Nothing seems to stir up the twitterverse more than when the word RAID appears in a tweet. Today was a rather interesting one. Twitter posts started showing up just before noon claiming that there was some kind of FBI raid taking place.

Shortly thereafter, I got a brief dm “FBI raid near Cleveland. IRC Chatter says KY connection”

Then for the past several hours I kept getting updates by dm saying that a private IRC chatroom run by Anons mainly from the states of Ohio and western Pa were confirming that an important ANON had been served a search warrant at 10 am today. It was also claimed that it was a joint raid by the FBI and DOJ agents from DC which included Secret Service agents.

fbiAt this point the claim of a raid remains a rumor. I understand that ANON insiders are having problems tracking down the source of the information or otherwise verify it.

I am not sure what to think at this point. If this is a rumor, then what is the basis for it and why would someone be engaging in something like this?

Is someone doing this for the lulz? Who knows?

On the other hand, if it is true, then who in Cleveland would be so important to garner the attention of everyone over a raid of this kind?

Only time will tell if this Raid is true or someone playing around on the internet.

Stay tuned


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