girlmanThe immature little twerp who seems to have an exceedingly swelled head because he hob nobs with the folks over at HLN/CNN seems to be taken aback with me and this little blog.

Without my asking them to do that, a number of people have expressed their feelings about this kid who, rather than act like an adult, decides after an absence from the internet for several days, to go on twitter and make a remark to me to stop. Well, stop what?

I say next to nothing about him. Yet he is so concerned about what I have to say that he trolls my twitter account.

Well, I will ignore him. As far as I am concerned, he does not exist. All he is is just one more troll among the thousands who mill around the internet pretending to be more important than they really are.

I would suggest that anyone who has a negative impression of Mr Page, which seems to be quite a few, simply ignore him. Do not comment about him.

UPDATE: The twitter post in question is gone. I find that quite interesting.

I would hate to see the poor little kid’s feelings hurt.

Stay tuned



  • eddieboyle1 says:

    LOVE the picture Murt you have quite the imagination

    • An update on the Twerp. He deleted his post to me on twitter. Some things still surprise me.


      • eddieboyle1 says:

        The name the TWERP is funny one in itself. I cant help it is is funny. Sorry Levi. Don’t like to kick anyone around but the TWERP really deserves it, he asks for it.

        You cant bash. make fun of. hurt, defame people and expect anyone not to notice.

        The people at CNN, HLN where ever most likely caught on to the antics of this man.

        To bad for him.

        Eddie Boyle

  • Observer says:

    Good idea; take screenshots of his tweets & forward to HLN! I doubt if they know his activities on line.

  • Guest says:

    He’s wrong to hold you responsible for any comments made by myself and others here.

  • U know after being sent this link.. I wondered why people had not addressed this issue prior.
    First of all, how would page know this info? And on speculation alone, he would put it out on the web.. Does he not know what is required to get into the prison to see a family member.. Is he this ignorant and just watches too much tv.

    And if he had proof this was occurring, why didn’t the fool contact the authorities and report it.. not set back and threaten people like he did Teresa Neves.. Or use it to impress what idiots follow him.. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    • What surprises me is that he is paying that much attention to me to begin with. There are others out there that are more active in their speculations about him as well as having problems with his actions.


  • Observer says:

    Levi Page is the same as Jon Briley….a puny, little, ignorant twerp!!

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