levipixOnce again, Levi Page has gotten into one of his tantrums wanting me to take any mention of him off this blog. One of the things that seems to be bugging him is some opinions that others have made about him when making comments here.

What Mr Page needs to understand that the comments are made by OTHERS and are not necessarily the opinions of me or anyone else who contributes to this blog. It is the same disclaimer that a certain other blog has made when I have confronted the administrator there about false accusations against me.

Mr Page does not seem to mind making comments about me. There are those out there who can find links to accusations and remarks he has made against me and others. He even wants the comment HE made about Homeland Security being on My ass removed when it was HE who made that remark.

Mr Page does not seem the comments HE has made about me for all of these years and about the comments he has made about others.

It seems that Levi Page can dish it out but cannot take it. Personally I do not give a damn about Levi Page and what people say about him. All I care about is what people say about me and my friends.

Perhaps if Mr Page had not been so obsessive in what others are doing on the internet and worry about his little blog and show, this article would not be necessary.

I would suggest that rather making threats and demands on Facebook that Mr Page clean up his own act.

Just to give Levi Page the benefit of the doubt, I insert HIS WORDS here in regards to one opinion that seems to be bothering him. 

Levi Page:

“I’ve never been to rehab in my life, and never been addicted to anything.”


If you say so, Levi

Stay tuned




  • Guest says:

    The kid has thrown yet another tantrum. No big surprise there. He reminds me of an only child – spoiled – used to getting his way. No control over anything in the real world, so tries to make up for it here.

    Levi: Why so bothered by the opinions of others? You’ve had no problem expressing your opinion about many here. Man up! Why do you continue to approach Murt on FB making threats and demands? Your hands are NOT clean. Sit down, shut up and stop with the threats and demands.
    You were wise in retiring Executioner.

    I stand behind everything posted here.

    • I also find it strange that it is only this blog that he targets with his rants. There are several blogs much larger than this one, who have made the same claims, and he has not made these demands of them. Now why is that?


      • Guest says:

        Some things could be coming out here that aren’t elsewhere. He’s paranoid.

        Levi: Take responsibility for your own actions. You have no one to blame but yourself for your situation. Stop running to others to save you. It’s time for you to stop your threats and demands. Leave Murt and others alone.

  • Observer says:

    OOPS! Hand slipped on keyboard. Yes, this little guy needs to man up, and stop this needless ranting.!

  • Guest says:

    He must love his Executioner character. A way for him to express his true self. At least he’s focusing on Deric Lostutter at the moment.

  • wondering... says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Levi and Holly Briley are related. Birds of a feather seem to flock together.

  • eddieboyle1 says:


    His immaturity sure is showing.

    The guy tries to friend me on TWITTER constantly.

    He knows I’m not interested in being associated to him because of his inline demeanor.

    I mean what type of person calls some one ( Holmseth ) and it sound likes like he’s drunk or something ( my opinion from tapes Holmeseth has played on internet ) and threatens a man like he did.

    Levi shooh get a way your a pest and no friend of mine.

    GROW UP.

    Eddie Boyle

    • Guest says:

      Eddie: In the past, he has made repeated attempts to follow some people. If the person has a locked twitter account, it seems to drive others insane. I see them as paranoid fools trying to crash a party they weren’t invited to.

      Levi: Be quiet.

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