I never thought I would see these words on Has Radio now turned her back on Kim P? It would seem that way. The well known Florida attorney has had an ongoing dispute with Holmseth from back in the days of the Haleigh Cummings case.

It is Kim and her fight with Holmseth that brought me to Radio’s blog over a year ago. Radio even put me in contact with Kim so that she could give me her side of the story.

In order to paint a fair and complete picture of the accusations lodged against Holmseth, I did research with those who supported him as well.

Now that I am in the process of publishing the detailed account of what has been going on all of these years, Radio has actually labeled Holmseth as a prominent blogger which is a term that neigher Levi Page or Kim P would use.

It is certainly getting cold in hell.

Stay tuned




  • Guest says:

    TH is a nut according to Executioner –

    TH is a prominent blogger according to Radio.


  • Guest says:

    TH became a prominent blogger to Radio only because it serves a purpose.

    Radio: Some people have good memories. This is just part of your agenda to attempt to
    alienate Murt further.

    Murt, I have no idea what some of the stuff out there is all about. I do suspect some people have done things that a court of law will deal with.

  • Anon says:

    There are several posting under the name RadioNewz

  • Doctor Richard Kimble says:

    Wait! You just deleted a post about the attorney. I was trying to comment and the post disappeared. So I’ll comment here.

    Ok. I really don’t understand what this is about. Why would you want information on that person’s children? Please explain, in detail, what this is all about. I guess unless one was a part of whatever went on back during the Cummings case, one wouldn’t know what you are talking about.

    I just don’t understand why you would want information on this Holsmeth person’s children.

    • You can comment here. I did not want information on his children.
      I had written to Mr Holmseth and told him I wanted his proof that the legal actions had ended and that he had prevailed. He sent me two documents with his website watermarked all over them. The documents cited a an outdated set of circumstances as pointed out by the attorney. Mr Holmseth never got back to me after I requested more current documents. Instead his accusations appeared on his blog and elsewhere.
      The children’s information were already in the public documents that both Levi Page and atty Kim P provided to me. There are also unredacted documents on dozens of websites with the same information. I have documents that span almost 10 years that go right up to less than a month ago. However, due the lack of support by other bloggers that have an agenda, I am not going to waste my time on a futile effort. Some serious accusations have been made by The attorney of Tim Holmseth. Tim Holmseth in turn has made serious accusations against the attorney, Levi Page, Art Harris as well as law enforcement personnel. I had planned on spelling out all of this using the documents I have which are in the hundreds. The attorney had promised to promise me more and the still ongoing court proceedings worked their way though the courts. The documents consists of HUNDREDS of pages. What is in these documents are horrendous. They speak of disgusting and deviant behaviors. They speak of threats and they speak of exploitation. It is a story only few will know because only a select few has access to the complete set of files I have been provided.
      People can look elsewhere for answers.

      I am done


      • Doctor Richard Kimble says:

        I still don’t understand. Even if you wanted info on the man I don’t understand why. Wouldn’t the court system take care of him? You wanted proof that the legal actions had ended and he had prevailed? Why? Who is that guy and why do you care?

        If this is something that I’d have to know a back story then I guess I’ll never understand, as anyone else who wasn’t involved in the blogs or forums wouldn’t.

        I really have no idea what is going on. I guess that’s a good thing.

        Questions tho. You don’t have to answer.

        Do you think this man is a criminal of some sort?

        Are you trying to prove he’s a criminal that is possibly involved in Haleigh Cummings disappearance?


        • Let me Let me try and address this. There has been a debate going on for quite some time, at least for the past 5 years or so about Tim Holmseth and his actions regarding the case of Haleigh Cummings. There were some of us who to some varying degrees, followed that case as well as other Florida missing child cases. I had not been that interested in Mr Holmseth until Mlee and some others asked me to take a look what was being said about him and those who supported him.
          I began to look at Him and what was being said, but at first I was more concerned about what the blogger was saying about those who supported him as well as some others who were being maligned for varying points of view regarding a number of true crime cases being followed.
          Only until the past few weeks had I become interested in the issues surrounding Holmseth.
          There had always been accusations concerning Holmseth having to do with his children. There was a custody battle between him and a live in girlfriend (I was under the mistaken impression she was an ex wife) Since those who were my friends were having an intense debate and he does have a connection of sorts to the case they were following, I decided to look into all of these accusations.
          As to why I came to this decision to publish the article? In the process of an argument I was having with Levi Page on a totally different subject, he came out and asked me if I supported Tim Holmseth. I told him no, I just wanted the truth about what was being said about him. In the process of calling him some names he made the statement that Holmseth’s teenaged daughter had been accused of being a Pedophile. To say the least I was quite surprised and asked him to provide what proof he had to back up the accusation.
          A short time later he provided the documentation that wound up in my blog post.
          Do I think he is a criminal? I do not know. I have not seen enough evidence to show he has committed a criminal act. Atty Kim Pikazio sent me a huge number of files and had promised more, that dealt primarily with court proceedings against Holmseth starting several years ago and coming up to about a month ago. I have not looked at all of the documents yet due to the sheer volume so I have not been able to make a decision one way or another.
          I was not trying to prove his guilt, I was trying to get to the truth. One of the reasons I contacted him is that I wanted proof to back up his side of the story including those court decisions that proved his point. I got two documents with his website watermarked all over them and then an accusation that I was part of some syndicate trying to extort him.
          At this point I do not know what to think of him other then this whole thing is an absolute mess and I do not have the resources or the will to sort it all out.


    • I know what I posted. I know what you posted. I know what Holmseth posted. I have HUNDREDS of documents starting well before the Haleigh Cummings case right up to less than a month ago. Before I parted ways with Ms P.she sent me a massive number of public documents from the courts and other public agencies. They detail things about Mr Holmseth and his family that are of great concern to me and should have been of concern to you as well. At this point I do not understand your unyielding loyalty to Mr Holmseth. You. however, have made your choice. Over the extended period that we have known each other, I have been patient with you and with all of your theories no matter how wild or how way out there that I or or others may have thought they were. I gave you a sounding board. I allowed you to come here and post whatever it is you wanted me to to let you post.
      One important thing to think about, I confronted Radio SOLELY because of what you and others told me she was saying about all of you. It was You who persuaded me to investigate Radio and it’s actions.
      Had I stayed away from Radio, a great deal of the problems that I have had to face and will continue to face would not be there. I tried to help a friend and for it I got kicked in the ass. Now the deviant owner of that cyber abuse blog is getting drunk and laughing its ass off at a high priced hotel while at a comic con convention.
      Then, when Levi made his accusations and provided the public court documents and I read them, I was revolted. What is in the documents accuses both Holmseth and his daughter of sick and demented behavior. It tells me that his children are at risk and the state agrees.
      Now, in spite of all of this you choose to go and keep defending him at the cost of the welfare and safety of his children.
      Next, Tim Holmseth has made false accusations against me, against Levi Page and against Atty Kim Pickazio. While I may be angry and disappointed at Levi and Kim, I cannot bear false witness against either one of them. When Kim sent me the documents, she sent me detailed records of how she obtained them. There were directly from the court. There is no law against publishing anything contained in public files and this includes the age names and birthdates of children and adults alike. Now I did err in not redacting the minor child’s name. The female is an adult and thus she is not entitled with any redaction.
      Now it is too damn bad that I did not remove the files as fast as you demanded of me and you went flying over to the mortal enemy of mine and the one person who has ruined my life beyond repair. This is a woman, by the way that hates Holmseth more that Kim does. You are just too blind with anger to see that. In the end it will be you that will be the downfall of Holmseth. When you outlive any use to McKee regarding any information she THINKS you know about me and the others, you will be cast aside like scraps of garbage.
      I and done with anything having to do with Tim Holmseth. He will be delt with sometime near the end of next week for the little stunt he pulled. He has made an accusation and now he has to live with the proof that he is nothing more than a fool who tackled with the wrong person. None of you out there, including McKee Goddard or the others have any Idea of who I am, what my real background is and the connections I have. You are all too stupid and inept to find what is in front of you. Everything is right there in open and yet you all do not see it. Some day someone will open up their eyes and see what has been in front of them all along and just how wrong all of you have been.
      When you find out, do not come apologizing to me. I will not accept it.


  • Guest says:

    Murt: It’s probably best that you’re letting this matter go. Mary and Michelle? Who would’ve ever thought those 2 might form an alliance? Mary is making a big mistake.

    Levi: How long have you and Michelle been working together?

    EOS_03: You aren’t fooling anyone.

  • Guest says:

    Mary is making a big mistake if she forms an alliance with Michelle.

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