The landmark ruling by the United States Supreme court should have been the beginning of the breaking down of barriers that have stood in the way of Same Sex partners and Domestic partners being able to have the same rights afforded the rest of society.

Paulette Roberts, Jim Obergefell, John Arthur

It turns out, however, that those who have advocated gay rights have had a roadblock placed in the way of whatever progress came out of that ruling according to a story coming out of the State of Ohio.

ohiosasealAt first, John Arthur and his partner saw some good news come their way when they won the right to be buried together when the time comes.

For John Arthur, that will be quite soon.

The gay couple’s victory turned out to be short lived when reports surfaced that The State of Ohio decided in a profound lack of bureaucratic wisdom, to deny an important last wish of a dying man.

While a federal judge ruled in the gay couple’s favor, the Ohio State Attorney General Mike DeWine(r) may appeal the decision taking away the couple’s new found victory on the eve of John Arthur’s impending death.


It is ironic that in this age where equal rights decisions are coming out of the high courts of this country signaling the ending of social barriers to those who engage in alternative styles, that there would be hold outs among politicians in power in the various state legislatures to attempt to slow down what many are convinced will become reality.

dewineIt comes as no surprise that this is a Republican state official in an election year in a state with a large Republican voter base. Perhaps it is his election chances in a run for governor that is making Mr DeWine go forward with this effort even though there has been an expression of outrage among a rapidly growing number of people throughout the country.

It would be fitting if, just for once, politics could be set aside and this man’s one last wish could be granted. His tenure upon this earth is not going to be for long. Let his time among us be as painless as possible.

Stay Tuned


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