident is true, one way or the other the blogger has lied and it’s own words sealed the deal.


  • Take a Breath says:

    Do you even read what is “sent to you?” The tweet clearly reads CRIMINAL records not MEDICAL records but here you are going on about medical records. Youre so quick to run to your keyboard and slam people you end up only making yourself look foolish. Please don’t give that “I cant read that blog” excuse because you know you can – and if you cant – get someone to do it for you or continue to look the fool.

    • Take a Breath:
      Did you bother the READ the blog or just the title? The entire point of the post is that the accusation against Mr Ortega is FALSE. I cited the example of when Radio came out and stated that medical information CANNOT be obtained.

      If any criticism should be directed, it should be at Radio for posting that accusation in the first place.
      AGAIN, if you had bothered to READ the entire article, it would have been made quite clear exactly what my article was about.


      • Take a Breath says:

        Murt I read it . Are you saying Mr Ortega didn’t release the Criminal records of Miss McKee? I can tell you he did and if you can see him on Twitter under @BehindTheYellowTape they are there or here – . And Truthseeker posted this one which is also on the above named blog – – But again there are no medical records release or accusations of such on that post. Stop trying to make it all about you, especially when youve kissed and made up with the college student in question – @Djay1031
        On the blog in question above nowhere does it state he released Medical records. You need to get one of your lackeys to copy and paste it to you.

        • Again, you are misreading what I stated in my article. My point in my article is THAT NO MEDICAL RECORDS WERE RELEASED. ALL of the information released by Mr Ortega are from case numbers from the Clerk of The Court. The State of Washington PROHIBITS any medical records to be released by anyone INCLUDING STATE AGENCIES. This is also the policy of the federal government.

          It is abundantly clear by the examples I cited in my article that the blogger in question LIED about what it posted in its blog. The blogger does this scores of times in its blog. It does not care about the truth or lack thereof in its blog. It is only concerned about the numbers derived from the visits to the blog.

          The blogger seems to feel that lying about people is worth it if a lot of people show up to read its blog.


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