The concept of the person behind a mask working for the greater good was around before a bunch of social outcasts donned plastic masks from a cult movie and went around making fools out of themselves. This sort of thing as been around for more than a century, It started with a man riding a horse that wore a mask that covered only his eyes.

The masked hero and super hero evolved from the horse back rider or swordsman who carved a Z into his opponents to handicapped men flying around in rocket suits and on the bad guy side, Storm troopers working for the Empire.

These wayward fools who don the Guy Fawkes masks and those who worship them think they are doing what they do is for the greater good.

If so why wear the masks?

There are true heroes out there who worked for the greater good and they had the courage to not to hide behind a mask or secret identity.

Nobody signed “Anonymous” on the declaration of independence.





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