anonforecastAccording to this press release by the individual’s lawyer, there has been another raid by the FBI in the state of Kentucky.

In the press release I have received from the lawyer, there is a denial of any connection of her client with Kyanonymous. Also, in her press release, the atty makes some accusations in regards to the actions by law enforcement in making their raid.

The question to be asked here, is did Kyanonymous rat out the other members of Knightsec? If it is true that he ratted on this individual, whom it is claimed by his lawyer NOT to be involved with the actions that triggered the FBI probe, who else, involved or not,  has he ratted on?

Read the press release and judge for yourselves:

Dear Murt:

There is no connection between Aaron Bale/ Anon Forecast and KY Anonymous. This is the press release:


CONTACT: Susan Basko, Lawyer


NOTE: Please do not send inquiries to the emails/ phone number previously associated with Aaron Bale, as those have been seized by the FBI.

Re: AnonForecast Home Raided by FBI

On Thursday, June 20, 2013, at about 6 am., the FBI raided the Louisville, Kentucky, home of Aaron Bale, also known as AnonForecast, with regard to the so-called   KnightSec, also known as OpRedRoll, an online activity seeking justice for a high school rape victim in Steubenville, Ohio.

NO INVOLVEMENT. PUBLICLY DENOUNCED. Aaron Bale has not had any involvement whatsoever with KnightSec or OpRedRoll and had actually been publicly outspoken in not supporting the project because the rape trials had not even taken place yet.  Mr. Bale felt sympathetic to the rape victim, but did not approve of the pretrial timing of the online protest activity, and stated this online, as well as on a radio program.

FBI FISHING EXPEDITION. Mr. Bale appears to have been raided as part of a “fishing expedition” by the FBI.  He may also have been raided because he also happens to live in Kentucky, where KYAnonymous/ Deric Lostutter resides, although Aaron Bale does not know Mr. Lostutter and has had no dealings with him.

NOT ARRESTED OR CHARGED: Aaron Bale was not arrested or charged with any crime.

RAID. ITEMS SEIZED. LIST OF SCREEN NAMES.  FBI Agent Detective Dan Jackman came to Mr. Bale’s door at about 6 AM on June 20, 2013,  and showed him a list of dozens of screen names.  FBI Detective Dan Jackman asked Mr. Bale to provide information about any screen names that he recognized, but Mr. Bale refused to discuss without a lawyer present.  The first page of the list appeared to have two columns of screen names.  Agent Jackman then presented a search warrant signed by U.S. Magistrate Dave Whalin.  Eleven agents with guns entered Mr. Bale’s tiny one bedroom apartment.  They seized Mr. Bale’s computer, his phone that doubles as a medical device/ cognitive orthotic, a diary/ writing/ poetry journal, many old, broken, outdated pieces of computer repair equipment previously owned by others, blank CDs, old music CDs and tapes Mr. Bale has not listened to since high school, etc.

Good Cop/ Bad Cop.  During the raid, Detective Jackman and another FBI agent attempted to play an obvious game of “Good Cop/ Bad Cop” with Mr. Bale, telling him that “his friend” KyAnon (Lostutter) had “ratted on” him and others and that the Agent leading the KYAnonymous case was really responsible for and orchestrating the raid.  Mr. Bale did not fall for this, and knows that he has never had any dealings whatever with Mr. Lostutter and that Mr. Lostutter is represented by an attorney (Jason Flores Williams).

BRAIN INJURY. FBI TAKES CRUCIAL MEDICAL DEVICE:  Aaron Bale is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a jeep accident in 2003, and also has narcolepsy, facts that he openly publicizes.  Mr. Bale’s cell phone that was seized by the FBI is a medically-prescribed “cognitive orthotic” that is part of managing his activities of  daily living (ADLs) as well as a mandatory tool in his neurological rehab.  Because Mr. Bale’s cognitive orthotic has been seized by the FBI, causing him to be unable to adhere to the program’s requirements, Mr. Bale’s insurance has cancelled his neurological rehab.  This is devastating.  Mr. Bale has been specially trained to use the phone and its special “smart alarm” apps for such things as taking his medicines, observing his breathing to prevent it from becoming depressed or stopping, waking, sleeping, scheduling and reminders for activities of daily living (ADLs), such as eating dinner, showering, washing laundry, and other crucial living functions.

Aaron Bale’s phone/ cognitive orthotic is absolutely crucial to his daily living and struggle to stay alive and healthy.  He cannot afford to replace the phone and its service. It took a lot of money, time, effort and professional help to get the phone applications set properly and get Mr. Bale trained in use of the phone for his health needs.  Mr. Bale’s health and safety are greatly and immediately endangered by the FBI seizing his crucial medical device.

FBI REFUSES TO RETURN MEDICAL DEVICE. Requests by this writer/ Lawyer, Susan Basko, to FBI Detective Dan Jackman as well as to his supervisor, Mike Russo, both of the Louisville, Kentucky FBI Office, have not resulted in return of Aaron Bale’s cognitive orthotic/ phone.  It was suggested to the FBI that if the FBI felt the need to seize a crucial medical device from a patient, then the FBI should readily and immediately provide the funds to replace the device and the services supporting it.  The FBI has not done this, either.

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 8:59 AM, <> wrote:

I understand you have been releasing a Press release in regards to your client being raided by the FBI. If you could provide me with any information regarding his arrest and any connection or non connection with either Kyanonymous or Knightsec, I would appreciate it.

Sue Basko, Lawyer for Music and Film

California and Illinois

Stay tuned



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