mlm35Some interesting twitter posts have been made by Michelle Lynn McKee over the past few days. It seems that a prominent private detective has posted quite a number of public records of one Michele Lynn McKee on his twitter account. This particular Michelle Lynn McKee lives in Gig Harbor, Washington where THE Michelle Lynn McKee claims on her Twitter account and elsewhere as her place of residence.

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Now, THE Michelle Lynn McKee has tweeted that if I were to post any of THOSE Michelle Lynn McKee public records, they would not be of THE Michelle Lynn McKee but of a DIFFERENT Michelle Lynn McKee.

This is an interesting excuse that THE Michelle Lynn McKee is using. She is from a town of roughly 8,000 people so I am curious as to what the odds would be of a woman with the exact same name, birth date and other identifying factors would be a virtual twin of THE Michelle Lynn McKee.


By that logic, I can also claim that ALL of the claims that Michelle Lynn McKee has made against ME all of these years is in fact NOT ME. It must be someone ELSE that by sheer coincidence has my same Full name, birth date etc.

Yet another reason I have been the victim of FALSE accusations by THE Michelle Lynn McKee and Alexandra H Goddard since 2006!

Stay tuned


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