dragonconOne of the largest and most popular Comics based convention faces disaster as a boycott seems to be taking momentum. It turns out that co-founder Edward Kramer is awaiting trial for child molestation.




To quote from the article:

 According to Deadline.com, Kramer was arrested in 2000 in Georgia and charged with three counts of child molestation involving two teenage brothers. However, Kramer has never been tried in criminal court.  He was believed to be physically incapable to stand trial due to spinal and respiratory problems and was released on bond, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

This is a large convention that has an average of 50,000 delegates attending. A large boycott would mean a great deal of economic damage to the Atlanta Convention Center and to area businesses counting on the money spent by the attendees.

Stay tuned




  • Okay this is the missing part, that made it make more sense to me.. 🙂

    “Owing to a series of legal maneuvers and health issues, Kramer has never been tried in criminal court, and after finally being allowed to post bond in 2009, he was even free to travel. That was until he was arrested in Connecticut in 2011 on charges of “risk of injury to a minor” after being found in a hotel room with a 14 year old, a violation of his bond agreement. Extradited back to Georgia last month, he is awaiting trial on the original charges.”

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