foxtheatholmsethIn a rather peculiar string of events certain bloggers and internet personalities seem to be listening to Mr Tim Holmseth in a more favorable light. I have been hearing about one blog that has been promoting certain accusations Mr Homseth has made against me and is wondering why I have not responded to his actions.

There are two motives that might be at work here. One of these motives seems to want to have me pick a fight with Mr Holmseth and in the process get him thrown in jail or at the least cause him to lose certain parental rights as the result of his actions.

The other motivation might be to get me to pick a fight with a certain Fl Attorney with whom I have lost all respect and a nitwit media wannabe from tenneeseee.

What I have found out is that these folks have lied about all sorts of things. I had told everyone that I was done with anything Holmseth. I had told people that I was no longer interested in the antics of the Florida attorney or the media darling from tenn.

The trouble makers refuse to accept my position and thus go about their false narratives in order to attempt to goad me in getting involved in their childish games.

Sorry mental midgets, I am not playing your little game so go find someone else.


Stay tuned






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