nospeechIn September of 2008 I attempted to offer a unique website on the internet starting with covering the search for a missing child. This came out of my hobby of exploring emerging technologies on the internet and how best to adapt and use this technology. Unfortunately there are those people, who, for whatever reason seek to destroy rather than create. Since 2008 I fought against those who wanted to destroy my reputation, my character and my freedom to do and say what is my right to do so under the Constitution of the United States of America. On September 21, 2013, five years to the day these attacks started, I decided to end my quest to counter the lies and bring forth the truth.

There are far too many out there who are willing to destroy the truth then there are the few who are trying to bring out the truth. I am old, and I am tired. The damage the liars, the abusers, the haters and Anonymous has done to me is beyond repair. There is simply no point in fighting the oppression. It is time to surrender and move on. This blog will move from one of self defense to that of citing examples of how those of us in the world are gradually losing the freedoms our forefathers risked their lives to create.

I will shift my general purpose writings and future chats and streams over to my other websites.

My other two blogs:

From the Desk of Murtwitnesslive will be my primary blog.

My lighthearted entertainment blog will be MurthavenFlorida located at

Stay tuned



  • Lou Price says:

    Murt, I really like your blog, which I just came across last week. I used to belong to your site 3 years ago and followed you for a while on the Caylee tragedy. I followed until your site shut down.

    How do I get registered to your site?

    I want to follow yoursite during the Casey Anthony trial.

    Will you be doing any “streaming”? If so, how can I see your streams?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Lou:
    Your best option is to check into this blog for any information regarding any coverage I plan on doing in regards to the Trial of Casey Anthony. Due to the heavy coverage of the case by the mainstream media and the higher quality multimedia streams they would be able to provide, I may not stick to my original plan of sitting in a room and streaming the coverage from a static position. I would be doing the same thing as everyone else and I would rather try and present something unique for those who choose to log into my stream. I plan on making a decision by May 5th as to how I am going to cover the case.

    My coverage is also going to depend on my work schedule during the trial. I need to make a living in order to pay my bills and so forth. I do not make money covering the trial. When I first started covering the trial, I had multiple sources of income that, due to the economy, are greatly reduced thus not allowing me the ability to cover the case the way I had planned.

    I am trying to schedule things so that I will be able to cover the trial and work at the same time. This might not be always possible. On those days I will try to webcast the best way I can.

    I do appreciate your taking the time to write and again, stay tuned here for any further updates.


  • Child Advocate says:


    Not sure how I never came across your site before, but I have now annd I LOVE it! I was up until 2am reading back and found it facinating.

    I am a dreaded boycotter! I hear every single day that the case is over, the jury rendered a verdict and I have to accept it. Like hell I do! The system is broken and needs to be fixed! The jury did not do their job, they fell down the rabbit hole with Baez’s opening statement. This jury never asked for a single readback, to view any evidence, or to clarify any legal questions. They rendered a verdict of Not Guilty in an impossibly short period of time. Everytime one of them appeared on tv after, the reasons they gave for the verdict proved they did not deliberate properly and did not follow the instructions of Judge Perry. Yet I’m told to accept it. I can’t accept it because there are children who need a voice. I will continue to highlight cases where children are missing and caregivers are following “Casey Anthony 101”. This trial has shown these caregivers not to cooperate with LE, hide the body well enough that there can be no cause of death found and lie, lie, lie! Is that the lesson to be learned from the death of Caylee Anthony? That making money by killing your child is the ultimate goal? Is that the world you want to live in? No, I cannot and will never accept it!

    Thank you for this site. You have a new fan who will visit often.

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