psmnSeveral days ago, some statements were made by a blogger concerning certain court documents and his claim of reporting this author and a number of other individuals of being part of a criminal syndicate that was working against him.

Immediately upon learning of his accusations as well as a subsequent claim having to deal with well known counterfeit files that have been circulating on the internet for years, I called the lead detective of the department in question. I was told they would look at what he has claimed and get back to me.

Just before the writing of this article, I received a call from their department. They have told me that I am not under investigation by their department. This holds true for the other individuals that were also named by the blogger in question.

The detective went on to inform me at length that both the County and City law enforcement community haveĀ  had knowledge of this persons actions for years and generally have discounted any reports he has made.

The Detective has advised me that I, along with the other individuals should press Harassment charges though their own law enforcement agencies regarding his making these claims.

I have also been advised that the sheriff herself may be in contact with me regarding this matter, once the department completes their investigation which is still ongoing.

I have asked the detective to contact the detective here in Orlando to whom I spoke to about this matter. The detective had recommended calling the Polk County agency first before I went ahead and filed a formal criminal complaint. Now that this has been done, I will be making a decision as to how to proceed from here.


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    Very interesting!

  • So, I’m a little confused here murt. Okay, you obtained documents from your friends.. You had contact with TH about said documents. He sent you verification that the documents were old and investigation was complete. you decided that wasn’t enough verification, so you posted the document info anyway. I had tried to reason with you, Michelle nailed you to the wall with Legal threats. Holmseth filed a complaint against you with his County Sheriff, and you have decided he was harassing you. Now, are these not the basic details?
    And if they are, how can any law enforcement officer advise you to file a harassment charge under the circumstances, because you were doing something that you shouldn’t have done. This is not the way I know the law works.. So, I would suggest that if any Law Enforcement officers have been drawn to this blog to determine what is going on.. We need to get an absolute truth out to said Law Enforcement, Period !!

    And Murt don’t even attempt to misconstrue what I have stated in writing. You know I have photocopies of everything..

    • Since you insist on dragging this on let me once again go over this in simple terms you can understand.
      1: Levi gave me documents that were somehow obtained from court records. In those records were the unredacted names of one minor child and one child who is now an adult.
      2: I sent an e-mail to Tim Holmseth asking for his side of the story and if he had any documents proving that this case had been closed.
      3:Tim Holmseth sent me two documents that he claimed demonstrated that the case had been resolved.
      4:The two documents were watermarked with his website.
      5:I asked Tim Holmseth for documents that were current and not watermarked with his website.
      6:You along with several people demanded I remove the names of the children from the documents.
      7:Tim Holmseth published an article on his blog saying he had filed a criminal complaint against me and others accusing us of attempting to trick him into violating his probation.
      8:I immediately contacted the law enforcement agency in question and submitted a FOIA request for any records of such a charge along with any case number.
      9:The detective did a check of their records and found no complaint filed against anyone.
      10:The detective stated that he would investigate the case and would get back with me sometime before 9/6/2013
      11:I checked with several sources including the state where the court actions took place and found that there was no law in place regarding the publication of public records even if these documents contained the names of minors.
      12:I decided rather than spend the time redacting the names and republishing the article that I would not publish anything to do with Holmseth and the court cases or his involvement with the other defendants he named.
      13:I had received an additional vast number of court documents spanning a time period from when Mr Holmseth was first involved in legal disputes regarding his minor children that came up to as recent as a month ago.
      14:Tim Holmseth sent to his Sheriff Department as well as a local District Attorney a letter of accusation against me individually supplying files that had been investigated and dismissed as forgeries by LCSO in 2008.
      15:I then called the Polk County MN Sheriff Office and discussed this latest development and informed the detective that I had spoken to my local law enforcement regarding this accusation as well as those accusations that had been made against me a week earlier.
      16:The detective called me back and stated that they were quite femilar with Tim Holmseth and the accusations he had set forth in his blog in regards to law enforcement at the local and state levels.
      17:The detective suggested I contacted the OCSO in Orlando, Florida and make them aware of the claims that Holmseth had made against me and to file whatever charges that may apply in the State of Florida.
      18:I notified the detective of the documents I had in my possession and have offered to send my copies of them to his department.
      19: I will be going to the OCSO tomorrow 9/06/2013 to discuss the matter with detectives there.

      So that it it in a nutshell. I would suggest that both you and Mr Holmseth start using some common sense and move on. I am not your target. I would have thought that someone who is in law enforcement would have seen that Holmseth is going down the wrong path. It seems that your loyalty to him has blinded your common sense and that is a disappointment.


      • eddieboyle1 says:

        Give it up as far as I’m concerned .

        It is negative to both sides as I have spoken to both yourself Murt and Tim.

        Your the messenger. I would not have posted it myself personally. I believe you did it for whatever reason.

        I would personally let it go and concentrate on the motives of why it was given to you in the first place that’s where both your energies should b placed.

        My opinion.


        Eddie Boyle

  • Murt, you still haven’t gotten it, and that’s what worries me the most. My Loyalty is to those children you exposed in the documents. THE CHILDREN, you don’t seem to care about.. Your intent was to get Holmseth.. So you draggged those CHILDREN out and exposed and encouraged people to think the worst.. So, who are you loyal to Murt.. You certainly don’t care what happens to the children.. And that is the issue. I also told you not to misconstrue what I said.. I never demanded a Damn thing Murt.. I tried to reason with you.. Talk about twist of tales.. Your not a victim here murt.. You are an aggressor. Who are you working for?

    • I see there is no getting common sense into your head. Again, I checked with the state up there and there is NO LAW against the publication of the names in PUBLIC DOCUMENTS. Also, the documents have been taken OFF OF THIS BLOG and will not be put back up again. You are beating a dead horse. End of story.


  • No common sense in my head.. when the documents you referring to involved two juveniles and an accusation of being a pedophile of a 16 year old. Look at your age and you don’t like them calling you a pedophile, You posted that document about her. That is a hypocritical as anyone could be.. Tell me I don’t have common sense.. You don’t accept responsibility for what you do. and it is right down to basic evil. So go look in the mirror hypocrite.. Your not the victim here.. those children were, and I want to see one cop.. One cop who would want his children’s names and info put on your blog in any document. And that document was not public.

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