IMG_0511I heard that a certain blog reported that it had information from sources as to why a number of pictures appeared on twitter recently. It said “sources” told it  the reason for my photo postings. This is not the first time this thing has happened, of course. There are some people who will read into a photo what they want to see.

This is a pattern that started years ago and people like the blogger in question will make false assumptions and post their take on whatever it is they saw or think they saw.

When they do make that false assumption, they then make up proof of their assumption in order to back up their conclusions. In this case, it is likely sources that do not exist.

In this case, the blogger simply lied about it.

I am neither confirming nor denying what the blogger stated was the reason for my trip down to John Young Parkway. Time will tell what the truth is.

If the blogger is correct, so be it.

If the blogger is WRONG…….well.

Stay tuned


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