Well, it seems there was a bit of miscommunication and that it was actually the CRIMINAL records of Michelle Lynn McKee that were released. The confusion stems from a comment that was made on the Radionewz blog by none other than Radio it’self.


It was THAT comment that I based the other article on and only put in the twitter post after I had first proofread the article.

So it seems that what Mr. Ortega has released is the following information which is entirely legal for him to do.



If Radio had not decided to operate a super secret blog where it bans those about whom it writes, this problem could have been averted. I had only the information I was provided. The post that was sent along where Radio made its comment clearly indicated that it might have been referring to Michelle McKee’s claim that she had mental issues that were at the root of her actions.

What BOTH Radio and Mr Ortega seem to be indicating is that SOMEONE By the name of Michelle Lynn McKee has an extensive number of public records within the State of Washington having to do with various court records.

A FOIA request for the case information listed may open up just who is the actual person in those records and to what these records pertain.


Radio has made quite a number of misstatements about me which it has yet to correct or substantiate.

Why is THAT Radio? Too much of a COWARD to own up to YOUR lies and “mistakes?”

Stay tuned



  • Take a Breath says:

    Well I for one am finally glad you got it. I wont hold my breath for an apology or recognition of what I was trying to tell you. In the future Murt, don’t jump to such conclusions because you only end up hurting yourself and stop making excuses and blaming others for your mistakes. This one is all on you.
    You’re welcome.

    • What had happened is that someone sent screenshots of the case files along with the one comment by Radio. I made the mistake of thinking that she accused Jody of releasing Medical information based on that limited material. Radio, for some strange reason has decided to ban me from reading its super secret blog. Therefore I only have incomplete information to work with.
      I find it rather strange that someone would ban the subject of their posts from its blog, but that is the way Radio does things. I was banned right after I posted an article about what one of its guest writers and written about a photo I had in my TL.

      That is typical Radio for you. When confronted with it’s mistakes, you get banned.


    • I do apologize for the strong language I used in answering your response. In the end the error was mine, incomplete information or not.
      When I do make a mistake, I admit it. This is something that Radio, Michelle McKee and Alexandra H Goddard DO NOT DO. None of them ever admit their mistakes when it comes to things said about me.
      They are cowards where I am not.


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